5 Golden Indicators Of Luck In Love In Your Natal Chart

Do you have lucky transits in your birth chart? Yes, you do! There are some that are luckier than others. There are also specific times for transits that are more auspicious.

Which transits or connections in your birth chart indicate that you’ll be lucky in love? I’m happy to share with you the five golden indicators of luck in love in your natal chart.

Stick with me and find the key to just how blessed you are or can be in your love life! Keep reading!

“Lucky In Love” Planets In Your Natal Chart

While you have all the planets in various placements in your natal chart, there are only a handful that indicate luck where love is concerned. These are the planets that an Astrologer looks for to figure out your love life.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Venus and how it’s the plant of love, romance, and all things that are wonderful. It’s optimistic energy that helps you feel good about your life or your love.

As an Astrologer, I look at Venus first to see what planets it connects to and in which location. You have 12 “houses” in your chart and those are ruled by the Zodiac signs.

These houses determine different areas of who you are as a whole such as health, love, personality, dreams, desires, career, and other facets of you.

That being said, another planet that determines your luck is Jupiter, of course. Jupiter is the benefic planet and helps your luck as a whole. This is yet another one to look at and see what its connections and location is.

If you’ve read any of my articles on Mercury, you’ll know that this is the planet of great thought, planning, goals, dreams, and making decisions. It’s intellectually stimulating and helps you create success.

Mercury may connect with another lucrative planet or be placed in the right spot in your chart that gives you luck in love in your natal chart. Neptune is about your fantasy and dreamy side.

This can actually help determine soul mates when you compare your chart to your lover’s.

Venus trine or sextile Saturn is a sign that you’re a long-term relationship type of woman. This is the type of love you seek out, whereas Venus opposite Saturn may indicate your lack of desire to settle down.

It’s all part of your personality and what your preferences are. If you have lots of issues settling down, it may be because you need to work past your Venus opposite Saturn.

I hope this is sort of making sense to you so far. I know this is new to some of you but I think that this is the easiest explanation you can get. I made it simple so it doesn’t seem so cryptic.

Let’s take a look now at some of the connections that make you a powerhouse of luck with love!

Natal Chart Lucky Love Transits

Natal Chart Lucky Love Transits 

One of the luckiest transits you’ll have in your natal chart is going to be Venus with Jupiter. This literally means “luck in love” if you base it on the information I just shared.

The connections that make them really stand out when they are sextile, trine, or conjunct with each other. These are some fantastic connections.

Take Venus sextile Jupiter for example; this is excellent for romance and having a good time during celebrations. You love being social and friendly, so it’s easy for you to meet someone special.

Then if you take Venus trine Jupiter, you get great energy for opportunities with relationships as well as growth. You feel more optimistic about saying “yes” to love.

This also means you’re not closed off to the potential of being with someone special!

Now, Venus conjunct Jupiter is a good sign that may help to pinpoint love, togetherness, and peaceful feelings. Prosperity in the form of love comes easy to you.

Where Mercury ties in is with the same aspects as with Venus or Jupiter. Mercury creates effective and smart communication, which aids in your skills in love.

Without doing your actual chart, I cannot give all the examples but these are the main ones that I think you’ll appreciate.

You cannot forget the Moon when you’re looking at love. The Moon is your emotional self. It’s who you are and how you deal with your feelings with yourself and others.

What sign is it in and what aspects does it make to other planets? Does it connect to any of the other planets I mentioned? This is all a lot of information, I know.

The thing is, if you are looking for the right person or trying to get more serious with someone, then these are excellent things to know. It’s not just about you but it’s about the both of you.

Natal Chart Houses Of Love

Another important thing to look at when it comes to your birth chart for luck in love are the houses. If you look at your chart, you’ll see 12 sections that are labeled with numbers.

Each house is ruled by one of the signs of the Zodiac. When I look to see what is cooking for someone’s love life and what prospects are concerned, I look to their fifth, sixth, and seventh houses.

The fifth house is where you look for the possibilities of meeting someone new and how it will happen. It will give an idea of if they’ll meet them on a trip, at a workshop, at a random place, or via friends.

Yes, it’s that telling!

Looking at the sixth house explains one’s everyday life and routines. This, of course, includes relationships, friendships, and family.

Then the seventh house is actually the house of marriage and serious commitment. It’s really important to look at all of these houses, which sign rules them, and if any are planets there.

There is one last house worth looking at when it comes to partnership and soul mate situations and that’s the twelfth house.

Traditionally, the twelfth house is where you keep your secrets but it’s also where you keep your deepest desires, past lives, and soulmate opportunities. Your karma can be seen there.

When doing a reading between two clients’ charts for compatibility, I definitely check out the twelfth house to see if there is some kind of karmic or soulmate connection between them.

And sometimes people overlook the fourth house when it comes to love. I look at this one as well. The fourth house is the one that describes one’s home life, family life, and how one wants their future family to be. It’s their structure.

The cool thing is that the more planets that are found in the fifth and seventh houses, the more luck and success you’ll have with love. How awesome is that?!

Fortunate Birth Chart Aspects

Fortunate Birth Chart Aspects

Now if you sit back and look at your chart aspects, you’ll notice all the different things going on at the time and date of your birth. A “lucky” person is someone who will have more trines and sextiles.

They will have fewer aspects like oppositions, conjunctions, and squares. These tend to lay out areas where you may struggle or have trouble. Some are bound to be there, as it’s normal.

The thing to remember is if you see many trines and sextile aspects then you’re a lucky person indeed. This is particularly true when they are connecting Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.

Your Sun and Moon play a role in this as well since it’s who you are personality-wise. You may have a very lucky personality in which you draw things, situations, and people into your life who are amazing.

I do want to say that having a good mixture of aspects is more balanced, which is fantastic. If you have mostly one or another, it can create imbalance and more difficulty growing.

The person with difficult aspects will be unbalanced, as they don’t have the ability to draw love in and make it work. The person who has a bit of both will have a more balanced life.

This combined with everything I’ve told you thus far will give you more information than you could ever imagine!

The Zodiac Signs In Your Chart

Every birth chart has 12 Zodiac signs within it. This means that we all have a bit of each sign in us. Where it really means something is depending on which house the signs rule.

When you’re looking for luck in love in your natal chart, you will want to look at the signs that you’re compatible with. To find who suits you best; you look to your Venus. What sign is it ruled by?

Which house is this happening in? Here’s an example…

Venus in Pisces would mean that you are actually best matched with a Pisces or one of the other two water signs, which are Cancer and Scorpio. This isn’t limiting though.

While it seems like only three compatibility options, it’s actually more than that. There is also the idea that their Moon or Rising sign could be one of these three. When comparing, you’d want to find out what their Mars is, as it tells you what kind of lover they are.

It also tells you what type of woman is best for the guy and if it’s compatible with your information.

So just remember that Venus is you as a woman and a lover while Mars is your guy as a man and lover. It also determines who is compatible with whom. It’s pretty easy to remember.

This is why it’s crucial that you look to your partner or potential partner’s Mars or Venus because it holds the truth of compatibility.

In a compatibility chart reading, I am comparing your aspects with your partner’s so I can see how many trines or sextiles may be between you via Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon.

I’m looking to see if he has a prominent Rising sign that lines up with your Mars or if his Moon does. I’m looking at his Neptune to see what his soul mate material is.

I’m also looking to see what sign your chart favors. Does it favor more water signs, earth signs, air signs, or fire signs?

I look to see where the clusters of planets are and what their aspects are and what their direction of motion is. You may be a Taurus with lots of water sign influence which makes you very tender and sensitive to love.

That’s just one example. You won’t really know all of what I’m telling you unless you experience it for yourself.

Trust me when I tell you there is SO much more to compatibility than just the Sun sign alone. This is why my relationship compatibility readings are so important.

It helps you as the client to understand who really is compatible for long-lasting love with you, who may be a karmic lesson, or who may be the person you marry.

Luck In Sex And Romance Charting

This is a bit extra for you but I can also see if the person you’re considering being with is a steamy lover or not. Whether you’re looking for lasting love or just some fun; I can see how hot it will be.

Yep, that’s right! I can look at your eighth house, which is where your sexuality and desire for pleasure are. What sign rules this house for you? Are there planets such as Jupiter or Venus there?

Maybe Neptune is there, which the “dream lover” possibility is. Neptune may be in a sign that is very compatible with this person’s Neptune in the eighth house.  Even if Neptune isn’t there, what is there? 

So, you see; there are many different angles to look at. If you have aspects that really line up nicely with someone then you’ve got some real luck in love in your natal chart!

The natal chart definitely reveals if you have an easier time finding the right person for you or if you’re the kind of person that will take her time only getting her toes wet.

Your personality is all laid out before you in your birth chart. Are you lucky? Look at your chart! 

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