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Aries Sun And Leo Moon Combination

The Passionate And Dramatic Lover

There is a special type of insight you can gauge from someone based on their Sun and Moon signs. These two planetary lights are the givers of life to our personalities and each and every one of us has our own unique code.

Being an Aries Sun and Leo Moon is your trademark. Want to know what makes you special and unique?

The Sun is what rules your ego and is in charge of your personality. It is who you are at your core. It is your consciousness and the will in which you take on the world. The Sun is your driving force and motivator. It is who you are when everything else is stripped back.

The Moon rules your innermost emotions and feelings. The way you respond to life is thanks to your Moon sign. It is the position that determines the type of habits you form and how you connect to others on a deeper level.

Knowing these two positions in your chart on anyone else’s in your life can be a gamechanger to the understanding you have of yourself or someone in your life. So, if you are interested in learning more about yourself if you are an Aries Sun and Leo Moon, then please keep on reading.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Combination In A Nutshell:

  • Positives: Proud, optimistic, sociable, warm, passionate, talented
  • Negatives: Stubborn, self-centered, egotistical, intense
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who adores you

The Sun In Aries

As an Aries, there is a fieriness and ferocity to your nature that can only be described by having a ruling planet like Mars. Mars is the planet of war and aggression, but it is also the planet that governs our motivations and drives in life. So, it makes sense that you would have an incredible thirst for life.

Everything you do is bold and brave, and it usually takes a lot of courage to be such a pioneering spirit. You know how to initiate and follow your instincts to achieve your goals. There is a certain fearlessness about you; you just forge ahead. When you want something in life absolutely nothing is going to stop you from getting it.

You are a leader, and your confidence seems effortless, albeit a little naive at times. You have a fighting spirit, but it is really important that you find a positive outlet for your energy because you have the tendency to go towards aggression.

Your straightforwardness and honesty are a breath of fresh air and you never pretend to be something you are not. You have a tendency to look before you leap, so learning to be cautious can be rather beneficial in your life.

The Moon In Leo

You’re vibrant and love to have the spotlight on you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re unafraid of showing the people you love how much you care about them, as long as they return the favor.

Attention is really important for you in a relationship. You want someone who spends a good amount of time with you and is devoted and loyal in the relationship. You hate having your heart messed with, so you appreciate honesty above everything else.

To feel nurtured in your relationship you need to have the freedom to be able to express yourself as you need. You have a lot of passion and creativity boiling inside of you, and you simply can’t suppress it. You need to be with someone who is okay with you being dramatic when you need to be.

Romance is of utmost importance to you; you’re not shy to admit that you need a partner who makes an effort with you and isn’t afraid of displaying a grand gesture of his affection towards you.

You want the full shebang when it comes to love and you crave to feel the heat of passion with your man. You need to be able to have fun, but most importantly be yourself if you want to feel nurtured in love.

You certainly have a dramatic and passionate flair naturally with your Moon in Leo! The way you love is warm and joyful, however, you need a lot of attention and admiration to truly feel connected in your relationship.

One of your absolute favorite things about love is the act of giving and receiving love. This is all that really matters to you. When you feel your partner’s devotion to you, your passion for them automatically increases. This is all you have ever wanted.

Attention and affection make your heart sing. You absolutely need to feel like you are wanted and appreciated for who you are as a person and you tend to be at your happiest when you feel the warmth of a loving partner.

When your passion is switched on you are probably the most loyal and caring partner a man could ever hope for. You love fiercely and without any apologies, because you know life is better with romance in your life.

What Makes An Aries Sun And Leo Moon Combination Special?

You make an impact wherever you go with your larger-than-life personality. When you walk into a room, everyone else sits up and takes notice. You have incredible energy and aura about you which makes you very popular!

You have a strong and passionate personality that exudes a kind of warmth and uplifting optimism. You believe in yourself and know that there is so much you can offer to the rest of the world. You truly believe in your purpose.

You know what you want, and you know what you love and deserve, absolutely nothing is going to get in the way of this.

You are quick to react to things and just have a gut feeling if something is going to work out for you or not. You have a knack for merging your mind and your intuition to make the best decisions for yourself.

You have quite a romantic view of life, and who wouldn’t with so many admirers at your doorstep? You are highly attractive and there are many suitors who will want to be your partner. You are warm and generous which is part of your charm.

You absolutely love attention and having others admire you. You could live solely off of compliments. You also make a really great leader and know how to inspire others with your creative ideas.

You do have a big ego though, and it can be really easy for you to get lost in seeking validation from others. It is important that you don’t let all the attention and admiration get to your head or else it might just explode.

When your ego or vanity gets hurt you can quickly feel wounded and emotionally scarred. How dare someone not admire you in the way that you deserve. However, you need to remember with a big personality like yours you are bound to rub some people up the wrong way.

Make peace with it instead of throwing temper tantrums when things don’t seem to go your way. You need to learn to take a step back and recognize that being domineering isn’t always going to work out in your favor.

But if you work on yourself and choose to work in the light, then you can share many gifts of courage, vitality, creativity, and integrity with the world. You have a lot to offer and the world is a much better place with you in it.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Woman

Aries Sun Leo Moon Woman

You certainly have a penchant for the dramatic! You are highly reactive and emotional, but this is simply because you seriously know what you want and what you deserve in life, so things can get a little fiery when you don’t get your way.

You have so much creative talent coursing through your veins that it is impossible for you to not get what you want out of life. Nothing will stand in your way, no matter how big the challenge! Your sheer force and determination will make it happen.

You see adversary as something that can only make you stronger, so whenever something tests you, you know it will only make you more fiercely powerful. However, you do have a soft side and aren’t afraid of showing your loyalty and devotion to the people you care about.

You are eternally optimistic, no matter how many times the world knocks you down, you simply pick yourself up and start all over again. Your determination is something quite exquisite to behold.

There is a side to you that can be rather aggressive, this simply comes out when you get really passionate about something and know that you deserve better. If someone is going to mess with you, they need to be prepared because you won’t back down without a fight.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Man

This man is quite ambitious and wants to get very far in life. When he has a vision for his future, he will go out of his way to make a success of it, and nothing is going to get in his way.

He is creative and oh, so passionate about what he does with his time. He is the type of man to put everything into a project because he believes in it so much. It is quite inspiring to behold, he doesn’t need a woman’s support, but when he receives it, he definitely appreciates her having his back.

Others tend to take him very seriously, and you can tell that this guy really means business. In a romantic sense, he is very passionate and isn’t afraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve. When he wants someone, he is going to pull out all of the stops to make her his.

He is very loyal and devoted, and when he is in love, he will go out of his way to make the woman in his life feel special. He wants to make her understand that he has claimed her! He is an amazing lover; any woman is lucky to be with this gentleman.

What Are Some Of The Weaknesses Of An Aries Sun And Leo Moon Combination?

This Sun and Moon combination can be quite childish at times. This is because you tend to be very stubborn and only see things your way. If everyone else’s narrative is something different, you refuse to accept it. You have a “my way, or the highway” kind of attitude which makes you rather uncompromising.

You tend to be overly ambitious! There are times when you might be in the middle of a project, but when something comes around that seems shinier and more exciting, you will drop what you are busy with and go for the new thing. Consistency is a problem for you! You need to learn to keep your focus if you want to make a success of something.

Sometimes you allow your ego to get the better of you. This can get you in big trouble, especially if you depend too heavily on the opinions and validation of others. You need to fill your own cup because you cannot expect others to make you feel good and lift you up. You have to do this on your own if you want to be truly happy.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Combination In Relationships

You are one of the biggest romantics around! You love to be in love and are an exceptionally romantic partner. You give your relationships your all, and you certainly expect this kind of loyalty and affection in return.

Love will always play a very important part in your life and it is something you will pursue when you are single. You aren’t meant to be alone; you need someone to whom you can devote your love and affection.

You also really love to be appreciated and admired and this is why you prefer not to be on your own. Hearing words of affirmation make you feel really special and wanted. It is the air you would prefer to breathe.

You throw everything you have into your relationships and you make connecting with another human being a top priority in your life. You want your partner to know how much they mean to you and that you will go to the end of the world for them if you had to.

Loyalty is a big thing to you, and if your partner betrays your trust in any way, you will quickly lose interest and find someone else who values you as much as you deserve.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Career

There isn’t much this combination couldn’t do, but you certainly deserve to be in the limelight. You are intensely creative and have a knack for getting others to follow your lead. This is why you would be perfect for a role as a boss, an entrepreneur, or even something in the arts.

You definitely have a penchant for the dramatic, so give your shot at acting or something that might make you recognized for your amazing talents. It really doesn’t matter what you do because you are so ambitious and driven, you will always get ahead in your life.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Money

Money definitely has a way of finding its way to you. You like nice things and spend your money on the best of the best. You tend to be quite successful in terms of your career, so you will never want after anything.

You may at times spend your money a little impulsively, especially on luxury items. It might be a good idea for you to save and invest in pieces you thought about for a while. This is the only way you won’t regret making any big purchases. Think twice before you swipe!

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Friendships

You are an immensely loyal and devoted friend. Although you are likely to have quite a large friendship circle, you definitely have a select few friendships with people who truly know you at your core.

You are warm and gracious and this will make you very popular. You especially like people who give you the attention and admiration you are looking for. Just watch out that you aren’t too egocentric and don’t just zoom in on your own life.

Keep your heart open to getting to know others because you never know what you might learn from the people around you. Don’t think you know everything already.

Aries Sun And Leo Moon Celebrities

Famous and very eccentric fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood is an Aries Sun and Leo Moon combination. Her designs might be unique (some may say weird) and not for everyone, but she certainly is a trailblazer and has a flair for the dramatic. This is quite reflective of the position of her Sun and Moon in her Astrological Chart.

Final Thoughts

I hope there is something you have learned about yourself or someone you love in this article. You are so special and unique, don’t forget that! Knowing who you are can make the biggest difference in you finding the right person for you to be in a relationship with.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your love life? Then why not book a VIP consultation with me? I know you won’t regret it!

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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