6 Things To Look For In Your Birth Chart To Reveal What Kind Of Love You Need

If you’re feeling pretty confident knowing your Sun sign, you’re in an excellent spot to learn more about your core energy. Many people take the Sun sign so seriously that they use that as their primary relationship indicator.

But is there more to your love potential than your Sun sign? What else in your chart is waiting to inform you of your love style? Is your romantic capability more nuanced than you believed?

I’m Anna Kovach, Relationship Astrologer, and I am here to tell you that there is more to your love style than just your Sun sign can indicate! I have six key factors that I’d reference before I even glance at the Sun sign in compatibility readings.

You’re a complex person, like all of us. We’re full of contradictions and quirks that make us all who we are. And love is even more intricate at times! Luckily, I have six key factors that you can find in your birth chart that explain the love style that you need.

I have some profound knowledge to lay on you today, so if you’re ready, keep reading to find out the key factors to look for to find the type of love that you need!

6 Things To Look For In Your Birth Chart To Reveal What Kind Of Love You Need

1. Venus Is the Queen Of Love

Venus is the traditional planet of romance in Astrology. No other planet has more significant associations with romance than Venus. She’s the one that tells me the romance style that best suits you.

Venus is a social planet, so it often indicates any love. It operates at top gear in relationships, though. I’d certainly recommend looking at Venus to find your love language and how you function in a relationship setting since this is where she shines.

Everyone has a Venus, but not all Venus placements are created equal. Venus operates differently in every sign, just like the Sun does! You should be considering the sign of Venus first since this is the style of expression when it comes to love. This is what your lover is going to feel from you.

For example, Aries Venus is straightforward and a go-getter in love. She’s the one making the first move almost every time. On the contrary, a Pisces Venus is a dreamy woman who dreams of a fairy tale romance where she’s rescued from all harm by her Prince.

You’ll also need to glance at the house that Venus is in. This will show the context that your love is best expressed. Venus in the eighth house, for example, finds themselves in relationships that they must keep secret. On the contrary, Venus in the first house heavily identifies with their relationship to the point that it becomes a part of who they present themselves as.

2. Venus Aspects Set the Tone of Your Love

Nope, we’re not done talking about Venus yet! It’s so vital that you must look at all of the planets that touch your Venus as well. The planets that aspect your Venus will further describe the influence and strength of your Venus in your life.

Venus touching the important relationship planets are some of the most important indicators of your love life. The planets that touch it add a different flavor than just your Venus sign and house would indicate.

Venus-Moon aspects will lend your love style sensitivity and nurturing. Venus positively aspecting the Moon leads you to feel deeply comforted by your lover. Even ‘hard’ aspects between Venus and the Moon will not hurt much. This is an overall desirable configuration no matter what!

Venus-Sun aspects make you naturally attractive. You radiate vibes that make others see you as charming. Relationships are a core part of your life, and they energize you and keep you moving forward.

Venus-Neptune aspects create a desire for a dreamy romance that is an escape from the world. You’ll find yourself most comfortable in a relationship that has you feeling transported far away!

3. Your Moon Shows Your Deepest Needs

If you take one thing away from this article, never underestimate the Moon in your relationships! It’s not an obvious choice, but it’s vital to understand what you need in love. As a long-time Relationship Astrologer, I have found the Moon the most critical factor in relationships.

This may sound surprising, but it shouldn’t! The Moon represents what we need to feel safe. It’s how comfortable we feel around another person. If you think instantly on edge with another person, it might be your Moon telling you that they’re not giving you what you need to feel safe!

The sign that the Moon is in is going to indicate what brings you comfort. In a good relationship, your partner should be supremely comforting and non-threatening. The Moon is also connected to your past, indicating what triggers memories (good or bad) from your childhood. You’ll want a partner that plays well into this dynamic.

The sign of the Moon is how you nurture your partner and what you need to feel safe. For example, a Capricorn Moon will feel safest when honoring tradition, building a solid foundation, and having a nest egg of resources. On the other hand, a Gemini Moon would feel safest when they have a social group close by that they can express themselves to at any time.

The house that the Moon is in will indicate the area of life where you feel most comforted and where you receive comfort from others best. For example, Moon in your fourth house suggests that you are most settled at home with family, while Moon in the seventh house indicates you’re most at ease when you’re in a stable relationship.

4. Saturn Aspects Will Keep Your Love Solid

Saturn gets a bad rap in the Astrology realm. He’s painted as the big meanie who lays down the law in Astrology. And I won’t lie, he can be just that! But in relationships, Saturn is also what represents staying power. It shows the kind of person you’re willing to stay with for the long haul and what you’ll commit to.

This is extremely important in a serious relationship. This is just why it’s so important to give Saturn a chance when finding what you need in a partner. Saturn makes or breaks a relationship.

Saturn by itself with no assistance from other love placements isn’t a good omen. However, Saturn aspecting your love planets or in your love houses will add a dose of longevity and solidity to your love. Every good relationship has a dash of Saturn in the mix!

Saturn aspecting Venus positively means that you value long-term relationships. Your partner should be responsible and dedicated. Saturn in your seventh house tends to mean that your true love comes later in life after you’ve gained plenty of maturity in relationships.

Saturn in the fifth house indicates that your immediate romantic attraction is reserved for mature individuals. Older men are your jam, and with men like George Clooney running around out there, who could blame you?

5. The 5th House Describes Your Love At First Sight

The 5th house describes what will initially make us fall for someone. This is that X factor, the “love at first sight” feeling. If you want to know who would catch your eye and immediately intrigue you, this is the place to look.

Finding the sign on the fifth house cusp and the location of the planet that rules the fifth house sign is an excellent indicator of who you’ll fall in love with and the traits they should have. The person who embodies this sign’s qualities will give you butterflies in your stomach and have you up late at night rereading sweet texts from him!

As a rule of thumb, a water sign on the cusp of the fifth house will lead you to love someone emotionally available. A fire sign on the fifth house cusp will have you craving a passionate lover. An Earth sign means you’re turned on by someone reliable and present. And an air sign means that you need an intelligent and cerebral lover.

Look to the planets in your 5th house to describe your romantic life. These planets will show you more about how you flirt, how charming you are, and who you are automatically attracted to. A bunch of planets here is a strong indicator of a life full of various types of romance.

Finding the planet that rules the sign on the fifth house cusp will also assist in understanding your love nature. That planet automatically becomes a key to love, even if it’s not mentioned here! For example, if Gemini or Virgo is in the fifth house, you’ll look to Mercury in your chart to see what you value in love. In this case, you appreciate a good communicator who pays attention to the little things.

6. The 7th House Reveals Your Long-Term Love Style

The 7th house is the most obvious when it comes to a dedicated partnership. The 7th house should never be undersold for relationships because it’s the house of partnership! This house shows the type of person you’ll feel comfortable sticking around even once the honeymoon stage is over.

You’ll find that the sign on the 7th house cusp describes your ideal partner to a T. The sign here will also show what your partner sees most in you! For example, even if you’re a wild Sagittarius, if Taurus is in your 7th house, your partner sees the more steadfast and stable part of you.

The planets that lie in your 7th house are just as telling. A mass of planets in this house indicates a massive focus on partnerships in your lifetime. You’ll find that you don’t feel yourself unless you’re dedicated to someone.

If you have no planets in your 7th house, don’t panic! It’s just time to find the planet that rules the sign on your 7th house cusp. For reference, Aries is ruled by Mars, Taurus and Libra by Venus, Gemini and Virgo by Mercury, Cancer by the Moon, Leo by the Sun, Scorpio by Mars and Pluto, Sagittarius by Jupiter, Capricorn by Saturn, Aquarius by Uranus and Saturn, and Pisces by Jupiter and Neptune.

Find the planet that rules your 7th house and take all of the parts of it into account. Look at the sign, the house, and the aspects that it makes to other planets. This will all speak on what you need in a partnership.

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Wrapping Up

Your love potential is NOT as simple as your Sun sign alone. Though it’s a general guideline, it’s never the whole story! Taking a peek at your birth chart (after you know what you’re looking for) is hugely beneficial for shedding light on your entire love nature.

It’s essential to take away that romance is not all that there is to love. Of course, it’s necessary, and it’s the initial reason that you’ll find yourself with someone, but this does not indicate lifelong love by itself. You need to find someone who provides overall compatibility.

Emotional support is hands down the top factor for a loving relationship. That fun and light-hearted aspect plays in too, but never frown on the serious side… this is what keeps you linked to someone for the long haul.

Pay attention to what your placements are telling you. Accept your love nature for what it is and decide to work it! There is someone out there who will tick all the boxes for you. I believe that using Astrology will assist you in knowing just what that person needs to be like.

What’s your Venus sign? Now that you know its importance, do you see how it’s affected your love life? Let me know in the comments how it’s affected you!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

23 thoughts on “6 Things To Look For In Your Birth Chart To Reveal What Kind Of Love You Need

  1. So how do I get a layout of where there planets placed in my birth chart. Some of the things you mentioned concerning the different placements has rung a bell .

  2. Wow!! If I could navigate my way through and read a chart I’d be in great position right now. Lol.
    It’s intriguing, how to keep this in mind as I go seeking where all these planets and signs are is making ny head dizzy.
    IS there an app that can lay this all out easily.
    Is there an astrology for dummies?
    I’m so intrigued, I just have no idea how to unscramble this and makes srnse.

  3. I have Venus in 8th house of Scorpio. I have Saturn in 7th house of Libra. I have 5th house Cancer (containing NN -retrograde).

    Now. I have: Venus Opposition Chiron, Venus Trine Ascendant, Venus Square Mars, Venus Conjunction Uranus, Venus Trine North Node. Sun Conjunction Saturn. Jupiter Conjunction Saturn.

    1. Hi Kristen!

      Thank you for sharing all your astrological information. You’re a very interesting lady indeed but I think you know this. Do you know what all of these aspects mean? If you ever want a consultation done, I would be happy to look into it for you. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

    1. Hi Joyce,

      It’s no secret that the Capricorn man and Taurus woman are a really fantastic match. They’re great sexually, great for marriage, and just in general, a magical relationship. They truly understand each other on a deep level that others may not get.
      Love can conquer all if you let it happen!

  4. Hi!
    I have had my chart done before, mof, it was a bfs mom when I was 17 that did, & we discovered her son was a bad fit, she said he was too soft!! Hahaha! My question though is… why is it that So much of what I read of my personality isn’t me at all??? I mean, every sign is but it’s not at the same time?
    I did a personality sign test & ended up with my personality being that of a sign that shoes up only once in the chart, yet identify with more than any other. How is that possible??

    1. Hi Marie,

      This is because not all depends just on the position of the Sun. Rising sign, Moon sign, planetary placements and how it is all connected, this is very important as well. For example, a person can have a Leo Sun and a Pisces Moon. This combination implies that this person may have a strong ego but is also very vulnerable and dreamy. Of course, connections to other planets will provide more information. Best of luck to you!

  5. My Venus is 29:53 cancer in 11th. But I don’t relate to that. However I do relate to all things Venus in Leo. Is the cusp significant -particularly since I am 68 yrs old?

    1. Hi Taz,

      Having a Venus in Anaretic degree (29th degree of any sign) can mean different things. For instance, it could mean that you will meet a partner who is meant to be, but it also could mean that you are giving more love than you receive in return. Cancer Venus is intense, it strengthens your empathy. Position of the Moon will determine the true expression of your Venus, so if your Moon is in Leo, your Venus will act like a Leo Venus (confident, passionate, generous), if you have a Gemini Moon, your Venus will become a Gemini Venus (mentally stimulating, rational, a social butterfly), etc. We cannot just focus on the cusp but in this case we need to check the dispositor (ruler of Cancer), in this particular case, the Moon.
      Best of luck to you!

  6. Thanks Anna,
    I’m cancer, moon sagitarius, venus in cancer, mercury in leo. My partner sagitarius, moon in leo, venus in aquarius, mercury in Scorpio.

    1. Hi Tri,

      The Sagittarius man is a fiery sign where the Cancer woman is a calm watery lady. Water puts out fire. You two are very rarely even attracted to each other but there are those rare occasions where two people are just drawn to one another without really even knowing why. You have compatible Moons, having both Moons in fiery signs, indicates you understand each other’s emotional needs.
      I hope all goes well for you both!

  7. Hi Anna,

    I numbers 5 and 7, you discuss the 5th and 7th planets and house cusps. Could you explain that further, what you mean by that and how you find those cusps with an example or two? Thank you! I appreciate this very much!

  8. If you do a chart does that give you the info as to where the planets were so you can figure out this?

    1. Dear Connie,

      Yes, this is correct. Birth chart is a map of the placement of the planets at the exact moment and location of your birth and literally presents a blueprint of your personality, temperament, skills, and your life path. Position of the plants gives you significant information. Thank you for checking.

      Sending Love!

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