Weekly Love Horoscope for October 2nd – 8th

Dear Sweethearts,

Welcome to the first full week of October and what an interesting, insightful, nostalgic, and enjoyable week it offers to be.

It’s quite OK to take your foot off the gas, contemplate, and seek relaxation and even some solitude as we enjoy the emotional energy of the full moon.

Enjoy the variety of beauty that life can present you be it through people or arts.

With Venus in Leo sextile Mars, this is a period where lots of things happen and it is filled with potential. It’s a great time for new love relationships and it’s also a good time for you and your existing partner or husband doing projects and setting goals together. It’s a time of high achievement, simply because you know what you want and are ready to go after your heart’s desire.

This is a great time for sporting and competitive goals and also for unleashing your creative potential, so it’s important to set goals, go after goals and jump into my life big time.

With Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune and Venus in a yod, aim to make yourself perfectly clear, and strive for clarity and honesty in all your dealings. This is a very imaginative and idealistic week, but we can also indulge ourselves by avoiding reality and procrastinating. Don’t delude yourself or hide from reality.

You may perceive that men in your life are being evasive or erratic, they may be quite needy. It’s important not to let other people’s toxicity or cranky behavior affect your frame of mind.

Now let’s dive into each sign’s horoscope for this week.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising and Moon sign for more accuracy.

Aries – Deeper Understanding

Venus square Mars in Libra, is a great time for all love relationships as there are happiness and togetherness. This week it is not so much about sex or communication, the emphasis is on companionship, sharing pleasure and experiences, and being social as a couple.

While it is a busy time, there is strong cooperation and team playing with you and your partner which brings you together and reminds you how great you can be when you have a project. Shared goals bring you together and help bring back romance and understanding.

All couples should pull together right now, and even if you have differences, you will find that if you can put them aside and work as a team on something you both enjoy.

New relationships are off to a very good start, and you will probably be attending parties, seasonal events, movies, or concerts. However with Mercury opposite Neptune, the emphasis is on getting a feel for each other emotionally rather than just talking and getting to understand each other intellectually.

Promotions and bonuses are likely as a reward for good performance and extra responsibility; however, since this is a very unpredictable and slightly unorthodox week regarding work, you may not be sure up until the very last minute if you have made the deadline or reached the target, and this can be stressful but also quite exciting.

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Taurus – Golden Opportunities

Jupiter is very influential for Taurus women, and with your Venus being on a yod apex, this can create unique opportunities, bring you some good luck and even of you are going through a rough patch, it will give you a boost of energy and confidence to help you tackle problems.

Venus sextile Mars gives you confidence and inspiration, it’s a time to grab opportunities and open doors for yourself. The transits assist you in making transitions and beginning new projects, it’s a time of growing self-belief and also faith in a bigger picture.

This week favors long term relationship goals and ambitious projects, it is a time to be competitive, think big and test yourself. Fulfilment and meaning become more important to you and you are likely to review your life and seek more freedom to follow goals that aid self-development.

It’s important in new and ongoing relationships to be totally open minded and also forgiving, but be sceptical and be sure you are getting the truth from both your partner or third parties. This can be a very confusing time in romance, so watch out for misinformation.

While you can definitely attain success in any venture, the energies can create a certain degree of complacency and so I urge you to keep track of the details and not make too many assumptions.

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Gemini – Escapism and Flirtation

For single Gemini, love can be exciting and confusing. Sudden romances can arise, often with people who you would not expect to develop feelings for. Romance this week is not always about companionship and the search for meaning, it is more about experimentation, novelty, and getting a buzz.

Often sudden intense relationships can develop due to an intellectual or social interest (lovers are often met via church, community or university activities) which you share; these can, however, fizzle out as fast as they began, almost as if the need in you was fulfilled and the relationship has served its purpose.

With your ruler opposite Neptune, romance is often sought as an outlet and an escape from routine and responsibility, a way of recapturing youth. This is why even if you are in a relationship, you may flirt or chat online. Stepping away from your usual limits turns you on more than the other person, per se. This is why you should try and seek this excitement via creative or sporting outlets as well as through romance.

It is better to be patient with loved ones and not to try and change them. The danger this month is feeling you have a greater right to say and do things in the relationship than your partner; you will tend to be the forceful one, and while you may feel you have the power, it is better not to use it. Step back and bite your tongue.

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Cancer – Sexy and Sensitive to the Future

You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what it is. With full moon this week it is important for you to define exact goals, both long term and short term and find ways to measure these and decide how far you are progressing.

Often there can be disappointment during this phase due this Mercury opposite Neptune, but that feeling of disappointment could be unwarranted, and you may be measuring apples against pears – this is why you need more definite relationship goals and goalposts so that you have a realistic idea of how you are getting on. Right now is also the time to ditch goals which do not really matter and which are not true to your values.

Do not harbour unrealistic or poorly thought out ambitions and then try positive thinking. All ambitions should ultimately be linked to happiness rather than material goals – what aims bring long-term happiness and which are more about an ephemeral high? You decide.

You have a very tolerant and accepting attitude in relationships and are looking to the bigger picture, which will enable you to be magnanimous and helpful rather than judgemental, and this helps you grow as a couple. Cancerians are excellent in bed, and this week is great for sex life as you are more open and adventurous and have so much sexual energy to give, adding extra spice to the bedroom.

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Leo – Hit and Miss

With Mercury triggering Neptune in your solar 8th house, you can experience a false sense of nostalgia where you cling to which has slipped away thinking it was far better than it was. Lingering in the past and harbouring an idealised version of that past can only hamper your progress in life and love and you need to fix your energies on the future rather than the past.

Often immersing yourself in helping others can provide a boost to your ego and sense of self; it can also be a welcome distraction that takes you away from your own problems providing perspective.

It is vital to be careful with money this week as your financial situation is prone to ups and downs and so you need to keep commitments to a minimum.

It can take a while in new relationships for you to communicate what really matters to you. There is confusion in new relationships where one of you thinks things are going brilliantly and the other thinks there are problems. Despite all this initial toing and froing, the relationship can be rather exciting even if it is hit and miss regarding the initial emotional connection.

In marriage, you are keen to speak about your needs and to get them met you will be the one to initiate lovemaking, and you will ensure that this week you are satisfied. There is a big push for romance this week in both new and established relationships and you will put in effort and energy to reignite the spark and ensure the month is marked by some special event.

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Virgo – Romance, Compassion and Entertainment 

This is a romantic week but also one in which you may idealise a lover and put him on a pedestal which is not quite deserved. In this way, you may court disappointment, and yet until that time it can be quite enjoyable to allow your emotions free reign.

With your ruler opposite Neptune, this is a time where fantasy trumps reality, and your need to put the honey lights on your love life is more important to your well-being than taking a cold light of day view.

In marriages, you are very sympathetic right now, which is just as well as you may be called upon to console and comfort your partner. Your depth of understanding is enhanced right now as expressed and so you will be the one to see beyond the obvious problems to the deeper forces, and that can be very helpful to your partner.

Love can spring from compassion, and you may well fall for someone who you have counselled or cared for in some way; this can be especially so for relationships where there is an age gap and where the other person feels you are like a mother figure – the danger for you in this is that the relationship may be helpful for them and disappointing for you medium term.

This is an excellent time to plan parties, promotional events or entertainment related to business. Your reputation will improve and you may get more positive feedback. It’s a great time to be proactive and to get yourself or your products and services out in front of people as you are bound to be well received.

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Libra – Stepping Into The Right Direction

With Mars in Libra sextile Venus your energy levels are improved and you can accomplish more than usual becoming very productive and successful. Luckily with this transit, a little goes a long way and even small steps in the right direction pay off in a big way.

Relationships need flexibility and perhaps some new rules. While relationships are dynamic, they very often get caught in ruts where change becomes the enemy; this week, you have the opportunity for shaking things up with your partner and looking at some old problems anew.

This is a chance for a re-evaluation of your differences, your bones of contention and sexual issues, and a chance to see these in a new light.

Suddenly, you are beginning to see that there are solutions and paths forward, which can bring a new vitality to your love and sex life. Change should not be seen as a dirty word in relationships; the worst thing you can do this week is cling to old attitudes and stubborn mind-sets – the planets are giving you the chance to re-write the script and change direction in your love life.

Often denying emotions makes them easier to deal with short term, but long term they come back, often disguised as irrational fears, compulsions or even addictions, and they continue to undermine you in that way. This week, circumstances and people can trigger the source of the confusing and bitter emotions you have, giving you a chance to revisit them and hopefully put them to bed.

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Scorpio – Catalysing Personal Transformation

With Mercury opposite Neptune, the best approach this month is non-verbal communication, i.e., affection, showing concern, caring gestures, and extra effort regarding being considerate and showing gratitude.

Jupiter in the middle degrees of Taurus means you are highly energised, and that makes it a great time to do a push regarding work or extra input on goals you are involved in. You are very restless and can become quite nervy if you do not have an outlet. It is good to plan both work-related and social activities as you have both the drive and desire for a varied array of experiences and also challenges. This is a week when you want to be challenged, and you are more experimental than usual, which can result in some exciting opportunities in love popping out of thin air.

This week, other people can be a catalyst to personal understanding, often in quite an uncomfortable way, and you may even dislike or resent these people, but they are there to remind you that you have needs that are neglected and hurts that need to be addressed.

This week is a tricky one for new relationships as Neptune is triggered by Mercury in Pisces, and you tend to be confused about what you really want; you can also be inclined to bottle up and shut down, not wanting to let go or to reveal too much of yourself.

In marriages, you may need extra space, and while there can be some excellent fun times spent during this week, you will also crave your own time of contemplation and reflection. Knowing yourself better and being more aware of your own triggers can only strengthen relationships, and so time spent analysing and working through emotions is wise.

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Sagittarius – Developing Your Unique Love Language

The influence of Neptune means that your development takes place on many different levels and that some quite important changes are rather subtle. You are more aware of emotions, of the meaning in certain situations and of the lessons to be learned in your love life. It is not so much about practical development, but being proud of your moral and spiritual evolvement and what you contribute to your relationship on a human and intellectual level.

Sexually, you are especially in touch with your feminine side, and this enables you to react with more sensitivity and understanding in relationships which bodes well for resolving problems and improving intimacy.

Being willing to discuss emotions in an objective and constructive way is vital in emerging romance and marriage.

The challenge on a deeper level is to have faith in your ideas and relationship goals– sometimes we work within a framework or follow the lead of family or friends by imitating or using existing mores and themes; the challenge this week is to step away from that and test your own unique ideas.

You need to step away from the comfort zones of the conventional and branch out and develop your own unique styles and methods for improving love and sex or indeed in seeking love relationships.

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Capricorn – Global Perspective

With Mercury opposite Neptune in your solar third house, holiday romances are definitely a possibility, but they could be short lived. Capricorn are attracted to partners who offer you new vistas mentally, and so relationships in which the other person can introduce you to philosophical ideas or get you engaged in the world are welcome.

You enjoy relationships which represent a challenge, i.e., someone who may seem out of your usual social circle, possibly more educated or well-travelled than you currently are. You are looking for expansion via your love life, and so even if a holiday romance is short-lived, it can be worth it as you will learn new things that can inspire you and turn you on to new ways of thinking.

Romance is not just about affection, it is about expansion, and so you will be the one to encourage adventure and new challenges in the relationship.
In partnerships, it’s you who holds up the morale, encourages forward thinking and makes sure that your partner stays positive regarding his attitude and actions. This is a week when you have to keep the perspective as your partner can be a little woolly minded and prone to paranoia; so you have to keep him on an even keel mentally and emotionally.

The Venus in Leo sextile Mars stimulates your sex life, and can be a week when there’s a lot more affection and opportunities to have fun and do things that increase your adrenaline and make life feel exciting again. It’s wonderful time for romance, and can be a time of excitement and adventure. The pace of life tends to pick up, there are more opportunities to do things that are fun or related to romance.

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Aquarius – Sensual Sensations

With Neptune triggered in your solar second house by Mercury in the 8th, you care about your relationship and what goes on at the surface and at a deeper level. You may sense something which you cannot put your finger on, and you will do your best to get at the root of the matter. You will not be content with superficial explanations, and you will analyse away, asking questions until you feel that you have dismantled and understood the problem.

You may be the one who psychoanalyses your partner and helps them to get to grips with issues (possible from the distant past) and understand them better. You are often the catalyst for positive emotional changes or transformations within your lover or partner.

Even in new relationships, you can get to know a lover at a very deep level, and pillow talk could be more revealing and a time when secrets and deep feelings or even fears are exchanged.

Aquarius are very seductive this month, and your sexual energy and charm are again a key weapon or tool. You have a soothing effect on others and can receive and respond to them in a way that helps them lose inhibitions and restraints, making both the sex life and spiritual connection during sex stronger.

There is a strong urge to relate and to fuse with your partner, and you will enjoy any activity that brings you closer, from pooling ideas to do with finances, children or even discussing philosophical issues. 

Single Aquarius may be attracted to someone who does not ‘tick your boxes’; you may even find by knowing this person that ‘your boxes’ as such did not even reflect your true needs. A new potential partner can reach part of you that you did not even know existed.

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Pisces – Rhythm of Your Love Life

Mercury in your solar seventh means that compromising, negotiating and finding ways to work in harmony is a key element of the week. You need to be patient, and even long-suffering as things do not always move at pace, and you will need to work with people, or a partner, who drag their feet or who have low motivation.

You are challenged this week to keep your head when others are losing theirs and to keep focused in spite of setbacks or disappointments. Working with others in any capacity involves using psychology, subtle coaxing, and sensitivity; you cannot cajole or use a sergeant major approach.

Non-verbal communication in love, romance and flirting is very important, and so pay attention not only to what a partner says but to their eyes and body language or even to what they omit to say. You are highly attuned to the subtle signals others give out, and this can give you an advantage.

It is time to hold the mirror up to yourself in relationships – what are you projecting? Resolving many relationship issues start with asking: what can I do to change this, rather than what would I like him to do? This does not mean taking the blame, rather taking back control over the situation.

In new relationships, you may feel the relationship lacks definition, i.e., you want to label the relationship as ‘steady’; ‘engaged’; ‘separated’ etc., and yet the most appropriate tag could be ‘it’s complicated’ because it is right now. One or both of you may be unsure of where things are going next, and that does not mean that you necessarily doubt your love, it’s just a case of understanding the unique rhythm of your emerging relationship.

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This tends to be quite a lucky phase, but there’s often the temptation just to enjoy it rather than do anything productive, so don’t let it go by without initiating many new projects, in terms of business, pleasure and love which you can throw your energy at.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Creativity
  • Forgiveness
  • Enjoyment
  • Meditation
  • Dating
  • Goals for happiness and fulfilment
  • Romance

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See you again next week.

Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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