Weekly Tarotscope for May 13th – 19th

Welcome this week’s tour de force of insight and revelation, where the esoteric energies of the universe weave their creativity to illuminate the path before you.

As you ponder what’s revealed in the Tarot, prepare to contemplate the mysteries that lie hidden within your soul and the world around you.

The ancient wisdom of the Tarot cards can offer you a profound opportunity to gain clarity, guidance, and a deeper understanding of the intricate kaleidoscope of your life’s destiny.

Just as the stars above have helped navigate sailors through centuries, Tarot cards, each adorned with their unique symbols and archetypal stories, hold the power to charter the vast seas of your existence.

Now, while astrology can help us understand the themes and energies that the planets are emitting each week, the tarot gives us a deeper insight as we unlock the secrets of the universe and strive to understand the meaning of events and how our own destiny is unfolding each week via our star sign and the reading for our star sign.

So, let’s open our minds, our hearts, and use the logic and wisdom of the Taurus Sun to perceive the mysteries of the tarot.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Page of Pentacles

Now, the Page of Pentacles is a really exciting card for Aries as it conveys a positive message encompassing renewed creativity, initiation of endeavors, and a pioneering attitude and that is so in keeping with your nature. It also places an emphasis on value, important belongings, the importance of a successful job, and good physical health, as well as how to attract more material benefits through a positive outlook.

This is a great time for any brand new undertaking, whether it be a hobby, a business, an academic opportunity, or a new sports interest. But whatever you’re doing, use the power of positive thinking to get this new goal off to the best start possible.

In love, this is a time when relationships feel more devoted, and there is consistency in your committed relationship. However, this does alert you to places where your relationship could be dull or stale, and it urges you to increase the amount of spontaneity and stimulation to avoid the relationship stagnating.

If you are looking for love, it’s very important to aim for someone who could make you happy and contented, almost like you’ve come home. The ideal partner adds value to life and is not just someone who fills a temporary gap. So, see new romances in terms of long-term potential.

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Taurus – Ten of Swords

Now, alongside this card comes a warning. It’s important to watch your back and know who your friends are. In fact, the phrase “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is true right now because you need to keep a close eye on people who may be badmouthing you or gossiping behind your back. It’s very important to take a fairly cautious and conservative approach right now in terms of any business dealings.

Sometimes it’s okay to be passive right now. This can be a turning point in your life when certain things are either at a pinnacle or a dead end, and you need a time of relaxing, rewarding yourself, and doing emotional self-care while you begin to think of the next best step forward.

What this also means is it’s a good time to observe. So, take your foot off the gas and allow your intuition to speak to you through coincidences or messages that come through.

This is definitely a time when new beginnings are important in relationships. It’s vital to realize if you are at a crossroads and to take a moment to pause before you take action. Be careful of betraying your partner in a moment of passion.

This is also a time to walk away from any toxic relationships and also to try and achieve closure on any bad relationships in the past before you embark on a brand new relationship. Make sure you are free of all toxicity.

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Gemini – Queen of Cups

Now, this represents a really nurturing energy. It’s important to show the people in your life how much you care and to help other people in practical and also emotional ways. It’s also a time when you should try to intuitively understand what those closest to you are going through because they may not be spelling it out in words of one syllable.

So, it’s important to really be sensitive to the needs of others and to encourage them to discuss their problems and feelings with you.

If you are in a stable relationship, this is a good card because it represents that you will soon be achieving more fulfillment and emotional stability. However, you have to be really honest with yourself about your feelings.

If you don’t want to invest more in the relationship, this may be a time to walk away or even have a pause or a space break while you can reassess your feelings. So, in good relationships, it’s definitely all about caring and sharing, but if you have any doubts in your relationship, you definitely want to be taking a pause.

If you’re a single Gemini, you may have many admirers right now, but you may be playing a mothering role to them. So, don’t confuse situations of mothering to romance.

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Cancer – Two of Swords

Now, this particular card denotes debate, crossroads, or, put another way, two sides of an argument. It’s very important right now to reach a conclusion to any negotiations and wrap things up. This is not a time to let any disagreements persist. You must seek an exit strategy to any areas of your life where the situation has become awkward, untenable, or where there is no chance for agreement.

In some cases, this can represent a truce and an olive branch, which is very welcome. In terms of relationships, you may find your relationship at a deadlock or even a crossroads, and it may be a good time for you and a partner to call in a third party to help bring perspective or to have a pressure break, particularly if you’ve been fighting frequently recently. What you really need now is breathing room so that you can see the wood from the trees.

If you are single, you may be on the horns of a dilemma where there are two people in your life, and you can’t figure out which one is going to be the one for you, but the criteria is all about independence, so see which one will foster the independent free spirit within you.

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Leo – Knight of Wands

Now, this is a positive card of opportunities, but the opportunities you see are the ones that widen and broaden your life, even if these are a bit of a challenge or take you out of your comfort zone.

It’s so important right now to let go of any preconceived ideas and prejudices as you don’t want these to box you into a future that is not as fulfilling as it could be. There are unknown worlds of opportunity for you to explore right now, and you have to think outside the box and be a little bit adventurous.

Think long term in terms of serious love and long-term relationships, it’s time to step up and push the relationship into the next phase. You may need to be more assertive about where you believe the relationship should be headed and provide a little bit of direction or even implement changes or some new goals to make sure that the relationship doesn’t derail. 

In terms of new relationships and dating, communication right up front about what you both want from life and what your values and ambitions are is absolutely essential. Take responsibility for your happiness by choosing a partner who reflects your higher ideals.

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Virgo – Ten of Cups

This is a really good card, particularly for new love relationships and even if you are already in a relationship, you could enter a brand new, more joyful phase and perhaps even get engaged, married, or begin a family. So, this is a wonderful time for aspiration in love and for achieving what you want.

Even if you are in a brand new relationship, there is a sense of things coming full cycle and providing you with harmony and completeness emotionally. So, there should be a sense with this card of things reaching a successful conclusion, be it in a relationship or in business.

But what’s really important right now, whatever you’re doing in your life, is following your instincts, doing what seems right, and aligning your will with your ultimate good. Be led by honorable thoughts and feelings.

It’s also important, whether you are in a relationship or not, to do things that make you feel great and to resist doing things out of obligation or which are incredibly draining.

Always seek more knowledge and empower yourself with facts about your relationships and take a positive stance. It’s all about being forward-looking and hopeful in love and rejecting any negative ideas both within and without yourself.

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Libra – Nine of Cups

Now, achieving this card should fill you with optimism, as hopes and dreams are likely to come true. It’s also a time to reflect on the challenges you’ve recently overcome. So, this is a wonderful card to have if you’ve had a really tough few weeks and are feeling rather beaten down because it indicates that pleasure, excitement, and reward are on the way and that you will be able to de-stress and achieve much more harmony. 

However, whether it’s in love or life, this card reminds you that everyone has highs and lows and whichever they are, they always come to an end because life is a cycle, but what’s really important is gaining wisdom and understanding from each of these phases. 

In terms of committed relationships, it’s really important to be grateful for what you have and to focus on the strengths of the relationship going forward. Even if you’re single, there’s always plenty of things to rejoice over.

So, key right now is appreciation for everything in your life that is joyous and going well and this will put you in a great mindset to either get closer to your partner or to attract a positive new person towards you. Even if you’ve been unlucky in love, anticipate a lot more romance, particularly romance that is filled with sensuality. 

This is a time of improving psychological health.

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Scorpio – Nine of Cups

Now, this card represents a number of important decisions and opportunities, but the choices are not simple because there is a fair degree of illusion and misplaced expectation. So, it’s really important right now to be factual and realistic and to keep your feet on the ground. 

While it’s important to aim high right now, it’s also important to be systematic and not fall foul of wishful thinking. While it’s important to capitalize on the inspiration that comes with this moment, you also have to focus on one thing at a time and work hard to reach your goals. 

In terms of committed relationships, there are also options for you and your partner. However, there’s also the ghost of relationships past, so mistakes previously made in love, for example, if either of you had a fling or made bad decisions, can come back to haunt you and may just have to be dealt with so that both your minds are settled and you are both sure about commitment going forward.

In an existing love, it’s very important not to keep fantasizing about what your ideal relationship looks like and start working at making the relationship you have, or the options you have, work. We don’t live in a Mills & Boon novel. All relationships face real hurdles, but there is still beauty in that process and that’s what you need to grasp.

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Sagittarius – The Tower Reversed

Now, the Tower refers to a period of turmoil and transformation. You are in control, however, and you can make the changes by focusing on your core morals, principles, and the purpose of your life. Part of your motivation right now is spiritual so, although the struggles you face and the obstacles you have to overcome may seem material, it really is a spiritual battle. 

The big thing you don’t want to do right now is deny the change that’s taking place, both in your everyday life and within. It’s very important to understand you are going through a metamorphosis and what was once true for you is changing, and you are establishing new boundaries and parameters.

This may mean that a current relationship may no longer be suitable and you may just be delaying terminating it because of concern for the upheaval. However, it may be good to walk away right now from a toxic relationship. Alternatively, maybe your relationship is sound, but you need to make major decisions, and you shouldn’t stick your head in the sand like an ostrich. 

In terms of new love relationships, a person can come along who is incredibly challenging and who actually annoys you, but over time, you may realize they are your soulmate.

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Capricorn – High Priestess

Now, the High Priestess represents your spiritual side and your connection to your higher self. Therefore, during this phase, meditation and prayer are very important so you can tune into the inner wisdom which we all have.

This also represents that you have within you the strength and power to achieve what you need to achieve, even when you set the bar really high. So, don’t shy away from anything that requires courage and go for it, but do it with a strong spiritual conviction that it is the right thing.

Now, when it comes to the sexual and intimate side of your relationship, this card bodes well. It means the physical connection is there, so what a great week to be having date nights, to be doing things that really get the imagination fired up, like romantic movies, listening to your favorite music, or spending adult time in a love bubble doing something interesting and having some aphrodisiac food. 

This also means that in love, a strong relationship is about being totally honest and sincere. Trust stems from sincere and frequent displays of emotional warmth and caring. It’s also okay to be a little bit passionate. So, if you want to have a little bit more fun in the bedroom and really wow your partner, that should work very well.

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Aquarius – Nine of Wands

Now, the key with this particular card is, trust the plan and don’t give up and this especially means, don’t give up on yourself. It’s normal right now to have some setbacks or discouraging news, but it’s not the news itself, it’s how you handle it. Use it to gain more insight, information, and to sure up and strengthen your plans. Don’t seek to ignore or hide, confront the obstacles head on, and you will achieve a lot more in your battles as you tackle these. 

In terms of reaching your goals in terms of your long-term relationships, be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Every relationship needs a steady stream of affection, love, and persistence. Hard work makes a relationship, and that means paying attention to your partner and being a good listener. So, don’t neglect these essential elements, as in love, it’s back to basics. 

In terms of new relationships, love can blossom when you are working as a team with someone. So, whether you’re falling in love with a colleague or someone you do a sports activity with as a team, this is a great way to bond. This may be a time when, after a long period single, you’re finally ready to make the leap and form a relationship again. It’s a great time. Good luck.

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Pisces – Knight of Pentacles

The message with this card is slow and steady wins the race. So, the last thing you want to do is jump the gun. Take your time. You’ve got more time than you need. It’s very important to be diligent right now. Diligence is more important than speed.

The ideal way to achieve your goals, be it in relationships or your career, is to be able to envision the goal, devise a strategy, and work through that strategy with focus, even if it takes a lot of effort. Be meticulous and pay attention to details right now. Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win and it’s worth remembering that now. 

In some cases, either your partner’s work or your career aspirations may be putting a strain on the relationship, but it’s very important to stay the pace. Don’t take chances or gamble with your relationship by flirting elsewhere just because the relationship is struggling.

It’s important to show yourself to be a solid and dependable partner. Now, if you are looking for love, this is a sign that you’ll be achieving a partner who gives you the assurance, the dedication, and offers you the permanence that you’ve been looking for. A guy that comes along now won’t cheat or manipulate and he is very loyal, but remember, even promising new relationships require a certain level of seriousness from the get-go.

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Summing up

Should this week’s Tarot revelations kindle a spark of curiosity, inviting you to dive deeper into the profound realm of Tarot readings, hesitate no more. Embark on a personal journey into the mysteries that await, and claim your complimentary Tarot reading by clicking the link below:

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May the Tarot cards continue to spark your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life. Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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