Weekly Tarotscope for September 25th – October 1st

Welcome to a week of celestial revelations as we gracefully step into the embrace of Libra season and the magical dawn of fall.

During this enchanting time from September 25th to October 1st, the universe orchestrates a symphony of energies that invite us to dance with the rhythms of balance and change.

As the sun sets in the sign of Libra, we find ourselves on the threshold of a new season, where the days and nights find harmony. Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, encourages us to seek equilibrium in all aspects of our lives. It’s a time when the scales of destiny are gently adjusted, promising a renewed sense of equilibrium.

Like the leaves that gracefully transform from green to the vibrant hues of autumn, we too have the opportunity to undergo our own metamorphosis. The Tarot, with its ancient wisdom, becomes a trusted guide through this season of transition.

Let the cards be your compass as we navigate the energies of this Libra-infused week. They hold the keys to unlocking the mysteries of love, relationships, and personal growth. Together, we’ll uncover the secrets of the cosmos and the profound beauty of your unique journey.

Join me as we embark on this sacred exploration, embracing the enchantment of Libra season and the promise of a vibrant new autumn.

Check your sun, rising and moon sign for more accuracy. 

Aries – The Sun

This is a great time to be positive and proactive because, as a hardworking Aries, you can achieve a lot of success and get the recognition you desire. This is a fairly lucky week for you, and so it’s important for you to go all out when it comes to your work and allow your positive radiant energy to flow

You are particularly charming right now, and people are drawn to you because you are positive and you radiate warmth and good vibes. This can mean that you are a little bit of a flirt, but that doesn’t mean to say you’re disloyal; you are just enjoying the kind of influence you have over men right now and the positive reactions you are getting from your social circles.

This is an excellent time to be dating, especially within your workplace, because you are a lot more alluring and romantic. You are especially drawn to guys who work in your industry and with whom you can share trade secrets and encourage each other in your ambitions.

You are more likely to rack up achievements, and you will experience a renewed sense of pride in your work, so it’s very important to take a work your work to the next level.

In marriage, you will get a lot of certainty from your partner, but this is in part because you are projecting a lot or strength. The more you know what you want and understand what you stand for, the better relationships progress.

Taurus – Four of Swords

An excellent week to chill out with your partner and loved ones. It is a moment to recognize the importance of cultivating peace of mind through meditation, introspection, and finding solace in the midst of life’s hectic and varied demands.

In a good relationship, your partner will recognize that periods of contemplation and pause are needed, you can’t keep going round and round the track without a pit stop. You and your partner should shut out the outside world, the media and social media for at least two days this week to create some tranquility and to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of a quite meal without the noise and chaos of the world.

Promising new romance can grow out of a situation where you and a guy provide support and understanding to each other during a times of emotional turbulence, offering a safe space to heal and rebuild.

In some cases it’s a good idea to take a break from relationships or dating in order to pace yourself and reduce any pressure you are feeling.

Sharing escapist fantasies, watching films or even playing old fashioned card games can help you guys release pressure and gain that mental distance from the rest of the world you need.

Gemini – Ace of Swords

This can be an exciting week where you make a breakthrough or get good news. So there’s lightly to be something happening that will lift your spirits and bring you a lot more clarity. There may be an a-ha moment where suddenly your understanding about your relationship or career can suddenly increase, and you are able to make a decision which will result in you feeling a weight off your mind.

This is definitely a week of change in a positive direction and you have a sense of moving forward as the fog lifts. You feel as if you are on your way on a bright sunny day and this can be quite an inspiring time, it’s great for original thinking and it favors you in all new ventures.

If you are looking for love, this is certainly a great time to begin a relationship with a lot of potential. It’s because you feel more free in your mind that you lightly to begin a new relationship with a fresh slate.

Alternatively, there’s also an opportunity to turn a page with your established partner and begin to reach new understandings and suddenly find compromises that seemed impossible before, enabling you to have more an honest, open dialogue about your future.

Cancer – Six of Swords Reversed

The key message with this card is perseverance! This card indicates that you may be trying your best to move on from a relationship transition. So it could be that you have ended a relationship, or you and your partner have just made a big decision, you may be having a few regrets or cold feet about this decision, but you are keeping them to yourself.

This indecision is physically and mentally draining because somewhere within your soul you are dragging your feet and you don’t necessarily want to take the next step forward, but you know you really have to. So it’s a little bit of a spiritual and emotional challenge to keep yourself moving forward and leave the past behind you.

It’s always easier to leave the past behind when we engage in forgiveness, and we understand the lessons of the past. It’s vitally important to remember that this life is about moving forward and keeping learning, and we should never allow ourselves to be dragged back into old habits or relationships that clearly weren’t working. So this is a time for moving forward, but do it slowly, do it at your own pace and be kind to yourself.

Leo – King of Swords Reversed

This is a week when you’re clear thinking and your ability to seek the truth pays dividends in love. Remember, whatever is going on in terms of emotion, passion and desire, it’s always important to look for facts and use those to guide you. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to lose sight of the truth, that’s why it’s important for you to always hold on to the truth as your beacon.

In relationships, it may be important for you to stay detached and objective. There can be a lot of confusion, and in the moment, you and a partner could be drawn down the wrong path. It’s more likely that your partner will be acting on instinct and with a hot head, and that’s why you need to use your intellect to exercise good judgment and ensure that you both come out on top this week.

If you’re dating you will probably find that your partner is not very good at expressing his emotions right now, this doesn’t mean that he’s disinterested or a detached from you, it doesn’t even mean he lacks compassion, it simply may not be in his nature, or possibly not part of his personality to express deeper emotions right now.

Virgo – Four of Pentacles

The four of pentacles inspires Virgo to think clearly about what is most important in relationships. On an emotional level, this is a week to get back to basics, to forget about all your material concerns and desires and to think more clearly about the value of companionship, loyalty and security that your relationship brings you. Often we think about how to invest our money, but it’s also very important to invest in our relationship and to understand the full benefit that a relationship gives us on a holistic level.

You and your partner should be fairly conservative about money, be practical and reign in any tendencies to take risks or be too spontaneous.

In terms of love, if you are single, avoid temptation. Right now, it’s easy to give in to desire, so it’s important to understand the potential consequences of any relationship you enter into right now and to take other people’s feelings into account.

In love, it’s very important to relax and to live and let live. Remember, we don’t need to always be in control over everything, and it’s great to show a partner that you trust in them because you have that much faith in the relationship. Lack of trust can sometimes become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Libra – The Star

This card represents a beacon of light and inspiration in matters of love and marriage. This is a boon for those Libra women working on healing, renewal, and positive energy in relationships. It represents a week of optimism, faith and the potential for a deeper spiritual connections.

For single Libra, the Star brings the promise of romantic opportunities cropping up. It suggests that you are in a pretty good place in terms of emotional stability and self-acceptance, which acts as a magnet for potential flames who resonate with your essential spirit. Stay open to emerging opportunities and trust that the universe is aligning to bring love into your life.

In ongoing relationships, this card indicates a period of greater harmony and emotional fulfilment. You can deepen your connection if you focus on shared mutual dreams and aspirations. I encourage you to communicate openly with your partner, expressing your hopes, desires, and vulnerabilities. By doing so, you create a space of trust and understanding, strengthening the bond between you.

Enjoy this period of good karma and divine intervention in matters of the heart.

Scorpio – Seven of Cups

This can be an extremely satisfying time romantically and intimately, it’s a marvelous week for traveling with your loved one, going to see films or doing things which help you get out of yourselves and which facilitate fantasy and stimulate the imagination.

The key in love right now is being spontaneous and imbuing your relationship with escapist themes. So this is not a great time to be thinking about practical matters, this is a time when you and your partner should just indulge yourselves by organizing more free time, putting off onerous chores and staying away from people who drain you or drag you back to a mundane reality.

If you’re looking for love, you have to be a little bit careful because you can have rose colored glasses on. An intense desire for romance can lead you to jump into relationships that are not going anywhere, but which fill a gap in the short term. So do be careful in new romance because there may be some delusion and illusion involved.

In marriages, it’s important not to confine yourselves, be sure to allow each other to express yourselves spontaneously. Don’t be judgmental or critical, this should be an experimental time when you and your partner are open to new things that could potentially bring you more pleasure or satisfaction, either intimately or in your life in general.

Sagittarius – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups in Tarot is often associated with fun, playfulness and a youthful energy. There’s some emotional sensitivity, and the emergence of love is a little like the first buds of May.

New love is quite innocent and pure, and it’s ok to be a little naive in love. This card signifies the start of a new emotional connection, or the rekindling of childlike love within an existing relationship. It brings with it a sense of potential, curiosity, and the willingness to explore the depths of one’s emotions alongside a cherished partner. It’s an idealistic time in love when you want to believe the very best and put of any concerns for another time as you don’t want to burst the bubble.

Be open-hearted, compassionate, and express a genuine desire to understand your partner. This encourages you to be vulnerable, to wear your heart on your sleeve, and to approach love with a childlike enjoyment and purity of intention.

In marriage, it’s important to be nurturing, express yourself through small acts of kindness and heartfelt gestures. Cultivate the emotional connection and be gentle with your words. Improve intimacy through loving gazes, and understanding touches or consoling back rubs and massages.

Capricorn – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is a great card as it’s positive and promising, especially for love. It represents new destinations, fresh starts, and the potential for long-term stability and prosperity to develop between you and your partner. 

If you are single or recently dating, a significant and meaningful connection is emerging, bringing with it an abundance of positive emotions and greater satisfaction. 

This card is really promising for single Capricorn as it implies the start of a new romantic relationship or the renewal of an existing one. Be alert as you may encounter someone special with whom you feel an immediate and strong connection. This card not only represents abundance in a material sense but also enhanced emotional richness in your relationship. 

In terms of marriage, there is now an opportunity to build upon a strong foundation and improve the long-term potential of your relationship.  The key to the success of a new relationship is aligned values, interests, and life goals which help promote harmony and camaraderie.

In all relationships, express your care through practical actions and gestures. Your partner or potential partner may also be more inclined to demonstrate their affection through acts of kindness, support, and gifting.

Aquarius – Queen of Swords

This card in a love reading foretells of a period of intellectual insight and a focus on communication within your romantic life. If you’re in a relationship, the Queen of Swords indicates that you or your partner may be quite analytical and pragmatic in your ability to take a logical and rational approach to any issues or decisions you guys are facing. This card certainly encourages a cerebral, not an emotional response, and can facilitate honesty and directness, it’s important to remember that emotions play a crucial role in love, but sometimes you just have to clear away the fog of feelings and embrace analytical thinking to maintain a healthy balance between head and heart.

If you are in the dating game, the Queen of Swords suggests that you may be attracting men who value intellect, wit, and effective communication. A winning strategy in love is to prioritize mental compatibility and shared interests in your search for a meaningful relationship. However, be cautious not to let being critical or too fussy hinder the potential for emotional intimacy.

On a deeper level, this card can sometimes trigger past emotional wounds that may have led you to adopt a guarded or suspicious approach to love. It’s important to acknowledge any lingering fears and anxieties from past relationships and heal from these experiences in order to fully open up to new connections.

Embrace curiosity in your romantic life and show a willingness to learn about a new partner and develop camaraderie.

Pisces – King of Wands

The King of Wands indicates a distinct and dynamic period within the realm of your love life. In relationships, this card symbolizes a time for passion, charisma, leadership, and enthusiasm. This indicates that you may attract a partner who exudes confidence and energy, making them an attractive and captivating prospect.

The King of Wands foretells of a new partner who is not afraid to take charge and lead with their heart. This also points to being outgoing, full of life, and inspiring to enhance love magic.

Exhibiting your passion for life and love can be contagious, igniting a spark of excitement into your relationship.

In a romantic sense, the King of Wands can signal a time of adventurous exploration, as it encourages embracing new experiences and approaching love with a sense of adventure and daring. It signifies a phase where you guys are open to trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zones together.

However, there’s also a note of caution, as while your confidence and enthusiasm is appealing, this card can sometimes indicate a need for moderation. The competitiveness, assertiveness, or even dominance indicated could potentially create conflicts if not approached with understanding and compromise.

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Summing up

As we conclude this insightful journey through Libra season and the early days of fall, remember that the wisdom of the Tarot is an ever-flowing stream, ready to guide you whenever you seek its counsel. The universe’s mysteries are vast, and these cards offer a glimpse into the cosmic dance that shapes our lives.

Whether you find yourself under the gentle sway of Libra’s scales or embarking on a personal autumn of transformation, the Tarot remains a faithful companion. It mirrors your path, reveals hidden truths, and illuminates the way forward.

If you’ve enjoyed this week’s tarot insights and seek further clarity or simply wish to explore the profound world of tarot readings, don’t hesitate to embark on your own journey. Dive into the mysteries that lie ahead with a free tarot reading by clicking the link below.

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May the cards continue to inspire, guide, and empower you as you walk your unique path through life’s ever-changing seasons. Until we meet again, may your journey be filled with light and love.

Love and light,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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