Weekly Love Horoscope for May 13th – 19th

Hello everybody and welcome to a week where the feel good factor is high!

The Sun will conjunct Uranus and Jupiter bringing good luck, fun, romantic excitement and enjoyment. Mercury heads into Taurus which promotes money success, harmony and constructive conversation. Venus sextile Saturn means responsibilities lighten when you appreciate their value in your life. An opportunity to share something meaningful with someone can bind you more closely than before.  

Let’s get started because this week time is of the essence.

It’s quite appropriate that Jupiter is conjunct the Sun in Taurus, as in most of the world, spring has sprung and people have renewed energies, hope, and zest for life. It’s a time to start thinking ahead to our plans for the coming months with gusto.

This is a time when positive thinking is supercharged, so program your mind for success in both relationships and career by thinking good thoughts and embracing new ideas. Contemplate what could really get your life off the starting blocks in the next few months.

So my Darlings, I’m really confident that everyone will be able to get more enjoyment out of life or at least a little bit of a pleasant distraction this week. It’s an excellent time for light-hearted communication and re-establishing a rapport in your relationships as well.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – The windmills of your mind

For you intuitive Aries women, the theme this week is all about self-awareness, self-expression and understanding. It’s very important for you to be analytical in your relationships, it’s quite vital to be observant, to listen to your partner and to understand what is going on at both a practical and a subtle level.

In all relationships it’s important to have an open mind and to keep the door open for two-way discussions. However, while you should be flexible and compassionate in relationships, you still need strong boundaries and it’s very important that your voice is heard and that your needs are understood. So this is definitely a time for you to focus on balanced communication, and give and take in relationships to ensure that you are not neglecting yourself.

This is a good time to spoil yourself and indulge in all the things that make you feel satisfied. Hobbies connected to music and also art are extremely fulfilling for you. Remember to replenish yourself outside of your relationship with meaningful activities, hobbies and indulgences.

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Taurus – Finding your star

For Taurus, this is a really awesome week romantically and emotionally and so you need to dust out the cobwebs of your mind and disregard all negative, limiting and pessimistic thoughts, as you jump back into life. It’s important right now to use your get up and go to kick start things in your relationship, to inspire your partner and to get involved in different activities, particularly those to do with teaching, community projects or indeed travel.

This is a great time to re-inject spontaneity into your marriage, whatever has gone before doesn’t matter, it’s time for a fresh page and for being a little bit daring. If you feel you need to take a risk, whether it be to advance your career or to stimulate your love life, now is the time. Do if you’re a single Taurus, there’s absolutely no excuse right now for not asking a guy you fancy on a date, or setting up a double date with some friends. It’s a wonderful time to entertain and party, you really have to let go of your inhibitions right now and be the excitable, spontaneous Aries you know you are.

With the Sun activating Uranus in Taurus, you are an in a freewheeling, original and independent frame of mind, with a unique sense of style and self-expression that sets your love life alight. You are not afraid to be different and to challenge the norms of your life, meaning you see solutions you wouldn’t normally see and you attract men who are drawn to your unconventional energy and your boldness.

Spice up your sex life by trying new things in the bedroom and exploring each other’s fantasies. In love, be open and communicative about what you want and need from each other.

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Gemini – Tempting fate 

You dynamic Gemini woman are feeling quietly confident right now, you may not be in as outgoing a mood as the other star signs, but you are quite satisfied right now with what you’re doing, you feel more secure within yourself and this can permeate your relationships leading to better understanding.

This is an excellent time to use diplomacy and your charm to smooth any problems in relationships, and to encourage dialogue. Right now the phrase ‘rather jaw-jaw than war-war’ is super appropriate, so you want to be avoiding all confrontation and encouraging a light-hearted approach in your relationships. Even if there are problems, it’s quite okay to procrastinate right now and put them off to another day, because it’s actually quite good to take a step back, observe and allow things to happen.

Astrology is all about free will, but sometimes you have to let fate lend helping hand, and during this week Taurus need an action which is a mixture of being passive, and also being quite assertive. So you need to know when to take your foot off the gas and take a wait and see attitude.

In love, it’s highly likely that someone will make a move on you, so you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to enhance your love life.

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Cancer – I’m your Venus, your fire, your desire 

Sun is conjunct Jupiter in your solar eleventh house this week, which is a very good indicator that there are opportunities romantically and in terms of making new friends. So while this is a great time for socialising and having fun, it’s also a good time to be assertive and ambitious because you may make a breakthrough in your career.

In terms of your marriage and relationships, you want to focus on friendship and camaraderie, so be sure to support your partner in terms of their aims and ambitions, and if necessary help them with their networking goals.

It’s quite a liberating month in terms of finances and in terms of money, new perspectives mean you are likely to be attracted to new and innovative ways of making money and investing, and you may have a renewed appreciation of technology and gadgets. You may also experience sudden changes in your financial situation, which can be both exciting and unpredictable

Expressing gratitude for the things your partner does for you, no matter how small, can go a long way in deepening your relationship. Support each other’s goals and aspirations. Encourage your partner to pursue their passions and be there to support them every step of the way.

This is an excellent week for indulgence and having fun.
Plan a surprise date night. Pick a night when your partner isn’t expecting it and plan an exciting date night activity, such as trying a new restaurant, going to a concert or show, or taking a spontaneous road trip.

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Leo – The rat race versus the love oasis

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus represents a fantastic time for you ambitious Leo women due to a sudden promotion or new opportunity in your career, but it’s also a time of feeling very positive because you are getting recognition or sudden opportunities are opening up to expand your life and enter into different arenas professionally.

With Venus conjunct Uranus, it’s important to keep your home life and your romantic life separate from work, simply because work can be a bit hectic and your relationships need to be a sanctuary and an oasis of calm. Right now your marriage thrives if your partner is able to help you relax and let go. If you are in a relationship with someone you work with, and you are both working very hard, you are going to have to make extra effort to find time for pleasure, because you can both be very wrapped up in your career.

It’s ideal right now if your partner is not involved in the same career as you, because that way he will be able to help you to put all the work stuff down and have some down time.

This is a very important time in your professional life and your social life, and if you’re looking to meet new people, you will do so through friendship and professional networking.

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Virgo – Dazzling on the social scene 

This week there is a really big emphasis on the parts of your chart IE your solar 9th, that represents expansion and adventure. You’re more likely to gravitate to activities that involve teamwork and group activities, especially consciousness raising and explorative ventures.

If you are looking for love, this is a fantastic time to be expanding your networks, getting more involved politically or simply joining new groups and organizations to expand your social circle, get to know more people and be more social. There certainly won’t be any shortage of opportunities to go out, be seen and be noticed, so if you’re single this can be quite a dazzling and exciting time.

If you’re married, you may see less of your partner this week, and this suits relationships where you don’t live in each other’s pocket and are fairly open-minded. If you are in quite a controlling relationship, this week you should have a breath of fresh air as you manage to immerse yourself in activities that take you away from the pressure of a relationship.

With Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus, your natural appetite to explore and understand is stimulated making it an excellent time for travel, exploring culture, and philosophy and it’s ideal if your partner also enjoys these things or has a need for self-improvement. You will attract partners who share your love of adventure and your desire to explore the world.

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Libra – Sexual Healing 

With Uranus and Jupiter activated in your 7th house, this is an excellent time for doing things that are a little bit daring within your relationships, it’s important to reignite the passion and have some sexual adventures. So it’s a time to be more passionate and tactile and have some quality time alone so that you and your partner can feel that intensity of feeling again.

As your ruler is conjunct Uranus, it’s easy to become annoyed and frustrated with relationships which are stagnant. You have a great need this week for personal growth, and you’re looking to see that reflected in your partner. So the best relationships both new or old are ones where you feel your partner has a positive, energetic spirit and is looking to take their lives forward. You will tend to feel quite boxed in in relationships that are stagnant or too conservative.

It’s either time to move on and find a new relationship, or to find ways of injecting your partner with a sexual and spiritual confidence so that they can express creative change in the relationship.

With Sun conjunct Uranus in the solar eighth house, you have a deep interest in transformation and change. You may be drawn to alternative forms of healing or spirituality, and you may have a fascination with death and rebirth. You may also experience sudden and unexpected changes in your sexual interests and thus your intimate relationships become more fascinating.

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Scorpio – Celebrate good times c’mon

This is actually a super positive and inspiring week when it comes to relationships for sassy Scorpio. It’s the perfect week of the year for weddings, engagement parties and holding a big family event or celebration with your partner. If you’ve been married for a long time, it’s a great time to renew your vows or celebrate your life together, so whatever the occasion look, for any opportunity to celebrate life.

As Sun is conjunct Uranus in your solar 7th, you should aim to be making positive connections with other people, even if you develop a firm friendship or business relationship with someone, there’s every opportunity that this can become romance at some point.

Remember that it’s vital to have an open minded, forward looking attitude in love as the past is in the past, and it’s time to go forward with a fresh perspective.

Right now it’s very important to forge alliances with other people, it’s also good to be open-minded and to get feedback and advice from friends and professionals. This is not a good time to go it alone, so reach out for support because you will get it.

With Uranus conjunct Sun in your solar seventh house, you are attracted to men who are unorthodox independent, and original. You may prefer free spirited men with a non-traditional approach to relationships and marriage, and you may be drawn to open relationships. You may also experience sudden and unexpected changes in your current partnerships and your social life.

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Sagittarius – Talking your way to love

You free spirited Sagittarius women can be loners who enjoy your own company, but right now you are feeling very social and you are making strong connections with other people, in both a romantic and a business sense. If you are married, it’s important for you and your husband to expand your social networks to be more involved in each other’s work, as well as to take important long-term decisions.

This is a fantastic week for those Sagittarians who work closely with their partner in business or share a career, as you can really support and encourage each other and grow closer

This is certainly a time of renewing communication in a relationship, so you will need to be talking about both short medium and long-term goals just to make sure that you’re on the same page. If there’s anything that you’ve been needing to iron out in terms of details, now is the time to do it this. It is also a good time for you and your partner to enjoy activities in the great outdoors involving nature or animals as this can be a uniting force. Why not get a new pet or join the gym together.

With Sun conjunction Jupiter in Taurus the workplace is a fantastic area to meet new people it’s also a good week for Sagittarius to meet people through business contacts.

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Capricorn – Go for it!

For you ambitious and determined Capricorn woman this is a key week for personal growth and new milestones.

There’s a big emphasis on personal growth and self-improvement this week, so it’s a fantastic time to kickstart your spring with new goals for sports and creativity.

 This is an awesome time for activities involving your children and parenting is more rewarding. You may decide to get pregnant.

This is also an awesome week for dating and new romance, so you have the full go ahead to party. This is a wonderful time to re-engage in all your hobbies, sports and leisure activities and just have fun. It’s also set be a very productive time where you should get good feedback from other people, it’s a great time to get reviews, for debuts or performances, because you will engender a very positive response from other people.

The key phrase for this week is ‘make it big’, don’t hold back and express yourself fearlessly. Take a few risks with personal expression and embrace new ways to meet people.

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Aquarius – Reunion and celebration

This is a fantastic week for your personal life, it’s vital for you hardworking Aquarius women to get cracking on things that bring you fulfillment and fun. The key phrase this week should be ‘enjoyment and spontaneity’ so you want to be flying by the seat of your pants, doing things on the spur of the moment and enjoying good times with friends and family. This is a great time to improve your home, to have events at the home or host family. In some cases you may have family to stay who you haven’t seen from a long time, and it’s also a great time to attend any reunions with people from your past.

Dating is linked strongly to the area of communication and therefore new dates could be formed with people online, or you may meet someone new while traveling. In many cases, a new relationship will contain a very high level of communication, either because you enjoy texting each other or because you don’t live that close and the relationship has to be sustained through communication alone.

The key this week is inspiring well-being within yourself via strong family connections, and reawakening your interest in your culture, your heritage or even your past.

With Uranus conjunct Sun in your solar fourth house, you may experienced insecurity and some self doubt that can make you more aloof in relationships. A memory of instability or disruption in your childhood may be triggered and this can affect you at a subconscious level making you a little vulnerable.

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Pisces – Novelty and variety 

For you restless Pisces women this is a fantastic time to be out and about and traveling. Even if you’ve got nothing planned, it’s ideal to take off on a train, or in the car for a road trip to reinspire and invigorate yourself by seeing different things having cultural experiences and making new friends.

This is also an excellent time for romance in general, as with Venus conjunct Jupiter you are feeling particularly affectionate and more confident. You are exhibiting a very alluring vibe and it’s likely right now that you can experience very strong sexual attraction and an immediate emotional bond with a new partner. However, at the same time a new person you meet right now could be a bit of enigma, they could be quite secretive and the relationship can be rather intriguing, so it may develop more on an emotional level rather than a communication level at the beginning.

As Uranus is conjunct Sun in your solar third house, you tend to communicate quite spontaneously and you are impatient for a reaction, however often it’s not clear to others, like romantic partners what you really expect from them. Being a lover of new ideas and information, you are extremely curious, but be careful of asking too many personal questions of a new date or he may feel taken aback.

You are always looking for excitement and for ways to improve your social life, which is great because you can establish many new friendships right now, but be careful of fickle people who aren’t really worth their salt.

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There is quite an electric feeling of anticipation this week and anything could happen. Some of the energies will feel a little alien and you have to embrace adventure.

This is a week where you should be spontaneous and enjoy life to the full.

Avoid extra obligations, be yourself and make time to experience things that are totally different from the norm.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Challenges
  • Dating
  • Spontaneity
  • Seeking freedom
  • Deepening love communication
  • Affection and physical love

See you again next week.

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