Weekly Love Horoscope for February 19th – 25th

Hello Sweethearts

Venus is conjunct Mars in Aquarius, which is a vibrant and creative energy that is fantastic for romance, dating, enhancing affection in relationships and getting your love life off the starting blocks and into action.

As the Venus conjunct Mars happens in Aquarius, it’s particularly unpredictable, it’s a wonderful time to go somewhere quirky, join new groups and be socially adventurous. So it’s time to spoil yourself, live a little, have some fun, and remember to be spontaneous because this conjunction is square Uranus.

While this is a great time for relationships, this may not necessarily be the most fantastic time for your finances because you’re likely to be a little bit more spendthrift, but it’s also time to live for the moment and in the moment.

So allow affection to flow, live your best life and don’t be scared to open up and be playful in love.

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Aries – Steering your way to love

With Venus conjunct your ruler Mars in Aquarius, this is a time of action in love. The message is: do it now, don’t let situations linger. If there are important decisions to be made in terms of your relationship, it’s time to get your partner to the discussion table, show some leadership and get things moving in the right direction.

If single, it may be a good idea for you to put the moves on a guy, you can do that by being extra charming and persuasive, or maybe you want to ask a guy out, or alternatively start talking to a date about when the relationship is going to go onto the next level.

Now there is an a sense of urgency and impatience about Aries right now, you’re not generally a Star Sign that lets life past you by, being a cardinal sign you always have your foot on the accelerator and you don’t like to be passive.

This is definitely a week when it’s an excellent time to introduce discussions, do some brainstorming and get thinking about what the relationship is lacking and how to strengthen the relationship. You may not be able to act on things until the New Moon, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the ideas in place.

With Jupiter activated in Taurus, Aries can be overwhelmed by the complex and powerful emotions which can engulf you this week, you will not be ignoring those emotions, but embracing and confronting them in a way that can take you forward in all your relationships.

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Taurus – Fired up for Freedom

With Mars conjunct your ruler square Jupiter in your sign, you are in a high energy frame of mind, you are feeling particularly proactive and driven, and your creative juices are definitely flowing. In relationships you can be a little bit restless and you may want some space.

During this week, it’s often important for you to pursue your career ambitions, social media goals or to enjoy mingling with different sorts of people, it may be a week where you more inclined to spend time with your friends and it’s quite possible that absence will make the heart grow fonder, in terms of relationships.

It’s possible that your partner is annoying you a little bit at the moment, especially if they seem a little bit stagnant, lackluster or low energy, and in this case it’s totally acceptable for you to want to do a few things by yourself so that you can express yourself fully without necessarily being with your partner.

If you are single, this is a marvelous time to meet people through your work. It’s a great time to go to work socials, networking events or simply just strike up more conversations in the canteen or in the work environment.

The best relationships right now are adaptable, and in a positive relationship, your partner should accept your need to do things differently, and to be a bit more spontaneous and adventurous this week, and they should allow you free reign.

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Gemini – Fit for Love

This is generally an optimistic week for Gemini where you are feeling like life is opening up, but at the same time you can actually feel very confused.

It’s often a disorganized or rather chaotic week, and although your ideas tend to be quite grand, the level of what you achieve can be disappointing, but all is not lost as this is an excellent time for you to experiment, travel, read or engage with the community in new projects.

The key in marriage right now is motivation, often couples drift apart because they don’t share goals or simply aren’t motivated to do anything inspiring together. So with the improving weather, this is a wonderful time for you and your partner to get in the outdoors, do more exercise, do more with your pets and these activities can help you to bond.

You are very imaginative and creative right now, and music will play a very important part in your life. Dreams, déjà vu and sudden insights can leave you confused, and you will have to gather all your esoteric brainwaves to decipher the information.

The universe often gives us clues and hints to help us make relationship decisions; however, they are often very subtle and even vague, and one must either meditate or allow your intuition to speak to you to help you decipher. The clues and the answers to your questions are there; be alert to the signs and use your heart to interpret.

A strong desire to understand your partner and take their opinions into consideration will help both new and older relationships.

Single Gemini are spoilt for choice in love and may have love interests at work as well as within your social circle – you are playing the field right now and are not in the mood to commit to anything serious that will limit your freedom. This is the best way to go actually as this is not a good time to marry, move in with a partner or commit relationship-wise.

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Cancer – ‘E’ for effort

For Cancer, the Venus Mars conjunction in Aquarius brings an extremely intense week for relationships, plus we have the square to Jupiter ruling your 6th, which again means relationships require attention. It’s very important for you and your partner to work on relationship depth, to feel involved and to show each other a lot of compassion and understanding.

You can’t take relationships for granted right now, you’ve got to do the time and put in the effort in order to reach the rewards. It’s highly likely that your partner has certain expectations of you and they want a certain level of attention and focus, so don’t be late, don’t cancel or take a raincheck, don’t seem evasive.

If there’s something important that your partner wants to talk to you about, make the time for them this week as it’s all about showing your partner that they are important enough for you, that you will drop everything to help them, to listen to them or to make time for a discussion.

Marriages or new relationships can flounder if it’s apparent that you don’t want to make that time, so this is not a week to be distracted. I

If you are single this can be a time in which someone totally unexpected comes into your life and you begin an extremely passionate, particularly sexual relationship.

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Leo – Fitting Puzzle Pieces

This should be an especially interesting month for married Leo. In terms of marriage milestones and family life, it’s an excellent time to be celebrating your marriage, enjoying special events with your family or even thinking about buying a home.

This may be wonderful week for you guys if you have been going out for a while, to be thinking about moving in together or even buying a property together. In terms of marriage, this is a time when you guys may want to think about extending your home, because you want to extend your family, or making improvements to your home to make it more conducive to either working from home as a new avenue or entertaining.

This is a particularly good time for couples who work together in terms of running a business as a married couple, because this will really help you to bond and you can be very successful complimenting each other as a team. On the other hand, this is a wonderful time to fall in love with someone whom you are already in partnership with in terms of business, so relationships developing through work are likely to go to the next level.

Not necessarily everything however is plain sailing in love, there could be some friction and some sudden arguments, but these are actually very, very important to settle tension, to clear the air and to establish some positive new directions. If you guys have been in a rut, it’s more likely that you’ll have a fight this week, but that’s probably a necessary evil to get you back on the road to success again.

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Virgo – Fastidious and Precise

This week, one of the key themes in relationship is effective communication, particularly about practical matters. Right now the little details really count, so in terms of impressing a new date, remembering things like his the name of his pet dog or his birthday or even more important, facts about his parents, as this can show a great deal of a thoughtfulness.

It’s also important to be punctual and precise because you are likely to meet someone this week who will put a lot of emphasis on attention to detail, and therefore it’s important to show that you are paying attention, you’re a good listener and you follow through. It’s also vital not to make promises you can’t keep, or don’t intend to keep.

One of the problems in relationships, both new or existing relationships, is that you very spur of the moment, you tend to express yourself quite spontaneously and you can often say things off the cuff that are perhaps not entirely true, and you’ve just said them for effect to impress him.

Alternatively, don’t be tempted to say things you don’t necessarily mean. So, it’s important right now to say what you mean, mean what you say and keep a track of anything you’ve said so that you don’t create any false expectations or let him down.

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Libra – Fire and Appreciation

This arouses your affectionate character, Libra are full of fire and during this particular week you are extremely gregarious and generous. In love you want to show your partner what he means to you, but you also don’t want the relationship to stand still, you want to imbue the relationship with a sense of fire and potential, because it’s an absolutely marvelous time of year to tackle head on any blockages that are stopping you from having fun, igniting intimacy and sharing affection.

Remember to keep an eye on your finances, this may not be the best time to make long term financial decisions because you’re quite emotional and you may be swayed by glossy magazines and adverts rather than facts. Just remember that right now, the cover of the book really counts to you and you tend to be emotionally aroused, so whatever appeals to you at an emotional level will tend to influence your judgment, rather than facts and that can be true in money and relationships.

Sometimes with Venus and Mars square Jupiter, Libra can be overwhelmed by the complex and powerful emotions which can engulf you this week, you will not be ignoring those emotions, but embracing and confronting them in a way that can take you forward in all your relationships.

Libra need to look for the answers to why you react so explosively to certain things. What are your triggers? Why do you need to control certain things or situations? You tend to feel first, react and never ask, why? This week ask, why? Find out where your red lines are, and why you react as you do. Seek to understand yourself, and from there you can address issues or talk to your confidantes about how to deal with these emotions you have – in this way you can be less stressed and more comfortable with yourself.

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Scorpio – A happy earthquake

This is a great week for Scorpio to start initiating changes that will make you feel happy at a fundamental level. It’s a very important time to address the need for some shifts and some readjustments in terms of the most personal aspects of your life.

Thus it may be time to work on family relationships, this could be with your parents, children and other relatives, and it’s also a good time for you and your partner to spend time discussing issues that affect you both and will potentially affect you way into the future.

So while the can be a fantastic week to have family and friends over to entertain in your home, and you may enjoy doing dinner parties, having cookouts and hanging out, it’s also an important time for you and your partner to get together to think about long-term issues and understand if you are both on the same page.

Often it’s important to make decisions about money especially decisions that will affect your security going forward. Remember when it comes to family and home, peace of mind is paramount, so do what you have to do to get that peace of mind, and then you will be more relaxed and relationships will run smoothly.

In ongoing relationships, you will be the one to initiate changes that can enhance your love life and also help you both to overcome difficulties in the relationship. This is an ideal time where your own positivity can change the course of the marriage/partnership and get it back on track to a happier and more fulfilling place for you both.

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Sagittarius – Crazy in Love

This is a fantastic week for traveling, especially coastal breaks, or going somewhere where water sports are quite a feature. While travelling can generally be extremely stimulating and exciting right now, remember that variety is key, so if you are planning to go somewhere spontaneously, make sure it’s a trip that’s going to hold a kaleidoscope of different opportunities to learn.

So this is possibly not the best week to be going away to a log cabin for a really chilled out break, because if you’re going away, it’s a much better time to be going on a city break, seeing museums, experiencing culture and having lots of romantic meals in totally new and exotic locations.

Even if you’re not able to go away this week, it is very rewarding in terms of interacting with colleagues and neighbors. You may find that you’re striking up loads of conversations with strangers or having more rewarding conversations with people who you already know, and thus new opportunities for romance can arise. So what a fantastic week if you single to be out working, networking or socializing because as long as you’re among people, Cupid could strike.

Remember, if you are married, the key to this week is a sense of humor, you should be a little bit daring, a little bit controversial and you should push the boundaries in relationships and introduce new topics of conversation. Sometimes a little bit of naughtiness or a crazy new Idea can be exactly what a relationship needs to create a little bit of excitement.

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Capricorn – I get so emotional baby

This is a really good week for long distance relationships and new love affairs where you are possibly keeping your relationship secret for any number of reasons. The best relationships have a certain siege mentality where it’s ‘you and he against the world’, where you and your partner feel that you’re sharing either special knowledge, special secrets or just have something between you that’s unique.

So key to any relationship is the extent to which you feel your connection is special and unique, or where you are sensing a spiritual almost psychic bond where you can totally get into each other’s thoughts. This is the best sort of relationship for Capricorn right now.

If you are dating, this is a time when a karmic and unusual, but spectacular relationships could begin.

This week you have courage, decisiveness and willpower – you can make very good decisions as you can see all sides and can weigh options with clear judgment. You can get a lot done as you have mental energy and stamina.

Mars Venus in Aquarius indicates you should avoid taking yourself too seriously as this can hamper relations with your partner – you are torn between the need to have fun and move on, and yet nagging doubts, fears and resentments keep surfacing and you cannot shake them off.

Deeper issues in the relationship are troubling you even though on the surface everything is rolling along nicely; this can translate as an unwillingness to experience intimacy and a certain coolness and detachment when you are alone with your partner. The key is some reflection alone about what you need to totally connect with confidence to your partner again.

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Aquarius – I feel like, I’m alive

With Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius square Jupiter, this is a week of fireworks.

This can be an incredibly satisfying and exciting time in life and in your relationships, the only problem is you can sometimes be a little bit focused on yourself, your feelings and how you are reacting to circumstances so much so that you can sometimes miss cues from your partner, if you’re in a relationship, or you may miss the fact that someone wants to make a move on you.

So it’s important not to be so wrapped up in yourself that you either miss a romantic opportunity, or you come across as being a little bit insensitive to your partner.

So what you need to balance right now, is your need for a more of vibrant life filled with imagination and fire and your desire to just do things that are playful and fun while still taking account of your partner’s mood and needs.

It’s also a time when so much can be happening in your life personally, that you may neglect a relationship, so even if this is a time when you’re getting what you want in terms of work or your own hobbies and that’s really consuming you, don’t forget to be nurturing in your relationship.

Be more compassionate and patient in relationships and use your positivity to lighten the mood, not to lecture. They say that to change your life you have to change your thinking, and this is very true this week – a new insight, a changed attitude or new information can transform your life direction.

Like-wise a PMA (positive mental attitude) can be the key to success in new relationships, what you envision, you materialize – do beware though as thinking about negative things can also result in them materializing.

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Pisces – Right under your nose

Venus conjunct Mercury square Jupiter in Taurus represents a highly unpredictable week in terms of love, it’s very important to be aware of what’s going on under the surface, so you need to use your ESP and your psychic ability to perceive and to read between the lines.

Often what’s important right now can often be overlooked, in some cases a very important relationship could be developing but you may be dismissing it, thinking it’s just a colleague or it’s just a friend.

However a really important relationship can be right under your nose and you may be overlooking it simply because you are distracted or possibly fixated on an ex who you’re hoping will come back, rather than moving on and moving forward.

In terms of marriage, it’s important right now to show compassion and empathy, just having a broad-minded and helpful attitude is everything in love right now.

Sometimes love is about sex, sometimes it’s about affection, sometimes it’s about fun, but a lot of times it’s about creating an atmosphere where your partner feels that no matter what they say, you are going to take it on board, find it interesting and not judge them.

So key to new relationships and marriage right now, is showing an attitude of acceptance and being able to see things in an overall and philosophical perspective rather than trying to put everything in a narrow little box.

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This is a wonderful month for love, but it’s important to work hard on your relationships, not to take anything for granted and continue to be creative about the way you live your lives. This is not a time for simply having a quiet romantic time, it should be purposeful, where you are working on relationship goals, improving understanding or learning more about your partner’s boundaries and triggers.

So it’s a time when relationships should be dynamic, so don’t try and stay in a box, it’s important to expand, to be able to express yourselves as individuals, but still to grow in terms of your relationship.

  • Excitement in love
  • Enjoying life
  • Relationship goals
  • New directions
  • Brainstorming
  • Affection

See you again next week.

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