Weekly Love Horoscope for December 25th – 31st

Hello Sweethearts and a very Merry Christmas to all of you, I am thrilled to welcome you to the Christmas horoscopes which are going to be action-packed.

There’s a bonanza of planetary activity this week and therefore I think it’s going to be a very busy and not an especially relaxing Christmas week, which is great news for all of you who are looking forward to some excitement, spontaneity, fun and get-togethers. It’s also good news for all of you looking for love because Cupid could strike!

The planets are certainly very active so it’s a good time to be positive and pioneering in everything you do, so this is not necessarily a Christmas to just lay back and get totally chilled, it’s a time to enjoy life, motivate your family, reignite romance and be passionate.

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Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Purpose leads to Pleasure

With Sun sextile Saturn, there’s a part of you that’s itching for the New Year to get started, so while Christmas is a nostalgic and romantic time, you are filled with ambition and ideas for the New Year and you will be eager to start brainstorming, coming up with new plans and thinking about the way you are going to make 2024 your best year ever.

With Mercury and Mars Square Neptune in Pisces, this can be a great time for those of you who are going to retreats by the sea, in the mountains or on cruises because those sort of Christmas vacations are favored. It’s also a good time to work on creative thinking, positive visualization, and using meditation in order to cement your goals and create some understanding about what would be the most important goals for you in the year coming up.

Venus is opposite Uranus and also trine Neptune, indicating a fantastic time for a little bit of romance and magic in your marriage, but also a wonderful time to meet someone new with whom you’ll have a spiritual connection. However, what’s key this Christmas is your cosmic connection to the universe, so it’s important to use your intuition and your higher understanding in order to perceive the purpose in all relationships because through the purpose comes the pleasure.

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Taurus – Free Spirited Earth Angel

With Sun sextile Saturn, this is a really promising and constructive time for family events and also for crafting and home decorating projects. So for Taurus, this is not only a good time to renew those special bonds with your nearest and dearest, but it’s also a great time to start a project that could transform your home, your garden and improve the value for the whole family.

With Mercury square Neptune and Mars Square Neptune as well, it’s important to be careful with money and making promises. This is not a good time to establish any commitment or make firm plans, it’s important to be your own person, to be a free spirit and to maintain a light touch socially. This is a time when it’s important to respect the strongest relationships in your life and to nurture those, but it’s also important to spend time being a free bird and doing things you like to do and so the more frivolous social occasions should be left alone.

In terms of love, being spontaneous and surprising your partner is key. It’s also essential to have an easygoing and flexible approach, so if you want your love life to burn bright, be loving, tolerant and embrace life as it comes without preconceptions or false expectations.

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Gemini – Dynamic Love

Mercury is square Neptune and Mars which is in Sagittarius also square Neptune meaning this is certainly an unpredictable Christmas period, but it’s a time when your partner may surprise you by asking you to marry him or move in with him, but it’s definitely a time when something totally unexpected can change your perception of what 2024 could look like, and it’s often the case that it’s via love and relationships that your whole perspective about the new year is going to shift.

This is a particularly pivotal week for all relationships, it’s a time when new beliefs ideas and understanding shed light on emotional issues, there could even be clarity and an AHA moment or a cathartic vision when it comes to love making this a very significant week for relationships.

This is an awesome time to be traveling to meet a love interest for the first time and it’s also a fabulous time to be joining an app or starting a correspondence with someone who could prove to be a soulmate.

Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus indicates that plenty is happening behind the scenes in terms of love relationships developing and you have to have patience in order to deepen understanding, because it’s often not obvious what the next phase will look like and so you have to have faith and remain positive but patient and always intuitive as it’s a baffling time, yet potentially highly fulfilling.

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Cancer – Lighting up the fire for 2024

With Sun now in Capricorn trining Saturn, this is a wonderful time for a pragmatic and constructive approach to relationships, this is an ideal week to form a commitment, to get engaged and it’s even a good time to get married, so for Cancer, relationships that have potential are becoming stronger and more resilient. This is also a terrific time for those of you who are married to just jump to it and make a big decision. So this is certainly a week of conversations, discussions and setting new ambitions setting an exciting tone for 2024.

In terms of those of you who are dating, this is a time when you can fall totally in love quite unexpectedly, so Cupid might take aim and you may be love-struck.

However, this is also a time when it’s very hard to see the wood for the trees, the emotions are heightened and you will experience a kaleidoscope of novel feelings, and therefore you should enjoy the moment but remember that it is only in the New Year that you will understand if the relationships formed now have true potential or whether they were simply part of the seasonal magic.

This is a wonderful time for doing relaxing activities within the home, don’t plan anything too hectic, your home should be a place where you recuperate, refresh and restore, so only invite over people who genuinely care about you.

This may be an excellent time to take up a brand new hobby in order to meet a new partner, if you’re a single.

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Leo – Goodwill and Peace

This is a really good Christmas period where Leo will feel confident and reassured, with Sun sextile Saturn, events within your family and romantic life should help you to feel relaxed and settled.

There’s a feeling this Christmas of being on top of things, having a good understanding of where you are at and feeling confident and positive going forward. Even if times have been difficult, the ship should be steady and this should be a time where you feel free to look forward with renewed zest for life and confidence in your relationships improving and becoming more rewarding.

With Mercury square Neptune, this is a time when you should be a little bit careful of finances, it’s important to be conservative and to spend money on things that really count. Remember that right now, it is the feeling, the sensation that’s more important than material things, so very often it’s the memories you can create now through special excursions, music and movies etc. that can make this time memorable. Thus having a marvelous Christmas doesn’t need to cost the earth it’s just a matter of choosing things that are appropriate and hit the right notes

For those of you who are single, this is the time to get into a really good mindset, to get yourself in the right frame of mind for accepting a new love relationship by casting out the old and making sure that you go into the new year free from shadows of past love experiences.

This is an excellent time to renew a commitment, so even if you’ve been with a partner for a long time, showing appreciation, affection and letting them know that they make your life worthwhile is very important. The key to life right now is to understand what you really want and need at a deep level because then it’ll be so much clearer to either reshape your relationships, or find the right relationship.

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Virgo –  Laugh your way into 2024

Now this is a really exciting and stimulating time for Virgos who are married, you and your partner will be doing lots of activities together, having fun, and communicating as this is a time of laughter and spontaneity, so the whole key to marriage right now is go a bit wild, explore together and have a week to remember.

This is also the time when you and your partner should be outgoing, and that means living life to the full, not holding back and encouraging each other to really express yourselves. So what you don’t want to be doing right now is locking yourself into commitment or getting involved in gatherings where you have to put on a front, it’s important to embrace novel activities and to seek out people who most reflect your sense of fun and adventure.

For those of you who are single, this is an awesome week to meet someone new while traveling or possibly a person who has a very adventurous frame of mind. So the kind of people you’re drawn to right now are people who have a bit of a wow factor, who give you a sense that they are living for the moment and that they have a wild side, because you are looking for a sense of freedom through love.

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Libra – Heart of glass

Now this week, there’s excellent potential for romance in committed relationships, it’s also a good time to be jetting away to a secret destination with your partner for a little bit of downtime together. However, what’s really quite important in relationships is being tender and compassionate, it’s important to show your partner your softer side and it’s definitely not a week for tough love, it’s a week for understanding and showing your care in emotional ways. So allow yourself to wear your heart on your sleeve in love.

It’s important to watch your diet this week, it’s not a good week to overindulge and it’s also important to be careful of allergic reactions. For Librans, this is actually a good week to begin your post-Christmas shred and start getting some smoothie makers on the sales to set a good intention for your diet and health.

In terms of romance and new romance, it’s important to be discrete and subtle, this is a time when it’s probably best to keep a burgeoning new romance secret and away from prying eyes. Just like a photograph develops in the dark, this week romance is better off when it’s developing behind the scenes.

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Scorpio – Top of the Pops

This is a great week when you feel really confident and positive about your life direction, you may achieve some recognition or have a sense of success after a fruitful year under your belt. This is high time to pat yourself on the back and really reward yourself, and it’s also a time when you may be more inclined to want to take center stage in terms of the Christmas festivities. Scorpios love entertaining right now, you are warm-hearted and generous and you are actually the heart of activities.

In terms of relationships and your family life, you are especially loving and enjoy spreading good cheer. In your marriage, you like to inspire your partner, but sometimes you can be a little bit impatient with a partner who is blue or feeling a tad below par. So romance tends to burn bright when your partner has enthusiasm, but you can be a little bit impatient with a partner who is struggling.

For those of you who are single, this is a great week to be sociable, it’s likely that you will have many opportunities to go out, meet new friends and it’s a marvelous time to be touching base with a new partner. A new relationship that starts now is very communicative and you may learn an awful lot about a person very quickly, and the relationship will get out of the blocks with great speed.

However, it may take a little bit more time for you to become closer emotionally but it’s certainly promising for new romance. If you are already dating someone, remember it’s important to be involved in their activities and with their friends to keep the relationship strong.

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Sagittarius – On Song

Now this is a week when you have to be cautious of communication in relationships as with Mercury retrograde square Neptune, it’s very easy for you and a partner to have different expectations and therefore to work at cross purposes. So while it’s not really your style as a Sagittarius, this is an excellent time to make notes, to keep abreast of what your partner’s doing and to stay on the same hymn sheet. At times you can both be a little bit scatty about the details, so this Christmas period, to make sure that everything in your relationship is on song, it’s important to be cognizant of each other’s needs, to be good listeners and to make an effort to keep all your promises.

Now this week is a time where you have to take the lead and be proactive in love, however you may be rather puzzled by your partner, especially if you’re newly dating or have just begun to see someone, as they may be very mysterious and coy. Sometimes it’s the quiet ones that really intrigue and turn you on, even though you are the one who’s putting in most of the running and making most of the decisions early on in the relationship.

This is a great time for some quiet moments by yourself doing something that you really enjoy which gives you a sense of peace and escapism, so while it’s a good time for romance, it’s also a good time for personal experiences that lift your spirits and allow you to escape.

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Capricorn – Truth and Strength

This is a very outgoing time for you, it’s time to celebrate life, celebrate yourself and feel rewarded. The Sun has entered Capricorn and it’s trining Saturn which brings vitality, prosperity and an excellent time for setting your intention and developing a strong set of priorities for the New Year.

This is a really awesome time to be traveling especially if you are traveling alone, because if single, you may meet someone really special. This is also rather good time for those long distance romances, so while these are not necessarily for everyone, they can be something that really clicks for Capricorn.

If you’re a single, an ideal time to hang out with friends and expand your social life because this is where you can meet a potential partner. This is an awesome time to be arranging parties, starting new hobbies and simply having fun with new people, colleagues and old friends too.

In relationships, it’s important to have certain boundaries and so your priorities may be different to your partner’s, but there is strength in relationships when you complement each other, and that means it’s quite okay to have different ideas and different priorities and these should be embraced as they reinforce the relationship. So be a partner who encourages your partner to express their true and honest thoughts and opinions because they will love you forward.

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Aquarius – Walking back to happiness

This is a solid and secure time for committed relationships, it is a time when your relationship is rewarding and when you and a partner feel that you can trust each other. It’s vital to show devotion to your partner and for each of you to celebrate the relationship and to focus on your strengths. This is definitely not a time to look back, it’s a time to embrace every opportunity represent the future and to let bygones be bygones.

Christmas week is a good time for spontaneous get-togethers in the home, nothing too formal or planned however. It’s a case of getting the neighbors, friends or relatives to pop round and to have a fun evening of games and light-hearted entertainment where no one stands on ceremony. This is not the best time for travelling either short distance or long haul, so learning to appreciate your home or taking walks and enjoying your immediate surroundings can be very stimulating and rewarding, not to mention free of stress.

With Mercury retrograde square Neptune, it’s really important for Aquarius to be careful in new romance because this is a time when it’s easy to get misled and you need to avoid the rose colored glasses. While it’s totally possible to have a spiritual romance with someone on a similar journey, there could be many unpredictable elements that make a relationship extremely hard to predict, so keep your emotions in chip.

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Pisces – Fly away with me

This Christmas is a time of escapism and it’s great for you to get as far away from work as possible. You need to totally detach and have a mini adventure.

For Pisceans, this is quite a good time to be traveling either locally or internationally and it’s also an awesome time to seal a romance by getting away and having a memorable holiday.

It’s a good time to travel to meet with friends, enjoy cultural trips or attend concerts. In terms of marriage, this is a time when you and your partner need to be able to drop the pretenses and be totally real. This is a phase for sincerity and getting to the heart of the matter, so this can be an awesome time to have really important conversations that you don’t have at other times of the year.

It’s also vital in terms of your mental wellness, romance and also for the health of your marriage to avoid certain people, especially authority figures, like parents, who can be a negative influence at this point. Additionally it’s also good to stay away from the influence of social media as what’s vital in relationships right now is for you and your partner to form your own love bubble of contentment where you shun comparisons and you do things in your own inimitable style.

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Interactions will be full of surprises. There may be sudden social events that arise and spontaneous enjoyment is the order of the week.

We are all crave excitement and a break from our normal routine, and it’s an awesome time to meet interesting new people.

Even though there’s an eagerness to have fun, there’s also a willingness to take on responsibility alongside a confident attitude with self-discipline and patience in your approach to important projects and plans.

Trust and honesty are important right now and lies have a way of unraveling quickly.

Use this period to relax and escape but be imaginative and creative about the way you live life and remember to be kind and gentle.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Spontaneity
  • Creativity
  • Travel
  • Empathy
  • Intuition
  • Understanding
  • Prosperity

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