Venus In Leo: How This Intense Energy Affects Your Love Life

On June 21st this year, summer will officially be rolling out, and just a few days later on June 28th the pleasant and charming planet Venus will be entering the bright and vivacious sign of Leo, and what a gift this is after over a year of being in relative solitude! Venus will stay in Leo until July 21st.

As mask restrictions loosen here in the USA (given you’ve had your vaccine) I know that the energy of Venus in Leo is going to be bringing us all together, celebrating a new upturn sociability and perhaps even some in-person romance! 

Venus is the planet that best exemplifies romance in all forms. It is flirty, fun, social, and alluring. Venus also rules our aesthetic tastes and our indulgences. Venus is basically all things, light, pretty, and generally warm and fuzzy! It wants to be everyone’s planetary bff! 

Leo is a sign that thrives in the limelight. They are always ready to hop into social gatherings and to amplify the energy of any gathering. When Venus is in Leo you are going to see those around you strutting their stuff and peacocking just a bit more than usual! It might even give the space to confidently make a move towards someone you’ve been eyeing!

If you’re in a safe position to do so, this can be a great time to show your crush that you’re the absolute best of the best and they’d be a total fool to pass up on your glory. 

Now, this can also be an energy of over confidence. As great as it can feel when Venus transits Leo, it’s important to practice restraint when called for. And watch the drama! Remember, any issue that comes up in your romantic life is going to pass… don’t blow any little set back out of proportion! 

 One thing is for sure, this energy will be bringing people’s romantic, fun, and flirty sides out. This is not the time to hide away.

The even better part is that depending on your Zodiac sign you’re going to find different blessings and gifts to capitalize on at this time.

To find out what the amazing Venus has in store for you (and your crush!) keep on reading… it’s always a good thing to know what you’re working with, after all! 


Aries, you have the potential to take advantage of this magnificent energy that Venus is bringing in. Venus has rolled around this summer to bring you extreme flirtation and startling fun. This is a time to kick back and take it easy because for you Aries, you have a permission slip to kick back and have a blast!

It’s time to consider, what is it that brings you immense joy and relaxation? Go indulge and get social with things that have to do with those themes Even something you’d never expect could lead you to your new lover! 

But while we’re talking about lovers… keep in mind that this is an energy that going to provide romantic flings and sexy hookups more than long term committed romance! Not to say the fling couldn’t turn into something more, it’s just that to begin with the two of you will likely be keeping it super chill with no strings attached. 

You could also be hanging out with kids more often than usual as well. All things child-related could be bringing you extra joy at this time. If you do partake in some romantic liaisons, make sure you’re protected because this energy could be making you more fertile than you’d expect! 

If you have a group of people who will agree to abide by CDC guidelines, then go ahead and party! It’s a great energy to bring everyone together. And maybe have your buddies bring some masked-up friends of theirs because finding romance in a social scene is just the type of event that I’d expect to occur for you! 


Taurus, for this Venus in Leo transit across the sky, you can expect feelings of coming home and feeling joyful within your home and with your family. You are about to experience a resurgence of energy and general good vibes right in your own backyard! 

This isn’t a hyper social place for Venus to be since Venus wants to go out and meet new people, but at the same time, it can strengthen and sweeten what was already established. Consider, what already has roots in your life that you’d like to pour a little sugar on? 

On the romantic front, this is a Venus transit that for you is going to strengthen bonds of relationships that are already important to you. If you have a partner that you’ve been with for a long time then this is a great time to rekindle the flame of romance between the two of you!

If you’re not taken but would like to be, this is an amazing energy for making your home into the ultimate romantic getaway. Revamp your look and make it fun and fresh and then invite your love interest over for a little picnic on the floor or a movie night! 

This is not a bad energy for Venus, and can certainly keep your home feeling like the best place to be at right now! Taking full advantage of this may have you wanting all of your loved one around you where you can show them just how much they mean to you.


Gemini, Venus in Leo is bringing you everything you’ve desired and more because you’ve got an opportunity to make an impact with your words. I know, for you this sounds like a best-case scenario and it is! Venus feels good for you right now and she’s amping up and magnifying your natural charm. 

Gemini, you’ve got this amazing way with words already, and with the energy of Venus in Leo others will find that your words are dripping with honey. You are blessed right now and you should be speaking your truth and talking that talk because the payoff is incredibly high! 

This is actually a great time to connect with your local community as well. Did someone say block party? Think about connecting with the locals because your newfound charm may just catch someone’s eye! Hangout at local spots (safely of course!) and you’ll find that you’re on your way to being everyone’s crush.

If you’re in a long-term relationship already then think about doing some nerdy stuff together having to do with words. Think about Scrabble matches, reading a new book together, or sending a lot of flirty texts while you or your partner is at work. This is going to make them feel great because, as I mentioned, your words have a sweeter but more powerful impact right now!


This is a time where you could find yourself feeling comfortable, since Venus is speaking to a side of you that you can totally jive with. Security is the focus right now, which I’d bet sounds just fine to you, dear Cancer! Knowing what to expect is totally one of your love languages.

This is a period where material possessions are going to mean a lot more than usual to you. You’ll find objects feeling more sentimental to you and you may just find that you’re indulging on some new things that you’ve been wanting for a while! 

Romantically, you’ll attract the most love if you work on your sense of self love first. This is a perfect time to show yourself some appreciation. Take yourself out on a date, work on your self-esteem, and basically do you! This should be your top priority. 

The benefits of this remarkable sense of self not only include just feeling better in your own skin, but your new confidence could be leading others to become more attracted to you and the new pep in your step! 

If you’re already in a long-term partnership, then consider rededicating yourself to the relationship by going all in on a big purchase. Buying a house or a car together is a form of dedication too, since it implies the two of you will be together for at least as long as the object lasts, and there is something sweet about that! 


More than any other sign you will become totally illuminated by Venus in Leo. This is your sign and at least while Leo is in Venus, this is your world (though I certainly didn’t need to tell you that!).

Leo, your mere presence will have others flocking to you. You are luminescent with the power of the Sun and Venus guiding your every step. Everyone around you will not be able to help but see the beauty that radiates from you. 

It’s a great time to find love! You have a wonderful presence and bright energy that’s keeping the eyes of everyone around you right on you. This is your time to keep your energy and optimism high, because this is exactly what will draw that new lover your way. 

If you’re in a long-term relationship already, then your partner will find you impossible to resist at this time. They see what a great catch you are and are likely asking how they got so lucky to be with you. It’s a wonderful time for any Leo! 

You might find that you’re more willing to work on your physique at this time or perhaps you change your look up in a big way that makes others do a double take! It’s a wonderful time to experiment with your image.


Virgo, this is a period where it’s time to draw back and indulge in some quiet contemplation. You could be feeling like the Universe is generally good at this time and you have some faith – even if times have been hard recently. You could find yourself feeling as if retreating is the best option at this time. You find a lot of your joy coming from being alone right now. 

This means that you may not even be looking for love during this transit, or at least the idea appeals less to you. Being along is okay and you don’t need anyone else to come around for you, at least not now (after July 21st though, all bets are off!). For now, this is a time for deep healing and for getting to know yourself and the part of you that no one else knows about.

If you have a partner already then this is an excellent time to hang back with them and watch the world go by. If the two of you are so inclined then perhaps heading to church and participating in some joint prayer would be highly beneficial to you both. Get spiritual together and think about taking up something that makes both of you feel limitless. 

Believe it or not, prison guards, caregivers in secluded settings, or hospital providers could take an interest in you. People who serve the least privileged among us will be finding you incredibly attractive!


Libra, if you are down to get romantic (and I know you are!) then you need to stick to your friends like glue because they will have some insights for you. Ask them for advice on your love life or ask for them to introduce you to someone new… you may even fall in love with a friend! 

If you’re in a long-term partnership already, then this is the perfect opportunity to rekindle your love by reminding your partner that they are your best friend. By the end of this transit, you two will be peas in a pod even if you weren’t feeling it just before. 

This is a beautiful period for you to keep your hopes and dreams in view. Consider, what is your hope for humanity and what kind of world do you want to leave behind? These thoughts might have you considering volunteering for causes that mean a lot to you.

In fact, you should certainly think about volunteering right now! You could meet friends while volunteering or you may just meet the one! Find a spot to put your energy into that will make you feel good. This will naturally align you with just the kind of man who you’d be proud to take home to your mother.


This is one sign that should not fall into the Venus trap of blowing off work to go fraternize! In fact, most of Scorpio’s socializing should be about professional ventures at this time.

Consider, what is it that you are recognized for? What are you an authority on? These are the things that you should be pursuing during this time frame! It’s about the type of thing that you’re known for. This is the area where you could find some romantic action!

Now, Scorpio may find themselves falling for older, distinguished people during this time. Perhaps even your boss! Anyone who hold authority or who is at the top of their game (or fame!) in your eyes is going to be catching your eye!

In a long-lasting relationship, this could be a time when the two of you are really assisting each other in getting your life in order or helping one another in pursuing your goals. The two of you may bounce ideas around that change your lives one day!


You are totally in your element while Venus sits in Leo! You are the type to philosophize, travel, and learn like your life depends on it, and Venus in Leo is begging you to expand upon these natural inclinations… but you always have been the lucky type, haven’t you?

You can really find someone who speaks to your natural desires during this time if that’s what you want. You will be blessed with the ability to find love everywhere.

Since you can find romance in the least expected places, try traveling and expanding your horizons. There is a high chance that you’ll find just the right person for you in or from a far-away land.

You could find yourself falling for someone in a college setting as well. Even if you aren’t a student, maybe a student catches your eye, or perhaps the professor himself! 

If you’re already in a long-term relationship, then I implore you to try to head out on a trip. Even just a state or two away will enliven your romance and get the fire burning!


This is the time to stretch your boundaries and get a little freaky, Capricorn! You are in a period where what you never thought you’d do is going to feel within reach. You might just feel like you’re unraveling, but not necessarily in a bad way!

When Venus is in Leo, Capricorn, it’s time to find your inner weirdo and indulge the side of you that you’d rather no one else see. If you have naughty, filthy interests then it is a great time to explore it. 

You may find yourself being uncharacteristically into sex… like a lot more than normal! You might not recognize yourself at this time, and that’s okay! This is your permission slip to indulge and explore.

You could find yourself receiving an inheritance or coming across someone else’ money in some way. Accept this and say thank you to the Universe, because this could be a huge blessing in disguise. 


Aquarius, you have the potential for something spectacular to happen in your relationships! You are highly motivated to start a relationship at this time, and this could feel strange to you since usually you’re more about the friendships.

You could expect for someone very important to pop up during this time. You are in a unique position to find someone who lights up your world and who has staying potential during this time. You are a blessed person to be experiencing this!

If you are in a married, this is a time to celebrate. Consider renewing your vows or going on extra dates together. You are totally in love with your partner at this time and you’ll find that this time is one that makes you incredibly happy to have your love.

This can be a time when you enter in with contracts with others as well. Make sure that if you sign a lease or an agreement that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed. This could be a lucrative time for business partnerships as well!


Pisces, I know that calling off of work is one potential way that you protect yourself (and sometimes retreat) but while Venus is in Leo, I recommend that you are showing up because great things are going on there!

You might just kindle a love relationship with a coworker at this time. If you’ve been crushing on a coworker this is an amazing time to test if they like you back (tip: they probably are!). 

Pisces, this is your time to find joy in the mundane. This is not your comfort zone, but this is the best time ever to fall in love with the little things that are grounded in reality. 

Pisces is going to find that if they’re in a relationship already that the relationship may need a little push to stay steady at this time. Make sure that the lines of communication are wide open and if the relationship feels like a chore, talk about it! 

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Wrapping Up

When Venus is in Leo, go out there and strut your stuff! This is your free pass to fun times, lightheartedness, and feeling yourself. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself as the greatest there ever was… you may feel like that’s the gospel truth!

What are your plans for Venus in Leo now that you know the forecast? What are your hopes for this time? Let me know down below!

Have a blast during the Venus in Leo season! 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Venus In Leo: How This Intense Energy Affects Your Love Life

  1. My hopes are to get at least 1 job interview and ACE IT and start off the new period of my life having something to wake up to. I hope that my distant relationship with my Taurean hits the ground running.

  2. Hey Anna… wünsche mir , dass mein piesces man zu mir kommt und mich zur glücklichsten Frau der Welt macht… liebe Dich .Anna ? for your Messages..only the best for you ???

  3. I lose my love today. Moon squares Venus. I don’t know why life lead us through a love which is not going to be able. Such a caring and understanding man he was. Poor me 🙁

  4. I am expecting to experience real exciting love with my Leo man.
    We will be celebrating one year of dating together
    I already have a secret plan for a picnic on his livingroom floor.
    We should be ‘dancing,romancing in the east wing and the west wing of his mansion ‘…barrowing words from Bruno Mars, Anderson Pak and Silk Sonic’s new song.
    Leave the door open.

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