Mars in Leo: It’s Time To Follow Your Heart

Look out world! Mars planet of lust, desire, passion, and drive is about to enter fiery Leo. This is a period where we can all tap into this hot-blooded and adventurous energy, and find the confidence to go after what – and who – we want!  

Mars is related to our drive, energy levels, and our work – as well as our sexuality and our primal desires! In the sign of Leo, he’s given more fuel to light his fire.

Starting June 11th all the way until July 29th, the transit of Mars in Leo is bound to bring you more energy, vivacity, and vigor – there’s nothing you can’t achieve, when you really go out and get it! 

When this planet of passion and sexuality is in Leo, we are feeling more confident than ever before, and it’s not hard to assert our desires. What man doesn’t like a woman who knows what she likes? It’s sexy! 

Leo is a sign that is all about the glamour, the drama and the romance. It rules the honeymoon period, as well as pure lust and desire. Leo is the star of the show, and isn’t afraid to get up and show off! 

So, during this transit of Mars in Leo, we are much more willing to let our light shine and to tell the world who we are! Parties and dates are where the fun is at (safely!), and we may even feel self-assured enough to tell someone just how we feel about them.

This is the perfect time to just enjoy life, and to ramp up the passion in our relationships. It’s also a great period to put ourselves out there in an assertive, positive way and allow our self-possession and inner poise to draw romance towards us.

With Mars in Leo, you can pursue a promotion or to step into a position of authority, too. A go-getting woman can get a man’s blood roaring, and your inner lion can really come out to play! 

Speaking of play, you should feel like having a lot of fun during this transit, and your playful, naughty, and dramatic side can reveal itself. It’s easy to feel expressive, sunny, and optimistic while Mars is in positive Leo, so make the very most of it.

Grand gestures in your relationships will also be appreciated by the men in your life, such as booking a fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or going on a shopping spree! Mars in Leo never holds back, and neither should you! 

Read more to find out what Mars in Leo is going to mean for you and your love life! 

How Will This Mars In Leo Affect Your Zodiac Sign?


Oh, Aries, you are just going to love this transit! Mars is your planetary ruler, so when he’s in a compatible fire sign like Leo, your blood should be roaring, and your love life hot, hot, hot! 

Mars will be moving into your zone of romance play and fun, Aries, so this really is a time to put yourself out into the world and enjoy yourself. Let our hair down, go dancing and show everyone how sexy and confident you are.

Of course, you need to be safe too, depending on where you are in the world, so keep your parties on the smaller side – maybe you can throw a home party, Aries, with some of your friends and invite a stranger or two? 

You’re definitely confident enough to go on the prowl now, Aries, so even just heading to a hotel or restaurant where there’s dinner and dancing. You’re totally embodying the energy of a Lioness right now, and men will be drooling over you!  

And I haven’t forgotten about you Aries in a relationship – as Mars travels through your zone of sexuality and passion, you are enjoying an upswing in your relationship when it comes to the bedroom.

You can’t wait to get your hands on your lover, and they feel the same way! This is a time, Aries, where, single or attached, you can invite some adventure into your sex life.


Mmm, Taurus, this Mars in Leo time is all about enjoying passion in the comfort of your own home! As Mars enters this sector, you are moved to make some grand changes to your living space and get luxurious. 

Like a Lioness enjoying her own space, you are ready to be the Queen of your domain, and your man will notice that. Taking control of your domestic life has never looked so sexy! 

Children may play a huge part on your home life for the next few weeks, and you could be enjoying more time with your own kids, or your mans’. Family life feels satisfying on so many levels right now, Taurus!  

You’re definitely more assertive in your home at the moment, Taurus, which can be sexy – and intimidating! Although you may have a few blow-ups here and there, it’s nothing that a sexy make-up session on the couch won’t fix. Yum! 

If you are looking for love, look no further than your hometown, Taurus. You might find passion at the local store buying groceries, or at the bank – you never know! Be open to all opportunities, Taurus, and allow you inner confidence to shine through.


You won’t believe how confident you feel when it comes to asserting what you want and how you want it, Gemini! You’re not in the mood to waste your time by dilly-dallying with small talk. And you’d prefer to get right to the point! 

Most men will find this confidence sexy, and appreciate knowing where they stand. There’s nothing like a woman who knows what she wants and how to ask for it, Gemini.

With Mars in Leo, you also have a very provocative energy going for you at the moment, and you’re not scared to ask the hard questions in your current or potential relationships. You’re enjoying a bit of a verbal challenge, and may find it a turn-on to be assertive! 

This is a great time, Gemini, to get really creative with your words and how you speak to your man. Did someone say dirty talk? Yes please! You’re in no way shy at the moment, Gemini.

Singles, this is a great time to confidently market yourself online, and to put your very best pictures up. Even if you aren’t normally a selfie kind of girl, this transit promotes you to put your best foot forward, social media wise! Get sexy in front of that camera, Gemini!  


Mars moves into the zone connected to your self-worth in your Astrology chart, Cancer. This is great for you on so many levels, giving you a major boost of confidence, perhaps when you feel like you most need it! 

When Mars is here, you can feel on top of the world, and you won’t take anything less than what you know you totally deserve, Cancer. This can create a really positive effect on your relationships, whether you’re looking for love or already committed. 

This is a time, Cancer, where you are going to actively assert your values, and ask that your man toe the line – in a sweet way, of course. For example, if you feel that quality time together is an important value for you, you won’t hesitate to ask for it. 

This sector is also linked to money, Cancer, and you may find yourself being extremely generous with your sweetheart! Leo energy is incredibly generous and extravagant, and you are moved to splurge on him. You’re getting the bill, in other words.  

You’re also not shy about spoiling yourself and buying some lovely new things, whether clothing flashy jewelry or sneakers. Go for it, Cancer! 

Expect your self-worth to soar, Cancer, and enjoy the feeling of security that comes with this transit. Men always pick up when a woman feels good about herself, and that’s exactly what you’re feeling now! 


It’s really your time, Leo! Mars, planet if lust desire and passion is entering your sign, bringing you all kinds of sexy gifts. You are completely confident during this transit, so much so that some men may be rather intimated by your fire! 

Intimidated men aren’t for you, Leo, so treat this as an opportunity to sift the weak from the strong. You need a powerful masculine energy in your life who walk alongside you, supporting you and celebrating your power! 

You are a Queen this month, Leo, and you are walking the walk. One flick of your hair, lift of the eyebrow or touch of the arm will have men practically banging your door down to get a date with you. You can afford to be picky this month, Leo – you have choices! 

You’re also not in the mood to wait around for anyone, Leo. If a guy hasn’t shown his interest, you have plenty more to choose from, and you won’t hesitate to take action. 

Committed Leos, this energy still applies to you, and your man is likely to find you more attractive than ever before. He will comment your confidence and go-getting attitude, and how you seem completely unafraid to take a chance! It’s sexy! 


Virgo, Mars in Leo is entering the zone you chart connected to endings and loss, but also secrets and sacrifice. Some of all of these themes may be prevalent while Mars is in Leo, and you have a chance to stand up and call the shots on a situation you don’t like. 

For example, Virgo, this transit may ring a time where you really are ready to confidently release a particular relationship form your life, especially if it’s a purely sexual one that’s not doing you any good. 

You may even dig up the courage to assert your desires for commitment, or whatever it is that you want. In fact, don’t miss this opportunity to dig deep, or else you may find yourself sacrificing your own desires for the desire of someone else. 

Some of you may indulge in a very sexy afar begin the scenes, away from the world. You may not be ready to tell anyone just yet about this new boo of yours, and that’s totally okay, as long as you are being traded well! 

This is also a great time, Virgo, to tackle any personal issues around sexuality and resolve them in a constructive and creative way. 


With passionate Mars in Leo, Libra, you’re not too willing to hold yourself back for the sake of just one person. In fact, your flirt game is turned to full volume during this time, and you may find yourself sitting with plenty of opportunities! 

Of course, if you’re monogamous right now, all this may mean is that you are in a friendlier, flirtier mood, and you’d better hope you don’t have a jealous partner, Libra. Because, all you want is to go out dancing with friends and be admired on the dancefloor! 

You’re also uncharacteristically fiery in your love life now, Libra, and you are prepared to go after who you want! Like a Lioness stalking her prey, you’ll eye out the sexiest man at the party and make a beeline for him.

You’re also feeling very loved and popular during this time, Libra, which make a huge difference to your confidence. 

Everyone wants a piece of you, and that boosts your self-esteem immensely. A lady with a strong sense of worth can attract exactly what she wants in love! 

Enjoy this time, Libra, and if you are with someone, set out to achieve some goals together – that will bring spice and creativity into your relationship.


Mars is your ancient Astrological ruler, Scorpio, so you should feel this transit very strongly indeed! The planet of passion enters your professional zone, reflecting a time where you are the Belle of the ball and the world will see your creative power and drive. 

In fact, this period of Mars in Leo may bring a time of increased work, even a promotion, or some sort of project management. Most of you time and energy will be taken up by your professional goals, and relationships may have to take second place. 

However, Scorpio, this can also mean that your career confidence and ability to manage many things attracts more love your way. Men are drawn to a woman who is the Queen of her profession, and that’s exactly what you are right now! 

You’re unafraid, during this transit, to ask for what you want and to get it. You won’t suffer fools gladly, Scorpio, and the men that come into your life or are already there will sense this assertive energy around you! 

This is a great time to don on that power suit or whatever makes you feel sexy, Scorpio, and to be comfortable in your leadership ability and energy. Don’t worry about whether you’re stepping on anyone’s toes – this is your time to shine! 


You’ve got adventure on your mind while Mars is in Leo, Sagittarius. Relationships of all kinds need to be really exciting and growth-orientated for you to be interested, and there needs to be opportunity for space and independence.

If you’re already committed, your partner may find this drive towards more space a little threatening, yet at the same time, find it sexy that you are out in the world slaying your goals. It takes a confident man to support his woman when she wants to spread her wings.

You’re also not willing to settle for less, Sagittarius, so if your partner kicks up a fuss at your need to explore, you’re not going to sympathize. You’re in a particularly assertive mood while Mars is in Leo, and you won’t give up on your desires!  

Singles, you may find yourselves drawn to a man who’s a teacher or traveler, someone with a free spirit and a philosophical nature. In fact, you could happily jump into bed with such a man, and so may go ahead and do just that! 

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling anywhere, Sagittarius, expect a sexy fling! You are totally confident and easily attract men from all walks of life right now. 


Expect to go deep, Capricorn – really deep! This transit of Mars may awaken all kinds of desires in you, the desire to get up close and personal for one. Normally avoidant of too much vulnerability, you may find yourself very drawn to opening up to your lover. 

Mars in Leo will also waken your most powerful physical desires, Capricorn, and you just can’t wait to jump into bed with your crush or lover. You’re willing to push all the boundaries right now, and can’t seem to get enough of your sweetheart. 

You’re going to be willing to explore the more taboo sides of love and relationship, Capricorn, and might even experiment with some ideas from 50 Shades of Grey! 

Go ahead, Capricorn, and don’t feel shy about your fiery desires right now – as long as you are being safe. 

Committed or not, you’re more sensitive to tension in the air at the moment, Capricorn, especially financial tension. Power struggles may come about, particularly if you are being a touch controlling, or your partner is. Try and find a sense of peace and avoid the drama! 

Once this transit is over, Capricorn, you’ll understand so much more about the power balance between you and your partner.


Aquarius, this transit of Mars into Leo is very impactful on your relationships. You see, Leo is your opposite sign, Aquarius, and rules your zone of commitment and long-term love. 

For some of you, this is going to invite a whole lore more passion in an existing relationship – you’ll hardly be able to keep your hands to yourself! All you want to do is get sexy with your sweetheart, and spend time having fun and doing what you love together. 

At the same time, Aquarius, the tensions can run high, too, especially if you or your partner tend to be dominating. Fights break out easily, but making up is just as hot and passionate! 

Singles, this may bring along someone who has long-term potential, though you may also just want to have fun and play for now. It’s your decision, Aquarius, you get to call the shots. Just be sure not to let anyone walk all over you, no matter how sexy they are! 

This could also be a time, Aquarius where you take much more decisive action in your relationship, one way or the other. Maybe you take a step towards moving in together or something more exciting! 


Pisces, with Mars in Leo, you may find yourself busier than ever, especially when it comes to work. You might be put into a position of management, which can bring you a huge amount of confidence. 

This confidence may easily spill out into your love life, whether you are single or with someone. Sometimes, all we need is acknowledgement and rewards for a job well done to allow our light to beam bright! 

Domestic, day to day topics are also going to be very important, Pisces, in your relationship. You may find yourself either becoming a little more tense as you run around doing it all, or you could find a new, fun way to do tasks. 

Try and make it the latter, Pisces – for example, have a reward system where, if one of you take out the trash, you get a sexy treat! This makes things fun and exciting rather than dull and conflict-ridden. 

Single Pisces, you may find this a great time to connect with someone at work on a physical level – you know what I mean! As long as it doesn’t threaten your career, you can really have some naughty fun now!

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Wrapping Up

With sexy Mars in confident Leo, we can all feel a fiery boost of our self-esteem, and become the Queen of our worlds! Men will notice our confidence and find it sexy! We know just what we want and how to get it while Mars is in Leo! 

So, what’s your sign, and what’s going on in your love life right now? I love hearing from you, my loyal readers.  Please leave a comment below and share what Mars in Leo is doing for you! 

Have a fantastic, sexy and fun Mars in Leo! 

Your Friend and Relationship Astrologer, 

Anna Kovach 

6 thoughts on “Mars in Leo: It’s Time To Follow Your Heart

  1. I’m a single Aquarius Pisces cuspie and have had some very intense conversations with past loves… almost as if they’re literally coming out of the woodwork! Men I haven’t really spoken to in years are all of a sudden re entering my life …. As friends bc quite frankly I wouldn’t go back into a romantic relationship with any of them and I’m able to express my feelings with kindness. I would love to find my match, my partner, and am completely open to receiving him when he comes but I stopped looking and am allowing the universe to bring this person to me. I am an artist and currently focusing on my art hoping the right guy will appreciate it and what I can bring into a healthy relationship. Wish me luck!

  2. I feel like everthing I do to find a steady reliable partner, has been back firing! I have had offers lately but it just doesn’t stick. Either I scare them off or I’m just got feeling it. Right now I have a better life then I probably ever have. However I find myself feeling so alone, it’s a feeling I’m not used to! I don’t want to be alone anymore.

  3. I feel like everthing I do to find a steady reliable partner, has been back firing! I have had offers lately but it just doesn’t stick. Either I scare them off or I’m just got feeling it. Right now I have a better life then I probably ever have. However I find myself feeling so alone, it’s a feeling I’m not used to! I don’t want to be alone anymore. Thank you for you.

  4. Well my Leo wants a date night tonight and I’m more than happy to see and be his Aries queen. Things got better yesterday as he shared some troubles with me and I let him know that he was going to be just fine. So today he came to my office and talked about an hour and things seem like it may get back on track. He almost said the 3 words but caught him self

  5. How are you? I’m Dana. I’m a Virgo 9/8/76. . I RECIEVE emails from you about my Taurus guy. I read all you have on Taurus men. love and appreciate you!! I am in an LDR with a Taurus , its going on 4 months but feel like its fading out a little, I know he cares and shows Love but still has a wall up afraid to fully let someone in. we made a lot of progress but my signs are pointing to me being with my soulmate in the next 3 months I feel like it could be him but then have doubts as well. I have to find a balance and have a talk with him on where we stand and if he genuinely sees a future for us! I dont want to miss my soulmate if he is not it.. I need love and happiness for the rest of my life.

  6. I have been trying to connect with a Scorpio man, but things just don’t seem to develop. He has sent very mixed signals. He has opened up and shared very intimate details about himself and has reached out to check to make sure I am okay. But then he is very elusive. I don’t know what to make of it.

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