What 2023 Full Moon in Gemini Means for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve only just entered Sagittarius season, but it’s coming in hot: the curious Full Moon in Gemini will light up the sky on November 27. This lunation will turn our attention toward our communication, dissemination of information, and perspective.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information, Gemini is a mutable air sign known for its curiosity, versatility, and ability to chat and charm. During this full moon in Gemini, ongoing conversations and discussions may reach a climax.

I try not to be biased when it comes to Astrology, but I have to say, the Gemini Full Moon has to be one of my favorites. It must be because I am a Gemini Sun, and it is that time of year when all my natural talents get accentuated!

Gemini is the sign of communication, so it makes a lot of sense that I decided to become a writer! It is my purpose in life to spread the knowledge I have and teach all of you lovely ladies how to live the most amazing life of your dreams!

When the Full Moon in Gemini comes around, it is time to release any ideas you have been holding on to too tightly. Full moons are all about letting go and surrendering; it is the energy of saying goodbye and paving the way for something new.

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If you are interested in finding out more about what this lunation means for you and your sign, then continue reading. I suggest checking out your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the most accurate predictions!

Here’s Your Horoscope for the Full Moon in Gemini


Got something on your mind, Aries? Well, this isn’t the time for you to keep quiet about it. You have a voice and an opinion and it deserves to be heard. You may feel like this makes you more vulnerable, but this is the stepping stone to proper connection.

Be open and get what you need to say off of your chest. There is nothing more terrible than not feeling safe and secure enough to express what you are truly feeling from the people in your life. However, there might be a lesson for you to learn in this…

Why are you spending precious time with people who don’t make you feel valued enough for you to express your voice? You can’t be silenced! This is the perfect time for you to put pen to paper and write a letter about your true feelings.

You don’t have to send it, but this could really help you to make sense of what you are actually feeling. Whenever you feel overwhelmed and unsure you can always turn to your journal to help you make sense of the world.


With this vibrant Full Moon in Gemini, your values are coming into question. Are you getting the respect you deserve? Or are you allowing the people in your life to mistreat you because you are simply used to this kind of behavior from others?

This needs to end and it is about time that you work on your boundaries and what you allow in your life. You are worth more than gold, and it is time that you behave that way. Whenever a man sends you a red flag, you need to listen to your intuition because your gut really isn’t trying to lie to you.

Take a step away from your relationships and take a moment for yourself to really evaluate the kind of treatment you have been allowing from potential suitors as well as friends. All your relationships are reflections of one another.

This is your time to throw out the parts of your life that seem to have festered and to make way for a new kind of fresh energy. It can be hard to say goodbye to the parts of yourself that you have become accustomed to, but you deserve better than what you are currently allowing.


This is your moment, Gemini! See this as a second birthday and a chance for you to completely start new. This is the fresh start you have been hoping for, so embrace your adaptive nature and have some fun inviting this new energy into your life.

This is your moment to thrust yourself into the spotlight and to show the world what an incredible person you are. Ignore the naysayers because they clearly can’t recognize greatness! This is a great week for you to be magnetic and attract magic into your life.

Don’t be surprised if a sexy suitor makes their way into your atmosphere over this period because your charisma and charm are simply irresistible as the Full Moon finds its way into your sign.

Have fun, and count yourself lucky. Blessings abound and you are definitely one of the fortunate ones, so show the world how brilliant you are!


Let it go, let it go, my lovely Cancer. There is absolutely no point in holding onto the pains of the past because the longer you don’t let yourself forgive and forget, the longer it is going to take for you to move on and step forward.

Everyone experiences hurt and heartbreak in their life, unfortunately, it is just one of the facts of being human. However, it is so important that you don’t allow this energy to control you and prevent you from living a purpose-driven life.

Whatever hurts you are currently carrying around with you can now be released. It is important as this will help you to heal and invite new, fresh energy into your life. Besides, what is so special about the past when there is so much to look forward to in the future?

Take some special silent me-time and really try to process the hurts that are holding you back. I know it is scary, but wouldn’t you rather live up to your full potential and open up the doors to meeting the man you are supposed to love?


What a joyous time for you, my lovely Leo. This Full Moon gives you the impetus to celebrate your life, as well as your blessings. Yes, you have so much to be thankful for! Gratitude is simply the stepping stone in manifesting your deepest desires.

Turn to your friends over this period and recognize the true gems you have in your life. Isn’t the intimacy of a beautiful friendship one of the most special things two people can share? Sometimes this goes beyond any kind of love affair.

What else are you grateful for? This is the moment for you really to count the blessings in your life and to see that not everything is so bad. This will help you in those moments of darkness when you can’t see forward.

Having gratitude for the small things will really make those big achievements seem even more spectacular. Make a list of what you are happy about in your life, and watch as many more blessings start rolling in.


This Full Moon has your career front and center, and unfortunately, this might mean having to put your personal life second. But is this really such a bad thing after all? The men I know find working women with ambition a lot more interesting than those you happy to just plod along.

This is your moment to really assert your independence and be recognized for all your amazing hard work. Isn’t working towards a goal and seeing it pay off incredible? There is something incredibly satisfying about it, don’t you think?

Be proud of yourself and all the hard work and effort you have put into your dreams. You need to own it and know that you are a boss lady not to be messed with. Take note of the people who share in your celebration, these people are worth a dime a dozen.

This positive trajectory will continue much throughout the next year, so don’t believe that this is the end of the road to success for you. Oh, no, dear – it has only just begun! How exciting?


Optimism is sky-high this Full Moon for you, my dear Libra. This is the moment for you to break free of any chains of restrictions and let your mind wander to all the incredible opportunities ahead of you.

You may find yourself going through a period of adjustment and perspective shift. Isn’t it amazing to know that no matter how old you become, that there are still moments ahead of you that will leave you feeling surprised at yourself?

This is a moment in time for you to forget about the rules and to follow what your gut is trying to guide you towards. Embrace this wanderlust and excitement for what is to come in your life. Be unexpected and think outside of the box.

Isn’t it fun to let go of the rules a little bit and to allow yourself to be free of any and all regulations? Forget about what society expects of you, do what makes you happy, because at the end of the day that is all that matters.


Sensuality is heightened for you over this Full Moon, my sweet Scorpio. Things are about to get quite intense for you and the man you are involved with. This is the moment for the two of you to dive deep and really find the words to reach that deeper connection together.

This might be a little out of your comfort zone, being so vulnerable and open with your feelings, but perhaps this will help your suitor to show his own colors in this situation. It is always a little bit awkward letting someone know how you feel about them!

This sizzling connection is about to burst! It is important that you share what your expectations are with one another and see if this is the level of intimacy you are both comfortable with. It is vital that the two of you get on the same page.

Such an intense connection can sometimes be too hot to handle, so it is important that you each know what your intentions are. Because once you get the go-ahead, this connection will prove to be smoking hot!


A powerful connection is here to be heightened over the Full Moon in Gemini. Isn’t it amazing to see how far you have come and you are no longer so afraid of connection and intimacy? Continue living with such a beautiful open heart.

Flying solo is no fun – life is always much better when you can share it with someone you truly care about. Sometimes we think we want love, but then we do everything in our power to resist it. Aren’t you happy that you have moved past this stumbling block?

Casual relationships now get the opportunity to be solidified and made into something a little more serious. The lesson in all of this is to remember your communication skills and to depend on them whenever you go through a dip with your partner.

Vow to always be open and honest with one another. This is all you can truly expect from a romantic partnership. The rest will fall into place when the two of you know how to speak to each other.


This Full Moon is the perfect time for you to metaphorically throw out the trash, Capricorn. Whatever toxic relationships you are still attached to now need to come to an end and be put to rest for good.

This lunation is encouraging you to let go of the people and negative situations that really do you no good. You’re just worth so much more than you could ever realize, so it is about time that you start believing in yourself.

Saying no and not allowing others to walk all over you is instrumental in your happiness. No, it isn’t easy, but it is vital for your growth. Keep doing special things for yourself and you will quickly notice what really doesn’t belong in your life anymore.

Stick to your boundaries and don’t let yourself be swayed by people who clearly don’t have your best intentions at heart. Remember that you are only living for yourself, so it is about time that you make yourself a priority.


There is a massive spotlight shining on your love life this lunation, Aquarius! Aren’t you just the luckiest girl in the world? Romantic awakenings are about to hit you right, left, and center, so you might as well make your move on that cutie you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

It is a beautiful time for you to meet someone really special. Take a risk and put yourself out there, because if you stay stuck in your comfort zone, then the likelihood of anyone new entering your life is pretty low.

Follow your gut and invite more pleasure into your life. Create a world in which you can experience the utmost joy and happiness for yourself because the happier and joyful you are, the better chances are for you to meet someone special.

Live with an open heart and remind yourself every day that you are worthy of love and being loved by someone special. You really never have to settle for anyone who doesn’t make you ecstatically happy.


Home is where the heart is, am I right, Pisces? You might not feel the most social over the Full Moon in Gemini, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you know. Spending some time by yourself gives you the opportunity to reconnect with what you truly desire.

Enjoy this time of rest and really settle into the things that make you feel the safest and the most content in the world. It is important to remind yourself of what makes you feel most comfortable and cherished, and sometimes you need to figure that out on your own.

This is a beautifully restorative time for you to really connect with who you are at your core. When you know who you are, no one can take that away from you. This is a real blessing and something you need to continuously work on to achieve.

Spend this time away from all distractions and really put in so much self-love and self-care into yourself. This will help you to feel amazing and really open the doors to help you open your heart for someone to love you!

My Final Thoughts On Full Moon In Gemini

My gorgeous girls, I really hope this Full Moon in Gemini treats you well. It is bound to be a magical time full of wonder, aha moments, and steps towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

If you read the description for your sign and are biting your nails to nubs now, I encourage you not to fret too much. Not only do I know that you’re a bad babe who is going to move through this transit like the boss you are, but I can also offer assistance in a couple of different ways.

Being given a helping hand to understand transits like these is so important in my opinion. Man, how I wish someone would have been there for me when I was just sorting through transits like these!

To pay it forward, I offer one on one meetings with readers who sign up right here <<

This is to help clarify energy and to parse out exactly how this Full Moon sits in your own chart. But if you’re seeking to understand these transits on your own to the best of your understanding, then I have a resource for you as well.

I’ve been tracking the movements of the Moon and studying the works of other talented Astrologers for long enough that I have compiled what I’ve come across all in one place.

In my Full Moon guide, you can read about the meaning of the placements of the Moon and what it means for your own sign, and how it could manifest within your life. I highly encourage anyone with a curiosity about this subject to take a peek!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “What 2023 Full Moon in Gemini Means for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

  1. I’m the strangest cancer I know. I don’t carry baggage. I just move on. I realize you can’t change what was but you can always make your life better. I’m with a Capricorn man at the minute and I love him to pieces. I realize his quirks
    And I’m ok with it. I’m a business woman. I run myself. I’m very grateful for my Cappy man. He’s and amazing contributor to my work. I appreciate his thoughts, suggestions and comments. He’s very special to me. I
    Love reading all of your material Anna. It does make so much sense. My birthday is July 12 1955. Maybe it was a different story back then. I’ve lived through and gone through so much But I keep myself busy and generating come out the other side a stronger person. Thank you for everything you do. I would love to here your comments on my odd ball self. Thank you.

  2. You are so awesome and I thank you for your time. I am struggling with a Capricorn man that is so stubborn but kind and sweet. Hoping it all turns out he says it will. Thank you again

  3. Wow Anna your Scorpio prediction is wonderful — I hope me and my Cancer enjoy the moon’s blessings in the best way possible

  4. Being in a 21 year relationship n breaking up 2 years ago because he slept with my best friend. Then meeting a guy I fell in love with is playing with my heart. We spend time with each other, it feels so right but then when he leaves I don’t hear from him for a couple weeks. That’s been going on for a year and now I feel like it’s time I should just move on. They are both Capricorn I am Gemini

  5. I am absolutely stronger than Pisces Lilith Traumas in house 8. I keep pushing forward to get rid of that continuing psycho situation. You will see. Life is extraordinary spectacular and blessing.

  6. Thank you Anna. For me as a Cancer sun, I’ve been trying to move on and forget an Aquarius man. But last night my emotions got the better of me and I contacted him to tell him I’m gutted that he’s pushed me away and that I still want him in my life. I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing but I needed to get it off my chest. Could it be this full moon that made me do that I wonder!

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