Moon In Scorpio Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac circle where the soul transforms through dramatic events and emotions. This is the period when everything is dying in nature, to be ready to resurrect six months later. The rulers of Scorpio are the planet Mars in the traditional sense and Pluton in modern Astrology schools. However, right there in the heart of dark Scorpio, Mars, and Pluto possess water qualities, meaning they are impulsive and deep. And right because of that, the Moon in Scorpio is intense, farsighted, and powerful. 

A Moon in Scorpio woman will have to go through many heartaches and disappointments in life until she reaches that point that her heart is totally open, and she acquires enough knowledge, skills, and empathy to help others. And then her purpose will be on the right track and the cycle of trials will finally be over.

The Meaning Of A Moon In Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio is the water sign the same as Cancer, which is the basic Moon’s position. And although the element is the same, and Scorpio is the fifth sign from Cancer, carrying the meaning of love and talents, and yet the Moon feels awful in this place of transformation.

Scorpio is all about the constant inner war, and the Moon loves peace above anything else. And looking from the sign of Scorpio (the Moon’s home), Cancer is the ninth position, showing the person to get back to their family or national roots to regain strength and wisdom. Also, Scorpio is fiery water due to its rulers Mars and Pluto, and the Moon feels “boiled” and even tortured here.

This position will make the person experience all sorts of hurdles and go through many disappointments. Some of those disappointments could truly be dramatic in their nature, whilst the others can be icy cold. However, don’t forget that Scorpio is the sign of major transformation in life, and after so many trials, fails and sadness, the person will certainly thrive, now knowing how the soul or the essence of every being functions. This skill could be used for good or bad purposes, depending on the other planetary placements in the chart, yet intensity will stay forever carved in their heart and mind.

On a positive note, the Moon in Scorpio can be determined more than any other Moon’s placement and achieve those things others can only dream about.

Is Scorpio Moon Overly Dramatic Or Jealous?

Scorpio Moon is surely dramatic – but it’s never truly overly dramatic. This can happen with a Leo or Pisces Moon’s position, on some occasions. However, things that take place in a Scorpio Moon’s life are never easy, and they can be so hard that any other person in the Zodiac circle couldn’t cope with them. Those are all situations of sudden deaths or departures of loved ones, hard betrayals, and backstabbing. And most of the time, the person asks the same question: Why? Why is this happening to me? And it’s not that they have done anything wrong, but the fact that their life’s path or purpose is to throw their soul into boiling lava and resurrect from it stronger and smarter.

On the other side, Moon in Scorpio is territorial. The person with this placement will be extremely selfish in the sense of making the clear distinction of “what is mine” and what belongs to others. Their partner, child, or children especially, as well as their friends, pets, home, and hometown, are all going to be looked at as their natural territory and they will claim all rights over them. If someone tries to break the connection between them and their territory, being physical or psychological, that person can experience the worst reaction coming from a Scorpio Moon and see that famous Scorpio revenge.

When it comes to other people’s successes, Scorpio Moon won’t be jealous. They will just observe and study how things are working and how this fame or fortune is achieved. They might copy that style and enrich it with their approach, to reach the same level of influence or success, but they will never be jealous, this is for sure.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Scorpio

When the transiting Moon is in Scorpio (and this applies for any time during the month when Moon is in Scorpio, not just if you have it in your natal chart), this is the perfect time for elimination. And this should be the elimination of any kind. You could get your bathroom thoroughly cleaned, but you could also clean your makeup, your kitchen cabinets, get your plumbing working properly, at last, go to the gynecologist, have surgery, do a colon cleanse, get your teeth fixed. Just think about how to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, or anything that creates obstacles, and simply get rid of it.

This especially applies if this transiting Moon is in the second or eighth house of your natal chart. If the transiting Moon in Scorpio is in your first or seventh house, then you should get your mind cleared out from any drama, toxic thoughts, or people who are bringing you down, especially regarding love relationships. And the transit of this Moon in your third or ninth house will show you some interesting experiences. This is a great time to watch a heartbreaking film or to study some unfortunate historical events.

And when the Moon in Scorpio finds itself in your fourth or tenth house of horoscope, you will have to deal with some urgent and likely unpleasant issues in your home. However, when you take care of them, you will feel way better. You could be meeting some old friends or lovers, writing a sad song or an essay when the transiting Scorpio Moon is going through the fifth or eleventh house of your chart. And finally, you should go to the doctor and check your health or deal with your health, while this transit happens in your sixth or twelfth horoscope chart.

How The Moon In Scorpio Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Scorpio personality traits will be all about the constant transformation. However, keep in mind that the placement of the natal Moon is the basic force in anyone’s chart. Furthermore, this is so much more important when it comes to women, because the Moon colors their whole life. After all, it governs water and emotions.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, which is also a watery sign, emotions will flow free, and on many occasions, this will be the wild flow. This woman will feel deeply everything around her, and those events will resound powerfully in her soul. But oftentimes, she will hide her reactions and act as if nothing dramatic is happening.

A woman with her Moon in Scorpio will have several phases in her life, and more than any other Zodiac sign, those phases will be so important and deep, that they will transform her whole life. When young, she will approach everything with her eyes and heart fully open. However, she will have to experience many very unpleasant moments.

And consequently, she will go through periods of shock, desperation, then disappointments, revenge, calming down, and running through that truly toxic circle again and again. It will take her years of trial and error attempts to realize that she had to go through some serious karmic lessons, to be able to understand human psychology, pain, and how to use psychological manipulation for better or worse outcomes in life.

This is why a Moon in Scorpio woman can be perceived differently while she is going through those phases. She can appear dramatic, neurotic, sad beyond reasoning, sarcastic, vengeful, even chaotic in some particular moments. However, she can also be seen as powerful, insightful, the master of human psychology, the ultimate healer, the shrewd businesswoman, anything and anyone. And when she reaches her mature years, she will realize that her whole life made up of fire and pain, was intended to make her invincible and magically capable to cope with anything.

What Does A Scorpio Moon Woman Look Like?

The sign of Scorpio represents the natural eighth house in Astrology and carries the meaning of excretion and genital organs. Without letting out the waste material from the organism, the whole body would fail and die. This is why Scorpio is so important. And not just this, because Scorpio is the sign of sexuality. And without sexuality, there won’t be life on this planet. This is why the Moon in Scorpio woman will “think” and feel from the bottom of her pelvic floor, and especially her ovaries.

When younger, Scorpio Moon women can have various types of bodies. However, when they reach their thirties, and especially forties, they will become slim, very feminine, and they will be known for their discipline around their bodies. Most of the time, they will be on diets, cheating from time to time, but remaining their perfect form. And Scorpio Moon woman will love feminine or a bit heightened sexy style, and this can be the epitome of elegance, or the total disaster, depending on other aspects she has in her natal chart.

She won’t like to light tones of hair or skin, and the most prominent part of her face will be her eyes, which can seem a bit sad from time to time, but surely always magically attractive.

The Moon In Scorpio Woman In Love

Moon In Scorpio Woman In Love

In terms of Astrology, everything that deals with love and pleasure is related to the planets Venus and Mars. And this relies upon everything, including the falling in love phase, responding to, and giving love, and action part seen through sexual styles. But bear in mind that the placement of the natal Moon also plays a huge role here because it shows the feelings and psychology of a person. And when a woman’s horoscope is analyzed, the Moon can’t be overseen regarding love issues.

Scorpio Moon in love will be deep and ecstatic. When younger, a woman with Moon in Scorpio will tend to fall in love fast, open up her soul completely, and shortly after her whole body, and she will be the most devoted and loving being in the world. She won’t act as a “slave” to her loved one, but she will feel excitement and pain more than anyone else. She could be shy in the beginning and act conservatively, but once someone pursuits her and she falls in love, she will totally fall and give herself in.

After several disappointments, which will leave some scarves over her heart and soul, she will learn to be a bit more patient. And she will wait for that person to prove to be worthy of her trust. So, in general, a mature Scorpio woman will act conservatively, and she will keep the slow pace until she is sure she will be loved and not betrayed shortly after.

And when love is safe and stable, she will do anything to ensure her partner has all their needs satisfied, and she will often sacrifice for their relationship, more than any other person ever will do.

The Moon In Scorpio Woman In Bed

Moon In Scorpio Woman In Bed

Please keep in mind that sexuality is seen through the planet Mars, the planet that shows our action drive and zest for life, and this is tightly related to sexual performance. Also, the planet Venus plays a huge role here, too, because it shows how we give and perceive pleasure. Therefore, sex won’t be just an accidental encounter filled with rage and violence, but also with love and gentleness. But surely feeling and psychological reactions must be added to this formula, and the Moon will fill that void.

A Scorpio woman in bed will be powerfully passionate. This doesn’t mean that this woman will take the initiative, although she can do it whenever she feels her partner needs this kind of approach. She will put her whole heart and soul into their sexual performance, and she will take care that her partner is satisfied, inspired, and properly “nurtured” because she will feel her love through her sexual organs.

Her performance can be slow and romantic, or fiery and fast. Everything will depend on the proper moment. And above all, sex will be sacred to her. By giving her body and getting close to the other body, she will need to feel completely safe and accepted. And from that point, she will easily show all of her love-making skills because this is a talent she was born with.

The Moon In Scorpio Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Moon In Scorpio Woman’s Positive Traits

The Moon in Scorpio woman is the best when it comes to creating a safe physical and psychological environment for all the people around her. She will be the best friend, the best spouse or partner, and an even better mother. She will be the one who allows the freedom until it reaches the border of danger. And then she will stop it without any excuse.

Also, a Scorpio Moon woman will be exceptionally practical, fast and she will create many breakthroughs in her career or business in general. She will fight like a man, think like a genius, and feel like a woman. She will also be able to see with flawless clarity what is important and what is not, and what will be required to start a battle in any area of her life, and what the costs will be for her victory.

And a Scorpio Moon woman will be the best psychologist, psychiatrist, and if she is in the medical field, she could have a radical approach to problems, but she will surely resolve each one of them, and as fast as it is possible.

The Moon In Scorpio Woman’s Negative Traits

A Scorpio Moon woman can be extremely jealous in love, and this comes from her innate need to have her material or psychological territory marked and protected. She will doubt everything and everyone, and just the innocent glance of some person toward her partner will surely poison her mind, and could easily create huge turmoil in her relationship because she will accuse, verbally fight and torture her partner and herself the most.

As much as a Scorpio Moon woman can be an exquisite psychologist and know how the human psyche works, the same number of skills revolving around manipulation will be seen in her. When the other planetary aspects are negative or create tense aspects toward her Moon, she can become a shrewd manipulator who will move mountains to get what she wants.

And when she declares war, and this can easily happen if someone betrays her, then she will become an unforgettable fighter and she won’t forget the reason why she was hurt. She will wait until her dying day to execute the revenge she planned a long time ago. And in general, this is the Scorpio style – to live just a few seconds longer than her enemy.

Moon In Scorpio Compatibility

Moon in Scorpio will have the best compatibility with someone who has their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Taurus. This relationship will heavily rely on the protection they will both give to one another. Scorpio will be protector and provider in the outside world, someone who will fight the figurative dragons, while Taurus will be the one to maintain the inner peace in their bond, and to ensure that warmness, nurturing, and careful financial planning has been done. They will both feel very territorial, and won’t let others influence their love.

The Moon in Scorpio will also have nice compatibility with other earth signs, as well as water signs. With the earth signs, this Scorpio Moon will find safety and fertile ground for many projects which will end up as wealth. And with the water signs like Cancer, Pisces, or another Scorpio, their bond will be established on the sensitivity of their feelings and pursuits for creativity.

The worst compatibility for Scorpio Moon is noticed with air or fire signs, especially Leo and Aquarius. Leo and Scorpio Moon person will have constant power battles and their styles will differ so much that they could become enemies. And an Aquarius and Scorpio Moon combination will mean the opposite views, morals, and chaos at the end so that they might start to avoid each other before any feeling could develop at all.

Moon In Scorpio Celebrities

Now, take a deep breath because you are about the see the greatness and power that Moon in Scorpio female celebrities possess. Just a few names will be mentioned here, but right from the start, you will know why the trials help us grow and succeed for sure.

Beyoncé Knowles – need I say anything else? This diva was born in Houston, Texas on September 4th, 1981. She started in a singing group, but right from the start it was clear that she is aiming for something bigger in life. Her solo career in music, her roles as an actress and music producer have made the name out of her for the past twenty years. Her natal Sun is in Virgo, her Moon is in Scorpio, of course. And her Ascendant is in Libra, while her MC, or the top of her sky or her greatest achievements is in Gemini. And this shows the versatility of her career interests.

Lady Gaga is another great name in the entertainment industry. Known as the radical entertainer in her music career, she is also an extraordinarily talented songwriter and musician. And as time goes by, we will see her more and more in the film industry where she will make many unforgettable roles. Lady Gaga was born in New York, on March 28th, 1986. As you can see by this date, her natal Sun is in Aries, but her Moon is in Scorpio, which gives her that zest for life. And her Ascendant is in Gemini, and her MC is in Pisces, a totally artistic sign.

Miley Cyrus is known from an early age while her father took care of her singing career. Yes, she had some cute and sexy phases. She experimented with her style and was admired or laughed about, but the truth is that Miley is a truly quality singer. And she will mature more with years and show us her real value. She was born in Nashville, on November 23rd, 1992. Her natal Sun is at the very beginning of Sagittarius, her natal Moon is in Scorpio. And her Rising sign is in Taurus, which shows her beauty. And her MC is in Aquarius, this is her radical and joyous spirit.

Perhaps you never could guess, but Jennifer Lopez belongs to this list, too. Mesmerizing as she was as a young girl, she is still a breath-taking woman, and knowing her, she will stay youthful and energetic for a long time, if not forever. J. Lo was born in New York, on July 24th, 1969. Her natal Sun is in Leo, and her Moon is in Scorpio, so she is powerful and passionate about anything, including her acting, business, producing, singing, or dancing. And her Rising sign is in Libra, while her MC is in Cancer.

And if you were thinking that this was basically the whole list, you mustn’t forget about Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Björk, Elizabeth Taylor, and so many incredible ladies in every area of life, not just related to the entertainment industry because this Moon is Scorpio is seen everywhere.

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Final Thoughts

The Moon in Scorpio woman has seen the best and the worst, and at a mature point in her life, she will become powerful and irresistible. But, please have in mind that, just the Moon position will never be enough to truly know someone else with this placement or to know yourself completely.

You need to know all planetary positions and aspects they make, to see the character of the person, their past and present, and predict their future as well. Also, by realizing the meaning of the whole chart, you will know what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to your advantage in any situation.

This is why my team and I created this special VIP reading where you will get all information and be ready to plan a better future. Please, don’t hesitate because this is limited time offer. You can select your timeslot right here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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