The Main Reason Each Zodiac Sign Cheats In A Relationship Or Marriage

Welcome, my lovely ladies! I often get questions from you all about why XYZ sign cheats. It is such an unfortunate thing that it is so common in our society. This is why I have written an article all about why every sign cheats.

I think we can all agree that cheating is totally unforgivable. There is nothing worse than this kind of betrayal in a relationship, yet this is constantly happening in our society. It is extremely hurtful, but why do people do it?

Well, there are so many reasons why everyone chooses to cheat, it can be boredom, revenge, or intimacy issues, and because Astrology plays such a big role in our personalities, we can deduce why each sign cheats.

It is excruciatingly painful when we experience this kind of betrayal and it can often be the thing that ruins a relationship beyond repair. After all, being cheated on isn’t something anyone signed up for when they entered into a relationship.

We all want to be with someone who loves us unconditionally and will always be faithful, so hopefully, this article will help you to understand why each sign cheats. But remember, not everyone cheats and this is just an article to discuss the general reasons why each sign would be pushed towards a betrayal.

So, continue reading to find out more about why each sign cheats. I am sure what you find out will be fascinating and sometimes totally unexpected!


Aries is one of the most independent and adventurous signs in the Zodiac. They are always on their own mission. Their sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and passion, and it is also a fire sign.

All of this indicates that Aries has a lot of energy and needs a lot of excitement to feel happy and fulfilled in a relationship. Boredom is the death of any relationship in their opinion. When the relationship starts to feel too much like a routine, an Aries will start to have a wandering eye.

An Aries has a lot to give, and can actually be one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac, but they need to feel like something is worth fighting for. If their partner takes the relationship for granted or isn’t happy to go on an adventure with them, they will quickly start to lose interest.

An Aries will cheat if they don’t feel enough stimulation in the relationship. Sex is also really important for this sign; they need a lot of it and it is important that their sexual appetite is met or else they will look for it elsewhere.


A Taurus can be incredibly obsessive and possessive over their partner. They are actually more worried about their partner abandoning them and cheating on them than anything else. For a Taurus to cheat is extremely rare and it only happens if they have been pushed too far.

A Taurus has an intense need for control and they might feel like they can somehow one up and regain power if they were to cheat on their partner. Of course, this only ends up hurting them. A Taurus will cheat if they feel disrespected and underappreciated, but it takes a lot to push them to the point of cheating.

They want to know that they are their partner’s number one priority and they want their partner to believe that they are meant to be together forever. A Taurus loves commitment and long-term relationships, and they will actually stick out in a relationship even if it is terrible.

A Taurus will endure and endure because they are so stubborn. Out of all the signs, I think a Taurus is the least likely to cheat. They took so long to commit to their partner in the first place.


The Gemini twins are often labeled as duplicitous and two-faced because they often chop and change their minds on a whim. A Gemini has a real problem with commitment and faithfulness. Their problem is their immaturity.

They want to stay young forever, and only have fun and explore the world. A Gemini loves to learn and often feel like they can only do so through experience, and this means involving themselves with a variety of people, and sometimes all at once.

Gemini’s are really good at multitasking and juggling different people at the same time. It is best for them to just never commit because one way or another, if they have a wandering eye, they are going to act on it.

A lot of their unfaithfulness has to do with curiosity and wanting to try out something new. They just can’t sit still and be content with being with one partner. An open or poly relationship might suit their personality best, that way no one will feel hurt or betrayed by their actions.


Cancer is also one of those signs that are unlikely to cheat, but they have a great need for love and affection, and if their current partner isn’t meeting their needs, then they won’t hesitate to look for it elsewhere.

They can get swept up by romance and overtaken by passionate emotion and not think straight, but this is quite unusual as it takes them a very long time to trust anyone, and they are the type of person that needs an emotional connection to have sex.

They make one of the best long-term partners in a relationship and really enjoy commitment, so cheating is very rare. To prevent a Cancer from cheating it would be best to constantly reassure them about how much you love and care about them.

A Cancer won’t just cheat for the sake of it, they really need to be pushed and feel vulnerable enough to feel like they need to find love and affection in the arms of another. If you treat your Cancer right then you shouldn’t have a problem.


Leo’s have this reputation of having these massive egos and loving the dramatics, but cheating isn’t really something they are inclined to do. The sign of Leo is one of the fixed signs, which means that they like their routine and aren’t very fond of change.

They like everything to stay the same, plus Leo’s are also full of pride and loyalty. It would take a lot for them to stoop that low to even consider cheating. They are the type of people who would rather end things with someone than ever cheat.

This may sound odd because a Leo really enjoys flattery and having people admire them, but this isn’t enough to get them to want to cheat. They are turned on by loyalty and devotion and this is why they find commitment so sexy.

The only reason a Leo would cheat is if they felt their partner wasn’t giving them the attention they deserved. A Leo wants to be the first priority in a relationship, and if they aren’t feeling fulfilled in their relationship they will try and find it somewhere else.


Virgo’s are tricky! They fall under the mutable signs, which means they are quick to adapt and change and can sometimes be rather fickle. Virgo’s love to be of service and help others out. Their sensitive nature can make them rather susceptible to other people’s advances.

They might be swayed to cheat because of someone’s sob story and do it out of pity. They just want to help others and might feel overwhelmed in the moment. They would never go out and intentionally cheat on someone.

Another reason a Virgo might cheat is that they can be rather nitpicky and critical of their partners. They have really high standards and when they notice that their partner is unwilling to change or make adjustments, they might just fall into the arms of another.

The same can be said if their partner is too critical of them, they might find relief with someone who accepts them just as they are, but they really need to be pushed very far to ever consider cheating.


Libra’s are naturally quite flirtatious, they like attention and socializing with people. They really believe in the idea of true love and finding their perfect partner, and when they commit to someone, they will try their best to remain faithful.

But sometimes they might feel like something is missing from the relationship, and when they do, they will probably look for it elsewhere. A Libra can be rather indecisive, so they might go back and forth trying to figure out if they made the right decision to commit to someone.

They aren’t really the type to cheat on someone physically, but they will look for emotional fulfillment with someone else. Perhaps their partner is too busy with work or the children and that social support they need is missing.

The last thing Libra wants to do is be unfaithful, but sometimes their own needs outweigh their sense of loyalty to the relationship. But this only happens with the unevolved or immature Libras out there. Those with a little life experience behind them are usually quite open with their communication and willing to compromise to make things work.


Scorpios often get a bad rap for being these sex-crazed maniacs, but they are actually some of the most loyal partners out there. Commitment is very, very important to them, and they want to be in a long-lasting happy relationship.

The only time a Scorpio would want to cheat on their partner is for revenge. If their partner hurt them somehow, then Scorpio would make sure to get back at them to hurt them even more. Scorpio has a strong drive for power and control.

Another reason a Scorpio might cheat, and it is probably the answer you were expecting, is because of their high sex drive and they might feel like their sexual needs aren’t being met in the bedroom.

This is when they might feel like they have no other option but to find it with another partner somewhere else. A Scorpio has a lot of kinky tastes, and they need to be with someone who is open-minded enough to want to try to explore their sexual fantasies with their Scorpio.


I’m sorry to say, but my personal opinion is that a Sagittarius is the most likely out of all the signs to have a wandering eye. A Sagittarius is always looking forward to the next best thing and they feel like their biggest adventure is waiting for them around the corner.

They have a devil-may-care attitude and this is why they often find themselves in precarious situations. It is best that they don’t commit to a relationship, or if they do, they are with a partner who is open enough to be in an unconventional relationship.

A Sagittarius is a free spirit, someone who can’t be tamed and refused to live according to the status quo. They only care about living a life of freedom and living life according to their own rules, unfortunately, many people get hurt because of their callous behavior

A Sagittarius has a ‘you only live once attitude,’ so they will just go for what feels right for them at the moment. They have issues with long-term commitments, and they are fully aware of it. So, it is unlikely that they would even commit to a relationship in the first place because they actually don’t enjoy hurting others.


Capricorn is very unlikely to ever cheat. This is a sign that really appreciates long-term commitments. These people are responsible, disciplined, and care deeply about their reputation in the world. They don’t like any negative rumors to be spread about them.

All of these qualities make it very hard to believe that a Capricorn would ever cheat, but no one is perfect and it can happen from time to time, of course. A Capricorn appreciates stability and security a lot, and it can turn their life upside down if they feel like much is changing that is out of their control.

This is especially true if their partner changes too much beyond recognition. They want everything in their life to stay the same, so when they sense that their partner is turning into a different person, they might feel the need to cheat.

This will give them back the feeling of control. They want to be in charge and when things change around them too rapidly, they will do whatever they can to gain back the power they feel like have lost.


An Aquarius really appreciates their independence and freedom, but people often forget that Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means they like to be in control and have everything stay the same.

And that their sign is also ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibilities. An Aquarius wouldn’t just cheat on a whim or because they felt like it, these individuals will feel pushed to cheat. They need a lot of time on their own, and if their partner is too needy then they might cheat out of retaliation.

An Aquarius is happy to commit and be in a long-term relationship. They just really need their partner to trust them enough to let them do what they want when they want. For an Aquarius, love needs to feel like freedom.

They will only cheat if they feel like they are being stifled and they can’t breathe in their relationship. Clingy and needy types will not fare well being with an Aquarius. They need to with someone who is secure enough to let them be.


A Pisces is a true romantic at heart. These individuals really enjoy being in love and being in the throes of a romance. They really take their emotional connections quite seriously, but unfortunately, their very imaginative minds can have them fall in love with about anyone.

A Pisces can be swept off their feet by almost anyone who gives them the attention they think they need and this can make it rather hard for them to be faithful to the person they have committed to.

They tend to see the best in people and can feel rather disillusioned when their fantasy doesn’t meet reality. No one can compete with a fantasy, it is impossible, so when the illusion of their partner shatter they tend to run off to the next person that feels like a true connection.

A Pisces doesn’t cheat out of malice or because they are trying to hurt their partner, they just feel so overcome with emotion that they end up not being able to help themselves, but they can really cause damage to the people they have betrayed. A Pisces will quickly move on to the next best thing, and leave their lover hurt and disappointed.

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My Final Thoughts About Why Each Zodiac Sign Cheats

From this article, I think it is safe to say that every person will cheat for a different reason. We need to remember that most people are inherently good, and will never think to do something like this, but unfortunately, this is a reality in some people’s lives.

We often think that cheating is all about sex, but this is usually not the case. The reason is usually something a lot deeper and complex than we could ever imagine and it is usually triggered by either a sore spot in the relationship like someone’s emotional needs not being met or a psychological issue that keeps coming up in the relationship.

I hope everyone walks away from this article realizing that this is a complex issue, and cheating isn’t a one size fits all situation, but hopefully, none of you ever have to deal with the intense betrayal and hurt that comes with cheating.

I am very interested to hear all your thoughts on this very tricky subject. Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? What is your sign or the sign of the partner that cheated on you? And what do you think the reason for it was?

Please leave me a message in the comment section below. This is such a fascinating subject and I really want to hear from your personal experiences about why you think cheating is so common and what your experiences were with a particular sign and the reason they chose to cheat.

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I wish you so much love and happiness in your life.

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


2 thoughts on “The Main Reason Each Zodiac Sign Cheats In A Relationship Or Marriage

  1. Hi i am i scorpio and after a 22 year marriage i cheated my husband (Taurus). It was my first time. Not happy with what i did, but now i can see i didnt love him anymore. Our marriage was at a point that was driving me crazy and very sad. I cheated him with a Capricorn. I decided do ask for divorce and now im happy and single.

    1. Hi Paula!

      It sounds your subconscious wanted to mess things up so that it would end. May not have been the best way to do it but hey… we all make mistakes. Now you’re where you want to be and all is good. Hopefully things will work for your now ex as well. I wish you all the happiness you deserve!

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