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Moon In Sagittarius Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac circle, where the soul becomes liberated and wants to explore. Sagittarius is the time of the year when the Sun is “dying,” and candles are being lit and people pray. The ruler of Sagittarius is the planet Jupiter. And right here, in the sign of higher education and spirituality, Jupiter has its fire quality. This is why a Moon in Sagittarius revolves around spiritual and educational themes.

A Moon in Sagittarius woman will not feel so perfect, as this is the case with some other Moon placements. Sagittarius is all about exploration, and there is not much room for individual feelings. On the other hand, she will let her soul guide her plans, and in this sense, she will never miss out on anything important.

The Meaning Of Moon In Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius is a fire sign, and doesn’t match so well with the water element, which is the Moon’s foundation. Besides that fact, Sagittarius is the sixth sign for Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. And this is the area of hard work for the Moon.

The Moon is the symbol for our deepest emotions, our roots, and our connection with a mother, motherly figure, or family. And looking further, Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, free-flowing in philosophical questions and thorough research, where personal or individual insight doesn’t matter because the ultimate “truth” good enough for all people is the ideal.

However, looking the other way around the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is the eighth area from Sagittarius. And this now shows that Sagittarius’ philosophies all transform and radically change when it comes to the matter, roots, or personal psychology. And this can also be very significant regarding sexual experiences. A Sagittarius person will go through any sexual encounter very emotionally, in a way.

This is the reason why the Moon in Sagittarius person could be very sensual aka sexual, and very secretive when it comes to their utmost fragile feelings covered with all sorts of philosophies and extraordinary verbal skills used to cover their vulnerable heart.

Is Sagittarius Moon Brutal Or Psychopathic?

The Sagittarius Moon person can be blunt to the point of shock, but this doesn’t mean that this person is a psychopath. They can appear as someone who holds some kind of powerful position and won’t be led astray from their view. But in general, they are as far from being a psychopath as can be.

The Sagittarius Moon person can become a psychopath only if their natal Sun, Moon, or Mars are heavily damaged by Saturn, Moon Nodes, or Pluto. And many other factors have to be in play to resemble a psychologically disturbed person. But, Moon in Sagittarius solely truly hates harming other people or watching other people being harmed or oppressed. Remember, Sagittarius is the fire sign, and those signs don’t have the time or nerves to be wasted on psychological games.

However, when it comes to verbal brutality, Sagittarius Moon can easily get involved in this type of “game.” And it’s not that this Moon’s position likes brutality of any kind, but the fact that they can fight for their views and against the views they find simply stupid, so hard that all the people around them will become shocked.

Sagittarius Moon will never become physically brutal, but their words will be so far from a diplomatic tone or tact. They could also be perceived as unmannered or truly rude, but at the same time, a Sagittarius Moon person will justify those traits as the need for freedom of speech or simply freedom.

There is one interesting fact related to Sagittarius individuals too. They are the ones to trust Astrology the least, and usually, they do everything they can to ridicule it or make it look like the source of fun, forgetting deliberately that the Astronomy they love so much originated from ancient Astrology.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Sagittarius

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, no matter whether you have this position in your natal chart or not, look at those two and a half days per month as the wonderful time to dwell around your usual tasks and focus on some religious, spiritual, or educational themes. You can make traveling plans, talk to your close friends or siblings, and at least, start some additional education. This is a wonderful period to watch a documentary series or gather with your religious community.

And this is even more important if the transiting Moon in Sagittarius is in your ninth or third house of horoscope. If this particular transit takes place in your first or seventh house, then you could meet a foreigner, sign a business contract, or begin a love relationship with the foreigner or someone who lived in foreign countries for a long time. If the same transit happens in your second or eighth horoscope house, then it’s a great time to deal with your finances, invest in something, and also, avoid greasy foods because everything you put into your mouth will stick in your body.

If Moon in Sagittarius is in your fourth or tenth house, then you should think about buying a new and bigger home, doing some grand-scale renovations, or becoming a mentor in your working place. Moon in Sagittarius in the fifth or eleventh house will bring you the possibility of pregnancy, a significant role if you are in acting, a positive-minded older friend, or a large social gathering. And Jupiter in the sixth or twelfth house will get you in touch with a skilled doctor, an offer for an overseas trip, or at least, prophetic dreams about your future.

How Moon In Sagittarius Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Sagittarius personality traits will be shown as the never-ending thirst for spiritual, philosophical, or educational questions. And of course, the soul will need to move. On the other hand, the Moon is all about the roots and rooting, mother or motherly figure, national or family tradition, and protection. And besides all that, the Moon is directly related to females because it governs the water element and therefore, emotions.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, the connection with the national or family roots is disturbed, and the person tries to find the psychological foundation in some spiritual or philosophical systems. The fire quality of Sagittarius will dry out and exhaust the moist Moon, and in this sense, a Moon in Sagittarius woman might appear senseless or a bit calculative, or better to say, too dry when it comes to her emotions, yet too fiery when it comes to defending her views.

During her childhood years, the Moon in Sagittarius woman will become aware that she becomes “alive” or amused by all sorts of education, especially outdoor activities. She will love traveling, and she will love learning about distant cultures and science more than just listening to fairytales and how princesses get married and live happily ever after. She will know that there is something more in life than just getting married and she will have the strong desire to see what else life has to offer to her.

In this sense, she could fall in love with her teachers or mentors, and she will expect more and more than just emotional unity and romantic moments. She won’t be senseless, but she will put her mind and logic into her relationships. And as she grows older, she will need to become friends first with her romantic partner, and then to develop emotions toward that person.

This Moon’s position is great for all sorts of research, and also, a Moon in Sagittarius woman will often become the best teacher or instructor, no matter whether she is dealing with children or grown ups.

What Does A Sagittarius Moon Woman Look Like?

The Moon In Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius Moon woman will look sensational, especially in her youth. Yes, this woman will have her main interest in science or research, and academic education will be her utmost goal. On the other hand, she will be fully aware of her physical looks, and she will invest her time and resources to look her best.

First of all, she will love sports, and this is why her body will never look bad. And secondly, she will be known for her clear eyes, long hair, and even longer legs. And she won’t be ashamed to show her legs by wearing short skirts, shorts, or high heels.

In her mature years, she could appear chubby, gain some weight, start to wear bohemian types of clothes, but she will always emanate that sense of freedom and “I don’t care what others think of my style.” But at the same time, she will love to have all eyes on her.

Similarly, she won’t be the loudest person in the room, but her presence will be respected, the same as her wise words. And she will be known for her contagious humor and witty stories. Her colors will be yellow, orange, or gold, and she will love all sorts of handmade jewelry, preferably from distant places, and exotic scents like sandalwood or patchouli.

The Moon In Sagittarius Woman In Love

Moon In Sagittarius Woman In Love

In life and Astrology, all things related to love, pleasure, and passion belong to the domain of the planets Venus and Mars. And those two planets are “responsible” for how we give and receive affection, care, and kindness. They are also the “rulers” of our “falling in love” issues and “falling out of love,” too. However, the Moon’s position plays a great role in this complicated formula of life, because the Moon governs our core emotions. And for women in general, the Moon is the epitome of their physical existence through hormone fluctuations.

A Sagittarius Moon in love will need understanding and the feeling of unity through friendship or sharing the same or similar zest for life. The Sagittarius Moon woman doesn’t require the “soulmate” or twin flame feeling when it comes to her romances. She is aware enough to know that two people can’t think or feel the same all the time. But she also knows very well, that if she is on a mutual mission with someone and they share the same moral values, their relationship will work out perfectly.

At an early age, the Sagittarius Moon woman won’t be so attached emotionally to her romantic partners. This can only be seen in the situations where her natal Venus is in the water signs and the Moon is affected negatively by Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto. Then her emotions could run wild. For all other cases, she will start as a friend with her partner, have some fun for some time, and then get easily bored. And naturally, move to the next partner without regrets, bitterness, and try to remain in a friendly connection with the past lover.

Around her late twenties, the Sagittarius Moon woman will want to have a permanent partner and start a family. And even then, since her Moon is in Sagittarius, she will have the great chance to have two or multiple marriages later on, since this Moon seeks the opposite quality in the Zodiac circle, and that is the sign of Gemini. And Gemini is seen as the dual sign, the area of repeated experiences.

The Moon In Sagittarius Woman In Bed

Moon In Sagittarius Woman In Bed

Sexuality is seen through the placement of the planet Mars the most because this planet governs our physical activities, actions, and zest for life. And besides Mars, Venus plays a major role here because Venus is all about our capacity for pleasure. On the other hand, our pleasure and action are essentially dictated by our emotions or hormonal fluctuations, and this is exactly why the Moon has a significant role in sexual life as well.

The Sagittarius Moon woman in bed will be very versatile and prone to all sorts of exotic techniques and humor. The eighth horoscope area for a Sagittarius Moon woman will fall in the sign of Cancer, which is again governed by the Moon. Only in situations when her natal Moon is damaged by the negative aspects coming from the other planets, she can become deep, dramatic, and even scary, because she will use her emotions and sexuality for all sorts of power games.

In all other cases, the Moon in Sagittarius woman in sex will be a great companion, she will look at it as a sort of funny sporting activity, and she will laugh loudly while trying some unusual techniques. She will “feel” her partner, but she will never create any drama about sexuality at all. And if she is with a partner who is emotionally and psychologically stable and mature, the two of them will have the time of their lives when it comes to intimate moments.

The Moon In Sagittarius Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Moon In Sagittarius Woman’s Positive Traits

The Moon in Sagittarius woman’s positive traits revolve around her innate sense of humor and optimism. She is loved in social circles and is considered to be a great friend and advisor. Anywhere she appears, people become enlightened in the sense that they feel secure that things will settle down for the best and some new things will start to happen.

In many situations, the Sagittarius Moon woman can be hilarious, and she will appear as a walking sitcom. This is why people will adore her because her witty mind will find the easy solution for every problem. And also, she is energetic, and not afraid of any sort of physical work. She knows very well that her crown won’t fall if she leans down and cleans a thing or two. And this realism combined with optimism will make her a genuine queen.

She is also curious and extremely intelligent. And this is why she will be seen as the expert in any conversation. Even if she doesn’t know something so good or at all, she will use her logic and find the best explanation each time without mistake.

The Moon In Sagittarius Woman’s Negative Traits

Moon in Sagittarius woman bad traits will point mostly at her ability to be brisk and blunt, sometimes causing shocking reactions. She will lack tact and when she gets annoyed by the human “stupidity,” she will be able to say everything she thinks out loud and she won’t care how many “corpses” will be there after she is gone.

Also, she can be incredibly unfocused when some things don’t interest her, and on the other side of her mind, she can be so annoyingly picky when she is into something. Her perfection, and at the same time, the total lack of organization can often lead to dangerous situations. For instance, she is one of those psychological profiles who can forget to turn off the stove and create a fire, because she just started to read a phenomenally interesting book.

On some occasions, she can be incredibly impatient, just like a child, and drive other people crazy with her questions. She can be a fiery opponent in discussions and so stubborn that people will rather give up than continue the endless battle with her.

And she can be unreliable, because she will promise many things, and simply forget about them later on.

Moon In Sagittarius Compatibility

Moon in Sagittarius will have the best compatibility with a person with their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Gemini. They will always start as great friends and from the friendship point of view, the love will follow soon after. And in so many situations, even when love is over, they will remain friends for good. And their bond will have the best chance to last forever when they are both in their mature years.

The Moon in Sagittarius will also get along very well with all fire signs like Aries, Leo, and another Sagittarius. And they will love to amaze each other, go together into all sorts of adventures and help each other become even more courageous. Also, the Moon in Sagittarius will make a great match with all those who have significant points of planets in air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. With those signs, friendship and mutual support in all sorts of projects will keep them together.

The worst compatibility for a Sagittarius Moon is seen with water and earth signs, Virgo and Pisces the most. A Sagittarius Moon person will seem too blunt or even blasphemous to those two signs, and for Sagittarius Moon, Virgo will appear too strict and frequently annoying, while Pisces will be too confusing and chaotic.

Moon In Sagittarius Celebrities

Surely you must be interested in who else has this Moon in Sagittarius placement in their natal chart, and soon enough, you will be very surprised. All those fantastic ladies have something which makes them different from all others and this is exactly the quality of their Moon.

Oprah Winfrey is the highest goddess of television, an unforgettable actress, shrewd producer, and everything else you can think of related to media and charity. A queen of all queens, Oprah touched our hearts so many times. She was born on January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi with her natal Sun in Aquarius, her Moon in Sagittarius, the same as her Rising sign or Ascendant. And of course, the top of her chart or the point of her highest achievement or MC is placed in the sign of Libra. She is all about other people, hurt or oppressed people, and creating a better life on this planet.

Adele is a very descriptive example of a Libra Moon woman. She has changed her shape during the past ten years, and she has several worldwide known and loved songs, but at the same time, she can shock the public with some of her blunt statements. Adele is always true to herself and her Archer’s Moon. She was born in Tottenham, the UK on May 5, 1988. Her natal Sun is in Taurus, her Moon is in Sagittarius. And at the same time, her Ascendant is in Cancer and MC in Pisces. A lot of emotions, sensuality, and also humor.

Jennifer Aniston has been a great actress since an early age, and you must admit to yourself that you love at least one film or TV series where she has the leading role. She is just that type of person who will always emanate positive energy and feel the best in a comedy. She was born in Los Angeles, on February 11, 1969. Her natal Sun is in Aquarius, her Moon is in Sagittarius. And besides that, her Ascendant is in Libra, and MC in Cancer, which shows that she will do her best in roles related to family or the home environment.

But those fabulous ladies are surely not alone. There are so many talented, humorous, and even radical Moon in Sagittarius women, who move frontiers and seek something more in their professional paths, like Naomi Campbell, Emma Watson, Hilary Duff, and Nicole Kidman.

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My Final Thoughts

The Moon in Sagittarius woman is exceptionally smart and inspiring, also funny and challenging in a positive way. But, please have in mind that, just the Moon position will never be enough to truly know someone else with this placement or to know yourself completely.

You need to know all planetary positions and aspects they make, to see the character of the person, their past and present, and predict their future as well. Also, by realizing the meaning of the whole chart, you will know what are your strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to your advantage in any situation.

This is why my team and I created this special VIP reading where you will get all the information and be ready to plan a better future. Please, don’t hesitate because this is a limited time offer. You can select your time slot right here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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