Moon In Capricorn Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac circle, where the soul becomes organized and strives toward its purpose. Capricorn is the time of the year when people traditionally invoke the power of the Sun through their religions and rituals, waiting to be born again. The ruler of Capricorn is the planet Saturn. And in this sign of discipline and career achievements, Saturn has its earth quality. This is why the Moon in Capricorn must become structured.

A Moon in Cancer woman will not feel restrained by social norms and expectations. Capricorn is the sign of the “stone,” of crystallization and clear borders. And the celestial body which governs emotions is not free to flow or express fully through this sign. On a positive note, she will have the perfect inner control.

The Meaning Of Moon In Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn is the earth sign, and this sign exclusively represents the crystallized earth, aka: stones or minerals. And this means that it is in collision with the water element symbolized through the Moon. At the same time, Capricorn is placed as the seventh house, or the area of publicity looking from Cancer, and this doesn’t suit the Moon as the governing celestial body of Cancer – at all.

The Moon is something deeply private, and the connection we share with our family – our motherly figure the most – and also our national roots. And Capricorn is all about discipline, being present in the “now,” and dealing with current career or reputation issues. There is no place or time for deep insights or contemplations; it’s all about strategic and strict changes.

These are all reasons that the Moon in Capricorn is in exile in Capricorn, meaning that it doesn’t feel good in it. But even if the Moon can’t free-flow, which is its genuine nature, in Cancer it restricts its behavior and becomes more serious and goal-oriented. Calculations are not good for the Moon per se, but calculations and thorough planning in life are crucially important for a meaningful life.

Is Capricorn Moon Strong Or Heartless?

Let’s see some basic “pillars” of Astrology before we answer this question. Any Moon’s position can be seen as strong or heartless depending on other aspects this Moon creates with other planetary bodies, besides the position of the Moon in a particular sign or a particular house.

Now that we have this clear, let me say that a Moon in Capricorn can be strong and heartless, but only if it has some special aspects working in the favor of those characteristics. For instance, a Moon in Capricorn can become very “heartless” if a person has this position in Capricorn, in the tenth house and together with the planet Mars or Saturn, and in a square aspect with Saturn or Mars. For instance, a Moon with Mars in Capricorn in the tenth house, and in a square with Saturn in Libra. And this will show someone who will be excellent for business deals or the law in general, but very “poor” in expressing feelings.

On the other hand, a Moon in Capricorn in the fourth house in trine with Venus in Taurus, as an example, will show someone very cordial and sensitive, yet traditional, but oriented toward wealth. Not toward financial wealth per se, but for wealth in the home, in the family, and for the future generations.

And by using the same Astrology rules, this Moon can be weak or strong depending on the other aspects, mostly those related to the Sun and Mercury, two celestial bodies that show our ego and our cognitive abilities and operative intelligence. So, for someone who has their Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, and Moon in Capricorn, everything in life will be just a matter of planning and execution. No fails, no desperation, just passing obstacles on the road to success.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Capricorn

When a Moon is in Capricorn, whether you have this position in your natal chart or not, consider those two and a half days per month as the perfect time to clean and clear your business tasks and plans. This is also an auspicious time to deal with legal papers, consult with your lawyer, and generally take care of your home or office organization.

The same applies if this Moon in Capricorn takes place in your fourth or tenth house when you might suddenly have to deal with several clients at once, so good organization is a must. If this transit happens in your first or seventh house, then you could start a diet, do a fast, or have a serious conversation with your spouse, boss, or business partner. If the same Moon in Capricorn happens in your second or eighth house beware of tax collectors, perhaps invitations to a court or other state departments.

If the same transit takes place in your third or ninth house, then some formal conversations could be on your agenda, also you might visit an orthodox temple in the mountains, or go hiking. If a Moon in Capricorn happens in your fifth or eleventh house, then this is a great moment to upholster some old furniture, start a home renovation, or become friends with the senior person. And if this particular transit takes place in your sixth or twelfth house, then you should surely clean your home, or volunteer to help people in need, visit monasteries, elderly homes, or plan a trip to the Himalayas.

How Moon In Capricorn Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Capricorn personality traits will be seen as the endless attempt to keep emotions under control. The person’s soul will need to feel safe and respected in their environment or greater social circles to feel calm and know that everything is alright, meaning “under control” again.

And if we know that the Moon is all about deep emotions, the feeling of unity with the motherly figure since the day we are born, and belonging to a certain family since our early years, now it’s clear that this person will surely have some issues which roots can be found in a lack of close contact and expression of feelings in their early years.

Having in mind that the Moon belongs to the water element, it will feel dry in cold and structured Capricorn. It could be seen as leaving the jellyfish at the top of the mountain. Yes, some thin crust as a form of protection will be formed, and keep the person safe from the cold, and unfriendly environment.

This, basically, lack of sincere communication, but not communicating through words, but rather through the soul, with her mother or motherly figure will indicate that this woman doesn’t have something crucially important and deep down in her frozen soul, she will know that too. She will be afraid to approach other people, or even if she does, she will keep her inner world just for herself, afraid that she will get hurt.

Instead, she will seek the support and surroundings of the older and wiser people, knowing that they might have some eccentric habits, but they will never use her presence to manipulate or play with her heart.

On a positive note, the Moon in Capricorn woman will be an excellent, but quiet leader. And you could imagine her as some sort of the famous Anna Wintour, the director of Vogue, with many business titles, respectful and appreciated everywhere she appears but feared by many at the same time.

What Does A Capricorn Moon Woman Look Like?

The Capricorn Moon woman will look very discrete and conservative. Her presence might not be seen as much, as she will be felt. And during her youthful years, she might not feel so good in her skin. That age won’t be suitable for her mind and emotions, always striving to the world of grownups and wise individuals.

She will be healthy in the majority of cases, although she will avoid sports as some sort of modern luxury. She will believe in good-old-fashioned hard work, and household or outside activities will keep her healthy and agile. For instance, she won’t be the type to go to the gym or do regular jogging. Instead, she will walk everywhere she can walk, even if this means walking for hours. And this type of philosophy will ensure longevity for sure.

She will have a slim body, sometimes a bit “boney,” and she might always seem like someone who hasn’t had a decent meal for months. But this will be her style too, and she will enjoy the feeling of emptiness in her belly, which will enable her to think or move fast.

She can have all sorts of complexions or tones of her hair or eyes while she is younger, but once she becomes mature and her hair becomes gray, then she will find her proper style and purpose in life. And then her conservative fashion will seem flawless and utterly elegant.

The Moon In Capricorn Woman In Love

Moon In Capricorn Woman In Love

Have in mind that falling in love, being in love, receiving or giving love, enjoying pursuing or being pursued, those are all issues under the governments of the planets Venus and Mars. Those two planets regulate our hormones and therefore, our drive. On the other hand, the Moon plays a big role in those experiences too because the Moon is all about the flow, and all about the water, which is crucially important for female bodies, and consequently, their inner states.

The Capricorn Moon in love will seek safety first and last. A Capricorn Moon woman will be very realistic, believing that there is no such thing as a “soul mate” or a “twin flame.” She won’t believe in fairytales and she will be absolutely certain that there is no such thing as the happily ever after. She will know that time is the ultimate judge and by observing other couples, she will know what to expect from life and in what stage of a relationship.

In a way, she will be excellent in practicing non-attachment, and therefore, she won’t feel so good in romance while she is young. This will happen because she will be fully aware that true commitment can come through wisdom, and wisdom comes through years of experience. In this sense, she will be confused and she won’t know what to do while people her age have all sorts of wild romances and soap opera episodes.

Her proper time for love will start to show in her late thirties and even forties, when she meets someone ready to commit and start a family. And this Moon in Capricorn woman can be the perfect role-model for the arranged type of marriage, when a third party is involved as a match-maker, matching her with someone serious, successful, disciplined, and had enough of “romancing” in life.

Her love, which will be very deep and devoted, especially during hard times, will be born in a marriage or a very committed relationship. And this love will take some substantial time to be formed, but once present, it will be unbreakable.

The Moon In Capricorn Woman In Bed

The Moon In Capricorn Woman In Bed

The same as emotions governed by hormones, sexuality is primarily seen through the positions of Mars and Venus. Mars is the celestial body that governs or zest for life and our actions, including sexual behavior. And Venus is responsible for the style of giving and receiving pleasure. But looking further, the Moon has an important role too, because it rules over emotions, and emotions are the foundation of any intent and dynamic happening between people.

The Capricorn woman in bed will be surprisingly vigorous, and even versatile. But this will mostly depend on the position of her natal Sun since the Sun is the ruler of her natural eighth house looking from the position of her natal Moon in Capricorn. In any case, her expectations will be big, she will love the styled environment and royal treatment during sex. 

Only in situations (when her natal Sun is in Libra) as the weak position, she won’t care so much about sex in general terms. For all other positions, she will be the person who will show her hot nature only in privacy and only with the person she totally trusts.

In some cases, she might even be too demanding because her performance will demand nice conditions, a big bed, she will avoid making love in any other surroundings than the bedroom, and she will surely need a longer intro to totally relax and open up. However, once she is “hot enough” she will keep her flame for hours and hours, and only truly skilled lovers will be able to cope with her and her desires.

The Moon In Capricorn Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Moon In Capricorn Woman’s Positive Traits

The Moon in Capricorn woman will have so many positive traits that anyone will find her irreplaceable on any occasion. First of all, she will be rational, organized, and practical. She won’t ever nag, feel confused, not in the mood, or be too emotionally disturbed to do her tasks.

Rain or shine, she will execute and eliminate all obstacles and issues like a machine, and she can be the extraordinarily successful secretary or CEO of a big corporation. Her position won’t matter, because she will give her best in whatever job she is doing, and this will include digging of the well, chopping the wood, all the way to resolving negotiating-conflict situations between two big companies, or states. She is the kind of girl that hates chaos and fear most of all.

Also, she will be very stable and successful. And she can be grateful for her success in her ability to plan thoroughly and then stick to her action steps all the way. This is why it is hard to even imagine the poor or desperate Moon in Capricorn woman because she knows that her intelligence can provide an excellent life for her.

The Moon In Capricorn Woman’s Negative Traits

Well, when it comes to negative traits, the Moon in Capricorn woman won’t be immune to them for sure, like all other Zodiac signs. First of all, she can be so hard and stubborn to cope with. Once she makes up her mind, it will take an enormous effort to change her mind. And on some occasions when fast reaction means survival, this will be seen as something really negative.

Secondly, she can be too pragmatic, calculative, dry, or project all sorts of fears onto other people, so that they can feel this fear instead of her. The atmosphere around her sometimes can be cut by scissors, and she could even enjoy the feeling of overpowering others.

And yes, she can be unforgiving and lack basic empathy, two traits that can make her seem like a really cold and senseless being. And many times, women around her will find her hard to understand because she will emanate this dry business-oriented energy in whatever she does.

Lastly, when her energy is low, she will feel depressive and radiate that gloomy and dark energy for miles around her. She won’t talk or complain, she will just keep quiet and mind her own business, but all people around her will have the feeling like the dark cloud is hanging all over them just because of her mood.  

Moon In Capricorn Compatibility

A Moon in Capricorn will have the best compatibility with a person with their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Cancer. They will need some substantial time to get to know each other better and to open up, but after the trust is formed, then their love will be unbreakable and very conservative. They will keep their private life to themselves, and last for a long time, if not forever.

The Moon in Capricorn will also get along very well with all earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and another Capricorn. They will love the fact that both of them are very reliable and trusted partners, and will help each other to succeed in life. Also, the Moon in Capricorn will make a great match with all those who have significant points of planets in water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. With those signs passionate, but the very private relationship will be developed and last.

The worst compatibility for a Capricorn Moon is seen with fire and air signs, Aries and Libra the most. Capricorn Moon person will seem too strong, emotionally dry, and calculative to those two signs, and for Capricorn Moon, Aries will appear brisk, too fast, and annoying, while Libra will be seen as too shallow and fake, to some extent.

Moon In Capricorn Celebrities

Surprisingly, Moon in Capricorn celebrities are filled with men who achieved incredible things in history and popular culture as well. However, when it comes to Moon in Capricorn women, you will be amazed at some of the ladies on this list for sure because every one of them is so powerful and so unique.

Cher, the one and only superstar who doesn’t age at all. If you see her photos from the early seventies and those taken right now, you will realize that she looks even better in our day and age. She was born in El Centro, California, on May 20th, 1945. Her natal Sun is in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn. And while her Ascendant is in Cancer, her MC is in Pisces, the sign of arts, creativity, and dual career. She is a world-known entertainer, singer, actress and for many of her projects, she has won the greatest awards in her profession.

Amy Winehouse is another unique example of the Capricorn Moon woman. She was born in London, on September 14, 1983. Her natal Sun is in Virgo, and her Moon is in Capricorn. Her Ascendant, or Rising sign, is Gemini, and her MC is in Aquarius. She was a world-famous singer and songwriter, who had her share of battles with addiction. On the other hand, her voice was mesmerizing and the themes she sang about were touching our hearts. And she was also known as someone who uses a mix of musical genres, sounding a bit old-fashioned, and at the same time modern or timeless. That made her different from the rest of the army of pretty faces with fabulous voices in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, she died on July 23rd, 2011.

Aishwarya Rai is a well-known name in Bollywood production, and consequently, all over the world. She was born in Bangalore, on November 1st, 1973. Her natal Sun is in Scorpio, and her Moon is in Capricorn. And her Rising sign is in Capricorn too, while her MC is in Libra. She was so perfectly beautiful that she had the title of Miss World 1994. And after that stary moment, she continues her career as an actress starring in four different language films and gaining her glory all over the globe.

Besides those extremely talented and determined ladies, the world of celebrities is not so full of Moon in Capricorn popular women. However, when you notice them, you will notice how unique they are and how disciplined when it comes to their profession. And let’s name just a few of them like Reese Witherspoon, Juliette Binoche, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler

My Final Thoughts

The Moon in Capricorn woman is really shrewd and intelligent, and naturally, successful and unique. However, the position of the natal Moon, although crucially important, is just the part of our lives which are colored by all planetary bodies and their aspects in a horoscope chart. And by knowing the whole chart, an individual will know their strengths and weaknesses, the past, present, and future events, and how to take advantage of them.

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Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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