The Best Self-Care Routine According to Your Zodiac Sign

Hello my lovelies, in today’s article we are going to cover the best self-care routines for each of the Zodiac signs. Not every sign carries the same energies or needs, and thus, the self-care and beauty routines of course cannot be universal!

Some signs are ruled by lady Venus, which gives them an advantage in the beauty and money department. While others are ruled by Mars, which gives them a strong and powerful physique, as well as some stubbornness. 

In order to see what kind of self-care routine is best for yourself, stay tuned and read along!


The mighty Aries is ruled by Mars – the red planet of warriors and strong-headed natives. In order to understand your self-care routine on a deeper level, you will observe what Mars does in your natal chart and what kind of aspects it receives. 

But, without further ado, here’s your focus, Aries: the head. No, seriously, you have to take extra care of that genius head of yours that rests on your shoulders! Your head is your most demanding and the most vulnerable point on your body. 

This is why the best self-care routines you can develop are: mindfulness, Pranayama (a breathing technique) for your Third Eye, daily meditation, going to therapy, journaling, swapping coffee out for tea, and gardening. 

And yes, I’m serious when I say gardening can be one of the best self-care hobbies for you! Your head needs to stay stress-free and at ease no matter the situation that comes your way. For you, Aries, the biggest challenge is to learn and accept that you can’t always win.

Staying in the present moment, taking deep and mindful breaths, writing out your wild emotions and genius thoughts can all lead to some mighty good introspection and understanding of self. 

Seeing a psychiatrist, drinking tea that is free of added sugars and caffeine can be awesome for your blood pressure, and gardening teaches you patience and commitment – two traits you sorely lack, Aries. So keep your head down and take notes, this is important and possibly life-changing for you!


Hey beauties, if you are Sun, Moon, or Rising Taurus, then you are ruled by the extravagant Venus – the scorching hot planet of love, material goods, and luxury. For you, it is important to observe the placement of Venus in your chart, so make sure to jot down what’s she doing and with whom she’s hanging out via the aspects in your chart. 

So, your focal point is the throat, your voice, and expression of emotions through verbal communication. Taurus women often have thyroid complications and problems; this is because you have a tendency to stay silent even when you should be loud and proud.

Let’s start with the basics – first and foremost, you need to give up on extra cold drinks. Then, you should take notice of how much liquid sugar you’re taking into your body, especially when you are battling an emotional state on the inside. What you need to understand dear Taurus, is that you cannot live your life by staying silent when you shouldn’t and avoiding serious conflict either by silence or some half-truths and white lies.

Your greatest lesson in this life is to learn how to unblock your Throat Chakra and express your deepest desires, needs, wants, and emotions. You need to talk about your feelings, sing, write, cook, and use your beautiful voice to be heard right and proper. 

What you can do is make a podcast, cover the topics that are important to you and you feel passionate about. Write about your personal experience with this world and liberate yourself from the clutches of fear and possible gossip that will follow you around once you stop pretending to be such a subdued being. 

The summary is to sing, talk about your inner self, find an audience who will listen to you and what you have to say. Even if you don’t get much cash for it in the beginning, all will settle down and you’ll see how great it is to speak your mind and to do so without hesitation.


Hey there, Gemini! You’ve come to the right place, your ruler is one of the faster moving planets (that follows the Sun around), God of information and fast message relaying. So make sure to look into its aspects in your chart.

Since Gemini naturally rules over the shoulders and hands, you need to be careful as to what you’re doing with those hands in order to avoid a serious injury. And you should really use protection if you are handling any sharp objects such as knives or broken glass. 

What you need to know about your best self-care routine is “drink more water!” You are fast, fickle and intelligent, your brain is overwhelmed by a plethora of details and intrusive thoughts that didn’t get the notice that the party was cancelled so they are still staying in your head despite everything.

Geminis you should get a pet – a being who needs your almost constant attention, and a being with whom you’ll be able to talk, no matter the time of day (or night) – you’ve got things to say to each other! And a sweet companion that you can hold any time you feel tense or stressed out. 

You need structure and balance in your life, you can achieve this by working on yourself, on the flaws you caught before anyone else did. Acting will be a great outlet for you, so if you know someone in the showbiz – get inside as soon as possible.

Also, take good care of your respiratory organs, smoking is extremely bad for you and lay off the energy drinks! And in order to stay young and strong, you need to drink a lot of water, accept that sometimes things move very snail-speed slowly, but hang in there, it’ll get better, you’ll see!


Lovelies, if you are a Cancer, then the best thing you can do for your self-care is to take good care of your heart and whole chest area. This means accepting your emotions, showing them as they emerge from within you and embracing the power of forgiveness. 

A front massage on your chest, shoulders, and arms would do wonders for you, Cancer. You really need to feel a touch on your chest area and felt loved, and appreciated. Reiki is a magnificent form of healing and self-care that you can do on yourselves and others can do it on you. 

Wearing a large Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz on your Heart Chakra is also a great way to do passive self-care. Rose Quartz amplifies emotions and Clear Quartz cleanses all negativity. When combined, they make a perfect duo of healing crystals for you, Cancer, so keep that in mind. 

Going hiking, cycling, and kayaking is also a majestic way for you to care for yourself and heal. Spending time near or on the water is crucial for you, whether you fancy yourself as a pro swimmer or not. 

The alternative is to stay at home, where you feel safe and protected, where you can cook, drink hot cocoa with your loved one under the warm blanket and watch your favorite comfort movie or series. 

The most valuable and important thing you can do for yourself, Cancer, is to take it easy and go slowly, giving yourself both space and time to feel all the emotions coursing through you. Validate yourself as best you can in the manner that suits you, and know that you are loved in the same way you love.


The best self-care routine for you, Leo, includes spa retreats, luxurious summer adventures, and shopping. You are a very adventurous sign. When you feel under the weather, what you need is action instead of moping around and feeling lousy about it. 

So, when your blues hit you, Leo, make sure to grab a friend and hit the ground running. Shopping as a form of self-care comes first on the list, especially if it’s something made of gold and glitter, something that will accentuate your shine. 

The next thing that comes to mind is a road trip (or a plane ticket) to a warm destination where you can get that vitamin D, have loads of fun, and enjoy delicious cocktails. And what others concern themselves with is none of your business – anything that makes you feel better is a valid way to scatter the blues and hit the high notes again. 

Karaoke is also a great way of self-care, especially if you’re dealing with some of the heavier feels and emotions. If it’s anger that got you under the weather, then it’s best to push it out with some extremely fun activity, like bungee jumping or going to see a horror flick. 

In case you can’t or you don’t feel like going out and about, and if all you have strength for is to lie in bed at home, then immerse yourself in a favorite movie. There’s a reason it’s your favorite, and it’s bound to give rise to some positive feelings and comfort. Invite a good friend over and indulge yourselves in some home-based fun. 

In the end, if all else fails, make a vlog of your current state, talk about it, make fun of it, remind yourself why you’re such a queen as you are. Make some great jokes so that others can laugh when they’re down in a ditch, too. It’s your thing Leo – you came down here to make others laugh and to heal others through laughter, who’s to say you can’t heal yourself with laughter too?


The best way to self-care for yourself dear Virgo, would be the sensory deprivation tank. I know, this is a tall order, but trust me! What you need the most in life is to shut your mind off for a moment (or an hour) and let yourself just feel whatever it is you’re feeling. 

Virgo, you’ve got overthinking issues that stem from the fear of feeling everything too deeply and losing yourself in all those emotions. Rationalizing and being logical simply makes more sense. You’re being able to keep common sense and logic even in situations that deem those things obsolete. 

Sacred plants are another an amazing way to ease your mind and overactive worries. What you need is to eat lighter foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as in water (fruits, smoothies, teas, and homemade soups) because your nervous system can lead to irritable bowel movement and ulcers. These physical ailments are very common in most Virgos. 

The best self-care for you, Virgo, is whatever makes you the most relaxed. I mentioned some excellent ideas that can be your food for thought, and you should try them out if you haven’t thus far, but what works best for you – that’s your thing. 

You need to feel safe and sound in order to relax fully and completely, so whatever floats your boat in that manner, just do it! You do you girl, because no one else can say what is best for you! A Child’s Pose is also a very simple yet effective way to achieve that elevated state of relaxation and mindfulness as well. 

Whatever you choose Virgo, just remember to think of yourself and stay dedicated to keeping your nervous and digestive system relaxed.


Hey Libra lovelies, how are you? I’m going to tell you what form of self-care works best for you, so keep on reading. Since Libra rules skin, kidneys, and endocrine system, what you really need to pay attention to is these parts, of course. 

If your skin is acting up, or you have kidney troubles, then you know that you’ve been accumulating stress and neglecting your needs. Skin is the largest organ on our body, and in women – the most valued one in terms of beauty, and Libra is, by no coincidence, ruled by Venus – the queen of beauty and esthetics. 

So, Libra darling, you need to first and foremost, drink at least two liters of water every day, it’s not great just for your skin, but also for your kidneys and your endocrine system. You should either use the perfect cosmetics for your skin type or not use them at all. And you need to stay away from tobacco and acidic foods. 

You are overburdened with being diplomatic and balanced in all things and walks of life, and the rest of us admire you for your vigilance and efforts that cost you so much, yet you make it all seem so effortless and graceful. This can be very demanding on your inner self and your immune system overall. 

This is why you should see an excellent therapist, at least twice a week, practice yoga, mindfulness, and a combined set of training that keep both your mind and your body preoccupied. The best self-care you can dedicate to yourself is staying away from combative and toxic people who violate your balance and diplomatic approach to life. 

If you have a highly stressful job that includes you deciding other’s fates (like a judge, or a lawyer), you really need to make sure that you’re detoxifying both your body and your mind properly and regularly. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! This form of self-care is crucial for your longevity and long-term health, and you cannot prioritize anything else above it. 


Dearest Scorpio, what shall we do with you…? Your sign rules over blood, nose, and genitals, and if you have a problem with these body parts that means that you’ve jeopardized your health because of stress. So I’m going to give you a couple of alternatives that can prove to be an excellent form of self-care for you, dear Scorpio. 

The first thing on the list would be iron. Introducing iron-rich foods (like spinach) in your diet is a must. Then, drinking smoothies that contain a lot of potassium and vitamins (like banana-strawberry-grape combo) which can help your blood absorb the excessive amount of iron in the best way. And finally getting a blend of teas from your trusted herbalist that will help you detoxify your body and protect your immune system. 

I’m going to be honest with you, dear Scorpio, one of the simplest and best ways of self-care for you would be masturbation (and a lot of it, while we’re at it!). Exploring yourself and your fantasies can be such a healing and elevating process for you, that you might hear from others how radiant and beautiful you seem. A lot of people might even theorize you’re in love. 

When we orgasm, a combination of very powerful and healing hormones is released, and they revitalize and rejuvenate our whole body and mind. Plus, women have that much stronger and potent orgasms than men. We really are something special. 

But in order to achieve that glow-up level of self-care, you need to be regular in pleasuring yourself, and you need to do it as often as you feel like it. This is not just a great way to glam up our bodies, but also to relieve accumulated and persistent stress that is draining us from the inside. 

So, what you need to be is free, brave, and open to yourself and your greatest pleasures. There’s no room for judgement here, nor room for fear of what others might think or say. It’s none of your business what others might think of you, so you just do you and do it well!


Whether you believe it or not, Sagittarius is one of the most stressed-out signs. This girl carries a lot of trauma baggage and no, it’s not because she’s boarding her next plane!

Sagittarius rules the thighs and legs, and this is why it’s so important for Sagittarius to be on the constant move. Girl, you need to be active and stay active. You need to use those fine legs of yours and do more than just showing them off. For you dear Sag, the best self-care routine literally includes squats. And the bigger the weight, the better. 

Almost all Sagittarius women are sporty and athletic, and most of you are very familiar with some form of physical activity, but getting into squats will change your life, trust me. It will not only make your behind and legs look more glorious and thicker than they are now, but it will also release such hormones in your brain that they will force you to throw all of your worries out of the window and focus on the present. 

And you have to agree that is quite freeing. Being able to let go of all that inner turmoil that has been weighing you down and slowing your roll is magnificent. And squats also give you an insane adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment every time your break your personal record, and that’s a majestic high for you, is it not? 

Besides squats, running, pole-dancing, horse riding, and audiobook listening can be counted as marvelous self-care routines for you. Listening to interesting podcasts while you’re doing chores, or going out and about can be an extremely effective and productive way of elevating your state of mind. 

You’re always hungry for knowledge and wanting to know more, and this is why it’s a great way of self-care to listen to audiobooks and podcasts for you. Your mind tends to wander, and sometimes it can go down some very dark holes. In order to keep it focused and stay on more positive paths, use these alternatives for your greater good. 


Serious Capricorn rules the bones, teeth, knees, and joints – no small feat, not at all. You are one of the most durable and resilient of them all, but that is not always a badge of honor. It can be a difficult state from the perspective of your own body and immune system, so listen up and soak in every word. 

The best self-care for you, dear Capricorn, is a regular relaxing massage. Buying yourself an office chair that will support your back, spending that extra few minutes in front of the mirror every night flossing, sharing your burdens with someone you trust and, arguably most importantly, asking for help every now and again. 

All of these are a necessity when it comes to your self-care. With age, you become more relaxed and childish. You discover the thing that all other sings already discovered during the childhood era, especially you, Capricorn. But you are Saturn’s child, and that is a tough job for life. 

So you, most of all, need to be kind(er) to yourself. There’s no shame in asking for help when you’re overloaded and overworked. Really, no shame whatsoever! You also need to spend more time and money on yourself. There’s no other way about it. I know you are very fond of saving and not spending money “recklessly,” but spending it on yourself and your health is not reckless at all. 

If anything, it’s investing in your future and in the body that is supposed to carry you until your end days on this Earth. You’re not spoiling yourself; you’re investing. 

While you’re at it, it’s worth investing in a good mattress too. Trust you me on this, it will literally change your life – along with that office chair and some good back support for your car seat, too. So, be a sweetheart and spend some money on yourself so that you may spend more time with your loved ones in the long run, okay?


Dear Aquarius, you’ve come here not expecting to find anything for your sign, as usual, but that’s where you’re wrong – you’ll find plenty! Aquarius rules over the circulatory system, ankles, and shins, so when some of these parts act out, it’s a sign you’ve neglected yourself, dear Aqua girl. 

Some of the best self-care routines for you, dear Aquarius, are having deep conversations with someone who understands every word you say. No joke. When you’re able to have a heartfelt, serious, goofy, and glorious conversation packed all in one with someone, you flourish!

All of your burdens, your worries about all of the injustices of this world and empathy you have for others are released and you can, once again be yourself within your own body. Some of you will want to share these priceless conversations with the rest of the world, and some of you would rather keep them just for yourself. Either way, it’s great, as long as you have these talks. 

The next best thing you can do for your self-care is to write a book. And I don’t mean just like a one-time fling. No, this book-writing has to be a continuous process for you. Like journaling, only you will be leaving something behind, something that will help elevate the current state of the world. 

You’re a knowledge-pourer dear Aquarius, it’s your life’s purpose to pour knowledge from the celestial jar onto the human race stuck here on this planet. You didn’t come here to spend your life in a cubicle doing things anyone else can do. You came here to stir things up, to make waves and to bring ruin to the old and outdated and pour in the new and better. 

In order to be able to do what you came here to do, you need to take good care of your earthly vessel, so make sure that your creative mind and high IQ have a matching outlet. Don’t let yourself be smothered by collective mediocrity, find someone with whom you can share your unique point of view. And if you cannot find anyone who can match your IQ, then, by all means – go and create someone!

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Merciful Pisces, your rulership is over the hands and feet, and in order to heal these overused parts, you should pay them special attention and give them special treatment. Receiving regular hand and feet massages, healing with essential oils and hot baths with Epsom salts are all majestic ways to better yourself. 

The best self-care for you, dear Pisces, always includes water. Water is your ruling element and it has the power to heal you fully and restore your vigor and enthusiasm – especially seawater. So make sure you either live by the sea or if not, visit salt rooms and saunas that use essential oils regularly. 

Pisces is the Omega of the Zodiac, you collect all of the collective lessons, karma, and trauma and you work it all out within your being. This is why you, most of all, need the best care. Having someone pay extra attention to your hands and feet and treat them with love and care can do wonders for your wellbeing. Don’t feel shy to (over)spend on these kinds of massages, you need them – your body and soul will thank you! 

You also need to be around salt. This mineral has a grounding effect on you, and it helps with the detoxification on both the physical and metaphysical levels. This is why it’s so good for you to visit salt rooms and saunas on regular basis. 

Another form of great self-care is to learn to cry for yourself, you’ve shed enough tears for the whole world and for others. If you feel like crying because you’ve been sad, or you feel nostalgic, or you’re simply gloomy – then cry and don’t you dare feel guilty about it. It’s only human to cry. Crying is healthy, the salty tears release negative emotions that would otherwise have turned into poison stuck in our bodies. 

Be aware of how healing crying is, and how tears actually help us stay healthy from the inside. Don’t be aversive towards being your emotional self and towards treating yourself with the same kindness and empathy you do everyone else. Take good care of yourself, dear Pisces, for you deserve it the most.

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