5 Ways That Aries Season Can Improve Your Relationship

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So, let me bring you up to speed with what’s going on out there in the void this March: Aries. Season. Yes, babes, this is the Zodiacal New Year! This is a big deal for Astrologically inclined folk like you and me because this is when we can all find a fresh beginning somewhere in our life.

This can manifest in your relationships, obviously. No one is avoiding this Aries energy as it rolls through. Aries is as subtle as a bull in a china shop, after all!

So, what is Aries? Aries is a sign of energy, initiative, sex, and competition. This is a warrior archetype. So, ask yourselves this Aries season… am I willing to fight for my love?

If you are, then this is the article for you. I want to show you all of the positive ways the baby of the Zodiac can help you and YOUR baby get along that much more. I think you’re going to like what’s coming up, but first, why don’t you go grab a triple shot espresso or something similar to get just as hyped as the typical Aries for this one!

Promotes Honesty In Your Relationship

If you have an Aries in your life, they may have shown you just what the definition of honesty is. Aries energy is in the moment, taking place right here and right now. As Aries season rolls in, you may not be thinking as much about whether or not you’ll say what’s on your mind… you’ll just say it.

Now, of course, this comes with its own set of potential pitfalls. Aries energy can have things fly out of your mouth that surprise you with their bite. However, the very act of expressing your feelings can bring you and your partner closer together.

Honesty about your emotions is the number one most important thing for couples in my book. This is why I am always a fan of the truth coming out. Aries energy can be mature if you’ve progressed on your path far enough. A calm mind won’t be as reactive to the words of others and you’ll find a way to speak from the heart without hurting your partner.

Gives You Energy

Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet of fire and war as well as passion and speed. When this energy is activated by the Sun, you’ll notice a tendency to take the bull by the horns and to be the first to pursue what you want. You’re able to juggle more just because you’ve got the energetic bandwidth to accommodate it.

When Aries is activated by the Sun, you could find that going to work and coming home to your partner and still having steam to dedicate time to them is easier. Pisces season could have had you home and snoring after a small excursion, but now, you’ve got a lot more drive for bonding with your lover.

Being energetic is also a help if your partner is typically the more energetic one. This allows you to be on their level for a while, and the two of you could use this time to do more rigorous activities that you normally put off.

Progresses New Relationships Quickly

If your relationship is young and new, then you can expect things to feel different by the end of Aries season. This transit of the Sun through the sign of Aries tends to speed things along in any area of life. This is due to the fiery and “me first” nature of the Aries.

Aries speeding things up could have you making some bold relationship moves. Aries is said to have the greatest intuition of the signs, contrary to popular belief. This means that the moves that others call foolish could actually be a deep insight that you felt compelled to act out.

You and your partner could be ready to run the gambit together. If you’re new with one another, this transit could easily have you feeling like you’ve been together for a year in a month! And the cool part is that the honeymoon phase feelings are lingering while the connection is deepening.

Makes You Confident In Bed

I don’t know if any of us are free from insecurities in the bedroom. You could be wondering what is running through your partner’s head for the whole time, which keeps you from focusing on the action. What’s cool about Aries season is that it can make you feel like the sexiest person you’ve ever seen!

Aries is a selfish sign, but I maintain this is NOT a bad thing for women. I believe that an Aries woman just has an attitude that is normally acceptable in men. When a woman catches a taste of that sexual confidence that others have then she can stop worrying about what’s going on in her partner’s mind.

With Aries energy in the air, you can focus on your own pleasure. This allows you both to have a much better time in bed. Cause when he realizes you’re genuinely enjoying yourself, he will enjoy himself more as well.

Your Romance Is Kindled

One thing about Aries is that it turns up the heat! You shouldn’t be shy about your passions during this transit. If you want to serenade your partner like Pepe Le Pew then by God, you’d better do it! Aries energy will take no less.

If you have trouble touching into your flirty side then this is the transit for you. Aries is bold and takes confident action, and when you miss this with a partner you find that Aries can’t help but be direct about their love and affection for their partner. You will get a taste of this month as the Sun transits through Aries.

All of the things that you may have wanted to do to show your affection but were too shy to are now on the table. You could be finding that it’s not so hard to express your love to your partner after all. If you need a permission slip to be authentically romantic (and only a little cheesy) then this is your sign!

What Signs Are Most Affected By Aries Season?

While all signs can expect to feel a distinct shift in energy this month, some signs will be able to see the link to their partnership and relationship more obviously than other signs. It’s the difference between knowing an opportunity is there and having the opportunity thrust upon you!

Obviously, Aries can expect some action. This is a no-brainer since the Sun is happy in the sign of Aries. Aries, enjoy being number one, as usual.

Aries’ sister sign, Libra, can also expect an undeniable shift that assists by adding a theme of partnership to your life even more than usual.

While all fire signs benefit from Aries energies, Sagittarius will feel it a bit more in the relationship sector which directly affects how they perceive romance.

There is no sign that will not feel any effect on them or their partnerships! Find your Sun sign below to learn more about what Aries season has in store for you this year.


Aries, have you ever heard of feeling like the main character? Who am I kidding… you invented it! This Aries season, your character arc is at an apex. Everyone’s watching to see what you’ll do next. You’re the brave one that they all want to live vicariously through.

So… best to give them a show. If you want a relationship, go out and snag one. If you’re in a relationship, then it will be easy for you to love with deep abandon. Don’t worry about what others think. This is your moment, babe!


Taurus, Aries season provides to you all the benefits it provides any sign for relationships, however, you may not feel like these things are actually around you. You have access to drive and passion and confidence, but perhaps you feel incapacitated from reaching for it.

If you’re not in a relationship then this is typically not a period that I’d recommend starting one in. It just tends to be to attempt to make another heal a wound in you, which is not how you want a relationship to start off. If you have a partner, then don’t hesitate to let them in on everything you are feeling.


Gemini, with the Sun in your house of friendship and blessings in the sign of Aries, you’re likely feeling pretty great in general. This is a time when you recognize all of the projects you’ve started and all the initiatives you’ve taken. Others look to you in awe and respect for your passion.

In relationships, you might find yourself crushing on a friend if you’re single. You might rush into things with them, but as stated up top, Aries intuition is unmatched… so maybe your gut is onto something.


Cancer, while the Sun is in Aries, you could be feeling as if some authority is being laid on you in romance or otherwise. You might find yourself being the only one with any initiative in romance. Or perhaps work is taking precedence over romance.

Luckily, Aries energy can provide that boost that can assist you in juggling multiple things at once. Being honest with your partner about the pressures you’re facing can help you grow together.


Leo, your planetary ruler moving into the sign of Aries makes you personally feel fantastic. You’re optimistic and open-minded towards others more now than usual. This transit could lead you to develop feelings for someone whose background doesn’t look like your own, but you’re okay with that.

The passion that Aries fuels could have you buying a plane ticket to see a partner, and honestly, how on-brand for a romantic Leo.


Virgo, with the Sun entering your house of secrets and taboo, you can notice that things not normally spoken of come into play more than other periods. You can feel frustrated by the feeling that your partner is keeping a secret from you. However, Aries energy will motivate you to be direct with your partner about your thoughts on this.

It’s also likely that this is a period of transformative sex. You might find out more about what you need in bed during this time, and you’re going to pursue it doggedly.


Libra, Aries season activates one of the most important points in your chart, the house of partnerships. While Aries energy confuses you in general, it’s also an energy that you innately need in your life. Your normally compromising nature could use some of that Aries forcefulness at times.

You are more willing to reach peace with others right now. If you and your partner have been on the rocks, then this is a great time to recommit yourselves to one another.


Scorpio, the Sun is entering your house of work and labor this Aries season. This is also the house of health and fitness, which is a great pairing with the Sun in Aries’ energy. As such, you could realistically pursue a romance with a coworker or perhaps someone at the gym…

Scorpio, this is a perfect time to revamp and restart your fitness and health routine or to incorporate new habits into your day.


Sagittarius, Aries season feels like a dream for you because it’s a fellow fire sign, which you can relate to. Landing in your house of romance, the Sun in Aries opens you up for flirtatious experiences as well as opportunities to express your most authentic self. The high self within you operates kind of like an Aries, and people can’t help but fall in love with it.

Take advantage of this positive energy by going to a show, concert, sporting event, or out on the town.


Capricorn, the Sun is entering the house of home and family which could be bringing your mind back to your childhood or your parents in general. The things that you’ve been taught and ingrained into your life light a fire in you. Your partner should ultimately be understanding of this, but you’ll find out during this transit.

I recommend showing your partner the way and style in which you live in your home. Don’t be afraid to get comfortable and relax around them.


Aquarius, the Sun in Aries is entering your house of communication and thought, which predictably is a good position for flirty Aries. You have a way with words right now, and your true self is able to be reflected honestly within your words. Being able to use them effectively is the kicker.

It’s my advice to be honest but also to avoid stirring the pot by being inflammatory with your words, which is a risk during this transit.


Pisces, the Sun in your house of finances and resources brings your attention to this Earthly plane, which you’re not quite sure you even care for all the time. The Aries Sun puts your confidence in the material, which is unusual for you. Any new partner at this time could be connected with finance or sales in some way.

You may find that you want to clean out your things and to keep only what brings you warm passion, in true Aries style.

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Wrapping Up

Aries energy is a favorite of mine. Passion and vigor are qualities that I greatly admire. In romantic relationships, it’s a game-changer! You’re sure to be the VIP of your relationship this month if you’re willing to put it all on the line and rely on the power of passionate love.

If you are not satisfied with the information that I’ve written and are thirsty for me, first of all: I like you. Second of all, I highly recommend checking out my contact info by clicking here. This is where I can pencil you into my schedule, where we can go into exactly what the stars say about your specific energy.

Do me proud during the season of the Ram, babes!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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