How To Survive Mercury Retrograde In Libra: According To Your Zodiac Sign

It’s that time again, Mercury is making its third and final Retrograde of the year, and this time it happens to be in Libra. The sign most concerned with love and relationships, and I think this can mean only one thing – a bit of drama to spice up our relationships. 

By now, I am sure all of you know what Mercury does when it moves backward, but as a refresher, you can expect communication breaks, delays, confusion, problems with technology, and issues with timing.

It is advised not to sign any contracts or make any big decisions during this time. Your mind might not be able to think things through as coherently as usual and things may be especially confused whilst this Retrograde occurs in such a romantic sign as Libra. 

Everything you meant to say to your lover might be misconstrued, you might question the way you feel about your partner and the most common occurrence might befall you and that would be one of your exes coming back into the picture. If you have any unfinished business, then now is the time to go ahead and sort it out with him.

Retrogrades aren’t all bad – in fact, I believe they are actually quite positive and there is much you can learn from these three short weeks. Use this time to your advantage and make the most of it. 

You get to really reflect on any issues from the past and hopefully make amends for the choices you don’t feel particularly great about. You can slow down and take inventory of where your life is headed and make the appropriate adjustments.

Just watch out and try your best to think before you speak during this time. It is easy to fall into a trap of arguments and petty misunderstandings when Mercury is in Retrograde. So whatever decisions you make, please think them through carefully. 

Mercury Retrograde in Libra may make it difficult for you to get along with others, but just know that you are getting the opportunity to teeth out any issues you might have in any particular relationship. 

You might experience a bunch of old patterns rearing their head in your life in the form of your ex-boyfriends or men who represent parts of yourself that you feel you have released before. Just see this as a test from the Universe to see how much you have grown.

Hopefully, over these three weeks, you will learn to work through these challenges and strengthen the bonds that feel most important to you. Remember that Libra represents the scales, so look at this as an opportunity to balance out anything that doesn’t feel quite right. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how these energies will affect you and your sign then please continue reading. I advise you to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the most accurate prediction. Please note that these horoscopes are written with the Rising sign in mind. 


Keep your head above water for the next few weeks, my dear Aries. Expect the unexpected and prepare for quite a big shakeup with your love life. I can guarantee that you’re in for a bit of a rollercoaster, so please protect your heart and think everything through clearly. 

You might get a chance to blur some lines with an ex, but just be sure that this is something you really want. Reconnected can be fun, but don’t give in to it simply because you’re lonely, and having a nostalgia connection with someone feels safer than opening your heart to someone new. 

You might finally understand the purpose of this relationship, so don’t try to extend the connection just because it feels good or familiar. Take what you can from the experience and move on and open yourself up for something new. You might finally get the closure you have been looking for. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with reconnecting and giving it another go with an ex. Just tread carefully, and be aware that Mercury loves to meddle with our minds and you might not be thinking about the situation with as much clarity as you think…

It is also a good time to really reflect on how your words can impact others and not every issue needs to be dealt with an argument. Think before you speak and try to resolve any issues with compassion and kindness. 


Isn’t it funny how relationships can really mess with our schedules? One minute you’re living for yourself, on your own time, and suddenly you meet someone and you’re not getting enough sleep or taking care of your routine like you did when you were on your own. 

This Retrograde is really here for you to remind yourself not to forget about your own needs, even when you find yourself in a romantic space. Just because you might find yourself couples up now, doesn’t mean you need to throw caution to the wind. 

Remember all the amazing things you did and participated in when you were single? All the things that brought you joy through your independence? These are the things that helped you attract the partner you have in your life right now. 

It is so important not to get lost and overidentify with your relationship and forget what was once really important to you. Remember, self-care is just as important, if not more when you are in a relationship. 

For those of you who are single, it is time to pour so much self-love into yourself right now. Live the life you have always dreamed of and fill your day in with things that bring you joy. This is ultimately what you need in order to attract the love you have been wishing for.


My lovely Gemini, you and Virgo feel the effects of a Mercury Retrograde more than any other sign, being that it is the planet that rules your respective signs. This can be quite a chaotic and befuddling time in your life.

And with the Retrograde occurring in your house of pleasure and romance, it is safe to say it is going to be a Retrograde for the books. Try your best to stay calm and don’t let any disruptions get the better of you. Always see it as a learning experience, not something you need to run away from. 

It is a fantastic time for you to really recognize what you want in life, especially pertaining to romance. Are your needs being met? Do you feel sexually fulfilled? And what do you think you can do to improve your quality of life?

Don’t be surprised if a few of your exes from the past make an appearance over the course of the next three weeks. It is up to you to decide how you are going to handle this. If you have anything on your chest you need to say, take the opportunity to do it!

The Universe gives us these opportunities to revisit the past to help us heal and reflect on the things that might be holding us back. Whenever something comes back into your life remember this is an amazing chance you get to really understand what went wrong in the first place, and that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it just takes a while to recognize it.


Cancer, things at home might feel quite a bit more stressful than usual over the next few weeks. You might find yourself getting into petty arguments with your partner about really silly and insignificant domestic things. 

Like your partner forgetting to pay for the electric bill or why your man can’t seem to learn to pick up his underwear and put it in the laundry hamper. These things may seem small, but when you’re living with someone it can feel like a really big deal.

It can be tough getting used to living with someone else, but every relationship needs to go through this period of adjustment. So whatever issues have been brewing under the surface will now come to light with Mercury Retrograde.

Try to speak to your partner about your concerns honestly and tell him how much it is bothering you. He might be going through a lot and is simply a little absent-minded. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is affecting him as well, so have some compassion!

Regardless if you live with your partner or not, you can still take the same lesson from this; be open and honest with your communication and don’t let things become bigger in your head. Your man is not a mind reader so you need to express to him how you feel!


Oh gosh, Leo, you are really going to have to watch what you say over the next few weeks… Communication is a big thing for you over the Mercury Retrograde period. You aren’t usually shy to say what you think, but it might be best for you to think things through carefully before opening your mouth to speak. 

Your message might be totally misconstrued and you mind find yourself in an argument you weren’t expecting. It might not be completely unavoidable, so be sure to keep an open mind and listen to any criticisms that come your way.

Try your best to be quite mindful when communicating with your partner. Give him some slack if his communication skills are less than favorable this month – trust me, we are all going to struggle with this during the Retrograde.  

Don’t get too hasty if he doesn’t text you back in time or answer your calls. It isn’t likely that he’s ignoring you or trying to ghost you, the probability is that Mercury is running amuck with his technology. So please try to be understanding. 

I know how quickly us girls can get to think that we are being ignored or disrespected when someone doesn’t respond. But, don’t let your mind even go there! You can really blame Mercury for any communication breakdown.


It is always a wild time for you when your chart ruler, Mercury, spins backwards for a month. You and Gemini are the two signs that seem to be most affected by these Retrogrades. It definitely isn’t all bad, and there is so much you can learn from this slower pace, my dearest Virgo.

This Retrograde will have you questioning everything related to your values, self-esteem, and self-respect. All of this is vitally important when it comes to finding love and the perfect partner to be in a relationship with. 

What do you value about yourself? What are some of the qualities you deem most important in a relationship? How do you maintain your self-respect when you are coupled up with a partner? These are extremely important questions to answer before you ever consider moving into a relationship space. 

If you aren’t clear on these questions, then you might not be ready to move into a serious romance. Take this Retrograde period to really make sense of what you want and need from love. If you don’t know, the Universe will be unclear about what it needs to deliver to you. 

Be motivated to work on yourself and realize that the relationship you have with yourself is more important than any other relationship you will ever have. This is honestly the secret to the most successful relationships. When you love yourself, everything else falls into place. 


Libra, on a good day you can be rather indecisive, and unsure which way would be best for you. But unfortunately, with Mercury going Retrograde, this indecisiveness might be magnified way more than usual.

It is safe to say that over the next few weeks you might feel quite confused and like you don’t know if you are coming or going. You might have to make a decision between two loves. Perhaps you have your eye set on more than one partner, but you just can’t choose who suits you best?

Or you may feel confused about whether or not you’re actually ready for a new relationship. My only advice to you is to really take things slow and don’t make a set decision until the Retrograde period is over. You’ll have a lot more clarity by then, this I can assure you. 

To help you figure out how to move forward through this period, why not take a deep dive into your old relationship patterns and ask yourself why you think certain things unfolded in your life the way they did? What can you take from these experiences and what have your learned from them?

Getting to the core of an issue can help you heal and move on from that pattern. Use this Mercury Retrograde to really take a closer look at yourself, and remember to be proud of how far you have come because you are doing amazing!


Scorpio, my dear, you are already so introspective and brooding, but Mercury Retrograde has come to amplify this for you even more. Don’t expect to be the Belle of the ball this month, you have bigger fish to fry. 

This Retrograde is happening in your twelfth house that represents deep healing, the unconscious mind, spirituality, escapism, secrets, and endings. Sounds very Scorpio, doesn’t it? You might feel like you want to shut yourself out from the rest of the world.

If you’re feeling more introverted, don’t fight it. A few moments by yourself will probably do you a world of good. This is a great moment for you to solely focus on yourself and what you need to let go of and heal. This might not be the easiest process, but it is necessary. 

Pay close attention to your dreams for the next three weeks. You might receive interesting messages that can help you sort out any kinks in your subconscious. This is a wonderful moment for you to embrace a sense of renewal. 

You might feel alone this month, but take solace that this is only temporary and sometimes you can only depend on yourself for support. And don’t forget that every new beginning often feels like an ending. This feeling will blow over soon enough. 


You really need to be careful of what you say over the next few weeks, Sagittarius. I know you love honesty and being a straight shooter, but sometimes your words carry quite a mighty sting and this Retrograde will only intensify the effects of your communication and you need to be especially aware of what you post online. 

You might as well go on a bit of a social media hiatus to cover all your bases. There is a high probability for you to have misunderstandings with some of your friends, so whatever you do, don’t buy into the drama or gossip because this might come back to haunt you. 

There is also a great chance for you to reconnect with some of your friends from your past, and who knows a blast from the past can turn into something spicy. You might realize you have feelings for an old friend. Isn’t that exciting?

But there is a great chance that you may not feel as social and excited to spend time with people as you usually do. If that is the case then you really should take this opportunity to withdraw and connect to yourself. 

Remind yourself that this season is only temporary, but it can really help you to recognize if your needs are being met with your friendships. Sometimes the relationships we have with our friends can say a lot about the relationships we have with ourselves.


Your career might be the most important thing you focus on over the coming Retrograde period. This doesn’t mean that there is no time for you and relationships, in fact, this period might be necessary to help you balance a better work/home/life environment. 

It could be that you have been spending way too much time focusing on your career, and not nearly enough on your personal relationships. You need to have room in your life if you want to invite love into your life. 

So, it might be a good idea for you to reevaluate your position at work, and see if you have been working too hard and neglecting the other aspects of your life that could also give you fulfillment. 

I would even suggest taking a few days off to get some rest. You need to remind yourself that there is more to life than work and getting things done and it is important that you enjoy every aspect of it. 

Spend more time with the people closest to you, let your hair down, and have some fun. Get out there and be open to being more vulnerable and less guarded. Being relaxed and enjoying life is just as important as working hard and achieving something beautiful. It is all about the balance right now.


Do you and your boo have some exotic travel plans in mind? Well, just be careful, because Mercury is renowned for its ability to really put a spanner in the works and delay any travel plans you may have.

Don’t be discouraged because this can be a really valuable lesson in being flexible and letting everything go with the flow. This might not be the right time to go somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend it to a later date.

This Retrograde could also make you recognize if you and your partner share the same beliefs and opinions in life. Often things like personal philosophies and views on religion can really make or break a relationship. 

Not that every couple needs to feel the same way about everything, but disagreeing on these big topics can really cause conflict between two people. If you’re starting to date someone new, you might want to vet them on their point of view to see if the two of you are actually compatible.

Don’t be scared to ask the big questions and have these discussions with the men you are interested in. This can give you a really good understanding of who a person is and whether or not you share a similar perspective on life. 


Pisces, your life might feel quite intense over the next few weeks. Mercury is going backward in your eighth house of intimacy, sexuality, and shared resources. You might feel extremely confused about a particular relationship right now. 

You might feel a little restricted and you are unable to connect to someone as deeply as you desire. Your signals just seem to be crossed with this person. Don’t beat yourself up over this, just know that this is a phase and it might be better for you to focus on yourself for now. 

You have a beautiful opportunity now to transform into something new, but you have to be willing to let go of parts of yourself that no longer do you any good. Embrace this change and recognize that this is ultimately for your highest good.

This Retrograde may very well help you to be more open and vulnerable. Allow yourself to feel any deep emotions that may come up for you over the course of the next month. Don’t run away from it, embrace it and see what you can learn from this feeling. 

Ultimately, I think this Retrograde is here to teach you to be open to facing the scary parts of yourself, and don’t be afraid to let someone else in. To be loved deeply means you need to be open to sharing every part of yourself with someone, even the shadowy stuff. 

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My Final Thoughts On This Mercury Retrograde In Libra

This is going to be a really interesting time for us all. Mercury Retrograde might have a bad rap, but in actuality, there is so much we can learn from it and it definitely shouldn’t be something we hide away from. 

There are many lessons to uncover when we can’t communicate and think with as much clarity as we usually can. And it can be really wonderful to be a little more introverted and introspective to see what we can learn about ourselves. 

Always remember to wait until Mercury Retrograde is over to make any massive decisions. Don’t sign any papers or get involved with anything you might regret soon after. Take things slow and don’t rush into anything. 

Keep an eye on all your devices. Phones and computers have a reputation to act a little strange over this period. So, when sending an email or a text, please check that you are sending it to the right recipient. You don’t want the wrong message to land in the wrong hands.

What sign are you and how do you feel about Mercury Retrograde? Do you have any stories you can tell me about previous Retrogrades? I am so fascinated to hear about how everyone experiences this transit. 

So please leave me a comment in the section below. I am absolutely dying to hear what you all have to share with me! Also, please stay in touch and let me know if any of my predictions come true. This is always super valuable for me to hear.

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Your friend, sister, and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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