How Venus Placement Influences A Sagittarius Woman’s Personality

Everyone is different, especially when it comes to Astrology. I bet you have met many people with the same Sun sign as you who are nothing like you at all! This has to do with the influence of all the other planets in your chart.

Not every Sagittarius woman is the same, and none of you Sagittarius ladies love in the same way as the other. This has much to do with the placement of Venus in your natal chart. The planet Venus is never more than two signs away from your Sun sign. 

This means that a Sagittarius woman can only have Venus placement in either Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius. The other signs are just too far to have this as a possible combination. And each combination is unique in its own way.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how these two planets influence each other depending on what sign Venus is in with the Sun in Sagittarius, then please continue reading to find out more about yourself and the way you love. 

How Do Sun Signs and Venus Signs Differ From One Another?

Well, both these signs are equally important in your chart. The Sun sign is the thing that governs your ego, your drive, and who you are at your core. It is the essence of your personality and the thing that motivates you to wake up in the morning.

The Venus sign in your chart represents the way you love and relate to the world. It is your own personal love language. Venus is also the sign to govern your tastes in the world, why you like the things you like, what you find aesthetically pleasing, and what you think is beautiful. 

Knowing the relationship Venus has to your Sun sign is very powerful knowledge to have and can help you to know how to make the most out of your romances. 

There are many different combinations for the position of the Sun and Venus, and all these combinations can say a lot about the way you act in a partnership. So, let us explore that a little deeper and see what secrets we can discover to unlock your perfect relationship potential.

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are In The Same Sign?

Sagittarius Sun And Venus

If your Sun sign is who you are at your core, and your Venus sign is the way you love, and if these two signs are the same, then who you are and how you love are basically the same. The energy is merged and you might find it easier to express your feelings.

Expressing your love to someone comes naturally to you. You are an inherent charmer and care deeply about the way others see you. It is important for you to be liked and accepted by others. 

When you’re a woman with both a Sagittarius Sun and Venus placement, you’re definitely an independent spirit. Conventional relationships are unlikely to suit your lifestyle and you need to have an element of excitement and freedom in your relationships. 

You’re probably really attracted to men who are unconventional types, those who are happy to go on an adventure with you, and someone who isn’t going to put pressure on you to follow societal norms. 

You’re a free thinker and you need someone who will give you the grace to live the life you want without too many restrictions or else you might feel caged and unhappy. Something any Sagittarius placement hates. 

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are One Sign Apart From Each Other?

When the Sun and Venus are one sign apart, there is usually little to nothing they have in common. This is because signs right next to each other are always classified in different categories like the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, or modality which is Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, as well as the orientation of Masculine (extroverted) or Feminine (introverted).

For two signs to be compatible with each other, they have to have at least one of these aspects in common, and when they are right next to each other, none of these aspects are in common at all! 

So, there is bound to be some frustration and friction between the Sun and Venus when they are only one sign apart from each other. Your pursuit of love and affection may be completely different from your inner drives and personal developments with this position. You might want one thing from life but then go against it completely in your relationships.

Sagittarius Sun With Scorpio Venus

This is a really interesting combination because as a Sagittarius sun you want freedom and autonomy over your own life. You want to do as you please and live the life of a free spirit. Sagittarius isn’t the sign least associated with relationships for a reason. 

But when Scorpio Venus comes into the mix it can be quite interesting. Scorpio Venus is really possessive and controlling. This is a Venus placement that wants one love to last forever. This is vastly different from the energy of Sagittarius.

One side of you is going to want to roam free and be independent, while the other side wants to settle down and embrace a fully committed life with another. These two energies can be quite difficult to integrate but it is definitely not impossible. 

You’re likely to be very passionate, that is for sure. The love you feel will probably be quite intense and life-changing. You have that side that is fun-loving, open, and adventurous, but on the flip side, you can become quite intense and obsessed with love and relationships. 

There might be a tendency to overdo it and love the people in your life to death – figuratively speaking, of course. There will definitely be an urge for you to want to be in control of your love life. 

Your love life needs to be exciting, and you might have quite odd tastes in men. Guys who live on the edge and are a little mysterious and mystical. One thing is for sure, you’re definitely open-minded when it comes to love. 

Sagittarius Sun With Capricorn Venus

Sagittarius Suns are the most sensible at the best of times, but when Capricorn comes into the picture, you are kind of forced to be a little more conventional and traditional in your approach to love. You might want adventure but you also want stability and sensibility in your relationships.

You might seem fun and carefree, but your relationships are something you take really seriously. So, you might be a tad more cautious when it comes to love than what others might first expect. You’re not always the party girl looking for a good time. 

You’re attracted to men who are really ambitious and know what they want from life. You want to be with someone who dreams big and knows how to inspire you. If a man has nothing interesting going on in his life, you are unlikely to stay interested. When it comes to love you want someone who has some prospects going on for himself. 

You don’t give up on love easily, and understand the importance of working on a relationship for it to really work out. You don’t mind some sacrifice, as long as it is going somewhere and there is a goal you can reach with your partner. 

When you feel the stability and security in your relationship you are a lot more likely to let your hair down and embrace your fun and optimistic side. When the foundations are strong, you feel comfortable enough to let loose. 

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What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are Two Signs Away From Each Other?

When two signs are away from each other they usually share the same kind of orientation, either Masculine or Feminine. Did you know that the Fire and Air signs fall under Masculine signs and that Earth and Water signs are Feminine? 

Sagittarius is one of the Masculine signs, which means it makes a positive connection to either Libra or Aquarius. When two signs are of the same orientation, they usually get along fantastically. This is because there are enough similarities between the signs to get along, but also enough differences to keep things interesting.

There is no inner conflict you need to struggle with to get the love you are looking for; everything just flows quite naturally. It is easy for you to distinguish what you want from a partner and how to ask for it. You’re not the type of gal to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Sagittarius Sun With Libra Venus

This is really a lovely and dynamic combination. Both Sagittarius and Libra are quite social signs. They know how to party and have a good time. And one thing is for sure, they know how to seek pleasure in their life. 

This can make for someone who is really enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to love. You are likely incredibly generous and want everyone around you to feel good, happy, and loved in their life. 

This makes you a rather warm partner who just wants to have a good time. You understand the importance of compromise in a relationship and find it easy to understand the concept of giving and take in your relationships. 

You are likely quite attracted to someone who is fair, generous, and loving. You’re also quite attracted to men who have quite an open mind and are willing to explore and be adventurous with you. Being in a relationship with you is always exciting and definitely feels good.

You are definitely fun-loving and independent and you need to be with someone who is happy to give you the space to grow and be yourself in. A relationship with too many rules and restrictions won’t suit you very well.

Sagittarius Sun With Aquarius Venus

You are incredibly strong and independent. You aren’t the type of person to fit into conventional relationships, you need way too much space and freedom for that! For someone to catch your eye they need to be rather exceptional.

You are attracted to men who are unique and eccentric, someone who really knows how to make you think and is happy to go on an exciting adventure with you. Your perfect partner is going to have to keep up with you, as you become bored easily in relationships.

You are quite friendly and open-minded, but there is a side to you that can be quite judgmental because you know exactly what you want in a potential partner and you definitely aren’t going to settle for anything less. Also, you are rather serious when it comes to relationships and this is why it may take a while for you to settle down. 

As long you can still have your freedom, you will be happy in your relationships. If your partner starts implementing any unnecessary rules, you are likely to move on to someone who will give you the freedom you desire. 

You want someone who is intelligent and knows how to speak your language. A mental connection is the most important thing you desire from a partner, without it you are unlikely to see any potential for the future. 

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Which Of These Combinations Do You Have?

Hopefully, with this knowledge, you will understand yourself and the way you function in your relationships. This is your unique stamp and just shows how everyone is so different from each other. 

Which of these combinations do you have and do you agree with how you show up in your relationships? Please leave a comment in the section below, I am so interested to hear what your unique configuration is!

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Wishing you all the love and romance you desire!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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  1. Hi Anna. I am Saggitarius Sun / Venus in Scorpio. I can relate to everything you have written. I am connected to a Libra Man and have amazing connection chemistry and feel at one. We are currently separated and hoping we can reconcile in the near future. Love n light x

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