5 Things A Pisces Man Loves Hearing From A Woman

Are you crushing on or dating a Pisces man? You may be wondering, what is it that he would love to hear from me? What can I say that will best stimulate loving affection towards me? What words will assist me in creating the bond of a lifetime with him? 

I am Anna Kovach, a Relationship Astrologer with a boatload of experience in working with the Pisces man! He’s a sensitive soul who craves to hear certain things from his lover. He wants desperately to hear certain key phrases. These words will activate his full love potential for you.

I’m really passionate about Relationship Astrology, and I am grateful that you’re here to learn all about what I have learned about Pisces men in love.

If you’re desiring a higher level of intimacy with a Pisces man then you’ve got to check out these five key phrases that the Pisces man loves to hear from you! 

5 Things A Pisces Man Loves Hearing From A Woman

1. “This song makes me think of you.”

What A Pisces Man Loves To Hear From A Woman

Pisces is a sign that is associated with Neptune, planet of water, escape, oneness, and dreams. One thing that encapsulates all of those things is sound… consider a shell that you put up to your ear to hear the ocean. Ocean waves and sound waves can feel very similar to a Pisces. The same peace that comes from water is brought on by music for a Pisces. 

This is why linking a personal emotion and connection to a song for a Pisces is going to melt his heart! You’ll be activating his love for music while making a specific song relevant to just the two of you with this phrase. 

The Pisces will now forever associate that song with something positive… you! You’ll be building a memory just with this phrase and it’s going to forever remind the two of you of your love whenever this song comes on.

2. “Can we go somewhere, just the two of us?”

Sometimes, a little escape is necessary… and for a Pisces this is twice as true! A Pisces often feels the need to escape and the feeling of shedding old burdens in favor of something lighter and happier will forever appeal to the Pisces man. You’re going to find that teasing a getaway to a Pisces will excite him like little else! 

This is why it’s so important to make time to get away from it all with your Pisces. This is going to associate you with an ‘escape’ from the world, which is the best situation to be in with a Pisces. You’ll be able to offer him that time away just by being yourself.

Pisces is going to deeply appreciate you recognizing his feelings that the world is just too much to handle at times. He’s going to feel good knowing that you appreciate and accommodate his need to get away as much as you can! 

3. “I love you.”

Things A Pisces Man Loves To Hear From A Woman

Pisces is an emotional sign. Being a water sign, they have a rich inner life that feels more real to them than the outside world at times. They feel everything incredibly deeply, especially the emotions of others. They sometimes even have a difficult time determining if emotions are their own or someone else’s!

This is why it’s always a good thing to make the energy flowing from you to the Pisces positive and kind. This means that your relationship is a safe place for him, where he doesn’t have to be concerned about less than kind emotions coming from you.

Saying ‘I love you’ often will relax the Pisces into a sense of security around you. They’ll know that only positive vibes are coming from you, and that you aren’t going to impact their energy in a negative way. This is why it’s the golden phrase when it comes to Pisces.

You’ll notice that the Pisces can better tell what their own discomfort is about when they don’t have to passively process your discomfort. You can free them up in this sense by showing primarily love and affection to them! 

4. “How can I help you out?”

Pisces are not what you’d call a proactive sign. They are more reactive… they react to the feelings in themselves or others that need addressed. As a result, they can fit into the stereotype that Pisces are lazy and that they have no motivation.

This means that Pisces has a laundry list of real-world duties and chores that pile up around them while they are in la la land. They likely ignore these things until the energy of having a lot to do is too great for them to handle. It can take a long time for a Pisces to get to the point where they feel they need to do something about it.

Uttering the phrase, “how can I help you take care of this?” is going to relieve the Pisces to no end. Your loving support will enable him to love you more fully… I know you can do this!

He’s going to wonder what he’s done to deserve such an angel of mercy in his life. He’s going to feel totally endeared to you if you decide to assist him in orienting to the world outside of his imagination!

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5. “It’s okay to have feelings around me.”

Pisces men often feel bad, and not just because they’re emotional creatures. They feel like they don’t quite fit into the world as it is because they’re emotional men. Men are often judged for deeply feeling things, and this means that Pisces has to hide away their true selves in order to interact with the world. 

One of the biggest gifts you can give a Pisces man is the freedom to talk about his energy and to freely express what he feels. When you let him know that his emotions are not a burden to you and he’s welcome to be free with his feelings then it will create a warmth of love for you within the Pisces man. 

Be willing to accept his hidden self without judgement! Any critique of his natural self will have him scampering back inside of himself and away from you. You want to shower his displays of emotion with love and affection.

Are you in a relationship with a Pisces man? What do you say to warm his heart? What phrases best endear him to you totally? You have to share with us all in the comments below!  

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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