5 Self-Care Rituals For Sagittarius Women

We all hit spots in life where we feel like a lot is being asked of us but we don’t have the emotional energy to give a lot. Life is hard, man. That’s why it’s vital that we keep our internal cups filled to the brim so that we can participate in reciprocating that energy. 

Sagittarius, when you want to fill your cup, there are specific activities that I have seen amp up and reenergize your sign specifically. Sure, we all like a nice massage, but you need some activities that are more cerebral. 

I’m Anna, a long-time Relationship Astrologer with tons of experience working with Sagittarius women. I love your energy, which is why I wanted so badly to give you some activities that will encourage your light to shine even brighter. 

What are we waiting for? Dive into my five essential self-care rituals for Sagittarius women!

5 Self-Care Rituals For Sagittarius Women

1. Feel Smaller

Best Self Care Routines For Sagittarius Woman

If there is anything to be said about Sagittarius women, it’s that they are expansive to the nth degree. These women have an energy that is felt the second they walk into the room. How could you not? Their auras grow like weeds around positive energy. 

That’s why Sagittarius women need activities that can blow the roof off of their minds. They need that sharp intake of breath before falling down the rabbit hole and the thrill of the fall and the question of where they’ll land. 

Sagittarius, do something that will make you reevaluate your place in the world. I always recommend that Sagittarius women get to know other cultures. And you don’t have to drop everything and fly to Morocco to do that! 

Try visiting the new authentic French restaurant down the street, become friends with someone who was raised very differently than you, or try finding a pen pal from far away. You’ll feel a little smaller and the world will feel larger, a feeling that you live for. You’ll be feeling a renewed spirit in no time. 

2. Get Philosophical

Sagittarius, you have ties to that ever-interesting ninth house, the spot in the chart that represents philosophy and ethics. You’re blessed with a naturally curious mind and your favorite phrase is: “what if…?” It’s time to flex this smarty-pants side of you that is always looking to add some knowledge to her repertoire. 

The ninth house also rules publishing and books, so it’s obvious that you should think about picking up a book that really gets your gears turning. You want to see the world from a different angle that forces you to reevaluate your position in life. 

You can give the old stoic philosophers a chance or even pick up some shows, books, or movies that make you think about themes that put things in perspective for you. 

Anything that has you asking more questions than when you went into it is the key! The idea is to be so blown away by the ideas that you find that you feel like you’ve got to dive deeper in order to get the answers that you’re looking for. You’ll be feeling like your personal cup is overflowing after your encounters with life changing philosophy.

And by the way… the best questions will never be answered. But you should never stop trying. 

3. Screen-Free Activities

Sagittarius Woman Self Care Routines

So, we all have to be in front of a screen sometimes… or everyday… or, well, all day sometimes. Hey, that’s the price of living in the 21st Century, baby!

While you can appreciate the ability to whip out your phone and answer a question with ease, it also makes you feel like the world is a smaller place than you’d like it to be. 

Considering that your job is to find as many unanswerable questions as possible in order to participate in life in the way that makes you feel most cared for, smartphones and technology can really put a damper on the journey of life if you indulge too much. 

Moral of the story is, put your phone down and get out there! Pick up a book, go for a walk, sing, pray, meditate, take lessons, dance… anything to engage fully in life. 

After a day of minimal phone use, you can bet that you’ll be energized and feeling on top of your game. Sometimes, a day of being hands-on in the world is all that you need to feel like you again.

4. Go On Adventures

No list of Sagittarius woman self-care would be complete without the recommendation to get out of town. Seriously! Sagittarius’ are the queens of setting sail and discovering the world for themselves. Being a sign associated with long distance travel, it’s incredibly important to take every opportunity to leave the area you’re used to. 

Obviously, traveling out of country is the best way to scratch the itch. And I don’t mean just to lay on a beach. That could never be you, Sagittarius (okay, maybe just a little sunning). When you go abroad, you should be hitting the pavement and seeing how other people live. You should be going to the joints the locals frequent and setting up camp at the spots that the other tourists would never think to try. 

Now, obviously, we can’t just drop everything and book a flight to Morocco whenever we need to unwind. The good thing is, you can reap the benefits of travel just by skipping over to a town or state you’ve never been to. When you do, try to experience the things that the locals are into. 

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5. Donate Time Or Money

Sagittarius is arguably the most generous sign. This is a fire sign trait in general. Just like a campfire gives off the heat to warm those around it, Sagittarius sustains those that surround them with their giving nature. They know that there is enough to go around, so they’re not stingy with their money, time, or possessions. 

You’ll feel most yourself when you’re giving more than you’re taking. You’re not selfish, so hoarding will never sustain you. 

This works best when you can incorporate your ethics and philosophies into your giving. It aligns with the purpose your soul came to Earth when you match your time and money to the causes that speak to you. 

If you are an animal rights advocate, try volunteering to walk dogs at the shelters one day a week or month. If you want to see the next generation of kids grow up strong, then try being a big sister at the Boys and Girls Club. Or give your money and resources to those whose cause speaks to your heart. 

Ironically, you’ll be the one feeling rich after you give freely to others. 

Sagittarius, what do you think? I’ve got to know your favorite screen-free activities that you can begin incorporating into your life. What is your most rejuvenating screen-free activity, Sagittarius?

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I’m so grateful that you were able to stop by today, Archer. I can hardly wait to see you again! 

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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  1. What if I’m not as mostly Sagittarius women? I look up to them reading about this sign, but I don’t find myself in these amazing traits that define the character of a strong, smart, generous, courageous, and impermissible woman. How this can be?
    I would appreciate an answer. How could I find my peace and happiness or the love which I crave if I don’t know myself?
    Thank you for all your guidance, I appreciate and enjoy your messages.

  2. You have described me to the T, thank you for the advice I will keep the five rituals in mind. Thank you again sincerely nydia

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