What the 2021 Full Moon in Aries Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Hello, darlings! Do you feel it? Feel that something is brewing in the air? Yes, Mercury Retrograde has only just begun to wind down, but as it turns out, there is something deeper. 

This October, we’re experiencing a great rebirth as the Moon in Aries opposes the Sun in Libra. When the Moon is Full in the sign of Aries, it is a culmination of energy and initiative for all signs. 

But first, what does it mean when there is a Full Moon? What is it that Aries represents? Who feels this transit the most? And when these two come together, what can each sign expect? 

To know the meaning of the Full Moon, think about what is going on in the sky during a Full Moon. The Moon never actually changes size, of course. But depending on what phase the Moon is in, certain parts become lit up by the light of the Sun.

When the Moon is opposite the Sun, this is when a Full Moon occurs. From the view of us on Earth, the Moon is fully illuminated. 

The symbolism here is, what else becomes illuminated during a Full Moon? It can be very simple like finding a lost object or finishing up a project. It can also be a period of awareness of things within your own body, your true feelings on a subject, or someone’s true feelings about you or your relationship.

A good question to ask during Full Moons is always: What is coming to light?

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the great warrior. Aries is a fire sign represented by the Ram. Aries people are energetic, cheerful, hopeful, and combative. Their idea of a good time is roasting their friends and then themselves. 

Aries are always up for a challenge. This fighting spirit is what earns them the title of the warrior of the Zodiac. Consider that Aries was also the name of the God of War in Greek mythology. 

What happens when the secretive Moon and boisterous Aries meet up? 

The Full Moon in Aries feels a lot like finding your true purpose. It’s simultaneously a culmination of energy and a fresh beginning. This desire for a new arrow to follow has likely been guiding you for some time. 

This period can also be marked by coming forward with anger that has been building. Aries can be full of wrath if they or someone they love has been done an injustice. You could realize that you have buried anger that needs expelled. 

So, who will feel the effects of this Moon transit the most? Well, everyone will feel it but it will certainly be most obvious to Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra. These signs are the cardinal signs and anytime something happens within those signs, they all tend to become entrenched in the energy, but in very different ways. 

So, what does this Full Moon mean for all the signs? This is my favorite part. I am excited for the truth that every sign is being given a chance to uncover, and the new beginning that will inevitably come through. 

What the Full Moon in Aries Means for Your Zodiac Sign:


Aries, with a Full Moon in your own sign, this Full Moon takes on a special and intense meaning. Of every sign, you will be most affected by this Moon transit. I’d wager that you’ll come out of this period on top. 

With a Full Moon in your own sign, your ego and emotions are aligned. You are being given an opportunity to become a conduit of energy and enthusiasm.

Your self-image could undergo an overhaul. Since this is a transit relating to who you are at your core, this is a period where you can expect some shift or personal reinvention. 


Taurus, this Full Moon is going down in your house of isolation. In my opinion, this transit is one of the best for realizing all of the toxic sludge in your system that you’ve been ignoring. 

What do I mean by ‘toxic sludge?’ All of those little issues within yourself that you know that you should change but have put off. It’s normal to not address every single problem as they arise. However, this transit will certainly hold you accountable for everything that you’ve been putting off.

This can manifest positively or negatively. You can use this realization to your advantage so that you’re aware of exactly what needs to be taken care of within yourself. Or, you can feel crushed under the pressure. 


Gemini, you’re seeing this Full Moon go down in your house of friendship, groups, and hope. This is a generally positive time, showing you where you can reap the rewards of all of those connections you’ve been making.

Perhaps there is someone in your life whose friendship status has stumped you. This Full Moon could reveal that they really do think of you as a friend. Or perhaps you’ve been hoping and wishing for a plum opportunity, and now you’re getting that lucky break. 

Keep in mind, this transit can also bring to light any tension within your friend group. It’s important to work through frustrations as they arise. 


Cancer, this Full Moon could be extremely beneficial for you if you play your cards right. This transit is going down in your house of career and legacy, creating ripe conditions for a realization relating to your job. 

Since this is a rare Full Moon that relates to beginnings and endings, it could be an end of one phase of work and the beginning of another. This could certainly mean being promoted or relocated within your job. 

This is a transit that can make you realize that you don’t want to be within your current job anymore. You might use the energy created with this Moon to up and move house to another place of employment. 

This transit can also have much to do with your mother. Consider reaching out to her or visiting her, if possible, at this time. 


Leo, we’re seeing a period of optimism and joy as this Full Moon rolls in. This Full Moon in Aries is going down within your house of expansion, religion, and higher education. This is an incredible opportunity for you to consider what old philosophies aren’t serving your current state. 

You may realize that you’d like to begin college soon, or perhaps graduation is approaching. You may also decide to switch your major when the Full Moon is in this house. On top of that, you may realize that you’re more interested in religion or spirituality than you previously believed. 

Consider any feelings from youth regarding religion or spirituality. Are there incidences that creep into your mind when I mention this? This may be a time to purge your negative past with religion or university, if applicable.

If you’re traveling during this period, ensure that your temper doesn’t get the best of you. Traveling can be tough, but a cool and calm demeanor will serve you best. 


Virgo, the Full Moon in Aries is going down in your eighth house of taboo, secrets, and soul bonds. What a trip this transit can be! You may find yourself chomping at the bit to release old frustration and anger. 

A transformation feels imminent and there is a positive chance that you’ll be anxious to get along with it. During this time, you might experience frustration with the things that you’ve shared with others in the past. Conversely, this can also mean that you’re sharing something new (like a home?) with a partner or someone close to you. 

Virgo, old trauma can easily creep up during this transit. Don’t allow it to get the better of you. When this transit hits, breathe through it. 

This is an especially sexy transit, so you might also feel a magnetic pull to have deep, intimate relations. 


Libra, the Full Moon in Aries is taking place in the house of partnership. You’ll be feeling this transit more than almost any sign because it opposes the Sun in your own sign. You’ll be feeling torn between a sense that you should take initiative within your partnership or stick to the status quo. 

Since a Full Moon is a culmination of energy and the sign of Aries can represent anger, you and your partner could experience tension. This is not to say that it’s negative tension, but it can manifest in arguments or nit-picking one another. 

Libra, if you’re single but you’ve had your eye on someone, this is a perfect time to reach out to them. There is a chance they’ve felt the same way. This transit could be the gateway for free communication with them that you’ve been hoping for. 


Scorpio, with the Full Moon in your sixth house of labor, habits, and health you are looking at endings and beginnings in the realm. You could experience an alteration in employment status at this time (maybe you’re finally getting a call back on the job you applied for?).

Your body may have been shielding a hidden malady that you weren’t aware of during this period. Consider getting checked at your doctor just to make sure all is well. Alternatively, your efforts into your health might finally start paying off around this time. 

You could find that you’ve been slacking off in your daily routine. The consequences of this could hit you in the face during this Full Moon. However, this is a unique Full Moon where you could begin a new project safely. If you want to start a new habit, this could be prime time. 


Sagittarius, this Full Moon in Aries marks a happy and carefree time. With this transit going down within your house of parties, concerts, fun, and romance, you’re seeing a peak when it comes to these themes. You might find yourself at an event where there is music and celebrating. 

Since the fifth house rules procreating and creativity, you could have a brainchild or creative project come to fruition. Art and music projects especially will be liable to wrap up or begin during this period. 

This house deals with casual sex as well as bearing children, so if you plan on getting frisky then it’s time to ensure you’re protected (unless you want a little one in about nine months!). 

Overall, this is a time full of joy. Take it all in and have a good time. 

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Capricorn, the Full Moon in Aries is affecting you especially because of the square aspect between your sign and Aries. This means that you are far more likely to notice any energetic shifts that this transit is bringing. 

This transit is happening within your house of home and family, meaning that a culmination of energy in your core tribe is occurring. You can expect a notable event within your own home or with blood relatives. 

Capricorn, ensure that your home is only being visited by those you trust at this time. Check on all of your family members, and perhaps invite them over for a get-together. The Full Moon can be a joyful time, so let loose and celebrate! 


Aquarius, with the Full Moon in your house of communication, you’re feeling chatty. As overthinking gives way to emotion during this transit, there is a high probability that you’ll be communicative regarding your feelings during this transit. 

You can be rather matter-of-fact, Aquarius, so this change in your tune could potentially startle those around you. If you find yourself becoming heated in conversation then remove yourself temporarily to calm down and speak without being hurtful. 

You may begin or end a mental pursuit at this time. Perhaps communication with someone that you’re interested in cuts out or starts back up. 

Considering the Aries influence, it’s a good time to lay on some sexual heat in your conversations. This is a great time for that butterfly-inducing flirting.


With a Full Moon in Aries within your second house of resources and moveable objects as well as self-worth, you’re seeing some culmination in your bank account. This transit can bring money that has been on its way to you for a while. 

How you get your money could also come to a halt or blast off around this time. You could see a paid project coming to a close or perhaps you are just beginning a new and profitable venture of some variety. 

This transit could indicate reckless spending if you aren’t mindful. While Full Moons are certainly a period for celebration, it’s important to monitor what’s flowing in and out of your pocketbook. It’s also a good time to open up a savings account or cash out of one that you’ve been investing in.

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Wrapping Up

The Full Moon’s influence can’t be escaped by anyone. We’re all meant to feel the shift into a brand-new cycle to give us new opportunities in any and every part of life. 

What is it that you’re looking forward to releasing? What would you like to begin? Let me know down in the comments what your Full Moon plans are. 

Perhaps you’re one of the signs whose relationships are faced with tension during this period.

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When you’re dying to see what the energy of the sky is bringing into your relationship, this consultation is a lifesaver. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  2. I have been in love with a Capricorn for 5 years coming up this August but he won’t commit! He is very much like it says. I love him he never says much but he treats me with kindness and I feel loved! I’ve talked to him on many occasions and I have no idea what to do! Aries person

  3. I am an Aries dating an Aries man. Sometimes things feel really great but other times his actions does not match his words leaving me confused and ready to run

  4. I am Taurus sun. My moon is Aries. Being my moon is Aries I am curious about the aspects of the full moon in Aries.

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