August 2022’s Full Moon In Aquarius — How Each Zodiac Sign Will Be Affected

It is an auspicious time of year with the Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign that represents intellect, community, groups, as well as hopes and dreams. This is quite a lucky Full Moon as everyone has the opportunity to make their dreams come true over this period. So, get your wishes in, girls!

This Full Moon is taking place on August 11th this year. Although this is such a positive Full Moon, there are a few niggly aspects we need to talk about which might create a bit of friction if we aren’t careful.

This is a really beautiful Full Moon to tie all of that energy together and really help us all to learn the lessons that 2022 brings. The Full Moon in Aquarius mainly deals with humanity, communities, friends, technology, and our hopes and dreams.

Firstly, this Full Moon is conjunct Saturn. Saturn is the planet of restriction, responsibility, and duty. This means that everyone might feel like it is difficult to express exactly what they feel over the next few days. Like you can’t quite figure out exactly what it is you are feeling.

Feelings of frustration may come up as you can’t quite move forward. It is as if there is stagnant energy holding you back, and although this is a Full Moon, which is all about release and letting go, this conjunction with Saturn may prove to make this quite difficult.

It doesn’t end there because there is also a square to Uranus simultaneously. Uranus is a planet that is quite rebellious and likes to shake things up. Uranus usually creates shocks that tend to happen unexpectedly. So, something dramatic may come into the mix over the next few days as well.

This Full Moon is bound to be quite something… So, hold onto your seats because you might be in for somewhat of a bumpy ride. My best advice is to just go with the flow and to try and accept yourself for what you are feeling. The sign of Aquarius has quite a reputation for sweeping things under the rug and not allowing themselves to feel. So, try your best not to over-intellectualize your emotions.

But Aquarius is such a friendly sign, it will really help you and your partner be more cooperative and help everyone work better as a team. Sometimes we often forget the friendship part of our relationships.

The signs that are most affected by this Full Moon will definitely be the fixed signs such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. You are likely to experience more of a shake-up and being fixed signs, you certainly don’t like that!

If you’re looking to find out more about the Full Moon in Aquarius this year and how it will influence you and your love life, continue reading! Remember to check out your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign to get the most accurate prediction.


Friendship and community are a massive theme for you during this tumultuous Full Moon. You need to ask yourself if you’ve truly felt like you belong or fit into your community. Are you happy to drift along being independent or are you looking for a greater connection?

You’re ready to make a team effort, and want to be connected to others during this time. This isn’t always easy for you because you like to play by your own rules.

This can make it difficult for you to be vulnerable and recognize that you need people in your life. You need to put yourself out there and embrace more of a “YES” mentality and be okay with others taking the lead.

Allow yourself to be more flexible and see what opportunities come your way. Open yourself to new experiences and new people because this is a turning point for the way you connect to others. You never know who might be around the corner when you put yourself in a new environment.

Be open to meeting up with friends and pay special attention to the people who tag along. You never know who can open a new door in your life. Your friends might just hold the key to unlocking your dream love life, but just remind yourself to keep an open mind and be less judgmental! Sometimes people show up in unexpected packages, so allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Those of you who are coupled up will do well to think of something fun and fresh to do with your partners. Add some excitement to your relationship to keep things interesting. Set a goal together and work as a team. This is a wonderful way for the two of you to really connect on a different level. Have fun and be open to what the Universe wants for you!


It is your moment in the Sun, Taurus. You’ve been working your way towards something spectacular and now the time for your recognition is here. It is time to celebrate YOU and all your amazing achievements. All your hard work is really paying off. Get some of your closest friends together and make it an event to let your hair down. You need to enjoy these moments and see them for what they are.

It might have been a while since you could fully relax and have some fun. Work can be addictive, especially for a Taurus like yourself, as you feel good when you can create something. What you are achieving right now is truly inspirational.

Let this time serve as a reminder to your partner about why he wanted to be with you in the first place and that you are a worthy woman. Put work aside for a moment and just enjoy your life and all the wonderful things you have accomplished. Let your man celebrate you and how amazing you are. Be okay with being recognized for your greatness.

Those of you who are single have a fantastic opportunity to really think about where you are headed in life and what you would like to attract in your love life. It is possible that you have your eye on someone older or perhaps a colleague at work. There is no harm in having an office crush to play around with. You never know where this may lead in your life. It is time to put your best foot forward and get proactive about your dating game. Go for what you want and let the Universe support you.

You can’t just sit in the shadows and expect the perfect relationship to fall out of the sky. You have to put in the effort and make the available men know that you are open and ready for something. Do all the inner work and have a vision for yourself and your future partner. Manifest this through your visualizations and meditations. Imagine what that life would look like for you and make it happen by believing in yourself and your bright future! You deserve the life you have been dreaming of.


This Full Moon is fantastic for your perspective on the world and how you are now able to see the bigger picture. You get the chance to see your life from a totally different point of view, and perhaps to make peace with the fact that you don’t necessarily think like everyone else, and this is exactly what makes you so unique! Stop trying to fit in by pleasing everyone. Let the beat of your own drum guide you.

It is such a good time for you to explore and experience some new and exciting things with your partner, or even if you happen to be single. Just be open to exploring and experiencing what life has to offer you. If you are coupled up, then the two of you should go on an adventure and see what you can learn together. Make the most of this Full Moon because this energy can really change your life and open up amazing new doors for you.

For singles and those in a relationship, you might want to think about what religion or spirituality means to you in the context of a romantic partnership. Is this something important to you? Do you feel like it is important to have this kind of connection with the person you are in a relationship with? Do spiritual views play a big impact on your romances or is this something you don’t really think about? It is really good to know where you stand on these topics because often if two people don’t agree about this, it can cause quite a bit of conflict and rock the boat in the relationship.

Those of you who are single might find some great romantic opportunities coming from abroad, a place of study, or even in a religious place. Or you and your partner could decide to go on a vacation that is long overdue. This is a beautiful way to connect to yourself or to your partner.

And sometimes it isn’t the destination, but the company we keep. Keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected with this particular Full Moon, because you never know where adventure may take you!


This can be quite an intense time for you and your intimate partnerships. Matters can go from zero to one hundred in a matter of moments. This time will definitely test your resolve. Don’t be surprised if the passion feels a little more turned up than usual.

It is quite possible that you get the urge to rip off someone’s clothing because you have so much pent-up energy coursing through you and you need a release. However, this time can be quite emotional as well, if you have been struggling to open up and be okay with being vulnerable, then you may see quite a change in pace for you.

But this is going to take hard work because it is never easy looking within and seeing what it is you truly need from a situation. You might be blind to your own problems. Everyone has baggage, and it is up to each and every one of us to work through our traumas and heal whatever is holding us back.

Only you can do this, baby girl. Don’t expect change to happen by itself, you need to be actively forging ahead and this counts for singles as well as those happy in a relationship. Self-help is a constant process to help you to heal.

It is time to get real with yourself or the person you are romantically involved with. Are you happy or unsatisfied? Do you have everything you need in this connection? Are you still yourself or have you lost yourself in the hopes of being loved by another?

Relationships aren’t easy, but the relationship you have with yourself needs to be more of a priority. Focus on the areas of your love life you wish to improve and make a promise to yourself that you are going to work on it. You have to put in the effort, or else, what is the point?

This is a great opportunity for you to shed some skin and start a new cycle in your life. To really let go of that terrible baggage and to realize that you are a magnificent person who deserves to love herself and be loved by another.

Don’t let the challenges get you down; instead, rise up to the occasion and make the most of it.  Who wants to walk around with all that old baggage anyway? Be brave and embrace these changes. It can only work out positively. Out with the old, in with the new!


Relationships are a big deal to you right now. Everything is coming to a head and it is time that you get what you deserve from this moment. Romantic partnerships are at the forefront of your mind during this Full Moon; either you are happily embracing what it means to be in a union with someone, or you are looking to meet your perfect match. You are defining who you are in the space of a union. Leos love to be in relationships, so this is quite a significant Full Moon for you.

This is fantastic energy for you to work with, either way. Whether you want to be in a relationship or are in one already. There is so much for you to learn over this period, so open your mind to all of these connections.

You can figure out what partnership means to you and the light of this Full Moon. Who are you when you are in a union? If there are some things that you feel you’re ready to release then now is the perfect time for you to do it. Make space for something new and truly wonderful in your life.

Aquarius energy is all about being fresh and seeing the world from a different perspective. To notice the people who go unnoticed. To be open to a new experience and see what you can learn from someone totally unexpected. Get what you deserve and what your soul needs. Who knows, for you singles out there, you might come to realize that the perfect man for you has been under your nose all this time and that you haven’t been looking in any of the right places all this time!

Whatever issues come up for you now in your relationships, past or present, you can fully release and let go of them. It is your turn to start anew and find the love and passion that you have always yearned for. Believe that you are worthy of love and see how quickly the Universe delivers. But it all starts with you! Think about the future and the ideal world you would like to live in. Embrace this vision full-heartedly.


Has your health been suffering a bit recently, Virgo? It is time to get your act together! You’re usually the epitome of health and enjoy taking care of your body, but when someone else comes into the picture it can be quite difficult.

Relationships can often influence our self-care practices. Suddenly we are eating out all the time and skipping the gym, but don’t let this happen to you. You need to maintain your old routines, especially when you’re in a partnership. Self-care needs to be a priority.

We often make mistakes and only want to be with our partners when we fall in love so we end up forgetting about our own needs. We put so much effort into other people and this is especially something your sign does, Virgo. These men become our world, but it is so vital that you keep to the hobbies you had before he came into your life. These are probably the qualities that made him fall in love with you in the first place. Make yourself happy first and foremost, because that is how you get to heal the world.

Those of you who are single would do well to embrace a self-care routine. To really put all the love and energy into yourself. To make you feel like a million bucks. Self-care is so powerful! Focus on your wellness and all the lovely things you do to keep fit and healthy. There is nothing more attractive for a man than a woman who takes good care of herself. You’ll just spread all the good vibes and men will find you irresistible.

Besides, the chances of you meeting a potential date at the gym is quite high for you at the moment. Get your body moving and you will quickly notice the benefits of this lifestyle change.

You’ll feel like a million dollars very soon. Remember to make yourself a priority, as this is necessary for the steps towards self-love. So, be sure to focus on your routines and the practices you do that make you feel nourished and looked after.


Love is in the air for you on this Full Moon, Libra. Your flirtatious self can certainly come out to play over the next few days. You have extra spice and charisma that makes you totally irresistible now and the world is lucky to see this.

There is a chance for you to embrace your self-expression and run towards the projects or people that ignite the passion inside of you. You want to show your love and creativity to the world. You’re a sparkling diamond right now!

For those of you in a relationship, you get the opportunity to let your partner know exactly how you feel because you’re feeling extra romantic and super sexy. Whoever gets to spend time with you is really lucky.

Take this special moment to celebrate the joy and love you feel in your relationships, especially those of a romantic nature. It is a fantastic time to enjoy what you have with your man and to honor the love you share. Make him feel like the most amazing man in the world! Sometimes our guys also deserve some pampering.

And as for you singles, you might want to be a little more spontaneous than usual – it will definitely help your chances of meeting someone if you get out of the box and take some risks. You can’t expect your world to change if you don’t do something extraordinary. Fortune favors the brave, and if you act boldly and get out of your comfort zone, you might just meet your prince charming totally unexpectedly over the next while. So let go of any of your anxieties and just go for gold!

This Full Moon will give you all the guts to take risks in your romances and to take a chance when you were too afraid to before. Speak what is on your mind and go for whatever and whoever you want. You deserve it, so stop getting in your own way! Let love open the door! Don’t be afraid to be passionate and let your special someone know how you feel. Be open and don’t hold back. Love is in the spotlight for you right now –aren’t you lucky?


This Full Moon has you yearning for that feeling of home and comfort. To spend some quality time with yourself and perhaps that lucky someone. All you want to do is spend time cozying up to your familiar surroundings, you want that feeling of home and comfort right now.

Going out and being social doesn’t feel like much of a priority. The energy will be quite high in the sky right now, this Full Moon is intense and you feel it immensely so it makes perfect sense for you to want to hide away from everyone.

Discussions might come up between you and your man about your living situation over this period. It is possible that one of you wants to take the relationship to the next level, so expect quite a few discussions around this as you take the next step in your relationship.

Remember, unexpected changes are upon you right now. It might be time to exchange household keys or talk about moving in together. This is a really big step, so you need to be sure that the two of you are ready. Don’t hold back in being honest and stating what you need during this time.

For you singles, it’s likely not the best time for you to meet someone new. I would suggest that you take the next few days as a time out to really connect to who you are and where you are at in your life right now. It might not be the right time for someone new to enter your life so it is best that you just focus on yourself anyway.

Do you for the next while. You would much rather enjoy the company of yourself right now. This isn’t a bad thing. Taking a step back from dating will really help you clear your head and see what is missing perhaps.

Take things easy and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get out there and meet someone new. We all need a break sometimes and perhaps you have hit your wall. There is no trouble in that. Rest and relax to help rejuvenate yourself. But of course, always be open to new experiences. As long as you follow your gut not much can go wrong, just remember that rest is just as important as having new experiences.


Communication and expression are some of your strong suits in life. You have a knack for sharing your philosophy with the world and making people see a different perspective on things. This Full Moon has one purpose, and one purpose only – and that is to help you finesse your communication skills and the way you relate to others in a deeper and more meaningful way. Sagittarians are known for their blunt tongue and just saying it like it is and this can often get you into trouble because people are probably more sensitive than you may realize.

Take a step back and try to take note of the way you speak to those closest to you in your life. Maybe you haven’t been as kind and understanding as you could be? It isn’t always what you say, but how you say it, but sometimes it is definitely what you say that can hurt the people you love. You don’t mean harm because all you’re trying to do is be honest, but others might not see it this way. Perhaps practicing some tact would be good for your relationships.

Try to see if you can get your point across in a gentler manner or ask those closest to you to point out when you’ve said something quite hurtful. Of course, you should never change who you are at your core, but being a little more thoughtful might do you and your relationships well.

This might be just the thing to improve your love life. People respond well to kindness and positivity, so embrace your more optimistic side instead of your highly critical side. You’re the best company when you are positive and optimistic.

It might also be good for you to focus on journaling for the next while to get your thoughts on paper. This can help you to organize your mind and to figure out how you feel about certain things in your life. You will gain some much-needed clarity and perspective. It will help you to gather your thoughts and figure out why you sometimes lash out totally unnecessarily. This Full Moon is really going to help you to revolutionize the way you communicate. And you know how important healthy communication is in a relationship. This is key!


It is time for you to act fearlessly when it comes to love over this Full Moon, Capricorn. You need to know what your worth is and to go after your desires with confidence and grace — two things that aren’t in short supply with your personality. There is no holding back and you are encouraged to speak your mind and let the man of your dreams know how you feel about him. It is now or never! Get what you deserve!

You can’t always sit around and expect something to change if you keep doing the same things over and over again. You need to get up and do something. Take action and be bold! This is so sexy. Confidence is the key to your happiness so don’t shy away from getting what you deserve in your life. It can be really hard to put yourself out there and be vulnerable when your heart is on the line, but sometimes you just need to suck it up and do it. How else are you going to experience the change?

Be bold, because speaking up is going to take a lot of courage. But if there is one person who can do this then it has to be you, Capricorn. You are a girl boss, and one of your greatest strengths is being able to go for what you want in life. You are made of magic, so don’t believe anything else because it is simply the truth. It is time for you to embrace your authentic truth and do what needs to be done to get the relationship you have always dreamed of. No more sitting around!

This advice is for both my single and taken ladies. This Full Moon is about liberating who you are and embracing life with more freedom and authenticity – don’t hold back now, risks need to be taken! Be a weirdo, stand out, and allow yourself to be free. This should give you independence and recognize how powerful you are in making things happen in your life. You have always had the key, but now is the time for you to use it.


This Full Moon is all about you, girl! The Moon is in your sign, shining a spotlight on everything you represent as a woman. You’re getting extra blessings from the Universe to manifest whatever it is you desire. The beautiful bonds in your life need to be celebrated. Connections to other people are what make life worth living and you recognize this more than most. Honor the relationships you have cultivated over the last few months, but pay special attention to that man in your life and what you can do to move the relationship forward.

This Full Moon is really going to give you the opportunity to build an even closer connection with your man or, for you singles, help you to meet someone to form quite an intense bond with. Relationships are at the forefront of your mind during this Full Moon, but also who you are and how you show up in all of your relationships. Are you still your most authentic self or do you let others influence you?

You might try to figure out who you are and what you bring to the table when it comes to romances. This is why it is so important to take hold of your life and know who you are at your core. No one else can be you and this is your power. You need to embrace yourself completely. It is time to get rid of any self-limiting beliefs and embrace all the wonderful parts of yourself. Know how wonderful you are and start to believe it! Be okay with shining your magic on the world. What else could you possibly do?

You need to realize that you are so worthy of love and that you are enough, just as you are. There is nothing more you need to do to be accepted by others. When you accept yourself, this is all that truly matters. Honor yourself and all your amazing talents. When you feel confident about yourself, the rest of the world will sit up and listen, but you need to put yourself first. This is the key to any successful relationship. Always come back to you!


This Full Moon might have you feeling a lot more somber and introspective, even more so than usual. You’re quite a deep person and enjoy your moments alone in reflection. You’re likely to be a bit of a lone wolf, but this has never been a problem for you. You are pretty in touch with your emotions, but you can expect them to be turned up quite a big notch for the next few days as they usually do over the Full Moon.

You need to focus on yourself, your journey, and what you need to heal and release from during the Full Moon. This is all about healing and releasing the baggage that is in your soul. It is time for you to move on and see that there are certain things you can live without. These aren’t easy topics to tackle, but completely necessary if you want to experience that full Soulmate connection you have always dreamed of. You need to purify yourself first because walking into a relationship with too much baggage is not ideal.

Ask yourself, “would I want to date myself and what do I need to work on?” This isn’t about shaming or feeling bad about whatever you think you lack. This is just to have an honest conversation with yourself and what you need to work on. It should really just inspire you to make some changes in your life to help you live more authentically. Nothing more, nothing less! This is just an exercise to feel what you could improve on. Don’t shame yourself for what comes up, just feel into it and see what you can do to feel better. Make the changes necessary, this is all the Universe wants from you.

Spend some time by yourself, do a lot of journaling, and take a long, hot, detoxing bath. Just focus all your attention on yourself and what you need to feel whole and healed. This is all you could possibly ask for as healing is a process. It is all about the journey, and never about the destination because there are always aspects that can be improved upon. This Full Moon is all about focusing on you and doing the healing that needs to be done. Expect some much-needed spiritual epiphanies and get ready to let go of a lot of the nasty baggage that has been holding you back.

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My Final Thoughts On August’s Full Moon In Aquarius

Expect a lot of themes to come up surrounding your friends and community and the roles they play in your relationships. Falling in love and being in a relationship is like building a community for yourself. It is the family you choose and the person you want to spend time with and collaborate on your lives together. The Aquarius Full Moon really supports this energy.

This Full Moon might also cause us all to think about our future goals and all the things we hope and dream about. It can make us see our visions clearly to help us manifest the lives we want in reality.

Embrace your friendships and what community looks like to you over this Full Moon. Realize the importance of all the people in your life, and honor your friendships and the people who have helped you become who you are today.

Dream big and remember that anything is possible. You just need to believe in yourself and know that you are worthy of everything you have ever desired and it is always possible for your dreams to become a reality.

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      Wonderful! I am so very happy to hear this sweetheart. Anything I can do to help makes me very fulfilled in my own life. It brings me so much pleasure to assist women like you who could use a bit of a hand in manifesting success in love and in life. I wish you nothing but the best!

  1. As an Aqua, I’m exacttly looking forward to be enough for myself in the middle of losses and lacks. To appricaite moments of my life. It’s all about hypnotizing mind with joy not with grief and needs. Thanks for clues and helps of universe these days.

    1. Hi Paris!

      Be thankful for what you have and for what life can still manifest to you. It’s all in what you feel grateful for and thank the universe for. Doing it daily will definitely help you live a more fruitful life. I wish you all the very best!

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