Full Moon Guide: How To Manifest Your Goals And Aspirations

Hi there, readers! Full Moons are wonderfully powerful opportunities for us to reflect, release, and expand. From the basics to step-by-step manifestation techniques – I am here to provide you with everything you need to know about Full Moons! Keep reading so you can take advantage of the full potential of this influential Astrological phenomenon.

What Is A Full Moon?

A Full Moon is a celestial phenomenon when Earth’s satellite, the Moon, is opposite (180°) of the central body of our solar system, the Sun.

Usually, there are twelve Full Moons in a single year, but, same as there’s a Leap Day every four years, there are sometimes two Full Moons in a month and that phenomenon is known as a “Blue Moon,” hence the saying: once in a Blue Moon.

From an Astrological and spiritual perspective, the Full Moon is considered very important, for during the Full Moon we, as humans, get the chance to release the built-up energy and crescendo healthily.

Full Moons can be very important to women especially. We all know that Moon’s gravity influences oceans and bodies of water. We are 60% water and we, too, fall under the influence of the Lunar phases.

Women’s periods are very often aligned with the phases of the Moon, as well as our hormones, moods, and emotions. And thus, we come to our next point – manifesting our goals and aspirations during a Full Moon.

Full Moon Manifestation

Full Moon can and should be used for manifestations and release of energies. And this is where Astrology comes in – every Zodiac sign carries with it a special flavor of energy and attributes.

And the Full Moon expands those flavors and energies to their maximum. So, of course, premeditation, and caution should be advised. Not every Full Moon can be potent for manifestations; some Full Moons are best used for release and shadow work.

But, let’s focus on the manifestation work for now. Depending on the aspects – that need to be monitored monthly, weekly, and daily – the Full Moon is more “potent” in some Zodiac signs and less potent in others.

If we’re generalizing (and not focusing on the exact aspects), here are the Zodiac signs in which a Full Moon can be very potent for manifestation work.

Full Moon in Taurus is in its exalted state, thus it’s very potent for manifesting goals and adding a realistic dimension to your aspirations. When the Full Moon is in Taurus, you can focus on realizing your abundance dreams, monetary goals, and financial aspirations.

This Full Moon is also very good for botanical work and interior design. If you have a garden or you work with plants (whether as a job or as a magical practice of your own), you can get the most growth from your plants, and ideas for making your home even cozier will flow through you like a stream.

This Full Moon can be excellent for hosting parties, cooking, and drinking in good company. It’s the time of abundance and overflowing fertile energies, so make sure to use it to enhance the house in which it falls in your natal (or solar) chart.

A Full Moon in Cancer is in its own house. When the Full Moon occurs in the emotional sign of Cancer, it’s only natural that our emotions will be overflowing. This transit is excellent for emotional manifestations and aspirations!

With this Full Moon, it would be very prosperous to focus on inner emotional work, to amplify your personal relationships, and open not just your Heart Chakra, but also your Throat Chakra, so that you may express openly, honestly, and clearly all that lays in your heart.

This Full Moon can mean a lot of tears, both happy and sad. It’s nothing to avoid or cower from – I’m looking at you Capricorns, Aquarians, and Sagittarians! Emotional expression is natural, and it’s a healthy way of living our emotional life and staying true to our hearts.

Full Moon in Cancer helps us release our (emotional) truth, break free from the shackles of shame and self-restraint, and achieve our heart’s desires. So, if you’ve fallen in love, if you’ve been in love for some time now, if you feel the need to connect to the person your heart calls out to, then Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to do so.

Full Moon in Libra helps us beautify ourselves and our relationships. This Full Moon is perfect to work on our insecurities (especially concerning our physical appearance) and our diplomacy skills.

If you’ve been feeling unbalanced and out of whack, if you’ve been thinking of beginning some self-improvement, something that will boost your confidence and fortify your self-expression, then this Full Moon is the right time for it!

Full Moon in Libra is not only good for beautifying ourselves, but it’s also great transit for finding a middle ground in our intimate relationships and working on our diplomatic skills. When the Full Moon is in Libra, we have a better chance of succeeding in pitching an idea or a project that we want to be done.

Libra Full Moon is all about achieving cooperation and making all parties feel good to be a part of the project. If you’ve made some harsh statements and difficult choices during the Moon’s transit through the sign of Scorpio, then Libra Full Moon is a perfect opportunity to try a different approach and succeed through kindness.

Libra Full Moon is perfect for visiting the hairdresser (the same goes for Leo Full Moon) and amping up your style, as well as your assets. It’s also a perfect moment for buying perfume and underwear. These items will hold special Venusian power that will work wonders on both male and female love interests.

Full Moon in Sagittarius, this lunation is under the dominance of Jupiter – the planet of abundance and luck, and as such is perfect for manifesting your wishes and realizing your goals.

Sagittarius Full Moon transit encourages you to be bold, open about your desires and feelings, and to reach out and grab what you want. This Full Moon is great for travel, too. Especially if something spontaneous comes up with your friends.

During this Full Moon, there’s a high chance of meeting your next love interest that can turn into a full-blown partnership very quickly. This Full Moon amplifies Sagittarian qualities, and that means love adventures are more than just a possibility, especially if you opt to be courageous and leave your comfort zone.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, and luck awards those who are brave; so, during a Sagittarius Full Moon, be brave for your own sake. Do that thing you want but have been afraid of because this is the cosmic push you’ve been waiting for!

If you have aspirations connected to higher education or additional training in your field – a Full Moon in Sagittarius is just the right time to dive right into that. This Full Moon will help you achieve great success in all areas of your life that have to do with distant travel, broadening your expertise and knowledge base, and religion.

Sagittarius Full Moon can also be a great opportunity for expanding your traveling kit and inventory, as well as buying a mobile home (like an RV for example), and buying a new car (transport vehicle). Especially if you opt for colors pink, purple, and royal blue – those are the lucky colors for this Full Moon, keep that in mind!

Full Moon in Pisces, yet another lunation under the influence of Jupiter, but with the addition of Neptune, too. This makes this lunation a very potent one, the mix of Jupiterian and Neptunian energies under a Full Moon creates a perfect ‘soil’ for emotional growth.

During this Full Moon, you should follow your intuition, pay special attention to your dreams for they can point to events that will happen in the future, and you should engage in creative and emotional expression.

This lunation could be utilized perfectly by spending time next to a body of water (lake, ocean, or river) and on a yoga retreat. Meditation and healing breathwork can be utilized to their utmost extent during this transit, and you should be mindful of the liquids you take in your body.

After all, we are 60% water, so during the Pisces Full Moon take extra care of what kind of liquids you allow to co-create your body structure. Going to a sauna, having a spa day, and generally spending time in contact with (healing) water is an excellent way to utilize this Full Moon as the water can and will enhance your manifestation powers.

During the Full Moon in Pisces, both your psyche and your body (especially chakras) are fed the creative and healing energies, and it’s up to you to make the most out of it.

Full Moon Release

A Full Moon causes insomnia, and people act out more than usual during a Full Moon. The Werewolf myth is closely tied to the properties of the Full Moon, and it only serves to paint a closer picture of what we’re dealing with.

Select Zodiac signs are perfect for the release of all kinds of residual thoughts and emotions that we store in our bodies when the Moon happens to be full while transiting through them.

Some of these signs that are perfect for shadow work and the release of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore are Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Full Moon in Aries, this Full Moon is perfect for the utter and complete release of built-up anger, wrath, and jaded feelings. This is why it’s perfect to let loose and go to extremes during this lunation.

Mountain climbing, rafting, paragliding, kickboxing, sparring, diving, running, horse-riding, rowing, rope-jumping, and hitting heavyweights are all perfectly desirable activities for this Full Moon.

It’s very important to release all negative emotions and urges (apart from harming others in a non-consensual way) during this Full Moon, so if you have a sexual partner, the time is nigh to make the best use of him or her.

Aries Full Moon doesn’t want to think, it wants to express and see the results. It’s also a perfect moment to bring to a close to all started ideas and projects. The finish is promising and it’s going to look great after it’s finally done. This lunation gives you the strength to put an end to everything you started during a New Moon.

Full Moon in Virgo asks you to examine your inner self, your body, your environment, and your discipline. If there are things you’ve been feeling lazy about, matters you’ve put off, and health topics you’ve avoided, this lunation is the perfect moment to address them all!

Full Moon in Virgo amplifies discipline. This lunation is the perfect moment to deal with all the things you’ve felt bothered by. There’s no problem a hefty Virgo cannot solve. And this Full Moon is a perfect boost of energy needed to change and remodel your ways.

Unlike Full Moon in Libra, which is perfect for cosmetic surgery and beautifying interventions, Full Moon in Virgo asks you to address the root of the problem rather than the side effect.

Use this lunation to work on bettering yourself, change your ways, do the hard work that will pay off to you in the long run. Mercury is giving a boost to the Moon, so you’ll have good results in everything that includes working with your hands and using your brain. Don’t run from it, utilize it.

Full Moon in Scorpio is the perfect time for shadow work and for digging through the emotional ditches to transform and truly heal yourself. This Full Moon is under the rulership of unforgiving Pluto and to emerge victorious from it, you have to become unforgiving yourself.

Pull up your sleeves and dive into psychotherapy, as well as PTSD and trauma healing. If you’re willing to sacrifice your tears and fear during this Full Moon, Pluto will award you immensely.

You will emerge stronger and indestructible from this lunation. There are going to be scars, true – but those will be battle scars, the scars of victory, as compared to the scars of the victimhood and forfeit.

Scorpio Full Moon is the best moon for true healing work and transformation of the soul. Crazy things can happen during this transit, even crazier than during the Aries Full Moon, but the rewards are that much greater, too.

Full Moon in Capricorn is the one true time for accomplishing goals. This Full Moon asks you to be responsible and wise; it’s under the rulership of Saturn, who we all know as a cruel teacher and unforgiving master.

This gentle Moon feels isolated and pushed around when transiting through Capricorn, but he is asked to step up his game and perform his best. This is why it’s best to not waste time when this Full Moon occurs, instead focus on your career and goals and make them happen.

This lunation values hard and honest work, and this is why you have to be extra dedicated and have a humble approach during this full moon. Otherwise, you’re risking to provoke Saturn’s wrath, and he is not a forgiving giant.

Use Capricorn Full Moon to show your best at work, shine through your hard work and dedication, and follow the rules. Saturn’s big on rules too; he’s a pesky ruler, but Capricorns are those who end up in high positions and with the highest salaries. So, keep that in mind while the Full Moon transits this sign, for you have the chance to get a taste of what’s it like to be on top, but to earn it with your own hands.

Full Moon Creativity

Full Moons don’t have to be strictly for manifestation and release, they can be about fun too. And that’s where Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius step in.

During the Full Moon in these signs, you are asked to let go and play. Your inner child takes the stage and you better let it. Humans die when they are unable to play, so even though we’re forced to be responsible adults that most of the time if we don’t take the time for ourselves to play and enjoy the small things in life, we turn into dull boys and girls and stress begins to drain our life force.

This is why it’s very important to honor lunation through these signs.

Full Moon in Gemini asks you to be extroverted, communicative, and friendly. Now is the right time for making connections, sharing information, and learning things you didn’t even know you needed to know.

This Full Moon wants you to go out and about, to mingle and let things simply pass through you. The most potent magic and manifestation you can do during this time is being simple and having fun while doing small things that make you happy.

Full Moon in Leo is a very potent and powerful lunation. This Full Moon asks you to peer into your own heart, see what’s there and let it out with a roar. It doesn’t matter who’s looking or listening, all that matters is that you have it your way.

Scream and shout, play with your kids, play video games, go to a D’n’D session, have a night out with your besties, visit a sex shop and buy yourself adult toys which you’re going to enjoy. Be silly, go to a concert and enjoy yourself like when you were a teenager!

Full Moon in Aquarius brings oddities. Now is the right time to visit that obscure exhibit, go to that UFO lecture, and buy Halloween decorations even if it’s mid-August. Aquarius Full Moon wants you to be yourself, no matter how weird awkward that self might be.

Aquarius is teaching you about self-respect, but unlike Leo, you don’t need to present your best self to the world, on the contrary. Aquarius wants you to share your true self with the world in its purest and rawest form, so that true respect and understanding can emerge and grow among us humans.

Be yourself and treat yourself by being true and open about it with the world.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide left you with expanded knowledge on the power of the Full Moon. With all the basics of the Full Moon energies and how to best use them for your benefit. Our Astro community is an open and free space, so let me know what is your favorite Full Moon down in the comments below.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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