7 Ways To Harness The Power Of The New Moon

Hello darlings! It’s me, Anna, back again for some more educational content. I like my readers to have some agency in their lives, and I think Astrology is exactly the tool that many women need.

What if you had the ability to create masterful change every single month? What if there was a way to manipulate energy to flow towards the things that you desire?

I’m here to let you know that this does indeed exist. It’s the New Moon that comes once every 28 days. What is it about this Moon that makes it special? How can you best access the energy offered during this time?

I know that you’re powerful, and I want to make sure that you’re given all of the resources to succeed, in life and love. That’s why I wanted to provide a full rundown of the energy of the New Moon, just for my readers.

The Power Of The New Moon

The Power Of The New Moon

A New Moon happens once a month, when the Moon and the Sun are together in the sky, setting off a new lunar cycle. When the Moon is New, or ‘dark,’ then we on Earth cannot see it. It slowly appears as a very thin crescent of light.

The energy of a New Moon lasts for about three days before and after, the Moon is technically only New for a moment — when the Sun and Moon are perfectly overlapped in the sky.

The New Moon is a time to work out plans and desires. Since New Moons happen once a month and indicate the beginning of a cycle, you can think of it as an energetic reset.

The New Moon is an ideal time to set your intent and goals that you’ll develop as the Moon gets closer to being Full. Connecting to these lunar energies can provide grounding and a sense of direction.

Connecting to these cycles of life is part of feeling more connected to the ebbs and flows of the Universe.

As the Moon moves closer to the Sun and the light starts to reduce, we are given the opportunity to release what doesn’t make sense to keep in our lives anymore.

Reflect on what you’ve learned until the Full Moon phase, and release what you wouldn’t like to take with you from it. As the Moon descends, we can finish what is meant to be done while consciously keeping what could improve our lives.

From an Astrological view point, New Moons happen when the Sun and the Moon are at the same spot and the same sign within the Zodiac.

Planting Seeds With The Moon

Full Moons get a lot of hype because they are when situations come to fruition. These are ‘harvest’ periods that are meant to give out energy (hence the light rays being given out by the Full Moon).

From the Full Moon on into the New Moon, we see lessening of energy once more. Situations, objects, and emotions wind down and detach themselves. This means that room has been made within you and around you for better energy of your choice.

The New Moon is the part of the lunar cycle that allows you to call in exactly what you’d like to fill the holes of what you just released.

Now, remember: the Universe knows what’s best for you, and so you may not call in the exact situation that you’re seeking. This is because it was never meant for you. But, with your intention focused, you can bring in the energies that you believe are your path.

The key is to be open to whatever comes. By practicing true surrender and release, you’re given the opportunity to usher in the exact situation that you asked for.

This is often referred to as manifestation. Manifesting with the New Moon is effective for several reasons, but only if you’re aligned to the energy.

Remember, the New Moon is about what you’d like to add to your life. If you attempt to call in an ending of some kind, you may be disappointed. The New Moon is more suited to beginning a new relationship than ending an existing one (try doing that in the waning phase).

Ask yourself, what do I want more of in my life? These are the things that you focus on.

You might be saying “yeah, surrender and manifestation sound nice, but how do I do it? And when?” I’ve got those answers for you next. You’ll learn all about the techniques and rituals that work for me and my readers.

7 Ways To Harness The Manifesting Moon Power

1. Clean

Yes, you read that right. Cleaning and releasing FIRST just before the Moon is New is an absolute must for receiving the blessings you ask for. Do I hear some pack rats out there protesting? Well, let me tell you why it’s not such a bad thing to consider.

Cleaning out your physical space is actually the best way to draw in new physical items. Since what is outside of us is a reflection of who we are inside, the more that you clean up your outer space, the quicker that there is room for emotional abundance as well.

Throwing away the items that you have energetic cords to can hurt. And while I don’t expect you to throw out your grandmother’s antique apple corer that she used for every Sunday dinner… but that old workout set that you haven’t so much as glanced at in two years? Out the door, babes.

You can clean out emotionally in physical ways as well. Try writing what you’d like to be gone from your inner state, and then burn the paper or put it into a box and tell yourself it’s not yours to worry about any longer.

2. Find Your REAL Desire

Sometimes desires are straightforward. You desire food because you’re hungry and you’d like the feeling of hunger to go away. In this situation, the reason for the desire is clear.

Other desires are not so clear-cut. We end up conflating the feeling that we wish to experience with the means that we imagine that it would take to get there.

This is most common with money. People think they want money because it’s the only way that they can imagine they’d get to their goals. However, the Universe is far more powerful than the stock market. The Universe does not depend on money to get you what you desire.

The Universe can use the money to get you what you want, but sometimes the way that it finds doesn’t include money at all.

So, your real desire might not be money, but the plastic surgery it would buy you. But then again, is it the plastic surgery that you really want, or is it the feeling of acceptance from those around you? Or is it that you want your own self-love, and surgery was your means of getting there?

Not too easy! That’s why I have a remedy in the next step.

3. Journal

I highly recommend journaling on the New Moon for several reasons. The Moon itself is in a quiet state when it is New. It’s receptive but introspective, like a baby in the womb. This is the perfect energy for reflecting and making gentle realizations.

Journaling on a New Moon brings you in touch with your own inner emotional wells of strength. You are able to grow emotional resilience by internally processing what has occurred in the last month.

Journaling assists you in becoming clear and specific in your intentions. Like I mentioned, getting to the core of what you actually desire requires tuning into your own self-awareness. Sometimes we don’t find the answer we wanted.

We’re trained to get reinforcement from the world at large by seeking outer rewards. Much like how our desire for money could actually be our desire for self-love disguising itself. The kicker is that getting money is generally seen as more favorable than receiving one’s own love, so we err towards that route.

Journaling in general assists you in finding out what you actually want to manifest and what you really desire.

4. Relax Deeply

There is a fine line between expecting that your manifestation is coming to life and attempting to make it come to life. The Universe can’t be manipulated into giving you things since it’s not a divine djinni. It won’t be forced out of anything, though it will gladly just give.

This means that you can’t attempt to control your desires. You can only admit that you desire something and know that it’s yours. There is nothing in there about ‘making’ it be yours.

This step requires faith. Faith and relaxation go hand in hand. Faith allows you to have belief beyond reason that you will end up in the very best spot possible for you. This allows you to let all of the small fears go.

Relaxing enables your faith, and your faith enables your relaxation. Relaxed people aren’t on the edge of their seats, biting their nails, and looking at the clock to see if their manifestation is ready yet… they have faith that they just need to listen for the Universal timer to go off. Then it’s time to lay back, and receive.

5. Visualize

Now that you’re crystal clear and focused on what you desire, and you’re all relaxed and prepped to receive, the next steps can begin. First of all, congratulations, because by performing the other steps here you have more than likely been unintentionally manifesting. Isn’t it amazing that you can accidentally draw in what you want?

You should have done a lot of the work of visualizing when you whittled your desire down into your real desire, journaled, and relaxed into a state of faith. You’re in a receptive state for this step, exactly what we are after.

Visualizing can be as creative or mundane as you like. You can write out your first day in your new reality like a story, you can send your desired reality into a cup of tea and then drink it, and you can work on shifting your energy into the energy of your desired reality.

6. Meditate

I can hear some of my readers already. “Oh God, not ANOTHER site plugging meditation! I’ve tried and it’s not for me.” And yes, I sure am plugging meditation – but hear me out for a second.

Getting quiet after Visualization is the step that allows for a full embodiment of the next reality (as in, the reality that you just manifested). When you enter more peaceful brain states then the mind isn’t grasping for the previous exercises to make sense.

This allows for the next step to be performed with full ease. When meditating, release all ties to the ‘you’ that doesn’t have what you’ve manifested. Thank that old reality for all that it provided you, and let it go.

Relax into the new reality of your own creation.

7. Forget About It

And I mean that. Totally forget about it. No wondering ‘did I do it right?’ You did just fine, and I’m so proud!

You’re in a new reality now, honey. What you’ve manifested is yours. In the same way that you don’t stress about when the oven timer will go off because you know it always will, don’t stress about this new creation. It’s yours, and worrying about it sure won’t make it come faster.

In two weeks’ time (at the Full Moon) see how your manifestation has come along. Within two weeks, you’ll receive signs that you’re aligned to the path the Universe knows will lead you to your desire.

Wrapping Up

The New Moon is the best time of the month to get still with what future you actually want to align with. I think that the better perk of working with New Moon energy is getting to dive deeply into your own intentions to discover more about yourself.

While reading the comments of my readers is my favorite thing to do (literally!) I also can’t help but feel bad that I am not able to interact with all of my readers. While I have too many to do that, I wanted to connect with as many as I could.

That’s why I created the VIP Consultation service that has become a popular feature on my site. It’s my opportunity to clear up all of the issues that arise for my readers on any given day that I haven’t written a specific article for. This is your moment to shine.

Unfortunately, I can’t get to everyone. But I do still have some spots left as of this writing!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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