Crystals That Help Taurus Women Live A More Abundant Life

As a Taurus woman, you know the importance of staying steady and loyal. You’re hard working and very successful when you put your efforts into something.

Did you know there are crystals that can actually enhance your life and your success? There are crystals that will help you draw in prosperity and abundance.

Are you ready to learn how you can use crystals to help Taurus women live a more abundant life? Great! Let’s dive right in.

Understanding The Taurus Woman’s Nature

The Taurus woman has a fixed Sun but also has the Venus rulership. That means she’s very soft hearted though she may not always display this on the outside. She’s a reserved lover.

She’s the type that has to be really close to someone to really let them in. This works in business also – she doesn’t let all her knowledge out unless it’s going to be successful.

Taurus can sometimes be stubborn but again, that’s due to the fixed nature. The beautiful Taurus woman wants to have roots planted firmly in the ground in order to feel secure.

There are stones that can open a Taurus woman up enough to receive prosperity and abundance into her life. They are very specific and I will go through each one in order for you to understand how they can help you.

The Healing Stones For Taurus Woman

Healing Stones For Taurus Woman

Bloodstone is a great stone to hang onto or wear. Its energetic qualities will come out and help facilitate a calm mind, calm temperament, and help to control upset feelings.

This beautiful green stone can help provide better quality of sleep for the restless mind of a Taurus woman. It may also help her to unload her stress of the day, helping her avoid despair or depression.

Taurus women can use the bloodstone while practicing spiritual rituals. It can help her ground and get a clear path of thought.

Other health stones to help Taurus woman healing would be the Amethyst and Rose Quartz. These are actually quite universal for anyone. If you are a healer, my Taurus queen, then you might use them for other people.

If you are using them for yourself, then it may help heal your heart with love as it can help heal physical ailments.

Aquamarine can help ward off self-esteem issues or help them to heal. You may feel more confident wearing Aquamarine jewelry.

Once you are feeling healthier and healed, you can begin your quest to manifest your good to you.

Whether you’re trying to manifest more love, money, opportunities, or anything else; you’re going to need other stones. Keep reading to find out more!

Crystals For Prosperity & Abundance

Green Aventurine is a beautiful bluish green crystal. It can be used for healing as well but in this case, it’s one of the most brilliant stones to draw in more abundance into a Taurus woman’s life.

It should be worn or carried daily to bring that energetic pull to its fullest extent. Green Jade does wonders as well. There’s a reason this ancient stone is still being used today.

It brings in luck, money, and great success in business endeavors and I definitely recommend wearing it if possible. You can carry some in your pocket but I find it’s more useful as jewelry.

An Emerald has similar effects as the aforementioned stones. This is a precious gem that definitely should be worn in jewelry.

It can help bring prosperity into your life and heal you at the same time from emotional pain. A dual-purpose gem like this is so amazing for you, Taurus!

You might notice that the stones that help draw prosperity and abundance in are often green. The green is also the color of money and associated with good luck such as the shamrock or clover.

Along those lines can also include some Malachite. It’s a gorgeous stone that can be carried with you or worn. It will boost the effects of the Universe bringing you what you deserve.

Remember that while carrying or wearing these stones, your intent should be on bringing you all the very best. While you do that, thank the Universe and keep balance by helping those in need.

Breaking up the green crystal routine is Blue Sandstone. This one looks like a night sky when you shed light on it. It’s a gorgeous dark blue with sparkles. Wear this to draw in more success and financial abundance.

Crystals For Abundant Love

The Best Crystals For Taurus Woman

I’ve mentioned crystals for healing and for prosperity but now I want to share what crystals you can use for bringing more love into your life. Whether you’re healing love or manifesting new love; these stones are perfect!

One of these stones is used for healing effects but they can also be used to draw love and great friendships to you. This would be the gorgeous pink stone, Rose Quartz.

First, you can use it to help you heal from emotional issues or baggage. Then you can use it to draw natural love to yourself. After that, you can then use it to bring the right person into your life.

I would recommend wearing a piece of it just above your heart. That’s the energy it’s simulating. In other words, it’s helping activate, heal, and power up your “Heart Chakra.”

You can also use Opal to help boost your creative mind. This lets you use your talents to show someone you love them via crafts, arts, music, or some other way you express yourself.

If you meditate, you can put an Opal over your third eye. It will help you to be more intuitive about what people want or how to help them heal. Sometimes helping others helps you.

Golden Sandstone is also something beautiful you can wear over your heart in a necklace to help draw more love into your life. It will help bring out your playful side and creative nature.

Naturally, you can use these provisions to help you draw great love into your life. You can meditate and put it over your pelvic area for strengthening your “Sacral Chakra.”

This might increase your sexual desire and drive as well. That’s not a bad thing if you bring someone new into your life or are trying to revive your love life with a partner.

You can also hold it in your hand to help calm your emotions when you feel anxiety or stress. It wouldn’t hurt to have a Golden Sandstone worry stone on hand.

You should also have some Clear Quartz to wear or carry. This helps you keep your mind clear and thus; you are able to trust your intuition when it comes to good people or people you should steer clear of.

It helps clarify your intentions so when you work to manifest a great love, it’s going to boost that energy for you.

Black Tourmaline comes in handy to help ward off negative vibes. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from someone else or for you yourself. It helps ground you to keep you from getting carried away.

This is another great one to carry around with you. When I say you should carry stones; you can put them in a small bag that will fit in your pocket or in your purse.

One that’s not commonly heard of is Variscite. This crystal looks very similar to Turquoise. The color is very close. This stone is greener though. It’s a gorgeous stone for sure!

These stones are easy enough to find if you look them up on your web browser of choice.

Another gorgeous stone you can work with is called Rhodonite. It’s a beautiful pink stone with dark greens streaked in it. This helps you lose resentment and negativity, and heal your heart.

It will help you draw in love that is not toxic. You definitely want a love that is pure and true so this is a GREAT crystal to wear around your neck laying right above your heart.

You can get a worry stone with Rhodonite as well to keep in your pocket to hold when you’re feeling out of sorts or depressed. It helps calm you and bring back your hope.

Using Healing Crystals For Abundance

There are steps you must follow in order to get your crystals cleansed and charged. If you do not yet know how to do that then you might want to click here right now! 

There is a process for properly using your stones. Not everyone knows how to use them the right way. I don’t want you to miss out either. Check out my guide on the Basics of Healing Crystals.

When cleansed, charged, and used properly, you will notice a huge change in your ability to attract abundance, prosperity, and a new life, my dear Taurus.

This is an old and ancient practice. Why not go back to your ancestral power and allow the old ways to help you be a better version of yourself and cultivate lasting love? You know you deserve that love, right?

Yes! You definitely do, so stick with me because I have more information for you. Keep reading my darlings!

Taurus Woman Love Tips

Now that you have a good handle on what you can do with crystals, I want to share something else with you that will help you as a Taurus woman to win the love you deserve.

There are things you need to know about who you are with love and how best you can heal old wounds while learning new techniques to attract the right love.

I know you’ve got to be tired of drawing in the wrong guys by now.

Of course, you are – otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

What changes do you need to make with yourself so that you can finally have the long-lasting love you want?

I’m going to share some really crucial information with you that will help you as a Taurus woman.

Love should be something you are comfortable with, feel amazing with, and embrace when it comes.

Leave the wrong ones behind!

If you would like to learn some of the best love secrets you need to know, click here right now! 

I don’t want everyone to know what I know but I do want my Taurus ladies to learn who they are and what they can do to have a totally different life.

If you want to feel full of love and life then you need to learn what I know.

Once you do, you’ll never be the same. You’ll never turn back!

When you wake up to the truth, you tend to not be able to live a lie.

If you want the truth about Taurus women and love, click right now! 

I don’t want you walking blindly through your life anymore.

I want to help you heal, get back out there, and bring the best love to you that is ready for your touch.

This guide I’ve written for you is to help you get in better touch with the real inner you. Only then can you see what is right for you.

No longer will you keep going blindly through life choosing the wrong guys.

This lesson will boost your confidence to the Moon!

It will help you get in touch with the real you so that you can make the right choices from now on.

Yes, this will be life- and love-changing for you. If you’re ready for the challenge then let’s go!

Learn the questions you need to answer for yourself and your future, my lovely Taurus. Only you can answer these questions.

Find out what they are and how they help you right now! 

Stand tall and be more confident in who you are as a woman and as a loyal Taurus lover.

When you’re honest with yourself you will see exactly what you need to do going forward.

As always, I wish you all the very best in love and in life because THAT is what you deserve!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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