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What Turns A Guy On (Based On His Sign)

If you’re single-ish and in the dating world, you may have noticed that what turns one guy on completely fails when applied to a different guy. It’s not just that men are individuals.

Yes, of course, that’s true.

But there’s more to the story than this. Men born under specific signs are turned on by different forms of seduction. As a relationship astrologer for many years, I’ve seen women with so much potential completely destroy perfectly good relationships because they used the right approach with the wrong guy.

One woman wrote to ask me why the perfect seduction strategy that made a Gemini man fall for them in the past didn’t work, only to find out her current love interest is a Pisces.

But with a little insight into how Pisces men operate, we were able to work together to salvage the connection. You don’t have to end up on the brink of relationship disaster to learn about the nuances between each sign.

When you know what men born under each sign love or abhor, you can find ways to seduce him and turn him on without worrying about triggering the wrong reaction.

More importantly, if you know how to turn him on based on his sign, you can skip the awkward trial-and-error approach and just get to the fun part.


Aries men are impulsive and impetuous. They are turned on by a direct approach followed by some teasing. If you are too spontaneous and assertive, an Aries man will surprise you by losing interest.

This is because he needs to be the one to chase. If you match his chasing instinct, he will feel deflated. Boost his ego and show that you are interested in him, then play coy.

Avoid taking extreme steps that make it look like you are desperate or too eager. An Aries man is turned on by an assertive woman who switches from flirty and teasing to playing hard to get. He enjoys the thrill of the chase, so give him the challenge to navigate in order to get to you.

You can text him clues that hint at seduction without spelling out your entire idea. You may also be able to keep an Aries man obsessed with you if you send him suggestive photos but not full nudes. Keep him guessing and entice him with the prospect of discovering what is in store for him.

Aries men are also playful. You can turn him on by inviting him to play a sexualized version of a game such as hide and seek or a strip-trivia game. Once you’ve been flirting for a while, play wrestle with him. This triggers his desire to get physical and show off his strength.


You may think it’s tough to seduce a Taurus man, but this is not the case. Taurus men are romantic and hedonistic. They’re just slow-moving and patient. They don’t want to give in to temptation and ruin their chances of a solid relationship.

When you want to seduce a Taurus man, remember the best way to turn him on is by satisfying his appetite. Cook for him or bring treats and deserts into your seduction game. Be sure to resist a Taurus man’s advances at first.

Let him see that you are a woman he has to work for. Be discreet with a Taurus man. Reveal just enough of your body to turn him on but not so much that he has nothing left to fantasize about. You can tempt him through sensual contact.

Give him a massage or rub his shoulders or feet after he’s been working all day. Feed him by hand, or kiss him after you eat a piece of candy or chocolate. Taurus men can’t resist food and other creature comforts, so use this to your advantage when seducing him.


Gemini men are attracted to specific things that appeal to their intellectual nature. If you are too crass or forward when seducing a Gemini man, he’ll be overwhelmed.

It’s far better to take a flirty, playful approach with him. Gemini men love sexting, as long as you drop hints rather than being too direct. Use double entendres to give sexual connotations to your messages.

Gemini men also love it when you seduce them by talking about fantasies that include different scenes. Gemini men love to travel. When you flirt with him, talk about making love on the beach or in a landmark location he would love to visit.

You don’t need to use a lot of physical contact with him to turn a Gemini man on. They prefer to be distant and to imagine a pleasurable scenario, so seducing him from a distance can be ideal. Give him time to build up anticipation as you tease him. Make sure physical contact is the final phase of the seduction.


You can’t try to turn a Cancer man on unless you’ve made him feel comfortable and secure first. This is an absolutely essential step. Listen to a Cancer man. Relate with him and connect with him emotionally. Only after you’ve taken these steps should you attempt to seduce a man born under this sign.

He is sensitive so it’s best to be sincere. If you use humor while trying to seduce him, he’s likely to miss your meaning, or worse, he may think you’re making fun of him. Try to be as authentic and transparent as possible.

At the same time, make sure he is secure with you. Also, try to avoid being too graphic. He is traditional and is attracted to some degree of modesty. Cancer men are also turned on by women who are sensitive, emotional and show vulnerability. He isn’t the most adventurous when it comes to sexuality. He prefers to cuddle at home as a prelude to sex rather than kinky seduction strategies.

Cancer men are homebodies. He has to feel at home and comfortable with you before he lets his guard down. Don’t get aggressive when you’re seducing a Cancer man. He needs a gentle, nurturing approach.

Cancer men also love a good meal. You can turn him on by making suggestive statements without being too vulgar as you enjoy a meal together. Find out his favorite family recipe and do your best to replicate it. Reminding him of home, heritage and food stimulate his desires.


Seducing a Leo man can be fun. Men born under the sign of the Lion are dramatic, entertaining, and gregarious. They have larger-than-life personalities and tons of charm.

If you want to turn on a Leo man, the best thing to do is pursue him with passion. You can captivate a Leo man by entertaining him. He loves exotic strip teases. He will also enjoy it if you flirt with him in dramatic ways.

He’s turned on by a woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Walk tall when you are around a Leo man. Laugh at his jokes and make eye contact when he tells stories. Flirt with your eyes and smile at him.

Compliment him generously and act fascinated by his talents and strengths. With a Leo man, you can be direct and make jokes that may seem too bawdy to other men.


Turning on a Virgo man can be tricky. As you can imagine, the sign of the Virgin is not easily susceptible to hedonistic pleasures. He can abstain for long periods of time and is not motivated by sex the way many other men are.

Virgo men take a subtle approach to seduction. They are modest and will be completely turned off by most of the things that other men find attractive. If you are forward and sexual with a Virgo man, he will shut down.

It’s better to be patient and take a low-key approach to seduce him. Learn about his interests and offer to help him with tasks and chores. The least overtly sexual things are often the best way to connect with a Virgo man.

Activities that are completely practical and mundane like cooking, cleaning, or gardening, are the best opportunities to connect with him. While engaging in these activities with him, slowly drop little hints.

Over time, the seduction can become more obvious, but avoid being too transparent at first. If you see signs that he is embarrassed, change the subject and slow your approach.


Seducing a Libra man is easy if you appreciate his need for balance. If you are assertive at first and he gives you encouraging signs, slow down and waver back and forth between being the pursuer and being demure.

If he shows interest in you first, be receptive and then start to pick up the pace and seduce him as he becomes quiet- which he will at some time. Turning a Libra man on requires a see-saw approach.

Libra men need to vacillate between excitement and soothing. Be romantic and sentimental. Take an intellectual approach and never act crudely with a Libra man.

Avoid sending nudes but feel free to send artistic poses in seductive positions wearing romantic clothing. Share your fantasies. Don’t be too emotional. Libra men are easily scared away when conversations become too intense.

Blend playfulness with a gentle, compassionate, and sincere approach. Classic romantic strategies work well with a Libra man.


A little-known fact about Scorpio men is that you don’t have to work hard to turn them on. Just about anything and everything turns a Scorpio man on. The trick to seducing a Scorpio man is keeping the process enigmatic.

Scorpio men can literally find any symbol, reference, joke, or comment to be erotic. It all depends on your expression, tone of voice, eye contact, and body language.

But the key to not burning out his passion is to turn him on without overdoing it. If you give away all the mystery at once, a Scorpio man will be turned on, but then he’ll instantly lose interest when the moment passes.

Keep your passion on a slow, seductive simmer. Be a puzzle he has to solve. Don’t give away all your secrets. Scorpio men are attracted to wounded, vulnerable, and mysterious people.

Scorpio men don’t mind it when you go out on a limb. In fact, they like it when you show your feisty side. You can be more direct and assertive with Scorpio men as compared with other signs of the zodiac.


It’s easy to turn on a passionate, hedonistic Sagittarius man. What’s more challenging is keeping his attention focused on you. Sagittarius men are independent and freewheeling.

They don’t like to be confined, even when it comes to relationships. Your strategies should emphasize his freedom and independence. Make it clear that you’re not the kind of woman to fence a man in and that you want a man to pursue you because he chooses to, not because he feels he has to.

You can turn a Sagittarius guy on when you pretend to be less interested than you are. Make him want to talk to you. Show him you are an intellectual, interesting, and compassionate person. Show off your humanitarian interests.

If you pursue a Sagittarius man, always alternate between chasing and stepping back. He doesn’t want to feel cornered. Show him you’re interested and then let him chase you.

Talk about your fantasies when it comes to visiting new and exotic places. Sagittarius men love to travel, and they love learning. Men born under this sign are also gamblers. Engage him in an adult game where the odds are good you’ll end up in physical contact or on the way to intimacy.


A Capricorn man is steadfast and obsessed with work. If you want to turn him on it’s best to not compete with his career. Leverage his workaholism and use this to your advantage.

Show up to his office when he’s working late hours and no one else is there. Bring him dinner, and drinks, and flirt with him. Don’t come on too strong. He will resent you if you try to take his mind off his work.

But use your charm and subtlety to seduce him away from his desk. You can also appeal to his workaholic nature by engaging him in games of role-playing that relate to his career.

For example, if he is a doctor, play nurse, or patient. If he is a firefighter, talk about how you have an emergency desire that only he can put out. Play on the language of his profession when you want to turn him on.


Aquarius men are quirky and surprising. You can turn an Aquarius man on in many ways as long as you are creative, clever, and think outside the box. But the key with an Aquarius man is to go slow and read his vibes. He can be moody.

Men born under this sign become elusive and cold for no specific reason. If he’s hot one minute, he may go cold the next. Don’t take this personally. Just understand that sometimes you have to work through subtle measures to entice an Aquarius man.

Sometimes you can be bold and direct. Send out a few signals and notice his reaction. If he picks up on your cues and responds in kind, keep it going. Feel free to be kinky and shocking.

But if he diverts to another topic, he’s showing you that he’s not in the mood. He can get into the mood, but you’ll need to take a more subtle approach. Try to find out what is on his mind before proceeding.


Pisces men are emotional and sensitive. They can be kinky and explorative in bed, but you should never go right for seduction with a Pisces man. Turn him on by listening to his feelings. Let him tell you about his problems. Never criticize him or emasculate him.

You can also turn him on by exploring the crossroads between spirituality and sexuality. Tell him you want to learn about trancework or tantra. He’ll take an interest in experimenting with you.

Men born under this sign are creative. Explore the arts with him. Listen to the songs and poems he’s written. Pisces men are turned on when a woman sincerely praises their talent and art. Encourage his goals and empower him and you can turn a Pisces man on.

A Pisces man will fall in love and become obsessed if he sees you as a woman who always believes in him and doesn’t tell him he needs to grow up and stop daydreaming.

What To Do Next?

Now that you know how different each sign of the zodiac can be, you’ll never make the mistake of trying to turn a guy on without first consulting his natal chart. The placement of the planets at the time of his birth can tell you a lot more than you may realize about how he thinks and what motivates him.

You can be sure to impress him every time when you seduce a man based on his astrological sign. This guide can help you avoid mistakes while also empowering you to speak his love and seduction language.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if this guide helped you. 🙂

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