5 Self-Care Secrets For Gemini Women

Hey Gemini ladies! I’ve been looking forward to this article because if there is any sign who could use a little wind-down, it’s you Geminis. You’re always the energetic and talkative one whose mind is typically maxed out with a billion tabs open at any given time. You bet that you need the info that I’ve got for you here!

I’m always fascinated by the intellect of the Gemini ladies. Your minds never stop going and you are the best conversationalists ever. But even the convivial Gemini needs to check out sometimes. Astrologically, how can Gemini women take good care of themselves?

I’ve worked with many Gemini women over my years as a Relationship Astrologer. You’ve always dazzled me with what you know, but I’ve learned some things about you along the way too. What follows are some of the things that the Gemini woman should consider integrating into her life for maximum benefit.

5 Self-Care Secrets For Gemini Women

1. Meditate

As much as I love the fluttery and busy-bee energy you embody, Gemini, I know that you must get tired of how fast your brain runs all day. Considering every possibility and jumping to every thought that arises is just plain exhausting. If you’re here, I know you have a spiritual bent, so perhaps you’ll be happy to know that meditation is one of the best activities for Gemini.

This is for a few reasons. Gemini’s tend to be controlled by their thoughts since the mental realm is the one where they primarily exist in. When they meditate, it’s like a reboot. You might come out of it feeling like a new woman.

Meditation also involves breathing awareness. This is significant for you because Gemini rules the lungs, and as such, focusing on them in order to relax may be something that comes fairly naturally to you.

2. Express Through Words

Self-Care For Gemini Women

Gemini, words of any variety are your bread and butter. You talk a lot about a wide variety of things. The thing is that Geminis tend to talk about the business of the people around them. Expressing their own deepest emotions can be a lot harder for the cerebral Gemini woman.

This is why I recommend taking up a hobby that allows you to freely express yourself totally uncensored. This can be something as simple as a journal or as complex as a podcast. No matter what you choose, ensure that you feel comfortable expressing your truest thoughts.

Gemini, being free to express yourself in a medium of your choosing is a perfect way to empower and care for yourself. Giving yourself permission to speak freely no matter who is listening is one of the single most empowering things a Gemini woman can do for herself.

3. Walk

Gemini, you’re ruled by one of the speediest planets in the Solar System, Mercury. This is why your mind never stops but also why it may be hard for you to sit still. This is why I recommend that you don’t ignore that urge. Give into the movement and get out and move.

This assists in keeping you less jittery throughout the day. Wearing out your body can also keep your mind a little calmer. Plus, walking contemplatively while paying attention to every step and nothing else is a form of meditation. You can totally incorporate two tips in one!

Walking is also going to get your mental juices flowing. Being alone with your thoughts on a walk will help refine your ideas and make you happy that you embarked in the first place. On top of everything else, it keeps you fit!

4. Talk To A Friend

Gemini Woman Self Care

Gemini’s need social stimulation in order to feel at ease. Very few Gemini’s that I know would ever be able to be a silent monk, for example. They need to have a network of people to reach out to and inform about comings and goings of their own and other people’s.

Reaching out to one friend every day helps you feel more in the loop. You might just say a quick hi and have some small talk. That’s no problem because the idea is simply to reinforce a connection that you have with someone you like.

You’ll find that you think and process very well when you’re bouncing ideas off of someone else, so it assists in sharpening your mind as well. Never neglect your social needs, Gemini, or else you could find yourself feeling isolated.

5. Read A Book

Face it, Gemini – you’re kind of a huge nerd. You know a little about a lot and you pick up on concepts and ideas with a lot of ease. However, you can jump from thought to thought, and pursuing one to see where it goes is difficult for you sometimes.

Just like meditation assists your focus, so will reading a book. While it requires sustained attention (not always your strong suit) it focuses your energy on one thing which is to your benefit. If the book is on a subject that you’re interested in then you’re good as gold since you likely will be thirsty for the knowledge.

Even just hanging around the library or a bookstore is typically very therapeutic for you. Books and learning could be important to you, which makes them even more essential to include in your self-care routine. Try to incorporate at least a chapter a day to practice staying consistent.

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Wrapping Up

Gemini, this is your sign to just take a deep breath and relax. Repeat after me: everything is going to be okay, I am loved, I am valued, and I am heard.

What I need you to remember is that nothing is as important as your inner peace. You may be tempted to worry too much about what others are up to instead of nourishing your interest in the progression of your own life.

I just gave you all of my best tips for taking care of yourself as a Gemini woman. But do you know how Geminis tend to fall in love? How can they be won over? How do they act when they’re in love?

I think you’re going to want to check this one out since I’ve spent a long time collecting these secrets to share with you and my other readers. I made it all about the Gemini since you all have a unique way of loving that needs to be understood.

Check out the best information that you’ll find about how a Gemini loves right here. I have a feeling you’re going to love it.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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