The Predominant Element In Your Chart: Here’s What It Means

There are many components to an Astrological chart. Even if you know your “Big Three,” that is, your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs, you are still just scratching the surface. 

One of the first things Astrologers look at when we want to analyze a chart is the combination of four elements. You may have heard of the elements in Astrology. When someone says Cancer is a “water sign” or Virgo is an “earth sign”, they’re referring to the element of that sign. 

Astrologers pay close attention to the four elements as they not only relate to the meaning of signs, but they can also give a special flavor to your personality at large. If you’re more outgoing than the average Capricorn – an earth sign – it could be because your chart has a predominance of the Air element

An Introduction To The Elements

Each element is associated with an entire series of correspondences. These give nuance to each sign and part of your Natal Chart. To keep it simple, let’s look at each element briefly.

The elements we consider in Astrology are air, fire, water, and earth. These are considered the basic components of all nature and thus of our soul path and personalities. 


  • Thinkers
  • Communicative
  • Flighty
  • Adaptable

While air signs are each unique, what they have in common are the shared attributes of giving you a flexible personality. Air energy is associated with creativity, intellect, communication, travel, and flexibility. 

Air sign people can be bubbly, extroverted, and social. They love to share ideas and inspire others. They’re also usually optimistic. 


  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Leaders
  • Focused

Similarly, each of the three fire signs shares a strong sense of vitality. Fire gives you passion, strength, confidence, and even an edginess that helps you take charge unapologetically.

Fire energy in the chart can give you a temper, sex appeal, or both! You may be feisty, driven, motivated, and ambitious if there is a lot of fire in your chart.


  • Emotional
  • Sensitive
  • Compassionate
  • Intuitive

Water energy in the chart brings you deep into the mysterious and murky depths of your subconscious and also your emotions. Water is receptive energy, so you may be an empath, easily absorbing others’ feelings if you have a lot of water in your chart. 

Water is also associated with relationships and love. The other elements can express love as well, but water corresponds to family, romance, and empathy. If you have a lot of water in your chart, it can make you sensitive to others. You may wear your heart on your sleeve.


  • Practical
  • Nurturing
  • Sensible
  • Abundant
  • Patient

You may be well-grounded, mature, and hardworking if you have a lot of earth energy in your chart. This energy grounds you and helps you to manifest. Earth heavy charts also correspond to people who are natural healers, herbalists, and who have a connection to animals.

You may have a love of cooking and all things culinary with a lot of earth in your chart as well. Earth energy gives you slow, cautious personality. Earthy people don’t take big risks, for example.

What Makes An Element “Dominant” In Your Chart?

Now that you have an idea of what kinds of traits each element corresponds to, how do you know if an element is dominant? Some Astrology apps will calculate this for you. Yet if you don’t have an app that automatically tallies your chart’s elements, you can easily do it yourself.

First, look at the placement of each planet. You may want to make a chart with four boxes, one for each element. Then, list the planets that are in the sign associated with each element. 

For reference, these are:

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Now, you’ll also want to add the Ascendant and Midheaven. These are often abbreviated as ASC and MC. These are the cusps to the first and tenth houses. 

Some Astrologers also include the True Node as well as Chiron, but you can also look at the planets, ASC and MC specifically.

You may have a lot of planets in each element, but whichever element has the most, even if it is by a small margin, is your dominant element. 

Air Dominant Personality

If you have a predominance of the element air in your natal chart, regardless of your Sun sign’s description, you’ll have a tendency toward being a social butterfly. Even if you have Sun in a moody and introverted sign like Scorpio, a dominance of air energy in your chart can brighten your outlook.

You’re likely to be optimistic, cheerful, intelligent, well-read, and curious. You may also be naturally childlike and innocent. Your main gifts include being analytical, interested in other peoples’ stories, and likely to inspire others through your words and ideas.

You’re also likely to be creative and idealistic. You may be drawn to writing, singing, speaking, and the arts in general. You’re usually comfortable in a crowd and make friends quite easily. You’re also not usually at a loss for words. 

A natural problem solver, you love to dream up new ways to do things. Often knowledgeable about many subjects, you can also easily give advice in an attempt to help others through their troubles.

Air Dominant Traits In Love

Your charismatic personality and upbeat nature make it easy for you to attract friends. So, it should be easy for you to attract lovers as well. This is somewhat true. You can easily attract the attention of others, but romantic relationships challenge you.

For starters, you are highly independent. You love to surround yourself with friends but when it comes to intimate romantic relationships, there are a few challenges you face. You can become bored easily. When it’s time to commit, you may panic, even if you know you’re in love with someone.

You may also be attracted to multiple people at once. Making decisions isn’t easy for you. You can become overwhelmed with fear of missing out and this is true of relationships as well.

You may also fall in love easily, often with an image of your love interest. You may build a love interest up to match your own expectations. But then when things get serious – especially if the relationship becomes challenging – you’re likely to become disillusioned. 

The key for you is to find a partner who matches your level of curiosity and intellect. You’ll become bored with a shy and introverted partner. You need to be with someone who enjoys traveling, learning, and sharing ideas as much as you do!

Fire Dominant Personality

The fire dominant personality is similar to the air dominant personality. You’re just as outgoing, fun-loving, and optimistic. Yet you’re more decisive and passionate. You don’t struggle with the same fear of making a decision or commitment as the air dominant personality.

You know what you want right away and can actually become obsessed with success. A natural leader, you love to be a step ahead of the game. You’re not afraid to take on a challenge. In fact, you relish the opportunity to win battles and prove yourself.

This desire for victory can make you competitive. You have great stamina and are energetic and need a lot of physical activity. You can be dramatic or flamboyant and like air dominant people, you’re also very independent. 

Your ideal match is a fire dominant personality. Air dominant people make great friends but in romance, an air dominant person as a partner may not provide enough stability to keep you focused. 

Water and earth dominant people are more likely to be friends or acquaintances, these relationships will be challenging in romance.

Fire Dominant Traits In Love

When a fire dominant person is in love, they may actually be feeling lust, desire, or passion. As a fire dominant person, you’ll fall in love quickly and your style of showing love may involve jealousy, possessiveness, and a desire to be in a passionate, lusty relationship.

You may fall fast and hard, but then burn out and need space. This can confuse your love interest. It’s important for you to assertively communicate your needs. You believe actions speak louder than words, yet sometimes you gloss over clear communication.

You may also fall for people who challenge you in some way. You don’t want a relationship to be too lowkey. You thrive on excitement and even a little drama. A partner who lives an unusual, exciting and busy life may appeal to you. You love the thrill of the chase and need to work on keeping the fires of passion alive when the relationship is in later stages.

Your ideal partner is an air dominant person. Fire dominant people can intrigue you but may clash with your intense nature. Water dominant people may trigger your passion and desire to advocate for others, but in a long-term romance, water or earth dominant people are likely to cause you frustration.

Water Dominant Personality

If you have a water dominant personality, you are compassionate and emotion driven. You are highly sensitive and your empathetic nature can lead you to take on others’ feelings to the point that you become overwhelmed. 

You are drawn to family and may enjoy spending time at home rather than going out. Though you can be introverted, you are caring and openly show your love of others. You may even define yourself by relationships.

Be careful not to lose yourself in relationships. You may be eager to show affection and have a gift for inspiring others to express how they feel. Your gifts make you an ideal counselor, therapist, or caretaker. You love to nurture others. 

You’re also highly intuitive and may even surprise yourself by the accuracy of your own psychic instincts.

Water Dominant Traits In Love

You may fall in love easily, but lower your guard slowly. You know how sensitive you can be and don’t like to expose your vulnerable nature. Yet it usually doesn’t take long for you to completely bare your soul in relationships.

You can be affectionate, loving, and compassionate. When you fall in love, you’ll completely devote yourself to your love interest. You may assume the deep connection you feel is reciprocated. It’s important for you to slow down to ensure this is really the case.

You don’t like to date casually. You’re usually looking for someone to share a powerful emotional connection with. You’re also likely to seek a partner who is serious about marriage and family, even if you’re relatively young. 

Your sentimental nature can lead you to strive for a fairy tale romance. You may be emotionally moved by romantic gestures and tokens of love. If your partner doesn’t show their emotions in clear and obvious ways, you’re likely to become insecure. You seek reassurance from your partner or love interest through emotional connection.

Your ideal partner may be more grounded than you are, but they will nevertheless appreciate your sensitivity. You’re easily hurt in relationships, and sometimes it’s because you take things personally. A partner who offers you feedback may upset you as you may think your partner is personally attacking you, for example.

Your ideal compatibility is with those who also have dominant water or dominant earth. People with dominant air can cheer you up but in romantic relationships, air dominant people may seem too emotionally distant and detached. Fire dominant people are likely to come on too strong for your sensitive nature.

Earth Dominant Personality

If you have an earth dominant personality, you are likely to be practical and grounded. Your down to earth nature attracts others to you. You’re hardworking and may be quite focused on money, finance, comfort, and health. 

Gardening, hiking, and outdoor activities can be refreshing for you, yet you like to do things in a tidy, orderly manner. You can be organized and self-disciplined. You may also be a savvy investor because you have a good sense of quality and value. 

Earth dominant people are usually successful in career and may have stable work histories. It’s also common for you to go into business for yourself if you have a predominance of earth energy in your chart. 

You can be stubborn as change is hard for you. This trait also gives you a strong connection to the past and to tradition.

Earth dominant people are also extremely patient. You believe that good things take time. You don’t like to feel rushed and prefer low-risk plans to impulsive adventures. You may be reserved and introverted at times as well. 

Earth Dominant Traits In Love

When it comes to love and relationships, you are cautious and slow to open up. Even when you let your guard down, it’s natural for you to want to focus on practical matters such as caring for your love interest and nurturing them. You may not always be as comfortable expressing your emotions openly and some people may read you as being aloof or detached.

Yet you can be one of the most caring and generous of the elemental personalities. You care about creating a solid foundation for others. You don’t believe in wasting time, so small talk may frustrate you. You can be assertive and prefer to focus on tasks you can accomplish to show your love interest how you feel about them.

You may not be into texting or communication that is not directly related to making plans or sharing important information. Yet when you spend time with a loved one, you’ll go out of your way to make sure they feel pampered and comfortable. 

You can be sensual in love and you’ll never rush to commitment. You prefer to take your time and carefully evaluate whether a relationship works for you.

You can be sensitive and sentimental, but you prefer not to show it. One of the biggest challenges you face in relationships has to do with sharing financial responsibilities with your partner. You can have strict routines when it comes to finances. A partner who is an impulsive spender may trigger your anxiety. 

In relationships, it helps if you connect with someone who is water dominant, as they can easily help you soften your stubborn qualities. Air and fire dominant people may seem too flaky or dominating for you.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the importance of the elements in Astrology, you’ll have an easy tool to use to analyze a person’s core characteristics. The elemental profile can be considered a “cheat sheet” for quickly decoding the entire birth chart in minutes. 

The dominant element can not only help you to understand why your Sun sign is (or isn’t) similar to the descriptions you read in horoscopes. But you can also do so much more with this information! 

Now that you know how important the dominant element is in the natal chart, you can also discover whether friends or a love interest is really the right match for you.

You’ll also be able to overcome relationship challenges by referring to the description of your love interest’s dominant element. This gives you better insight into how your communication styles, priorities, and love styles may correspond. 

If you’ve been struggling in love, understanding the dominant element can give you insight into ways that you can speak to your love interest’s specific desires. 

And if you are still feeling lost and looking for some guidance in love and in life – then look no further. I am offering a special VIP consultation for those who are looking for answers to their questions and are wanting help to find their path in love and life. Check it out right here – I still have a few open slots.

Wishing you love and light on your journey,

Anna Kovach

13 thoughts on “The Predominant Element In Your Chart: Here’s What It Means

    1. Hi Debra!

      To find your Rising Sign (Ascendent) you must have all your birth data. To cast your chart, you have to have your date of birth, exact time of birth as well as your location of birth. If you don’t have that information I’d suggest ordering a “Gift” copy of your birth certificate. That’s the one that tends to have all the info you need. If you would like a consultation, I’d love to do one for you. I’ll leave it up to you sweetheart. I wish you all the best.

    1. Dear Kat,

      It is about are mental and emotional responses. Depending on your Moon sign (emotional reactions) and Sun sign (self-expression and vital energy). Rising sign is important as well. Moon represents how you react to what is happening to you and around you. Our emotional responses, so having equality in fire and water elements is not that relevant compared to your Moon and Sun sign placements.

  1. Is it possible that an air sign and earth sign can get along and be a match. I am a Libra and I have a friend who is a Capricorn and I would like to go to the next level and I feel a connection I think it could work. what do you think?

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Capricorn man is typically in great shape and is exceedingly attractive which will make Libra woman quite drawn to him from a physical aspect. Libra woman is also quite charming and sexually attractive.
      The Capricorn man will enjoy the warmth of the Libra woman’s attention and interesting conversation. They’ll enjoy each other’s intellectual side and possibly have some discussions that are quite interesting.
      The problem between these two is that their main attraction is just physical. They may have some things in common which get them talking but once they start to get to know each other, they find that they are very different, but their union can be successful if they are willing to make it work.

  2. I’m an Aries, Leo rising and Taurus moon and I feel like dominant air, Taurus placements or Leo/Sag placenta are my best match, why is this? Not saying that Cap, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio and cancer couldn’t work for me in relationships but I feel more connected to the signs I listed earlier. Could the fire connection be that my parents are a Leo and Sag

    1. Dear Emily,

      I understand. Aries Sun matches better with its fiery companions Leo and Sag. Taurus is because of your Taurus Moon. Those signs comes naturally for you and the chemistry is way better than watery or earth placements. Emotionally, even squares to your Moon are more vibrant because squares generate tension which fiery signs find challenging.
      Best of luck to you!

  3. You never cease to amaze me! There’s so much to consider in a birth chart. I’m Cancer sun and my BF Scorpio (only water in either of our charts), yet I’m more fire and he’s more air and your description’s spot-on. Thank you for sharing your insights & great, informative reading.

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      There are many things in favor of Scorpio and Cancer compatibility but the greatest of these is their mutual respect and ability to trust each other. You two share an instant eye-locking bond and a sensual attraction that is fueled by an eerie understanding of what the other one needs.

      Cancer and Scorpio share a sensitive nature and childish imagination, especially when it comes to love, so you make perfect playmates for each other. This relationship has all the potential to mature into a long bond marked with warmth, affection, undying love, and emotional support.

      Best wishes!

  4. Hi, I’m a Capricorn, but not a typical one, I can be but am not that ambitious or pragmatic or driven. I am emotional, optimistic, sensitive to a fault, and artistic, I think I’m confused. Could you shed some light on this for me please. I would love to know what my dominant trait is. X

    1. Dear Swenja,

      If you are a Capricorn with a sensitive and emotional side, this means that your Rising sign or a Moon sign could be watery which means that the way you perceive life and situations around you is more emotional for you.
      We do not have to be a typical representatives of our Sun sign. Not all depends just on the Sun sign.
      I hope all goes well for you.

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