How He Sees Commitment Based On His Zodiac Sign

Every man has a different interpretation when it comes to love and commitment. Some men like it casual, while others want to be serious after the first date. But why exactly is this? And what can Astrology teach us about commitment and what men want from their relationships?

Every sign has a different way of expressing love, and what it needs to feel safe and secure to be able to love freely. This is why we are all so unique and have a different approach to our relationships. 

Astrology is so wonderful because it makes it so plain to see that each and every one of us is exactly the way we are supposed to be. I think having knowledge of Astrology can give a deeper understanding of ourselves as well as others, and because of this, it should make it a lot easier for us to navigate our relationships.

Have you ever wondered what your man’s view is on commitment and why he is the way he is in relationships? Then perhaps you need to look at his Astrological sign because many secrets are revealed in how he sees commitment purely based on the day he was born.

If you are looking to see what makes him tick and how he approaches commitment then look no further. Scroll down to his sign and see all the secrets I am about to reveal. You can use this information to get closer to him and love him in the way he so deeply desires. 


An Aries man is quite bold and full of adventure, but often his loyalty might be overlooked because he is known to be so independent. But this man is a warrior, and protects whatever he loves with ferocity. 

He can be fiercely devoted when he meets the right woman, but she needs to be able to keep up with him in order to switch on his committed side. It is important to realize that any Aries needs to be number one. He needs to feel like he’s a priority in your life.

If he feels like a second thought in your life, then he will quickly run away into the arms of another. Your Aries man loves devotion and needs it to feel secure in his relationships. Basically, your whole world needs to stop to accommodate him.

Integrity and honesty are so important to him. One of his biggest fears is disloyalty and feeling betrayed. He needs constant affirmation of how you feel about him. He wants a woman to be present with him and to express her feelings to him freely. He likes it when you can be direct and tell him what you want.

He wants your support and to know that you’ll have his back no matter what. This guy is all in and isn’t afraid to take risks in the name of love. He wants passion, adventure, and a whole lot of love and affection.

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A Taurus man feels like safety. If there is one man who wants to commit and enjoys being in a solid relationship with someone then it has to be your Taurus guy. His whole life centers around creating stability for himself, especially when it comes to love.

He wouldn’t think twice about settling down and getting married when he meets the right lady. He doesn’t often step into relationships – he’s too scared of getting burnt. So, he is quite cautious when it comes to matters of love. 

But when he has committed, well, then he is committed for life. This guy really dislikes change, especially in his romantic life. He wants to be with someone who is a solid force in his life, someone who he can depend on. He wants his relationship to last.

He definitely has a jealous and possessive streak, but this only happens when he feels his security is threatened. He just likes to have the things he loves close to him. Ultimately, all a Taurus man wants is peace and harmony, and for things to stay relatively the same for as long as possible.

If you’re a solid person and looking to settle down soon, then a Taurus guy will keep you happy and feeling safe for many more years to come.

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Commitment for a Gemini? Well, that is a little tricky. These guys thrive on variety in their lives. There is nothing they wouldn’t try at least once, and this means he has to keep his options open. 

Don’t worry, not all hope is lost, like I said, he has to try everything at least once and this definitely includes a long-term committed relationship. But it is definitely not his first choice, even though it does leave him feeling rather curious.

The thing with Gemini is that he tries to make sense of everything, and this includes love. He wants to be able to explain what love is and why it makes everyone tick, but commitment doesn’t necessarily do it for him.

To be in a relationship with a Gemini, and to have it last you need to inject a lot of fresh energy into it. Spontaneity and adventure are of utmost importance to keep your Gemini interested in wanting to stay around because yes, the rumors are true, Gemini men get bored very quickly!

To keep him enticed, you should maintain a fun and flirty energy in the relationships. Don’t take things too seriously, and remember to talk things out. There is nothing a Gemini likes more than sharing information through conversation.

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A Cancer man is a wonderful partner to have in a long-term committed relationship. This guy is so gentle and caring, but above all, he is deeply protective and nurturing. He really cares about the woman he is in a relationship with and will do almost anything to support her. 

He has tremendous tenacity and does whatever it takes to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship. It is really important for him to settle down, and create a feeling of family with the lady in his life. Family is of utmost importance to him.

So, it goes without saying that this man is above all, committed and looking to settle down. He is looking to partner up with someone who makes him feel safe and secure, but above all, he wants to be the fierce protector of his loved ones. 

There is a side to him that you should never ignore, and that is the fact that he is has a profound emotional depth about him and he is yearning to express this sensitive side with his partner. 

He will know he can take you seriously if he is able to open up to you and be vulnerable in your presence. Looking for stability creates a big part of his life, so if you’re confident that you give him this then don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a wonderfully committed relationship with your Cancer guy.

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A Leo man is like no other. This man has a heart of gold. He is brave, yet incredibly loyal. Commitment is something he demands from his relationships, but not only that, he wants to feel appreciated and adored by his partner. 

This guy is incredibly reliable and trustworthy. If you can look past his boastful nature, you will see that underneath is someone who cares deeply about the ones he loves. He has a massive heart and his kindness knows no bounds. 

A Leo man takes love extremely seriously, probably more so than most. Yes, he can be extremely dramatic at times, but this is only because he knows what he deserves and really isn’t afraid to ask for it. 

He is beyond reliable and responsible in his relationships. He is so considerate and will go out of his way to make you feel appreciated, as long as you return the favor, of course. He sees himself as quite special and likes to stand out from the crowd, so it is only fair to say that he wants a lady on his arm who knows how to embody her own uniqueness as well.

A Leo really appreciates feeling secure, so it makes sense that he seems to do incredibly well in committed relationships. He will always stay true to his word and prides himself on the honorable integrity he conducts himself with.

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Supportiveness is your Virgo man’s second nature. He cares deeply about people and is always willing to offer a helping hand. Relationships can often be too messy for Virgo’s organized sensibilities, but that doesn’t stop him from being loyal and committed.

This guy is gentle, modest, and above all, thoughtful. If you wanted to be treated like a queen then look no further than this kind soul. Virgo men do really well with following the rules. In fact, rules and regulations make him feel safe and secure. 

This is why a long-term relationship with many boundaries fares really well with these gentlemen. He is all about consistency and following a routine. Although this doesn’t sound particularly romantic, it does, however, create an environment for longevity to thrive in.

He’s so thoughtful, he’s the type of guy to schedule dates way ahead of time, or to text you throughout the day to find out how you are doing. And if you’re ever in any trouble he is the first person to be there for you. 

He really enjoys being able to help others, and acts of service are most definitely his love language. So, if you’re someone who does well with routine, and wants to know what to expect, then look no further than your gorgeous Virgo man.

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Oh, lovely Libra! These men are out of this world and make some of the best partners around. They just adore being in a relationship. They can be very flirty when they are single, but once they decide to lock it down, they are yours forever. 

These men are so considerate and always so willing to compromise and make things work. Libra men are always trying to find peace and harmony in the toughest situations. Somehow, they will always find a solution that works best for everyone. 

Relationships are high on their list of priorities. They find connecting with another person to be extremely emotionally fulfilling. They are extremely loyal, honest, and reliable in their relationships. You can trust them with your life!

He will bend over backward for you, and accommodate your needs. But it is really important that you treat them the same in return. If you are good to your Libra, he will shower you with romance and make you feel like the most loved girl in the world. 

These guys have a tendency to put their partners ahead of their own needs, so it is important that you encourage them to take care of themselves first and foremost. But if you’re looking for a relationship filled with love and a lot of romance, then your Libra guy is just the right guy for you.

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A Scorpio man is made to devote his life to a special someone. These guys are so determined, hyper-focused, and incredibly perceptive. They see everything and do whatever it takes to get ahead to live the life they desire.

Commitment is so big for a Scorpio man. He wants a forever, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. This guy thrives on intensity and meaningful interactions with people. So, stepping into a relationship with a Scorpio shouldn’t be taken lightly. He wants to see your soul and know all your secrets.

This guy isn’t afraid of falling in love, but that doesn’t mean he just goes for anyone that strikes his fancy. No, this guy is looking for a deep and committed kind of love. He believes in the morality of loyalty.

He fears abandonment, rejection, and betrayal in a big way and this is likely why he can become quite intense and obsessive in his relationships. He wants to be in control and make sure that everything goes according to his plan. 

Reliability is so important for him and he wants to know that he can depend on his partner, no matter what. So, if you’re ready for some intensity, and looking for a soul-binding contract then your best bet is found with a Scorpio.

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Commitment, well that’s a word used very lightly when it comes to your average Sagittarius man. These guys are interested in one thing and that is their freedom. All they truly want in life is to be able to roam free and live a life of independence. 

And a committed relationship doesn’t quite fit into the world of such a free spirit. These guys are totally uninhibited and adventurous. Whatever takes their fancy, their gut tends to follow. A Sagittarius man simply refuses to live by the rules. 

He lives largely and is pretty much always on the go, so it is hard to picture how a long-term committed relationship would fit into his ideals. This doesn’t mean a deep and meaningful relationship is impossible, it just might have a few caveats to it.

This guy needs a lot of spontaneity and a partner who is happy to live wild and free. He wants to see the world and isn’t prepared to sacrifice his sense of adventure for the stability of a relationship. In fact, the last thing a Sagittarius wants IS stability. 

If you want to be in a happy relationship with a Sagittarius then you need to be prepared to forget all the rules and give him all the space he needs. Go big or go home is the motto for any Sagittarius, so be prepared for an adventure because that’s what you’re gonna get!

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Capricorn men are the wisest in the Zodiac. These men are mature and know exactly what they want in life. I guess commitment comes quite easily to these gents. They are after all the most responsible and reliable of all the signs in Astrology. 

However, relationships don’t come that easily to these men. They are always working so hard to make something of themselves and their career so it can be quite easy for them to lose sight of the loveliness a relationship can bring. 

This doesn’t mean a Capricorn guy doesn’t take relationships seriously, because trust me, they really do! It just means that they are unwilling to date just for the sake of dating. These guys simply refuse to settle. They know what they want, and don’t mind waiting for the right person to settle down with. 

But when a Capricorn man commits to a woman, I can confidently say he commits to her for life. This guy is looking for the real deal. Someone he can spend the rest of his life with. He wants to be with someone he can take seriously and is willing to build a strong foundation with him.

Tradition is really important for your Capricorn guy. So, you can expect marriage and children with him because he really wants to leave a legacy behind, and one way to ensure that is by starting a family.

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Is there anyone cooler than an Aquarius? I think not! These guys are just so ahead of their time. These freethinkers are rebellious and totally unconventional, and they really love their independence and autonomy.

One would think that they would be averse to commitment, right? But no, these guys actually really value something stable in their life. They long for a partner who they can explore and enjoy life with. 

Their ruling planet is Saturn, and Saturn is all about responsibilities and duties. So, it just makes so much sense that Aquarius would always uphold their sense of responsibility towards their commitment. 

It might take a while for an Aquarius man to find the one. He is incredibly picky after all, but when he does meet a woman who awakens his passion, Aquarius makes for an incredible lover. Someone present, thoughtful, and very reliable.

He might be a tad unconventional in his approach to relationships. Like it would take a lot for him to seriously consider getting married, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t loyal. He just likes to go about his relationships according to his own rules.

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Pisces men are wonderful to be in a relationship with. They are ultra-loving and their romantic gestures know no bounds. But what is their commitment like? Well, these guys can be a little slippery for the lack of a better word… 

There is a flightiness to their personalities. When things get a little difficult, they tend to make a run for it. They’re definitely got the escape artist moniker down to a T! This can be quite frustrating because the loving they give is seriously out of this world.

The problem is, a Pisces man is a little too idealistic when it comes to his relationships. He really has rose tinted glasses on and sees the best in everyone, but once reality sets in, he can feel rather disillusioned. This is where their flaky side comes in. 

The thing is, a Pisces man is so incredibly sensitive that he often gives too much of himself to others and then feels upset when his boundaries are crossed and he feels depleted. He’s a people pleaser, so he would rather ghost than say how he is really thinking.

You never quite know what you’re going to get with a Pisces man. But if you’re kind and treat him with respect your chances are better at keeping him around. Just give him his space and don’t expect too much from him too soon. He needs time to adjust.

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As you can see, every sign has a different view on commitment. It just depends on the person, and also what you are looking for in a partner. Some men need more freedom and others want something more traditional. 

What is your man’s sign and how is he with commitment? Please let me know in the comment section below. I really want to hear your opinions!

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “How He Sees Commitment Based On His Zodiac Sign

  1. Anna, I need your help, please. There are two special men in my life right now. One is a ex boyfriend and the other is a very dear and close friend…the friend is a Gemini and has told me that he doesn’t want a girlfriend/relationship and the ex is a Cancer which he is always looking for someone else but always comes back to me to hang out until he leaves again….both want the friends with benefits but I have refused to go that route with both….how can I get either one of them to see me as more than that!

    1. Hi Tonia!

      It sounds like maybe you should be looking for someone new as neither of these two want to commit. The Gemini for sure doesn’t and it seems Cancer only comes back around to you when he has no one. That means you’re the fill-in. You deserve better than that sweetheart. I think maybe you should be open to meeting someone entirely new that make YOU their only interest. I hope you do what is right for you. I wish you all the very best!

  2. Anna,
    I can also use your advice! My Pisces man has been coming over almost every week for coffee for 2 years. I’ve even tried to end the friendship twice and he’s gotten SO upset, that I gave up. The issue is that “he doesn’t see my like that,” meaning he won’t sleep with me! I know he’s devoted to me, I know he loves my company, and I know we have a deep friendship.

    He hasn’t dated anyone else over those two years either. He works about 80 hours a week to support his Mom and 3 siblings. He’s an amazing guy – BUT – the BIG BUT – he’s 40 years younger than me! He has a problem with our age difference. Is there anything I can do to change his mind? I know he’s attracted to me, but he keeps it under wraps, because of the age spread. Is there anything I can do to change his mind? THANK YOU! !

    1. Dear Ileneh,

      I am sorry you are going through such a challenging time with your Pisces man. He can have a million and one excuses but when it comes to you knowing what is going on, you need to understand that when a Pisces man let’s you know that intimacy is off the table, he’s making a bold statement you need to accept. He cares about you deeply, wants you in his life but is making firm boundaries. It seems he is setting the stage for not being in a serious relationship but wants to keep you close at the same time.
      Tell him that you would like to know how he feels and where he sees things going and then contemplate your next move.
      I hope this situation will be resolved in your favor.

  3. This Aquarius man I know has been married twice. First divorced – she married quickly. Second cheated on him . He also lost a girlfriend in a boating accident. Will he ever committ again? He is 81 & me 76

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for your message.
      Yes, I believe I have responded to you yesterday. Please check your email.

  4. Hello Anna thank you so much I’m a Libra and he’s a Pisces and we are so much alike that it’s scary we broke up last year because he was sending mixed signals and I got frustrated I did not understand and he got overwhelmed with not thinking he was good enough.Just recently we got a chance to talk about our feelings and come to find out we both got scared because we were moving so fast and the connection we had and still have is so strong that its such a strong pull and we can’t shake it. We are are friends right now and being really honest about our feelings .Oh Boy the love making is off the charts 😆So right now we realized that we want to be apart of each other lives. So let’s see what happens I do know that I love him and he loves me but not sure if I can deal with his mood swings or when he shuts down. By the way I’m 63 and he’s 33😉

    1. Dear Ronda,
      The Pisces man and Libra woman connection is something that is undeniable. You are drawn to each other with little to no effort. Your egos help balance each other out. You are confident in who you are.
      He may not be all that confident in himself but when you embrace him, he feels much better about who he is and where he’s going in life. This helps the two of you complement each other quite nicely. Age gap is not a problem. Age should never hinder the pursuit or experience of love.
      For now, you need to let things play out more.
      Best of luck to you both!

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