Your Greatest Strengths, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every sign has both weaknesses and strengths; two sides of the same coin. Every sign has its ruler, its temperament and a specified position on the Zodiac wheel. Some of the signs are even in cahoots with certain fixed stars which gives them additional ‘flavor.’ 

Here you will find out what are the greatest strengths of all of the Zodiac signs. So, without further ado, let’s dive in the greatest strengths of all of the Zodiac assigns and see what your sign has in store for you! (As well as your partner’s sign, family, and close friends!)

Aries – The First Step

Aries is the first of all the signs, which already tells a lot about their greatest strength – leadership. Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of libido, war, aggression, action, and leadership. Aries’ greatest strengths are on the action spectrum. 

These natives love to take charge, conquer, chase the horizons, open new doors, and introduce fresh possibilities. They might not be the finishers, but they sure are the starters. Aries love new beginnings, concepts, ideas, and breakthroughs. 

Aries natives can be very well depicted as Prometheus – they bring Fire to the human race. Iron Man would be a great pop reference for Aries natives. These natives are exceptionally smart, they are geniuses and they have both the ability and bravery to tinker with things that others dare not touch. 

Aries take charge, pave the path for others, have inner fire that feeds their flames of creations and creativity. Aries people are some of the bravest and most combative natives out of the entire Zodiac, and they have what it takes to lead others to unimaginable heights. 

Taurus – Stamina in Roses

Taurus natives are ruled by the materialistic aspect of Venus. These people have the beauty and the brains to make the best of the gifts Mother Nature gave them. What Aries has the fire and power to begin, Taurus has the persistence and stamina to push through to the end. 

Taureans attract money, luxury, and beautiful things just by being themselves. Venus has blessed them with her beauty and fertility gifts, from the outside it seems like roses are always blooming for them. And so it is on the inside, too. 

Taurus are people who can resist even the hardest of challenges and harshest of hardships that life throws at them. They don’t know what it means to give up, and they always find the strength and will to persist. Some may call them stubborn, but it’s more than that – they know that all good things come with time and patience, and they have the stability and resilience to stand the test of time. 

Taurus greatest strengths are not their beauty, humor, and composure, it’s their stamina, strength, and will not to settle for less when they can have the best. Taurus are very loyal and durable in their emotions, so having them in your corner of the ring can make a winner out of you!

Gemini – Wide Soul

Over here we have a Mercurian child, the master of communications, information, broad spectrum of knowledge, and the ability to always maintain a positive attitude and levelled heart. 

Gemini is a positive sign who likes to share what they know and always learn more. If you are a Gemini, you are most likely very protected against brain ageing, and you will always maintain the spirit of youth within your heart. 

Gemini natives have the ability to spread both joy and information around like sunshine. Their greatest strengths are youthful spirit, positive heart, smart head, and long tongue. 

There’s no one able to dig themselves out of a ditch as a Gemini can. Gemini is a human sign, which means that most of its strengths are of human symbolism. 

A good head, brilliant mind, vast memory, splendid taste, and courageous spirit that has the ability to take them farther than any other are all top tier abilities that fall under this Mercurial sign. It’s no accident Gemini is represented by twins. 

Cancer – Intuitive Warmth

Here we have a walking heart with pliers. Cancer is ruled by Moon, the luminaire that stands for our heart in Astrology. Cancer is the most sensitive sign (alongside Pisces) of the entire Zodiac. If you ask a Cancer they’d say this is one of their biggest weaknesses, but it is not so. 

Cancer is a caring, loving, nurturing, intuitive, and clever sign. These natives are born psychologists and they can heal others just with their presence; such is the power of their aura. If Capricorn is a material pillar that brings security, then Cancer is an emotional pillar that brings peace, comfort and love to their loved ones. 

Cancer’s greatest strength is its capacity and ability to feel. These natives can hold the emotional worth of an entire solar system in their chest and not bat an eye. 

Alongside their ability to feel everything, side by side stand their caring nature, nurturing exposition and inspiring temperament that can heal others through an example. Very inspirational and supportive sign, one of a kind, precious to any group and family.

Leo – Golden Shine

Leo is ruled by the other of the two luminaries in Astrology – the Sun. And since our entire solar system revolves around the Sun, it’s kind of a given that everything will revolve around a Leo. 

Leos are inspiring, motivational, creative, original, unique, and shining individuals. It’s not that they are famous, it’s that they bring their own fame wherever they show up. 

Leo has a crazy amount of charisma, with a smile that will reach even the coldest of hearts, and the trickster twinkle in their eye can prompt even the most passive people into action. 

Leo’s greatest strengths are their originality, the ability to shine, to entertain, to bring laughter and warmth to all who its sunny exposition touches. These natives were born to shine and to bring sunshine wherever they show up. 

This sign is a very special one that can spark the joy of childhood in all of us. Leo can bring back and create the happiest of memories, and they can secure the never-ending positivity and originality to whomever wins their heart.

Virgo – Order Fairy

Another child of Mercury, although this one might have been born grown-up. Virgo is an Earth sign, very mature, even from a young age, very stable, self-assured and composed. These natives showcase the best of Mercury’s qualities. 

Virgo organizes others, it exists to serve and bring longevity and peace through its service. Ask any Virgo what brings them the most joy, and you’ll notice a uniformity to all of the answers – being there for others, making others feel taken care of, and helping others be organized are the most common and completely normal answers from Virgos. 

Virgos greatest strengths are their intellect, attention to detail, organizational skills, management, tidiness, resilience, and the ability to withstand crazy amounts of pressure. This is the sign that fixes and helps others be fixed. 

Unlike Leos or Aries, Virgos act from behind the curtain, they do not take the spotlight, nor do they find joy in shining the brightest. But, their absence would very much be felt like the whole construction, organizations and civilizations would fall apart and fall to ruin without Virgos. They are the glue that holds us and everything else together.

Libra – Noble Missions

Here’s another flower of Venus. Libras are the only object in the entire Zodiac, and although they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, fertility, love, and all things nice, Libras need to balance and be balanced at all times. 

Libras are naturally beautiful, refined, and gracious. These natives are more than just a pleasant decoration or addition to the room, although their symbol is an object. 

Libras have a very good head on their shoulders, and they are able to comprehend more than anyone else exactly because they are symbolized by an object – they have the innate ability to put themselves in everyone’s shoes.

Libra’s greatest strength is its diplomacy. Libras can understand every viewpoint and any motive, which is why they make excellent judges.

They have the ability to weigh every dilemma, conflict, and problem as if were their own, and then remove themselves from the equation in order to give out the most objective judgement. Libras are an irreplaceable part of society because they make society work.

Scorpio – The Sexy Punk

Scorpio is Pluto’s child, and Pluto is the lord of the Underworld, the dead and hidden. Scorpio deals in secrets, taboos, fetishes, sexual pleasures, and most intense and primal motivations. 

When it comes to Scorpios, forget about the dark side of the Moon, these natives come from the dark side of our solar system, they are the last frontier between us and the Unknown. 

Scorpio experiences the most intense and powerful emotions out of the entire Zodiac. If Libra has the gift of diplomacy, Scorpio has the gift of intensity. These natives have the power of both destruction and rebirth in themselves. 

Scorpio’s greatest strengths are their ability to experience, devour, conquer, feel, and bask in all the sensual pleasures, including pain. Scorpio is the pinnacle of spirituality and religion – they combine them successfully into one phenomenon and guides others to enlightenment.

Scorpio is not strong, it’s powerful, thus they don’t have strengths like other mortals, they have powers, psychic powers, sexual powers, intention powers, and powers of the mind that are fueled by the heart. This is the most powerful sign of the entire Zodiac and their strengths come from the one who’s farthest – Pluto.

Sagittarius – The Curious Dreamer

We’ve reached Jupiter’s child – Sagittarius, the bearer of optimism, good will, big dreams, bigger enthusiasm, and a larger-than-life heart that believes in good in others. Sagittarius are actually dogs in human forms. These natives make others feel good about themselves. 

Sagittarius can and will bring the spark of joy that can light a forest fire of positivity in others.

Sagittarius is a great teacher, he has lived life and had all of the crazy and unheard-of experiences that few others dare have, just so that he can stumble upon you and share a little bit of wisdom and encouragement with you.

Sagittarius greatest strengths are their goodness, pure heart, good intentions, faith in the good in others and optimism. Even when all hope is lost – Sagittarius has the power to light that spark of belief in people’s hearts. They can preserve the most important force that keeps us going forward – hope. 

Sagittarius natives are pure souls with bright hearts, they love freely and love their freedom to learn and grow above all else. If you have a Sagittarius in your life consider yourself blessed, as these people only remain next to those who are pure of heart and soul of gold.

Capricorn – The Funkiest Old Soul

Capricorn is the old soul ruled by Saturn, the lord of karma, time, and agriculture. Capricorn is excellent in many skills, but planting seeds and having the patience to see them grow into majestic fruits might be one of their best. 

Capricorn is a gentle and romantic soul, but that is not what they show on the outside, their “father” was a harsh figure who rules them with a steel fist in a velvet glove. From a young age, they are taught responsibility, how to weather the most challenging lessons, and to grow despite any weather. 

Capricorn’s greatest strengths are maturity, responsibility, resilience, patience, endurance, stability, deep roots, and perseverance. Capricorn will not let you down, they won’t shower you in kindness and verbal approval like a Cancer might, but they will not leave your corner of the ring under any circumstances. Capricorns make things happen.

These natives love for life and stay with you even beyond the grave. When you win a Capricorn over to your side, you’ve worn for life, and you can never lose them, they will never give up on you and they leave no man behind. Trust them and put your trust in them – it’ll be the best investment of your life.

Aquarius – A Rebellious Star-Chaser

This is the odd one out – the child of Uranus, lord of future, father of rebels, and bringer the new world order. Aquarius is another humane sign and that puts an accent on their intellect. Aquarius is the genius of the Zodiac, the one who can see far into the future and work on making it happen now. 

Aquarius is the fighter for freedom and human rights, they are the bleeding heart but prefer human contact over online communications. Aquarius is not interested in a single sob story; they are interested in making a world into such a better place that there are no sob stories left. 

Their greatest strengths are their brain, vision, sense of justice and freedom, their baton of knowledge, irregular nature, and spontaneous outbursts of ingenuity. Aquarius sees the future and they are the only sign that can bring the future to the now. 

Aquarius are all different from one another, but they all have the same core – they are not of this world, never have been, they are here as passersby that have come to observe, take notes and bring adjustments that will make this world a better place.

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Pisces – The Wisdom Channel

Dreamers that resurfaced from the depths of Neptune – lord of dreams, deep waters, smoke, illusions, and visions. Pisceans are dreamy people who have come to be a living bridge between the known world and the great Beyond. Pisces channel the Unseen and those who remain just beyond the grasp of human senses. 

Pisces is the intuitive one of the Zodiac group. Pisces is the medium with a heart of thousand crevasses where dwell the ocean secrets and many others who have touched it in passing. They dream and they feel, they trust and they believe. 

Pisces greatest gifts are the leap of faith, intuition, limitless heart expansion, empathy, vision, astral travel and projection, swimming (in every possible sense), and believing in the higher power and others when others don’t believe in themselves. 

Pisces are the Omega to Aries’ Alpha, they open at the close and they bring the Ouroboros to its full circle. They are the never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth; Albert Einstein was a Pisces and that says something about these extraordinary people. They are at the end of all things, waiting patiently on all of us to come to them. 

What are your greatest strengths? Let me know in the comments if my observations rang true or if there is something else that your sign brings to the table.

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Wishing you all love and light,

Anna Kovach

14 thoughts on “Your Greatest Strengths, According To Your Zodiac Sign

  1. I love you exactness you seem to always have great perception. Thank so much. Please continue you have help me so much, more then any one else.

  2. Thank you.This was a fabulous and very interesting read.It has given me an even greater insight as to understanding the person I am becoming as the years go by.I am a Sagittarian and where have to say you were spot on x…:-))))))Once again a big thank you!

  3. This was amazing Gemini here with Rising in Aries ♈️ and Mars. Venus in Taurus ♉️ dating a Sagittarius ♐️ and have a Scorpio ♏️ only child… your message to all signs were beautiful. I’m happy that you were able to capture the essence of them all. Many blessings.

    1. Dear Roxanne,
      Sagittarius man is your adventurous counterpart. Great match for your air sign. Fire needs air to keep it going and so you two work very well together. You are the spark and breath he needs to make his life exciting and content all at the same time. You two genuinely understand each other on a very deep level. Both love to keep busy, work on multiple projects, travel, and find the next exciting thing in life. This makes the Sagittarius man and Gemini woman soul mate relationship highly possible.

  4. Speaks really of who I am as a Scorpio , and the one I love, Libran. It is like seeing myself through to all the words that you are telling/ describing us about our own signs. Thank you for imparting us this knowledge. 😊😊😊

    1. Dear Mary Grace,
      You are most welcome!
      Libra man seeks balance in his life. Scorpio woman is hot, passionate, jealous, and is striving for success. In the beginning, the two are drawn to each other on a very carnal level. As time elapses their relationship blossoms and stands a great chance to become long-standing leading to marriage.
      Best of luck to you both!

      1. I’m a pieces zodiac and who’s going to be my love, and everything you wrote about me was true👌👍

  5. I could write a very different version for Scorpio. Mysterious for some, but not to the ones who can see their true colors.

  6. I am a Leo/Virgo and both tell the tell of me and I am in love with a Pisces, I have not figured him out yet as we are broken up at this point and I just have to sit back and wonder what happened to all the love he gave me at one time. He is different for sure.
    Not real sure where I am going from here but I do love this man.

    1. Dear Myra,

      Usually when breakup happens between Pisces man and Leo woman, It’s very unlikely that they will stay friends and they are even less likely to ever return to one another. It is not a good match and if breakup occurs, it’s likely permanent.
      If your Moon signs are compatible, he should be able to understand your emotional needs and he could easily find his way back to you, but the will is required from both ends.
      Sending Love.

  7. Dear Anna,

    My daughter is a Gemini and I’m almost speechless about your accuracy about my baby from the time she was first born!

    I’m a Cancer rising, Leo sun sign, Taurus moon in the eleventh house.

    I’m in love with a guy with Scorpio rising, Scorpio moon sign, and Pisces sun sign.

    You understand Taurus moon sign so well too. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful resource! Thank you so much!!!

    1. Dear Laura,

      You and your Pisces man are impressive lovers. You are very different and you probably do not understand each other’s brand of passion. You approach love and romance in a very different way.

      Generally speaking, Pisces man loves to be loved, he’s not quite seeking out constant praise or validation. Leo woman wants the whole world to take notice of her magnificence. She is glorious to be sure!
      Good thing is that your Taurus Moon understands his Moon in Scorpio, so emotionally you get each other deeply, and with good communication, you can be together forever!
      Sending Love to you both!

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