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How You Express Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

As a Relationship Astrologer, finding out more about how and why the signs are motivated to love is totally fascinating to me. I think that it’s spectacular that just by knowing the positions of the stars and planets, we can grasp just how we will best be able to show affection.

The best part is that we can use this information to understand ourselves, as well as those around us. So, if you’ve ever wondered if there is positive intention behind the actions and words of your loved ones then I can help you know what to look for!

Read on to find all the ways that you can best express love and what to look for in others trying to express their love to you based on Sun signs.


Fiery and bright Aries has no lack of passion, but they often struggle to express their caring through traditional words and romantic displays. Instead, you’ll find that Aries best express their love through physical action.

Whether it’s sex (an Arian favorite), play wrestling, or passionate kisses, Aries is going to feel best showing their love through being in the physical space of their loved ones. Though, they’ll usually prefer actions rather than passively touching and snuggling!

If you are with an Aries who struggles to express their love to you verbally but still loves to pick on you, mess around, and give you passionate lovemaking, then trust me, you’re totally the love of their life – even if they don’t know how to say it!


Taurus is going to show their love by making sure you know how beautiful they think you are. Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of aesthetic appreciation. Their feelings for you are intricately entwined with their appreciation for your beauty, and when they are in love with you, they consider you to be beautiful no matter what!

Taurus is the sign that will be nuzzling, sweetly caressing, and holding you. They love their hands on you even if it doesn’t lead to sex. They enjoy sensually touching your body and keeping you in their vicinity.

Taurus loves to give more physical attention than you ever thought you’d need! If you ever doubt your Taurean’s love, then it’s time to ask how often they’re appreciating your physical beauty and keeping their hands on you. If they are doing those things, then they are head over heels in love!


Gemini, more than any other sign, will be telling you just how much they love you. They are comfortable in the world of words and so they will be happy to keep you in the know about their love and affection for you at all times!

Gemini’s will be wooing you with love notes, texts, DMs, and verbal expression of their love for you. You’ll be getting texts at work when you’re Gemini is missing you and you can expect a lot of witty banter when you get home if your Gemini is really in his feelings!

A Gemini won’t hide their affection for you, as they aren’t shy with their expression. Just keep your ears open for declarations of love and check your notifications for the same! If you’re getting those things from them, then you can rest assured that he only has Gemin-eyes for you!


Cancer will provide for you some of the most pure, unadulterated love in the Zodiac, because they simply want to take good care of you. They show their love by making it known that you have nothing to worry about and they are right beside you.

Cancer shows their love in any way that is nurturing and sweet. They might have your breakfast made for you every morning, keep your bed made, or hold you when you cry. Every little emotional need that you have they want to be fulfilling for you.

To know if you’re loved by a Cancer then just mention something that you’re craving, a need that you have, or something within you that doesn’t feel fulfilled. If the Cancer is rushing to take care of this need, then you are in luck because your Cancer is totally in love with you!


Leos in love have a knack for making you feel like a queen! They are highly skilled at making you feel like the best of the best, because they just love showing you off – like you’re the top prize at the carnival and they’ve won!

Leo love is unmistakable, because you’ll notice that they talk about you all the time to their friends and family. They have no desire to hide you in the corner, but rather, they’d like put you on a pedestal and parade you around town!

Leo love is big, bold, and obvious. Big, ridiculous, cheesy displays of affection are totally their jam, and they are thrilled to be able to declare their love for you to the world! You won’t ever question the love a Leo has for you if they really are in love with you.


Virgo can provide some of the most subtle yet totally sweet love in the Zodiac through their acts of service. They are motivated to show their affection for you by making sure all of your little stresses and mundane worries are all taken care of.

Virgo has a great ability to just simply take care of the things that need taken care of, and if you have cumbersome tasks that need done, then the Virgo is going to be taking care of them before you even think to! Virgo is such an efficient worker that they don’t mind helping you out.

If you are ever questioning the love of your Virgo then ask yourself, do I find myself with all of my little chores and annoyances taken care of inexplicably? If it’s a yes, then your Virgo has fallen for you head first!


Libra is one sign that isn’t difficult to read when it comes to finding out if they are in love with you. They express their love by celebrating everything about your existence. They simply adore you and they are wrapped up in the idea of you and them!

Libras are traditional romantics, and you could find little hearts with your name in them, you’ll see them staring at you with a dopey look on their face, and it will be quite obvious that you are their whole world. Libras are lovey-dovey and to them, you are their end all be all.

If a Libra is with you, they are in love with you! It’s that simple. Libras, even in the most strained relationships, will try to the death to fix a relationship. They have no qualms doing anything and going any distance for their partner.


Scorpios are one sign who loves fiercely, deeply, and authentically. They might not be the fluffiest romantics, but they sure are the most protective! You should be looking for this protective energy and the feeling that they really value your influence in your life and would do anything to keep it there.

Scorpio will be the first to come to your defense and to keep you around. They’re the type where you may have to ask them to relax a little when they find out someone wronged you! They would gladly go and have a stern talking to with the one who bothered you.

Scorpios will desire to keep you near them so they can properly defend you from anyone else. They adore your love and get just a wee bit paranoid about keeping it! You’ll have to be prepared because a Scorpio in love does nothing half-way.


Sagittarius is going to be the type to express their love for you by exploring with you! Sagittarius is a sign that doesn’t strictly need a partner, but if they want you and love you then they’ll want to be independent with you… together!

Sagittarius will show their love for you by asking you to come with them on adventures. Sagittarius would be okay with going on these adventures alone, but a Sagittarius in love will still invite you, and in a way, this is the purest type of love.

You’ll know a Sagittarius loves you when they ask you to be with them for activities that they’re really okay with doing alone. They don’t need you there, but they want you there. If you are partnered with a Sagittarius that wants you to learn and grow with them then you must be a total winner!


Capricorns are a sign that can struggle to express their love for others, so it can be hard to catch even if their love is genuine. You’ll know that a Capricorn is in love when they insist upon providing for you. Capricorn values pragmatism and common sense, so to them the most authentic way to express love is by ensuring that your basic needs are covered!

Capricorn has a way of taking care of your physical body and making sure that you want for nothing physical. They’ll buy you things, pay your bills if they can afford it, and keep a roof over your head.

If the Capricorn is willing to do what it takes to make sure that you are taken care of in every physical way then you should know that their heart is full of love for you!


Aquarius is a sign that will show you that they love you by being there for you and being your friend. They have an uncomplicated love style that expresses itself by providing camaraderie. Aquarius is a sign of community so they will desire to make you feel less alone when they are in love!

Aquarius will be the one to bring you out to gatherings and community events with no shame if they are in love with you. They are happy to make you feel like you matter as a human and that you are decent and good. Aquarius will always remind you of your spot in the big picture when things go bad!

You’ll know that Aquarius loves you truly when they refer to you as their best friend and when they treat you as such. If you are doubting your romantic love, then ask yourself if they think of you as their friend first and lover second. For an Aquarius, that’s their form of true love!


Pisces will show you love by caring deeply about your feelings. They will not hesitate to dive into the murkiest depths of human emotion just to walk with you through your inner storm. Pisces in love will know your moods immediately and rush to stand by you while you experience them.

Pisces is such a genuine lover since they are already naturally connected to the Universe and universal love. If a Pisces is in love, you are the Universe in a nutshell to them.

You’ll know a Pisces is in love with you when they make it a point to pick up on and guide you through your every loss and trial. They will be with you happily even when you don’t feel like being with yourself.

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Wrapping Up

Reading your loved one can be hard, especially if they’re not the communicative type! If you take away anything from this list, then please remember that everyone shows their love in a different way and no way is better than another!

Find out what your love language is and what the love language of your partner is and then look for that instead of defaulting to boring romantic standards! Love can look like anything as long as it comes from a good place.

How can you tell that your partner loves you? What’s their Zodiac sign? Let us know down below in the comments!

And if you need some more details about the connection with a current or potential partner, you can book a ‘VIP consultation’ and get directions about your fulfilling love life. You can book the consultation here.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

14 thoughts on “How You Express Love According To Your Zodiac Sign

  1. Cancer for me and 100% true am also talking to one that is Gemini and this is exactly what is happening

  2. Talking to a Cancer and this describes him to a T. Sweet and worries about me.
    Met a Scorpio I’d love to hear from again but he keeps his feelings so close, not sure how he feels. I’m a Pisces who loves them both.
    Relationships aren’t any easier at 55!!! All in Gods hands

  3. Dear Anna thank you so much but I need to drop my Taurus guy I am Aquarius, been long distance dating for 15 months he is using me for sex never hug around his house he never go anywhere but work , when we ship he pays for everything, give me a few dollars for my pocket

  4. He never say it’s a relationship or not no kisses it’s only on my forehead I cooks breakfast he live doing dinner , i got to drop him tried if been use for sex, never say he love me only a bear tight hug before getting on the plane

  5. My boyfriend shows me he loves me by immediately reacting to my criticisms.Yesterday, for instance, l made a remark that he was being cold. He instantly did his best to make me feel better and closer to him. This is very important for me as we are on a long-distance relationship. He is Egyptian whereas l am Maltese.

  6. Taurus women show love by their gift-giving also. I take pride in knowing my true Taurean self. Once we trust and open ourselves to someone we love, we also try not to go a week without telling that special someone, either be it as a great best friend or someone we love, as a man, how much they mean to us and how much we value their presence in our lives.

  7. Capricorn woman with strong feelings for a Taurus man. I cannot read him. His actions say he cares for me a lot but he continues to keep me as just a friend. Difficult to deal with not knowing.

    1. Hi Deb!

      That’s fantastic. Thank you for chiming in and letting me know. I appreciate feedback. It helps me do my best when writing things that will help as many as possible. Blessings to you sweetheart!

    1. Hi Valerie!

      Yes, two Sagittarius people can find harmony but they can also bump heads from being too much alike. In some instances they are together for years then grow apart as they want two different paths in life. It’s always interesting to see which path they both choose. Yes, ride that wave sweetheart! Sending you lots of loving energy.

  8. Am in love with a Scorpio am also a Scorpio too, but he’s just too difficult…..I would have love to read your book on how to win a scopio man..but the rate of doller to nira is crazy….and am just a poor village girl in love…I feel torn.

    1. Hi Ayisat!

      You may either be too similar which causes conflict OR you’re passionate in different things which can create conflict. Two same signs aren’t always perfect for each other BUT work and compromise CAN make it work. It really just depends on how much you both are willing to learn, bend, and find a way. Trust in your own intuition and heed the voice. Is it saying to find a way or is it telling you, it’s too much. Listen and do what you have to according to that. You are in control of your love life. I wish you all the best!

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