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September’s Full Moon In Pisces: What To Expect

September always seems to bring about a sense of calm and stillness. The leaves begin to get that tinge of warm hues, the smell of the air changes, and the days begin to get a little shorter. I, for one, am always looking forward to the time of year. This September is especially relaxing with an introspective Pisces Moon popping up on September 20th, 2021.

Though Full Moons aren’t always the calmest time of the month, a Pisces Full Moon may be about as close as one gets to being totally chill. The Pisces Full Moon can be extremely relaxing as well as highly spiritual. This Full Moon can feel like a solo dive in the ocean under the starlight. Totally immersive and exploratory in a private way. 

Pisces is on the service axis (along with Virgo). Pisces wishes to fix the world’s collective suffering. Pisces must be able to sense where the suffering is coming from to do this, so they have heightened emotional senses. This is why you can find yourself getting extra sensitive on a Full Moon in Pisces. 

The main takeaway from a Pisces Full Moon is that you are not alone. You are part of the collective on Earth. Even if you were in a cabin in the woods for a year, you’d never be alone according to Pisces. The rest of the world’s energy is there for you to tap into, if you allow it. 

On this Full Moon there are some great activities that can assist you in channeling the energy available in the best way possible. Think about meditation as the Moon gets Full. Go into it with the intention of releasing your own suffering in order to be fully able to address the suffering of those around you.

You could also simply spend some time in isolation. Ironically, in order to feel connected to the energy of the collective, you sometimes have to be as alone as possible. Taking yourself on a private date all alone is a great idea on this day. 

For all signs, it is important to avoid falling into melancholy. If you are concerned about the woes of others without first fixing your own issues, then you will be overwhelmed while feelings very alone in the process. If you feel that sadness coming on then stop what you’re doing and address your own needs. Try journaling it out to find the source of your own sadness. 

This is all fun, but how will the Full Moon affect your sign in particular? That’s a great question since every sign will be feeling a different spin on these themes depending on where the Full Moon lands in your chart. 

I’m here to let you know all about what this Moon is bringing you personally. You’re going to feel this energy quite differently than others! 

If you’re ready to see what the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th of September is bringing to you and your sign, then check out your section below to get the insights you need to navigate this energy. 

How The Full Moon Affects Aries

Aries, when the Full Moon is in Pisces’ most comfortable house (the 12th), you are being asked to work out the things that you’ve put on hold in your life. These are likely things within yourself that you’ve opted out of addressing since the last Pisces Full Moon. 

You are naturally spontaneous and fiery, dear Aries. But this Full Moon is asking you to be really still. The Moon in Pisces is asking you to address that internal dust that has built up. This could be habits that you know you need to work on, mindsets that you’re aware are unhealthy, etc. 

The Pisces Full Moon is creating an opportunity for you to purge that old gunk that’s been clogging your spiritual gears. Think about how you can get quiet and really dive deep to release what is not working for you anymore. 

As things in your subconscious boil up, you might be noticing extremely vivid dreams. Pay attention to them and try to write them down when you wake up. These dreams could have great meaning. 

How The Full Moon Affects Taurus

Taurus, the Full Moon is landing in your 11th house of hopes, blessings, and friendship, as well as large communities of people. This is generally a great spot to have almost any energy found in our sky. 

Opportunities find their way to you in this Full Moon, Taurus. You could find guidance through friends that seems synchronistic. You could become a channel for blessings among your friend group too. You could light up your loved one’s world just by being yourself. 

If there is a friendship that hasn’t been meshing well with you then you may find that it’s time to let them go. Soul searching on this Full Moon could lead you to the conclusion that certain people’s energies are just not for you. Thankfully this is generally a peaceful separation in the 11th house. 

There could also be heightened emotions in communities and groups. Things that have been hidden could be coming to light. If there were feelings that have been harbored within your group or community then expect someone to address the elephant in the room on this day. 

How The Full Moon Affects Gemini

The Pisces Full Moon is in the 10th house of career, recognition, and legacy. This is bringing light to you and your career as well as the trail that you are blazing in your overall life direction. You’re in the spot light during this Full Moon. Do you think that others like what they’re seeing?

You could be experiencing some variety of revelation regarding your career. You might realize that you’re not in the correct career path. Maybe something at your job isn’t necessarily meshing with you these days. Perhaps you are put in a situation where it makes sense to consider another career path. 

This Full Moon illuminates any alternate paths in life that you should be considering. It could be a wakeup call to you if you’ve been on the wrong path in life in general. 

During this Full Moon, you may be pondering the mark that you leave on the world. You’re reevaluating your big “why” behind your actions. As a result, this Full Moon could be an exciting call to action for you to realign with what is truly in your heart. 

How The Full Moon Affects Cancer

Cancer, the Full Moon in Pisces is giving you an empathetic and nonjudgmental experience. You’re being given the opportunity to create a sense of hopeful community between yourself and the rest of the world. 

This Full Moon can feel like a bridge between the world as you know it and the rest of our human community. You’re sympathetic to the needs of those of any race, religion, or faith. You’re feeling incredibly open-hearted. 

This Full Moon can blow the roof off of all of your excuses between you and your desires. Suddenly everything feels more accessible. The world feels like it’s opening up to you. You could find a desire to research things that you didn’t know about, or could have your mind blown multiple times with all of the new information that you’re finding out. 

This is an excellent time to go on a trip! Your curiosity and energy are high so you’re likely ready to get out the door and experience something beyond your normal scope of interest. 

How The Full Moon Affects Leo

The Pisces Full Moon is landing within your house of taboo and secrets as well as the things that we keep around (or within) us due to other people. Leo, this Moon could be highlighting emotions from other people that you’ve been carting around. 

We all carry old energy from the people around us, some are more aware of this than others. For you, Leo, you are realizing the baggage that you’ve been carrying during this Full Moon. This is a blessing, since now that you are aware of it you can make moves to discard it out of your energy field. 

This could also be a period when things that you’d rather remained private come out. Ensure that you’re not spilling the beans by talking too much. 

This could also be a moment when you release energy around debt. Perhaps you finally pay it off or you begin to address old debts that should have been paid by now. Either way, both routes are totally valid progress! 

How The Full Moon Affects Virgo

Virgo, you’re seeing a Full Moon in your house of close partnership, contracts, and long-term relationships. This is often mistaken as a house of romance, when in reality this is a house of dedicated partnership. It’s easy to love someone when the oxytocin is flowing, but the 7th house challenges you to create the relationship of your dreams even when the honeymoon phase is over. 

This Full Moon rules anything contractual. Perhaps you’re reminded of a loophole in a contract or someone gets you on something that you signed off on but forgot about. On the other hand, this is a wonderful time to sign contracts in general. 

You could be experiencing a new relationship during this time. It’s a great time for a vow renewal due to the highly sympathetic and empathetic energy that is flowing around right now. You can expect that a newer relationship could be marked by an obvious move towards a more serious love. 

You have the opportunity to really deepen a love or partnership in general in your life. This period has you appreciating your one-on-one connections more than any other time. You could feel a deep urge to take your commitment to the next level through engagement or marriage.

How The Full Moon Affects Libra

Libra, have you been neglecting anything to do with your health? If so, this Full Moon in Pisces could well be creating opportunities for you to see what you’ve been ignoring for too long. 

If you’ve been eating some less-than-healthy meals then perhaps your immunity has suffered. The Full Moon could mean that some sort of illness manifests. This is just your body telling you that something needs to change. 

Whatever you’ve been working hard towards is now bearing fruits. If you’ve been trudging begrudgingly to the gym for months, then this period could find you actually beginning to appreciate the burn. Or maybe you got into the habit of daily meditation and now you’re seeing the positive effects in your memory. 

How The Full Moon Affects Scorpio

As the Full Moon in Pisces enters your 5th house of fun, romance, childhood, and flirting, you could be made aware of how you ignore these aspects in your own life. You might take life just a bit too seriously, Scorpio. This Full Moon is begging you to shake things up a bit. 

You could find a boring relationship ending at this time in favor of some more fun solo time. You also could be realizing that you need to get out and be a bit bolder in your romantic escapades. Perhaps you’re seeing the need to have some casual flings or to send some risky texts that give you a rush to type. 

You might also realize that you’re desiring a little one wandering around at this time. Even if you don’t literally desire a child, you could be “raising” some sort of creative project or some other metaphorical “baby” in your life. 

This is usually a time that calls for you to have some more fun than you’ve been having. Let loose a bit when this Full Moon in Pisces rolls around, Scorpio darling! 

How The Full Moon Affects Sagittarius

You’re experiencing this Pisces Full Moon in your 4th house of family, home, and heritage. This creates a highly charged energy on the home front. This could mean with the family you grew up with or the family that you’ve created on your own as an adult. 

This is a time when hidden feelings that you didn’t even realize you had could come bubbling to the surface. You could be seeing all of the emotions that you’ve carried into your adult years from your childhood. This is your opportunity to release any fears from this time that you don’t want.

This could be a period when you realize that your family needs you more than you thought. Perhaps a parent needs your help at this time or your partner brings to your attention that he’d really like you to hang out more with him at home. 

Moving during this time is a distinct possibility. This would likely be a period of unpacking and settling into a new home if you have indeed moved recently. 

How The Full Moon Affects Capricorn

With the Full Moon in Pisces in your 3rd house of communication and your local neighborhood, you could see your local environment getting a facelift. Perhaps something in your neighborhood is coming to completion. Maybe they finally stopped construction on that new community center down the street or your neighbors have wrapped up repairs on their house (finally, you can get some sleep!). 

Someone in your social group could potentially let the cat out of the bag in some sense. There could be some information coming out that you weren’t aware of before. Your friends are talking your ear off right now, so perhaps it’s best for you to take notes for future reference.

You could also be talking to your neighbors more than usual these days. You’re finding out something new about your local community. Just ensure that you’re staying tight-lipped about info that you’d like to keep private.

How The Full Moon Affects Aquarius

With the Full Moon in Pisces in your 2nd house of finances and resources, feelings regarding these topics are heightened. You are often seeing something financial come to fruition at this time. Your stocks could actually be hitting their peek value just before this Full Moon, so consider selling soon! 

You could be making a sizeable purchase around this time. A car could make its way home with you or perhaps you decide to make an investment in a new appliance. 

You could have to replace something in your home like furniture or you could find yourself with some extra play money. During a Full Moon, money can slip right through your fingers, so ensure that you’re spending mindfully. 

Much like the Full Moon in the 8th house, you could pay something off right now. Your final payment may be coming up on some old debt. Hooray!

How The Full Moon Affects Pisces

With the Full Moon in your own sign, dearest Pisces, you are truly blessed by the calm light of this spectacular Moon. You could be seeing a whole new side to yourself around now. Perhaps a tough time has just finished up and now you’re taking a moment to reflect on how amazing it is that you were able to fight your way through this period. 

This Full Moon can also illuminate the path in front of you. I’d highly recommend journaling as much as possible during this transit. Your observations could be life changing at this time. 

If you’ve put work into yourself up until this point then you’re likely going to be doing fine. This is a period where you’re harvesting fruits of your labors. You are seeing a healthier mindset and you’re feeling at peace but energetic overall. 

Others are stopping to take notice of your presence these days. You could be experiencing some sort of revelation as this Moon rounds out in your house of self. 

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Wrapping Up

Darlings, this Full Moon is offering opportunities for every sign no matter who you are. Everyone is experiencing a focus in a different area of life at this time, which is creating a full cycle feeling among all of us. It feels as if the wheel has spun all the way around and we’ve all actually gotten around to making some progress towards our goals. 

Your empathy is directed in the direction of the house the Moon is in. All of us could be feeling more kind and understanding than usual. This energy is so needed at this time. I’m genuinely looking forward to this energy! 

I’m wondering, are you ready for the sense of completion in the area that the Moon is arriving in? What are you most looking forward to for this Full Moon? Let me know in the comments while we all process these changes together.

For some signs, relationships could be going through a transformation at this time. If I mentioned it in your breakdown, then you might want to consider signing up for a VIP Consultation with me. This way I am able to council with you one on one to pick apart the highly charged relationship changes that could arise at this time.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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