Weekly Tarotscopes for June 24th – 30th

Welcome to your weekly tarotscopes for June 24th – 30th, the first tarot reading for the Sun’s journey through Cancer, a journey into the heart of the intuitive and nurturing energies that define Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac.

As ruled by the Moon, Cancer is deeply connected to emotions, intuition, and the subconscious, making this reading an exploration of your inner world and emotional landscape.

Cancer is related to sensitivity, empathy, and strong ties to home and family. These traits will be the focal points as we delve into the tarot to uncover insights and guidance tailored to a unique Cancerian essence.

In this reading, we’ll explore various aspects of your life, including relationships, career, personal growth, and spiritual development. Each card will reveal hidden truths and offer wisdom that aligns with the nurturing and protective nature of Cancer.

Whether you’re seeking clarity on a specific issue or general guidance, these readings are designed to resonate with your deep emotional intelligence and intuitive capabilities.

Prepare to connect with your innermost feelings and gain a deeper understanding of your path. Embrace the gentle yet profound energy of Cancer as we navigate through the tarot, uncovering the messages that the universe has in store for you.

Let this journey be a source of comfort, inspiration, and profound insight.

Here’s Your Weekly Tarotscopes for June 24th-30th:

Aries: Judgement

Now, this card indicates that you are having a spiritual experience that serves to make you more aware of your destiny and your calling in this life. It’s time to step away from lower-frequency vibrations and embrace the calling of your higher self.

A life-changing decision is frequently on the cards when you see the Judgement card; however, you need to combine your intuition, logic, and reason because these decisions are complex and cannot be taken in a one-dimensional way. 

In many cases, you may be able to turn the corner after a difficult period. Suddenly, new information and fresh perspectives can help you make a decision to take your life in a direction that will prevent you from stagnating and give both your life and your relationships fresh vitality. 

In love, it’s very important that communication is straightforward and honest. It’s important to repel the criticism of others and for you and your partner to make your own decisions.

This often means, in new relationships, that you and your partner may be struggling with cultural differences or a long-distance relationship. Therefore, you may have to make a decision about how this relationship is going to work going forward and if it’s still viable

In all aspects of life, remember, that first impressions are irreversible, so whether it’s a job interview or a new date, make sure your first impression is excellent.

Taurus: King of Pentacles Reversed

This card means you have to redress imbalances and excesses in your life. If you have recently been stepping back, coasting, or perhaps overindulging, it’s now time for that diet or to become a little bit more disciplined.

This is also a time to think more carefully about how you are managing your money. Even if a lot of money is coming in and you’re doing rather well, there still could be too much going out, so it’s important not to waste your money. 

The theme of this card is waste not, want not.

When it comes to permanent relationships, you may have to admit that you don’t yet have the confidence and trust that you want from your connection, and this is down to consistency. Your partner needs to show more effort and follow through—in other words, keeping promises.

In both new and old relationships, watch out for egotism, jealousy, and manipulation on both your parts. It’s a trap that’s easy to fall into, but with mindfulness, this can be tackled. Basically, the roots of this behavior are always insecurity. 

This card can mean that if you are single, you’re about to meet someone with a much higher income or status in life than yourself, they may be older; it could even be your boss, however, be careful that if they are being very kind and love-bombing you, they are not after something other than what’s obvious, and their intentions may not be pure.

Gemini: Eight of Pentacles Reversed

This card is all about self-improvement and your personal growth. It’s very important to understand any recent behavior patterns and whether these are beneficial or not.

This is a time to address bad habits and make sure that you are rather developing good habits, which are going to support you in achieving your goals. 

Right now, attention to detail and perfection are really important. It’s vital that you understand the little things and how they all add up to one big result, so no cutting corners. 

In all romance, both medium and long-term, it’s important to maintain a strong connection. It’s easy to allow distractions like work or hobbies to dilute the intimacy in your relationship, and it can suffer.

Often, Gemini are workaholics, and right now, that can really impact your relationships, so make sure you make time for your partner and show faith in your relationship. 

If you are looking for love, this is a time when it’s kind of hard to make new friends who are worthwhile, but the true and lasting friends you make right now are often kind of cold at the beginning, so appearances can be deceiving.

Hang in there and keep faith with your new acquaintances, they may grow into great allies or even lovers.

Cancer: Six of Cups

This card is all about nostalgia, so it’s a great card for Cancer. Sometimes, it’s important to reconnect with childhood activities or places, and you can do that through visiting your old haunts or perhaps doing activities with your children that you enjoyed when you were younger because this can help you relive the joy and innocence of your youth and may help you recapture the spirit of yourself. 

It’s important to be able to understand how you used to feel when you were carefree, impulsive, and innovative because that’s that spirit you have to tap into right now to find the inspiration and hope to cope with adult life. Sometimes, being with young people can be the right medicine and can help you recapture the confidence of youth. 

In terms of long-term relationships, it’s very important to look at old photos and to appreciate the good things and the memories of the past. It’s a time when healing can be achieved by focusing on the positives in the relationships and the hurdles overcome. So, it’s important to look back at the wonderful times that you’ve shared, and this can be very soothing. 

It’s a great time to spend quality time with your partner and understand how far you’ve come by appreciating the relationship’s journey. 

Sometimes, in a new relationship, a little bit of ignorance or immaturity could have damaged a promising new relationship. So make sure you give your new relationship your all, be kind and diplomatic, and remember, if you are still pining for a former partner or they are still interfering or holding you back, you really need to block them and move on.

Leo: Seven of Cups

Now, there’s a warning with this card, and that is you mustn’t be deceived by wishful thinking. This is a time when you like to wear your rose-colored glasses, and while that’s okay for fantasies and imaginative activities, sometimes it’s not suitable if it prevents you from taking appropriate action.

So, it’s very important to take a cold, light-of-day analysis and understand what’s really going on and what the situation requires. The key message with this card is one step at a time. You may be excited about a goal, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Do things systematically, and you will be successful, but make sure all the steps make sense. 

Now, in love, this is rather exciting as an old flame may re-enter your life quite unexpectedly. However, sometimes old acquaintances coming back into your life could be disruptive for a current relationship, so new relationships or existing relationships are tested by the ghosts of relationships past, and it may not even be a ghost; it could be a real-life person appearing.

In terms of dating, if you’re single, it’s very important not to get carried away. Take it slowly and make sure you really know this person and you don’t just fall in love with the image of them.

Virgo: Queen of Wands

This is a card of achievement and progress, but it relies on you being able to channel your strengths. This time, you want to double down even if there are obstacles and other people seem critical or even hard on you. Your optimism is key, but so is playing to your strengths and moving forward with a large degree of self-belief and confidence. 

In love relationships, this indicates that a new person could be coming into your life if you are single. They are strong and independent; however, they are also very competitive and will challenge you.

As a couple, you can be really outgoing and your social circle will enlarge. In fact, you may be running with a whole new crowd because of this relationship.

However, if you are already in a relationship or a marriage, it’s very important to project strength into the relationship. Be self-assured and don’t try to fit into your partner’s desires or expectations of you.

Relationships are stronger when you are authentic and true to yourself, and you are a master of your own individuality, your identity, and therefore your destiny and the relationship’s destiny. You have great charm and charisma right now as long as you know who you are and play to your strengths.

Libra: The Fool

The Fool is an exciting card. Despite what it sounds like, The Fool indicates undertaking a new journey, and in all new journeys, we are somewhat foolish because we don’t have experience.

However, the important thing is trying new things and not being scared to make a mistake. This is about understanding the limitless potential of life and facing new journeys with a certain innocence and expectation.

It’s very important not to be cynical or jaded right now. The extent to which you can open your eyes to new possibilities is so important in life and love. This indicates exciting times ahead, but you must use your brain and head in the right direction without taking unnecessary risks.

In love, this represents that your relationship should contain a certain degree of spontaneous energy. So you and your partner should be trying new things and new ventures, invigorating your relationship with new ideas. Even if you are committed and loyal to each other, that doesn’t mean the relationship shouldn’t be flexible; it mustn’t become brittle. 

This is an awesome time for new love. The Fool indicates that someone rather dynamic and dashing is about to come into your life and shake things up, so don’t be rigid.

Scorpio: Eight of Cups

This card is all about knowing when to stop flogging a dead horse. It’s important right now to cut your losses. If there’s a difficult situation in your life that’s too hard to handle, find an exit strategy and walk away. Sometimes, it’s good to admit defeat and start a brand new, exciting journey rather than throwing good money after bad.

This card is also an important card in understanding where in your life things are amiss and immediately setting about a strategy to put things right. 

In love relationships, it’s time to evaluate your options. Think about everything that is important to you, your priorities in love and in your relationship, and then understand whether this is being fulfilled or whether you guys are just drifting along or even growing apart.

Right now, you shouldn’t compromise your relationship just because it’s too difficult if it’s worth it, put more effort in. However, on the other hand, you don’t need to stay just because you’ve been in it a long time either. 

In new relationships, you may be finding it difficult to really connect with someone because you’re not focused on love. Perhaps your focus is on work or other issues that are draining your energy; it could even be friends who are very demanding of your time.

Remember, love can’t come into your life unless you make space for it, unless you really want it. So examine your subconscious motivations, are they interrupting love development.

Sagittarius: Queen of Swords

What’s important with this card is living your life with a sense of humor and wisdom. It’s also important to face difficult situations with serenity. Sometimes, this card indicates it’s important to acknowledge any sadness from the past.

We shouldn’t try and merely put on a brave face; we should approach situations in our lives with sincerity and candor. While humor is important, it shouldn’t be part of denial. What you want to avoid right now is denying any grief or sadness that has to be dealt with. 

In terms of long-term relationships, it is very important to be sincere. Whether you want to improve your relationship or regenerate romance, it’s important not to resort to anything overly sentimental or fake. Be totally authentic and make sure all romantic gestures come from a deep and truthful place within you.

For those looking for love, you may find it with someone who is also on a journey—maybe someone who’s just come out of a painful relationship or who is experiencing loss. In fact, someone who comes into your life may be recently divorced or has faced some hardships in life, and together you may be able to heal each other.

Capricorn: Knight of Pentacles

Now, this card is a great one for Capricorn because it represents hard-working, meticulous, and focused determination that will lead to success. It emphasizes that you are on the right track and must keep moving in the direction slowly and patiently because you are making progress toward your goals.

Whether it’s in love or in your employment, it’s key to be dependable, passionate, and reliable because this will help you win the race. However, remember, there’s no such thing as an overnight success, so you have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

In terms of long-term relationships, things are going well, but there’s a certain degree of obstinacy and stubbornness on behalf of your partner. He is really hard to reason with right now, and if you want to get anything done, you have to slowly but surely convince him. So a lot of cooperation, diplomacy, and sometimes conciliation are important in love relationships right now.

If you are looking for a new relationship, you have to be choosy. You want to go for someone who is trustworthy and loyal and also someone who you feel really comfortable with.

If a new relationship is making you feel very anxious or nervous, it’s probably not the right one, and it’s more than likely this person will not provide you with the kind of support and stability you need right now.

Aquarius: The Moon Reversed

Now, the Moon reversed is somewhat of a wake-up call. It’s important to not give in to anxiety, worry, and paranoia. Sometimes, troubling dreams overwork, and lack of sleep can cause you to start seeing your problems in the wrong context.

Right now, it’s very important to get a perspective, to speak to someone about your problems, and to get a fresh insight that can help you to balance clearly the negativity with the positivity. 

This is also a time when you are very psychic, and you’ll be getting a lot of messages through your subconscious, but these are very difficult to decipher. So you need to eliminate toxic people from your life because they can interfere with the messages.

It’s a good time to meditate, be alone, and make sure that you have time to properly understand what your subconscious is telling you. 

In relationships, it’s very important for you to be honest and avoid temptation. However, it’s also very important to seek the truth about your partner’s actual nature.

This can be a time when you see a new side to your partner that is somewhat disconcerting, and you should not ignore this, but at the same time, you should react with tolerance and understanding because things are probably not as bad as you expect.

New relationships are very tricky right now, especially if they are online or long-distance, because you will not know the person’s true intentions, and there are bound to be misplaced expectations. So take it very slowly and try to patiently wait for the truth to emerge rather than making assumptions.

Pisces: The Chariot Reversed

Now, this card tends to suit Pisces really well because it plays to the more avoidant side of your nature that seeks to procrastinate, be indecisive, and avoid taking responsibility.

Right now, you have a huge ability to create change in your life, but you are holding back often for no good reason. It’s very important for you to reconnect with a powerful and dynamic nature within yourself, take center stage, take a leading role in your life, and reject the voices of fear that tell you that you will be defeated or fail.

This is a hopeful time, but it’s also a time when voices of doubt are loud, and you need to overcome them. 

In terms of love, this indicates a great desire to fall in love. In fact, love can take center stage and can be everything that matters in life. It’s very important not to get totally carried away and immersed in a new love affair because otherwise not much is going to get done, and opportunities can be missed. 

In terms of long-term relationships, there can be quite a lot of disagreement. It’s a more disruptive time in relationships with a lot of debate, but at the same time, it can be a great time to come up with some new ideas or to uncover what really matters to you both.

It’s important not to be led astray by fake friends, and it’s also important not to trivialize any of your partner’s concerns. So listen to everything your partner has to say with an open mind, but always maintain perspective and don’t get immersed in stagnation.

Wrapping Up

Thank you, my dears; I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Remember to consult my friend, who is an excellent love and relationship tarot reader, to gain clarity and insights into your partner’s emotions.

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May the Tarot cards continue to spark your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life.

Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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