Weekly Tarotscope for February 5th – 11th

Hello Sweethearts, under the cosmic embrace of a fresh new moon in Aquarius, we find ourselves at the threshold of limitless potential and transformative energies.

As we delve into this set of tarot readings, the celestial forces of Aquarius shower us with innovation, inspiration, and the promise of new beginnings.
Aquarius, the visionary water-bearer, invites us to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

This new moon heralds a time of intellectual awakening, progressive insights, and a harmonious dance with the unconventional. As the tarot cards align under the influence of Aquarian vibes, anticipate a surge of inventiveness and a magnetic pull toward the unexplored.

In these readings, each card becomes a cosmic messenger, conveying the energies of innovation, community, and the eclectic spirit of Aquarius. Like a blank canvas awaiting the strokes of inspiration, the cards weave a tapestry of possibilities, urging us to set intentions, embrace change, and trust in the cosmic currents that guide us.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the celestial dance of the new moon in Aquarius as the tarot cards unveil insights, revelations, and the potential for personal and collective evolution. May this set of readings be a cosmic compass, navigating you through the uncharted waters of a fresh lunar cycle.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Ten of Cups

This portrays a scene of domestic bliss, emotional fulfillment, and harmonious connections in matters of love. This card symbolizes the pinnacle of joy and contentment, suggesting that love is a source of deep emotional satisfaction and shared happiness.

For Aries, Ten of Cups means love is a tapestry woven with the threads of emotional fulfillment and harmonious relationships. This card signifies a time when you find joy, peace, and contentment within your emotional connections, creating a harmonious and supportive home environment. It encourages the appreciation of the profound happiness that stems from fulfilling relationships with family and loved ones.

The Ten of Cups invites you to celebrate the abundance of love in your lives. It suggests that love, when nurtured and shared, becomes a wellspring of joy and emotional richness. This card signifies the importance of appreciating the moments of shared happiness and the love that binds you together in a tapestry of warmth and contentment.

Overall, the Ten of Cups represents a love that is harmonious, emotionally fulfilling, and joyous. It serves as a reminder to cherish the abundance of love in one’s life, fostering an atmosphere where emotional connections thrive, and the heart overflows with gratitude and happiness. This card signifies the attainment of a state of deep emotional satisfaction and fulfillment within the realm of love.

Taurus – Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords bursts onto the scene as a vibrant force, radiating vitality and zeal, propelled by an unwavering determination to conquer challenges and secure triumph. This is a sign of boundless energy surging forth with an unyielding commitment to success, paying little heed to potential obstacles or risks. This card encapsulates ambition and resilience, showcasing a formidable strength that drives you unswervingly towards victory.

While the Knight’s assertiveness is commendable, it carries a dual nature. On one side, it signifies an unstoppable force ready to overcome any hurdle. On the flip side, it may manifest as a lack of foresight, dismissing potential pitfalls and neglecting the needs of others. This zealous pursuit of goals can sometimes lead to a blind charge into uncharted territories, lacking preparation and understanding.

Encountering the Knight of Swords heralds a phase of embarking on a new venture or idea, where an overwhelming surge of energy propels you forward. This impetus fuels your determination to overcome obstacles swiftly, demonstrating a readiness to confront challenges head-on. Approach this phase with the awareness that balance, responsibility, and compassion are crucial companions on your journey to accomplishment.

In the realm of relationships, the Knight of Swords suggests that your quest for a romantic connection is marked by great energy and ambition. Fearlessly, you approach new prospects, setting aside any inhibitions and solely focusing on finding a new partner.

Restlessness may drive your search for love, intensifying your resolve to connect with someone special. If the Knight of Swords represents another person, expect an attractive, intellectually vibrant individual to enter your life. While charismatic, this person may come across as assertive or even overbearing.

In an existing relationship, the Knight’s influence may propel a desire to accelerate the pace, discussing future plans rapidly, even if commitment is not yet fully assured. Exercise caution to avoid rushing into decisions without a comprehensive understanding of their consequences, ensuring a balance between excitement and thoughtful consideration.

Gemini – Two of Wands

This week it’s important not to be complacent; it’s important to think ahead and have a plan B. In relationships, you have to be the thoughtful one who takes a step back and says, “But what if?”

It could be time to review decisions or the plans of action that you and you partner are following and have a little pivot or rethink. It’s not about progress at all costs, it’s about better ways to go forward. There are many ways to skin a cat.

This week is a time of discovery, and it’s perfect for new relationships where you are learning about each other emotionally and sexually. In all relationships and in your career, step out of your cocoon and exploring new experiences and worlds. Gemini are versatile and change otiented, but we all get into ruts that’s aren’t very stimulating and so this week is a reminder to seek change and challenges, even if the beginning might seem tough.

If you are single, ask yourself what goals you have when it comes to dating and romance. Put your ideas and desires into action now, why wait to live your best life.

Cancer – Eight of Pentacles

This particular card indicates that you should be paying attention to detail, this is a time when the little things in relationships really count and add up to something really special. So thoughtfulness, keeping promises and even good time keeping can be an excellent way of reinforcing commitment and showing you care to your partner.

If you are currently single and feeling a bit lonely and not as happy as you could be with your life situation, you need to make some important changes right now and this card is a positive sign that you will be committed to making those changes and ensuring that you give yourself the best possible chance of success going forward in new relationship.

This is also an indication that it’s good time to work on problem areas in your love life, so be proactive be engaged and don’t turn a blind eye to any emerging issues nip them in the bud.

Love requires ever increasing amounts of empathy, compassion, devotion patience and also a desire to enjoy the journey together rather than just looking at the destination ie marriage.

Curiously is extremely important in love and relationships, as is the desire for self-improvement. The more that you desire to improve yourself and embark on a course of personal development and discovery, the better your relationship will be as you can see a larger purpose.

Leo – King of Pentacles

The king of pentacles in your reading this week indicates stability, prosperity, and a grounded approach to relationships. As has been the case recently, you are the reliable, responsible and financially savvy one in the relationship.

For single Leo, this card suggests that you may attract a potential beau who is older, wiser or potentially quite wealthy and established. The ideal partner should mirror your ambitions and strong desire for material security. Your ideal date is successful and can provide a stable foundation for a long-lasting relationship, don’t tolerate time wasters, flirts or romantic obfuscaters.

For those of you Leo ladies already in a relationship, this week is quite rewarding as it represents a period of stability and financial reward within the partnership.

You and your partner should be focused on building a solid and comfortable base for the rest of 2023. This card highlights the importance of creating a harmonious balance between your emotional connection and the practical aspects of life, such as finances and long-term planning.

Don’t forget to make time for romance, emotional intimacy, and nurturing that genuine connection.

Virgo – Six of Cups

For Virgo, recent decisions that you have made with your partner come into focus, and sometimes there is some regret, particularly financial regret. However, it’s important to keep moving forward, the key now is: “What’s done is done” and cannot be undone, and its’ wise to keep moving forward, have positive intentions and think about solutions.

This may be a time when you are invited to a reunion, and single Virgo could well hook up with an old flame right now. The past is a good place to go hunting for a future partner, so it’s highly likely that if you visit an old haunt or go to a reunion (like I said), you might hook up with someone with whom you share a history and a happy past, and this can lead to a good relationship blooming.

Married Virgo may spend some time either collating an album, looking at photos or discussing a recent trip you’ve had. It’s important to reflect within your relationship, and while you shouldn’t dwell on the past, it’s important to reflect on recent positive events and how they’ve contributed to your journey as a couple.

Libra – Seven of Cups

This can be an extremely satisfying time romantically and intimately; it’s a marvelous week for traveling with your loved one, going to see films or doing things which help you get out of yourselves and which facilitate fantasy and stimulate the imagination. The key in love right now is being spontaneous and imbuing your relationship with escapist themes.

So this is not a great time to be thinking about practical matters; this is a time when you and your partner should just indulge yourselves by organizing more free time, putting off onerous chores and staying away from people who drain you or drag you back to a mundane reality.

If you’re looking for love, you have to be a little bit careful because you can have rose colored glasses on. An intense desire for romance can lead you to jump into relationships that are not going anywhere but which fill a gap in the short term. So do be careful in new romance because there may be some delusion and illusion involved.

In marriages, it’s important not to confine yourselves, be sure to allow each other to express yourselves spontaneously. Don’t be judgmental or critical, this should be an experimental time when you and your partner are open to new things that could potentially bring you more pleasure or satisfaction, either intimately or in your life in general.

Scorpio – Nine of Wands

The message this week is: don’t lose hope and stay positive even if many hurdles stand in your way. It’s important to draw strength from all the trials and tribulations you and your partner have endured before, and to realize that every step of the way, as you achieve things together or overcome things together, you grow stronger, and your union goes stronger. So in relationships, sometimes one should welcome the storms as a chance to make the relationship that much deeper and more special.

The nine of wands indicates that you have a lot on your plate at the moment, you’re performing a juggling act, and there are many areas of life which require your attention. However, you should not underestimate yourself because you are ready and totally capable of coming out on top, just remember to be determined and systematic.

In new relationships, the key is letting yourself trust again. Part of the beauty of entering a new relationship is overcoming the fear of being hurt and being absolutely ready to take a chance again because as soon as you are, some magic awaits.

Don’t judge everyone on past experiences, good or bad.

Sagittarius – Two of pentacles

This is a wonderful card for Sagittarius because it plays to your strengths, and that means achieving wisdom and being adaptable and philosophical in love. However, it also brings another key element to the fore, which is knowing how to prioritize. So the key to success in your relationships and in balancing work and home life, is cutting out the nonsense and honing in on the key issues to make sure that you resolve these first.

It’s very important, when having discussions with your partner, not to get sidetracked into tangential issues. Make sure that you focus your concentration on the core points so that you can be productive when you have conversations, because this can help strengthen the relationship and generate a lot more respect for yourself.

In new relationships, this is definitely the time to avoid any gossip or any inclination to share things with a new partner that are not particularly relevant. When dating, it’s really important to be honest and get right to the point, so don’t mess around. This is a time to let a new partner know exactly what you want from life, where you are going and what you expect from a relationship.

Capricorn – Ace of Swords

This can be an exciting week where you make a breakthrough or get good news. So there’s lightly to be something happening that will lift your spirits and bring you a lot more clarity. There may be an a-ha moment where suddenly your understanding of your relationship or career can increase, and you are able to make a decision which will result in you feeling a weight off your mind.

This is definitely a week of change in a positive direction and you have a sense of moving forward as the fog lifts. You feel as if you are on your way on a bright sunny day, and this can be quite an inspiring time, it’s great for original thinking, and it favors you in all new ventures.

If you are looking for love, this is certainly a great time to begin a relationship with a lot of potential. It’s because you feel freer in your mind that you are likely to begin a new relationship with a fresh slate.

Alternatively, there’s also an opportunity to turn a page with your established partner and begin to reach new understandings and suddenly find compromises that seemed impossible before, enabling you to have more an honest, open dialogue about your future.

Aquarius – Seven of Wands

This card indicates that there might be some competitiveness in a relationship. If you are dating, you may be competing for a guy with another woman who is vying for his attention, or alternatively, if you are married, you may feel that someone is flirting with your man and that you have a little bit of competition.

This can sometimes be healthy for the relationship, it’s important to maintain an even keel and not be driven into jealousy, but it can be a spark you need in order to change your strategy and up your game in love in order to keep the competition at bay.

What this card is telling us is that we should never be complacent in love, we have to keep working hard at relationships, and that means we must work hard at communication, affection and understanding because we let ourselves down if we slip up and take things for granted. Don’t consider your relationship a fait accompli, rather than an unfolding story.

In some relationships, there can be a little bit of animosity because you are competing with your partner in terms of competing for your children’s attention or maybe to do with each other’s career success, so make sure that this competitiveness doesn’t ruin the passion.

Pisces – Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords may point to a tendency to be excessively critical of yourself, engaging in negative self-talk or self-blame for every perceived mistake. If you find yourself caught in a cycle of blaming and berating, take a moment to reflect on why you’re being so hard on yourself. Identify the source of any underlying depression or self-deprecation.

Challenge this negative internal dialogue by consciously replacing it with affirmations that acknowledge your accomplishments. If you’re on a quest for love, anxiety about not finding a partner can become a self-perpetuating cycle. Redirect your energy by incorporating positive daily affirmations, emphasizing your ability to attract love and form meaningful connections.

For those already in a relationship, the Nine of Swords signals internal questioning and discontent. Feelings of unhappiness or entrapment may be causing sleepless nights, prompting you to reevaluate the relationship.

If anxiety grips you, consider seeking solace through open conversations with trusted friends or professionals. Ultimately, you might confront the realization that ending the relationship is necessary for your own well-being and liberation from emotional turmoil.

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Summing up

As we embark on the first week of February 2024, let the enduring wisdom of the Tarot be your unwavering guide.

Should this week’s Tarot revelations kindle a spark of curiosity, inviting you to dive deeper into the profound realm of Tarot readings, hesitate no more. Embark on a personal journey into the mysteries that await, and claim your complimentary Tarot reading by clicking the link below:

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May the Tarot cards continue to spark your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life. Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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  1. A trip opportunity appeared on my birthday 2/4. I am going mid March. Steve (Taurus) sent me a happiness birthday card. I am not chasing him. I am not his priority. Do I walk away? I Love him. Will Taurus change a tiny bit this year?

    1. Dear Desera,

      Well, sure. Up until June, Jupiter is transiting through Taurus bringing joy and happiness to those owning a Taurus Sun.
      You can expect little bit of optimism from your Taurus man. Taurus man plans long-term and is not in a hurry, so you need to arm yourself with lots of patience. Don’t chase him, let him miss you!
      Best of luck to you!

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