Weekly Love Horoscope for September 4th – 10th

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the reading for this week, which is an important week as Venus goes direct, Jupiter goes retrograde and the Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde.
Venus direct is excellent for love and romance as well as creativity.

This transit encourages bold and expressive displays of affection, making this a time when grand gestures and extravagant expressions of love can be more prominent.
This can boost your self-esteem and encourage you to express your feelings and desires more openly in your relationships. It’s a time to embrace your unique qualities and shine your inner light.

This week is also excellent for the arts as it inspires appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. It’s a great time for creative projects, fashion, and indulging in artistic pursuits.
Jupiter direct in Taurus is ideal for restoring a sense of security and creating a stable and comfortable life. It may be a week when you focus on building a strong foundation for your future.

The energies encourage you to take a steady and measured approach to achieving your relationship goals, especially in areas related to finances, career, and material resources.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Sun in Virgo can mark a time of internal and external debate and the realization of any differences you and a partner have. Since you and others can be ardent in expressing your opinions, even without being asked, arguments sometimes erupt this week due to opposing views. There is still difficulty in making decisions, so take your time and give your mind and body a rest.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising and Moon sign for more accuracy.

Aries – Building Back Better

If you have been struggling to get on with your partner, this week can provide an excellent opportunity to turn things around. It’s important to forgive and not hold grudges during this week as if you do that good karma comes towards you.

This can be a very constructive time to work on affection, loyalty and getting comfortable with each other by just relaxing together. Aim to offer an olive branch to your partner and open up a dialogue. In relationships get back to basics and face facts, it’s vital to be pragmatic.

If you are single, this period offers an excellent opportunity to meet new people as there will be a lot of new romantic opportunities within reach and within your comfort zones.

It’s vital to be generous and fair and if you do so you can improve your partner’s confidence in the relationship and establish more trust which will enhance your prosperity emotionally and financially.

Don’t take people your life for granted, give back and be grateful for their input.

Relationships are all about effort and the willingness to work hard and not expect overnight results.

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Taurus – Doing the Locomotion

With Jupiter retrograde in your own sign, you may be excitable, but you could take risks and because you are impetuous and impatient, you jump the gun and don’t always do yourself any favors.

This retrograde is interesting and enlivening, you are keyed up and ready to go. You have an abundance of energy, this transit is fabulous if it comes within a difficult period of your life or love life as it gives you a surge of self-confidence and positivity, so that you can fight off the forces working against you and use your faith and integrity to overcome those forces. It’s important to be truthful, real and noble, you are successful in new and older relationships when you strive for what is right in the face of opposition. This week brings a desire to do the decent thing, however that may not be easy and you need moral courage to prevail.

This is a time when you are bored with your day to day life and you desire to travel, meet new people and get out into the world experiencing new things. You can’t be contained during this period, you crave novelty and spontaneity in relationships.

This is a time when you must say NO to oppressive and control, seize the reins of your own life and be your own person.

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Gemini – Feel the Rhythm of Life

This week it’s really challenging dealing with the real world. You may seek to avoid pressure, responsibility and confrontational at all costs. You enjoy seclusion and space to be by yourself and think. This is an excellent time for therapy or to explore your consciousness.

You are highly perceptive, however you may be prone to worry and paranoia. The Jupiter and Mercury retrograde increases procrastination as you may not have a lot of energy and confidence to take on certain chores or activities. This favors physical activity linked to music or meditation or dance and yoga, but is certainly no good for combat sports and highly competitive and gruelling sports.

You may have many intuitive insights, this week’s energy is connected to sudden realisations and the penny drops, however you won’t necessarily take action as this transit encourages patience and achieving peace internally before you take action externally.

This transit can cause problems in in relationships as you tend to withdraw and be less engaged with your partner. While you can still be a helpful and compassionate partner, you are somehow detached and unreachable and this may trouble your partner.

Artistically it’s a great time to explore your craft and experiment, but you may not actually end up with a final product, it’s more about brainstorming and letting your creativity take you wherever it’s wants to go without any limitations.

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Cancer – Breaking Free

This week’s transits can make you highly rebellious. You are very impatient and may throw the baby out with the bathwater because you have become frustrated with some project or even relationship. There is a tendency to overreact, however if you have been at the end of your tether with a person or situation, this can give you the oomph to say, “Enough is enough!” and walk away.

You can be very irritable in relationships and with colleagues and you are not at your most cooperative; you tend to be outspoken and you do not suffer fools gladly.

Relationships may have a temporary break down or trial separation during this transit as you need space and time to think and collect your thoughts. This transit can help you break out of oppressive and controlling relationships permanently – whether these are love relationships or work related relationships.

This awakens an individualistic streak and it serves you well if you need to be original and daring within your work – this is especially useful for artists and inventors as you are more inspired and can make a great deal of progress.

Don’t make commitments during this week as your needs and priorities are changing quickly and you may not want to be bound by these commitments.

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Leo – Wing and a Prayer

With Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, this period is quite frustrating, you can expand in some areas, while you have to cut back in others. Authority figures may curtail your freedom or lumber you with onerous duties. You often have to battle with bureaucracy or paperwork to get anything done and progress is slow, but steady.

Age gap relationships are much trickier to navigate, this isn’t a good time to date a much older man.

This is a time when your ideas are tested and your partner will challenge you quite relentlessly, you have to be both bold and accurate on the facts if you want to get anywhere or convince your partner of your ideas for the future.

Plans have to be robust and detailed as you cannot survive in business or any other field on a wing and prayer. This is not a time to back down, you have to persist and be determined, but you certainly need a good plan B.

You can be pulled in different directions and it’s vital to prioritize, if you don’t have a strong direction in your relationship, you can become rather confused and distracted, so it’s important to have a plan and a goal, even though you may need to change some of the details.

If a relationship doesn’t really mean anything to you, this is the time to drop it and focus on your core goals in love.

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Virgo – Humble Pie

This is a high-energy week and yet it’s not always that productive as you tend to clash with other people. It’s important to be humble during this Jupiter retrograde as it encourages hubris and arrogance. You may find it very hard to work in a team or get on with your partner as you are impatient and tend to think your ideas are best. You risk alienating people in your life with your attitude. You can be careless about the emotions and feelings of those close to you, you are thick skinned and distracted which makes you insensitive.

This is a good time for working alone or doing individual sports where you need confidence and selfishness. Try not to get involved in community or group efforts as your ideas may be too grand for the rest of the group and while you may annoy them, they may hold you back.

In terms of your current activities, you will have to decide where to expand and what activities to drop, you cannot keep everything going or expanding. It’s hard for you to take a step back or admit where things may be going wrong and that’s the main source of problems in this transit.

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Libra – Necessity is The Mother of Invention

This is a really passionate month but you could push yourself to extremes.

You may come across serious opposition during this week, you are likely to arouse envy in others and they may resist your efforts or try and defeat you in some way. It’s often a struggle to get what you want and need in life and in your relationship, but you are extremely resourceful and ingenious and can make substantial progress.

The phrase that can be associated with the week, is necessity is the mother of invention, often pressure from the economy, government or relationship circumstances forces you to dig deep and find solutions that can really prove to be fabulous new directions forward. This can be a significant time for those who like analysis and challenges.

This week is testing, however, it can be quite exciting and you can grab victory from the jaws of defeat by being determined and headstrong.

This phase is a little like a volcano and things tend to come to a head and demand your full attention, so while this is a testing time, there can well be a massive release afterwards and a sense of relief.

Emotions are close to the surface and arguments tend to be irrational and explosive, however often the pressure has been building for a while and you and your partner need a release and to blow off stream. While events now may be unpleasant or extreme, you can turn a corner and clear the way forward for a new path.

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Scorpio – Streetcar named Desire

With Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, this creates a powerful desire for relationships and if you are single you may feel lonely and can enter into a relationship without substantial reasons just to combat the loneliness and feel a sense of belonging. Be careful not to compromise your values, needs and principles just to be in a relationship. Alternatively, those of you in a relationship may find it unfulfilling and the grass may look greener elsewhere encouraging you to stray or look for more freedom. If you are insecure you may be inclined to excessive people-pleasing during this transit, don’t sell yourself short.

There is a high desire level connected to the energies and that can make you very impulsive where you buy products or eat to excess just to fill a gap or an insatiable need within.

You may party more or seek to enjoy yourself, but nothing really ticks the box and you may end up out of pocket and with a few extra pounds at the end of this. You can be highly creative during this week and careers in the arts are enhanced. Your artistic work garners more attention and there is often a lucky break during this period.

With your ruler and your seventh house ruler retrograde, bad timing can lead to some failure or disappointment. If you are disrespectful or lack good judgement, you will pay a high price in relationships.

It is very important to be fair and judicious, you must follow a path of integrity and total truth. It is vital to wait your turn and not to be over-ambitious or to jump the gun, wait until the time is right or ripe, you cannot force the pace.

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Sagittarius – Your Truth

With your ruler and your seventh house ruler retrograde, bad timing can lead to some failure or disappointment. If you are disrespectful or lack good judgement, you will pay a high price in relationships.

It is very important to be fair and judicious, you must follow a path of integrity and total truth. It is vital to wait your turn and not to be over-ambitious or to jump the gun, wait until the time is right or ripe, you cannot force the pace.

You may find yourself at odds with the prevailing opinion of colleagues and this may mean you are an outsider who is rebelling or being outcast; however, remember that you can be in a minority of one and still be right.

This is a good time to evaluate current trends and social norms with a critical eye, you are best making up your own mind and not following the crowd even if that makes you unpopular for the moment.

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Capricorn – Romantic Jump Start

With Jupiter retrograde in your solar fifth house, this favors success in terms of dating and reintroducing romance and passion as there is confidence, luck, foresight and the ability to be daring. However because it’s a retrograde there is the danger of overconfidence and you may bite off more than you can chew or be a little too gung ho.

This is an excellent time to begin new creative projects, however, you must be careful not to get ahead of yourself and promise more than you can deliver.

The energies promote restlessness, you are quickly bored and dissatisfied with every everyday routine. In a positive way this encourages you to be more expansive, to take on different challenges and expand your life, but it can make you reckless, where you look to sow wild oats and abandon your usual responsibilities.

This week inevitably brings welcome changes and some excitement as you are more demanding and more willing to embrace new activities. Your competitive and ambitious nature is stimulated.

If you have been unhappy in your relationship, this is an excellent time to jump-start yourself into a new phase of love. Positive thinking and renewing your life philosophy can be at the heart of welcoming in a new era in your love life.

You have to be careful of jumping at things without reviewing the downside as it’s easy for you to only see the possibilities not the problems.

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Aquarius – Mood Music

Jupiter going retrograde in Taurus can make you quite nostalgic and it may cause mood swings, you can react with more emotion and may even become extreme. You could feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster and it’s hard to have rational and reasonable conversations. This is not a good time for important decisions as you are just not stable enough emotionally, and may either be too positive or too negative.

Relationships can be subject to great change, it’s not necessary a conflict-ridden situation, it’s more about balancing changing needs and often a craving by you or your partner for more freedom.

You have a tendency to overreact, you are sensitive and it’s easy to push your buttons. This is not an ideal period to start a new relationship and you have no real understanding of what you are getting into.

Often overeating comfort foods is a way to deal with your heightened emotional state and you may gain weight.

Family matters can come to a head and family in general tops your agenda and demands quite a lot of your energy. This is an opportunity to engage with family members to achieve greater understanding and resolve long standing conflicts or differences.

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Pisces – Eager Beaver

The energies this week are all about increased mental energy, however, this doesn’t guarantee discipline, it’s probably better for brainstorming, research and lateral thinking. This is an open-minded and curious time when you crave knowledge and are quickly bored with routines. It’s a great time for meeting people with romantic potential but you have to sort the wheat from the chaff

New avenues of study are very appealing and yet you may not follow through on the studies you now begin if these disciplines take many months or years to master. This is a great time to pick up new skills quickly.

You have to be careful about what you choose to believe during this transit, often you subscribe to new ideas or concepts without properly checking the facts, this can lead to disappointment. Apply this advice to internet dating and long-distance relationships where it’s easy to get ahead of yourself.

You are enthusiastic, but not patient and you aren’t willing to listen properly to others, you may assume things about them or their thoughts that may not be true. Arrogance can be an unattractive trait that you may adopt during this transit.

You need to be careful of misleading others, or being misled, your eagerness coupled with your impatience means it’s easy for you to unwittingly make promises you cannot keep, or to believe things which are exaggerated or even false.

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This week encourages you to consolidate your resources and make wise investments. It’s a favorable week for long-term financial planning and making decisions as a couple that contribute to your financial security.

Patience and determination are important in love and family matters. Jupiter direct in Taurus teaches you the value of patience in achieving your goals. Success in your personal relationships, intimacy and love comes through steady, persistent efforts rather than quick, impulsive actions.

With Venus now direct in Leo, you may desire acknowledgment and admiration in your relationships, it’s a great time to introduce romance through the use of imagination creating a little theatre in the bedroom.

The themes for this week are:

  • Creativity
  • Affection
  • Sexuality
  • Sensuality
  • Compassion
  • Imagination

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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