Weekly Love Horoscope for September 18th – 24th

Hello Sweethearts!

Once again we have the love horoscopes for the week ahead and I’m quite excited about this week because the communication is more free-flowing, there’s a positive vibe and quite a high love factor.

In general, the vibrations are of a compromising, forgiving, and tolerant flavor and this is great for relationships. It’s also wonderful for family harmony, for forging new friendships, and for making new contacts at work.

However, it’s a really bad week for dieting, training and discipline because the planets are encouraging our inner child, they’re making us more playful and more eager to enjoy ourselves.

So what’s actually happening? We have Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter in Taurus, which is quite lucky in terms of money and improving your earning potential, and also great for getting agreement within relationships. We have Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus which superchargers all your creative and artistic endeavors. So it’s a wonderful time for any projects that are theatrical or musical and also for attending cultural events. It’s rather a lucky time when things tend to go our way.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising and Moon sign for more accuracy.

Aries – Picking up the Good Vibrations

The key this week is freeing up time, it’s important to delegate and trust the teams around you to deliver, so don’t spend too much time focusing on the minutia. It’s important to look at the bigger picture and to use your strong motivational and leadership skills to encourage those around you to excel.

Whatever you do this week in work or in your relationships, a positive mental attitude is at the heart of your success. What’s great for you in love and romance is spreading the good vibes, being generous and supportive to other people.

In terms of romance and relationships, you’re a lot more loving and you are projecting in a way that encourages people to gravitate towards you. It’s not so much that you are charming, you are just congenial and display a fun loving humorous side of yourself which is fantastic for meeting new people and dating. So you may well be very lucky in love!

This is also a great time for marriages, as whatever has gone before, it’s now time to put it right, put the past behind you, and be bigger than the problems. Remember, it’s all about a spirit of optimism staying alive to the possibilities and never giving up.

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Taurus – Shine, Shine Like a Star, Star That You Are

With Jupiter in Taurus being squared by Venus in Leo, this is certainly a week where home is where the heart is! You love entertaining, making improvements to your home and it’s a time when you could spend a little bit of time baking some indulgent treats to spoil your family.

You get rather inspired when you are helpful and you spoil your partner a little bit. They say giving is better than receiving, and that’s definitely the case with Taurus right now, you get a lot of pleasure out of being a force for good in your family relationships, particularly with your partner.

This is also a time to take a water off a duck’s back attitude, let the small and even the big things go. Sometimes problems are best outgrown and it’s often important to rise above the pettiness and allow the minutia to sort itself out.

So what’s key in relationships right now, is taking the High Road, avoiding gossip, not getting into bickering and leaving that to your partner if he so wishes.

This is a very lucky time to be out on the dating scene, it’s positive for meeting partners whether you are pubbing or clubbing, but it’s vital to meet people in person, it’s just not the same online. You are projecting a lot of natural charisma so make sure you shine and make that personal connection to a new partner.

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Gemini – Loving Inside and Out

The key right now for Gemini, is self-love and self-acceptance. They say charity begins at home but often romance and love begin within yourself and grow from there, so this month, love is an inside out experience, as the more you can create a deep well of contentment and satisfaction within yourself, the more you will project out an extremely reassuring contented vibe which is very attractive to potential partners.

So if you are single, this is a wonderful time to work on your attitudes and to improve self-love by dealing with feelings of anxiety and guilt. It’s very important to value your innate characteristics, so it’s important for you to understand what a witty and lively communicator you are and how much people appreciate your company.

With your ruler Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter, this is also a good time in relationships to have more private space with your partner. Often we need to move aside all the hassles and the inconsequential little problems and focus on relating on an emotional level, so this is a wonderful time to work on communication about emotional matters. So take your partner’s feelings into account and be more willing to share your own feelings, open up and this can set the relationship in a brand new and better direction.

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Cancer – Animal Attraction

It’s the first quarter moon and you are feeling particularly optimistic, you have an extremely broad perspective and an open mind and are incredibly ingenious, there’s no problem you can’t solve right now.

This is a time to have a lot of confidence in your powers of communication and your ability to make your point.

In marriages and committed relationships, you need to be the one to take the lead to inspire change and to give your partner the benefit of your wisdom. Often a partner enjoys hearing your advice but it doesn’t have to be dogmatic, it simply has to create a balanced and broader perspective for him.

With Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus, this is a great time for platonic friendships becoming more emotional and sexual. Key to romance right now is chemistry, you really have to be feeling it at a visceral physical level. You will find that people might come in your into your life and you may love them or hate their personality, but somehow there’s an animal attraction you have to go with and you have to pursue it for better or for worse.

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Leo – Many Fish in the Sea

This is a very fortunate week for Leo in terms of your career, you may receive a communication about a promotion or business opportunity. It’s also important to be visible on social media and to reach out so that you create opportunities for yourself, because this can be a great time for improving your income and money inflow.

Sometimes work can be a distraction as can your ambitions, that’s why a partner who is supportive of you is absolutely vital. This is a time in relationships where your partner’s ability to support you without being competitive or jealous is tested. Sometimes secret envy is the snake in the grass in relationships, so you may need to monitor carefully the way you go about navigating your career if you feel that it is perhaps a thorn in your partner’s side.

With Venus in Leo square Jupiter, you are charming and highly sociable, but even if you’re single you will find that there are so many fish in the sea, so it’s impossible to make a decision. Thus this is not a good time to pick on one partner, keep your options open, keep experimenting, keep meeting new people and keep an open mind, don’t settle for anyone too soon.

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Virgo – Right and Wrong

This is a fantastic week for travelling, it can be short or long distance, but you have itchy feet, you are eager to explore and the adventurous side of your nature is stimulated. This is an ideal week for those of you who have a partner who’s quite spontaneous, you may enjoy going on a road trip for an afternoon or just jetting off for a weekend away.

Spontaneity and variety are the spice of life, if a relationship is too dull or regimented, you may feel the need to do more activities by yourself or meet some new people who perhaps share your current interests and desires, so that you have more scope and stimulation. You are easily bored right now, don’t underestimate your need for novelty and try not to box yourself into anything, resist pressure from a partner.

In terms of marriage and commitment, it’s important to maintain your morality. Virgo in general have a high sense of integrity and it’s important for you to stand in that integrity and hold the line. When you feel a partner is making a mistake, you should speak up and hold the high ground, don’t be dragged into anything, even out of commitment and support for your partner, if you don’t think it’s right.

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Libra – Hidden Agenda

Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter in Taurus is actually an intensely emotional time for Libra, so while a lot of the other star signs are chilling, looking for fun and eager to get into a playful mood, you are slightly more serious and thoughtful, you are more likely to be reflective and seek the deeper meaning.

You may actually use this space to quietly, but powerfully perceive some of the hidden motives and intentions of your partner that they never normally reveal, but which they may suddenly let slip.

So this is certainly a time of intense learning in relationships, you don’t want to be taking anything for granted and you’re not missing a trick. You are quite incisive and you are sometimes stimulated by games in relationships.

In both committed relationships and dating, it’s very important to be aware of any competitiveness, envy or potential possessiveness, watch out for the partner that comes on strong and love bombs you, but who perhaps has the potential to be a little bit of a control freak.

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Scorpio – Top Cat

This week good news and good fortune can come to Scorpio through strangers or friends. This is certainly a time when good karma in terms of kind deeds and favours done to friends can be called in, or people might want to step in and surprise you or come to your aid.

This is a great time in business and work because you are seen as a valued team member and people are more likely to appreciate you and give you recognition. So there’s a lot of social credit for Scorpio right now in terms of you being better understood and possibly getting in line for a promotion. This is not necessarily a time when extra money comes in the yet, but it’s certainly a time when you begin to feel like you are making an impression and are top of the pile.

In new and existing relationships, this is a great time to make an impression on your partner and to move the relationship into a positive new direction. Remember to initiate exciting new goals and stay busy.

Couples who play together, stay together, so common aspirations, goals and a sense of shared purpose is vital to relationships. This can be a much less satisfying time if you’re in a chalk and cheese relationship where you don’t really agree on much.

If single, look to your friendship circles for love.

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Sagittarius – The Little Things Count

The great thing about this week is that it’s a free-flowing and quite satisfying time at work and when work’s going well there’s more time for pleasure, and so the work-life balance is certainly going in your favor.

This is also a time when Sagittarius who’ve recently experienced poor health or low energy levels can begin to feel their energy picking up and are more revitalized, which is great for relationships as there’s more time to plow into romance. This is an excellent time for meeting a new partner through work or at the gym, positive daily routines often lead to love, so even doing something like joining Weight Watchers could be a potential happy hunting ground for Cupid.

In terms of committed relationships, the key to success right now is how you work together, so it’s important to be good listeners, to be flexible and also to be constructive. It’s also time when the small things count, so simply being punctual, keeping promises, and doing your share of chores makes the world of difference. So the little things count in love the little things add up to one really big chunk of love.

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Capricorn – You Sexy Thing

Now while some signs feel romantic or laid back, for Capricorn, everything feels passionate, there’s a great intensity of feeling, so whether you’ve just met someone, are developing a relationship or you are in a committed relationship, you want to really get to know that person well, you want to understand them and you want answers. So you can be slightly controlling and possessive in relationships, but this is simply a reflection of the fact that you don’t want to waste your time, that you can see potential and you don’t want to wait for things to develop organically, you almost want to hurry it on. So there’s a great sense of urgency in love.

If you are single, you’re likely to feel the need to fill a gap by getting more involved creatively or in sports, simply because you need to quench this high level of desire you are experiencing. In new relationships, the physical side is very important and the relationship may become intimate very quickly, in fact intimacy is essential in all relationships right now because you really need to feel the tenderness of touch and the closeness on that level to feel secure in a relationship. If there’s no sex and no affection, you may doubt the relationship or feel lost.

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Aquarius – Family Success

With Venus in your solar seventh house square Jupiter this is a really good time to move in with a partner or start discussing potential future arrangements in terms of property. It’s definitely a time to get more domestically familiar with a new partner, to get to know their likes, dislikes the names of their pets. Get to know their family more intimately.

If you’ve been dating someone for a while and still haven’t met their family, it’s definitely a priority right now, in terms of moving the relationship forward.

In terms of committed relationships, with Mercury in Virgo trining Jupiter, this is a great time for long-term planning and you and a partner can actually solidify the relationship by coming together to discuss finances, investments and family matters. So putting your heads together and being prepared to help family members or bridge-build with other family members is really important, as family harmony is key to relationship success.

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Pisces – I Will Be Your Preacher Teacher

It’s important for you to share your wisdom and insights with your partner. You need to lift the mood and widen the perspective to help bring a better understanding to your relationship.

In your career, you may teach during this time, or gain an opportunity to be a mentor. Your perspective on life tends to be more universal and you want to detach from what’s petty or of no longer-term importance. You are open to listening to other points of view, but your own opinions are firm and quiet morally driven as you have a burning need to do the right thing, even if it’s more difficult.

This is a good time to plan for exciting activities in connection with dating or family life as your positive attitude will help you succeed in your efforts.

Sometimes this week displays of vulnerability or passion can open the door for better expression in love. If you are holding back resentment for your partner or anything else in your life, this absolutely slams the door on being able to express yourself and enjoy sex, but if you can get things off your chest in an effective way, suddenly all those blockages go away and it’s much easier for you to lay back and have some fun in the bedroom.

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With Jupiter activated by Venus and Mercury, worries and negative thoughts can more easily be allayed as cooperation, support and positive vibes can lessen the load and there should be some good news and light relief too.

We tend to perceive the world in a more positive light than usual. We have the opportunity to achieve more confidence in our thinking and can take advantage of the energies this week to use positive thinking, forgiveness and wisdom to solve relationship problems.

Having a more open mind can allow you to achieve the gift of understanding in matters that have seemed irreconcilable or impenetrable. Solutions can appear clearer. Although you may lack great impetus now and may elect to enjoy life and avoid anything strenuous, the positive energy is still generating success and drawing towards you good fortune.

The themes for this week are:

  • Affection
  • Warmth
  • Compromise
  • Self-expression
  • Creativity
  • Optimism

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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