6 Ways Taurus Season Can Improve Your Relationship

You know all that restlessness and anticipation you’ve been feeling in your relationships lately? You can thank Aries Season for that.

Over the past four weeks, the Sun—the source of vitality, energy, and ego—has been renewing itself in fiery Aries since March 19, 2020. You may have noticed new beginnings or patterns in your love life during this time. 

You may have started a new relationship, found a new love interest, reestablished your connection with your current partner, or used this inspiring, awakening energy to focus on you. 

On the other hand, as the first fire sign of the Zodiac, Aries energy also brings some turbulence and conflict, especially after the April 7-8 Libra Full Moon. 

But I’m here to deliver some great news: on Sunday, April 19, the Sun dances out of fiery Aries and eases into grounded Taurus, bringing intimacy, thoughtfulness, and commitment to your relationships and love affairs for the next four weeks. The Sun will remain in Taurus until May 20.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to take your attraction to the next level or would like some extra time to just relax and indulge in each other’s company, then Taurus Season is here to assist and improve your relationship. 

To assist you in bringing more romance, security, and consistency to your relationships this Taurus Season, I’ve shared six ways I believe the Sun’s transit in Taurus can help improve your relationship.

6 Ways Taurus Season Can Improve Your Relationship

1. Take Things To The Next Level

Are you or your partner on the fence about where things are going? Did you jump into a relationship without thinking about the future and long-term compatibility? What about marriage and familial changes? Are you ready to tie the knot or make a shared commitment? What is ready to grow?

All of these questions can be answered or at least partially solved during Taurus Season as the Sun encourages you to think about your long-term plans and how this involves your partner.

Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning that its energy is grounded and security-focused, and I’ve found this is the best transit for entering a relationship. The chances of success are much higher than if the Sun was in a mutable air sign like Gemini.

If you are already in a relationship, Taurus Season inspires you to think about your relationship in the long term. It’s a great time to think about putting a title on your status or exploring your compatibility for the future.

If you are single or thinking about dating, Taurus Season is perfect for taking your self-worth and values to the next level. Perhaps it’s time you think about what you want in a partner—and I don’t mean superficial attributes like appearances but the essential traits like values, finances, spirituality, and beliefs.

This is also the best time to get serious about who you are and your expectations. If you’ve been settling for less than you deserve, Taurus’s energy reminds you to ask for more because you deserve more, and this is very exciting!

Taurus Season

2. Bring On The Intimacy And Romance

Just because Taurus is a calm, cool, and collected Earth sign doesn’t mean a Bull’s passionate and sizzling nature won’t make you swoon in the lovemaking department. This silent sexual prowess will sweep you off your feet.

Soft, sensual, and observant are words I often use to describe this calculating lover. Very much like his polar (opposite) sign, Scorpio, Taurus knows how to make—and keep—things hot.

With the Sun in Taurus, this “heat” can be channeled into reawakening the sleeping bear in your relationship, or it can invite you to spark a new romance of your own.

But I want to remind you that Taurus energy is not like the assertive energy of Aries; it likes to pursue and chase, so add some spice and mystery to your love life minus the drama.

Taurus Season is also the perfect time to have those intimate conversations about fantasy and desire—or at the very least what turns you on and off.

Having these simple, authentic conversations with your partner allows you to connect on an intuitive soul level and build a foundation through trust and feelings of safety—all things that are monumental to Taurus.

Doing things like role play, lighting candles, playing sensual music, slow dancing, or stargazing—anything that really sets the mood for vulnerability in the bedroom—is beneficial, especially for women, as Taurus men enjoy feeling dominant and in control. 

Taurus Season Intimacy

3. Lighten The Mood

Although some astrologers label Tauruses as being overly serious and stubborn, I believe this is only one small part of their personality, as they are genuinely humorous and lighthearted individuals.

Because of Taurus’s dry humor and problem-solving nature, this Taurus Season can bring a wave of much needed calm and inner peace, especially in your relationships.

After the exaggeration and sometimes selfishness of Aries, this is the perfect transit for focusing on establishing healthy modes of communication that promote cooperation—not conflict.

For example, if you experienced any tension or verbal disagreements during Aries Season, you may notice a shift in energy now as one or both of you decide that it’s not that serious; suddenly, one of you is more willing to “work it out.”

This energy lightens the mood and allows you to learn to enjoy each other’s company again, rather than focusing on your differences.

By welcoming this lightness into your relationship and life, you will feel more peace in your connection, improving your overall communication and self-trust.

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4. Create Your Own Tradition

Like fellow Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus is very traditional. However, another thing I love about Taurus Season is that it allows you to create your own traditions and memories in your relationship and family, rather than following the status quo.

Doing fun things together like making your family tree, weekend game and karaoke nights, or cooking dinner together every Sunday that will help improve your relationship during this period.

If a Taurus is devoted to anything, it’s being a reliable provider and support system for those he cares for, and nothing is more important than tradition. 

Although it may seem like you are only having fun, Taurus admires consistency, and having something that you can rely on helps you to stay grounded.

Over time, this brings more positivity into your love affairs and interactions, allowing you to build a strong foundation of friendship and familiarity, rather than codependency and physical lust.

With a healthy dose of patience and active listening, this new tradition could be what sets your future up for many generations to come, so get started creating yours now.

Taurus Season Love

5. More Time For Rest And Relaxation

As a fixed Earth sign, Taurus is what I like to call a practical worker. But the motivation behind Taurus’s tenacious work ethic comes from a strong desire for comfort and material possessions.

Like most fixed signs, Taurus is driven by security, and this need for security is what brings them the financial success they are known for.

In love, this fixation causes Tauruses to seek comfort and relaxation in partnerships, as they spend most of their “focused” energy on their work. Because of this, Taurus Season is an excellent transit to enjoy rest and relaxation, even amid uncertainty.

As an Earth sign ruled by Venus, Taurus enjoys nature, the arts, and food. Enjoying shared activities like walking, gardening, reading, and watching cultural films are beneficial to improving your relationship.

It may also be nice to enjoy a comforting meal or take a quiet staycation close to home together; anything that allows you to enjoy one another while relaxing—nothing too strenuous or mentally demanding.

The goal is to find stillness within the slowness, as the Sun’s entrance into Taurus will inevitably bring a feeling of “slowing” or “settling” down.

This slowness is a good thing. I encourage you to embrace this extra “together” time.

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6. Increased Assets

Unlike point number one, which is mainly focusing on your romantic commitment, this sixth and final point is focused on your material possessions and will most likely apply to those who are seriously dating, engaged, or married.

As the rightful ruler of the Second House, Taurus’s gifts are shown through its financial and material wisdom, and this is very beneficial in love.

Depending on your relationship, this is an excellent time for you and your partner to make a financial move towards the future. Perhaps it’s time that you think about purchasing a home, clearing your individual and shared debt, or making practical projections for your family’s continued legacy.

Although finances and domesticity can be stressful, Taurus’s energy thrives off of this sort of thing, so take advantage and get excited about planning for your future. You never know where you and your love can be in the next months or years.

Final Thoughts

Having worked with all combinations of couples and sign placements, I believe it’s important to understand how the changing planetary placements affect your relationships on an individual level.

By understanding this energy, you can work with the cosmic universe instead of against it, and this is essential when using astrology as a tool for finding unconditional love and connection.

As Taurus Season begins on April 19, remember that this season is all about consistency, practicality, and commitment. Taurus energy prefers calm and organized environments; it is turned off by aggression and chaos.

So regardless of your relationship status, channel the grounded energy of Taurus to bring increased intimacy, inner peace, longevity, security, and relaxation to your relationship.

I would also love to hear all about your experience with Taurus Season and how this may affect you and your special someone. So let me know in the comments!

Happy Taurus Season.

Your friend and relationship Astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “6 Ways Taurus Season Can Improve Your Relationship

  1. I’m a Virgo & recently i get to know a Taurus guy at work due to some projects together. It was all professional until we met each other a few times as he come down to our offices for meetings. We are based in different country by the way.

    As i get to know him more (work), i find that he’s a very nice guy, gentleman & love having talks with him as he is quite patience in explaining things to me. I also noticed he was quite nervous/restless when it’s just the two of us. Odd as usually it would be me who’s quite shy & will be blushing.

    As time passes by, i notices he frequently will find me to ask about work (personally mail & call me, strictly work) though it sometimes is a very small thing. Anyways, i don’t mind as i enjoyed communicating with him & talking with him. I get to learn things too. He also openly send words of encouragements & appreciation of my contribution (with my boss in the loop).

    Recently, he asks for my address. I was so quite shocked, but i go ahead asks him anyway the reason. He just said he’s going to send me a book (we live in different country btw). As he seems quite busy at the time, i didn’t ask much. Just give him my address.

    I was dying to asks him more but just keep it cool & we still talk about work till today. He sometimes is friendly, but at times suddenly act cold (in IM). Not sure why.

    Let me know your insight!

  2. You have helped me tremendously with my Taurus through each planetary shift. Most of it comes natural to understanding. It those behind the scenes advice that you offer that I take heed too. Do again thank you!!!


  3. I’ve read every book about Taurus Males you’ve written, yet mine is almost a complete contradiction when it comes to commitment. He wants things to progress very quickly and is hurt that I won’t. I can’t get him to just enjoy dating, he wants to be committed NOW. It’s caused our breakup and he won’t talk to me unless I agree to his plans. Help.

  4. Hey Anna,
    I want to thank you for responding to my email. Thank you for the article about improving my relationship with the Taurus man.
    I will get back to you.


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