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Venus in Aquarius: How This Intellectual Energy Will Affect Your Love Life

My, it feels like it has been ages since I wrote about my favorite planet of Venus, and that is because Venus has been in Capricorn since November and then went Retrograde for December and January. What a rollercoaster!

Finally, we can invite some new energy into our love and financial lives. Venus is the planet that rules all things pleasurable, be it love, romance, relationship, art, culture, beauty, or money. You can see why I love this planet so much!

On March 6, both Venus and Mars are moving in tandem into the future thinking sign of Aquarius. How exciting! Aquarius is the sign that governs friendships, community, technology, the future, artificial intelligence, and individuality.

Look deeper at every Aquarius you know, there is something really special about them. They tend to be unique and want to stand out from the crowd. There is something otherworldly about them, and I suspect we are going to experience quite an unusual yet exhilarating time in love.

Seeing as both love planets are traversing together, (remember that Mars rules sex and passion) we can expect quite a bit of action to occur in our romantic lives. This is a great time for singletons to put themselves out there and take a risk when it comes to love.

Dating apps and looking for love online can be quite supportive during this transit, just remember to keep an eye on your expectations and be quite clear about what you are looking for. People are always pretending online, be sure that you aren’t one of them!

Unusual and unconventional connections may also crop up over this period. Perhaps you have your eye on someone totally unlike your usual type. This is a great time for you to push your own boundaries and step out of your comfort zone. You never know who might surprise you.

This energy is about embracing love but on your own terms. Remember that you make the rules and you don’t have to subscribe to what society expects of you. Follow the call of your intuition and don’t deny yourself your inner guidance.

Venus in Aquarius is all about holding on to that hopeful dream. Be idealistic, believe in the magnitude of love, but also be yourself. Be authentically you, and then the right person will cross your path and accept you, for you!

Please continue reading if you would like to find out how this exciting transit is going to affect your sign on a personal level. Please just bear in mind that these horoscopes have been written for your Rising sign, but you can also take a look at your Sun and Moon for a fuller picture of what to expect this month.

Venus In Aquarius For Aries

Expect a new perspective on love to meet you this month. Perhaps you have been confined to the parameters of your own expectations, but wouldn’t it be cool if you allow yourself to break free and let go of these constraints?

Love is never what you expect it to be and it can show up in all kinds of packages. Repeat to yourself this month: “I allow all possibilities of love to enter my life.” By repeating this affirmation, you are showing the Universe that you are ready for love.

Another alternative is for you to not even pursue love at all. This is a great time for you to fill your own cup and do things purely for yourself without a thought about anyone else. Follow your bliss and follow your hopes and dreams. Connect to your aspirations, because why not?

This transit is all about the long-term and which relationship is ever going to last longer than the one you have with yourself? It is time for you to focus on yourself, Boo. And by loving yourself wholeheartedly, you open the doors for others to love you. But this should never be the goal. Loving yourself is more important.

Venus In Aquarius For Taurus

Whenever your ruling planet changes signs it can be quite an intense experience for you, Taurus. Venus was quite comfortable in Capricorn, but now that it is moving into Aquarius it may be a little too wonky and unconventional for your liking, or is it?

Taurus, you are more surprising than you give yourself credit for sometimes and with this energy, it is the perfect time for you to embrace your inner weirdo. Yes, you love your confines and feeling comfortable, but Venus in Aquarius is urging you to experiment a little, to get out of your comfort zones.

This Venus transit is bound to give you the confidence you need to be a little bolder and to grab the attention of the one you desire. Change is difficult for you, yes, I know, but allow yourself some growth by tapping into the different parts of yourself.

The rivers run deep with you, Taurus, and this is your opportunity to surprise people and go against convention. Take risks, enjoy yourself, and live a little. Routine and expectation aren’t everything. You are more than the sum of your parts.

Venus In Aquarius For Gemini

You’re a pretty adventurous gal, there is no doubt about it, but when Venus in Aquarius comes around, your mind is blown wide open! This is such a fun and exciting energy for you to be experiencing.

You love it when your mind is stimulated by interesting people and places and with Venus in Aquarius here, you’re definitely going to get what you want. Here lie many opportunities to meet someone who can tick all of your boxes.

Think big this month, you don’t have to confine yourself and get stuck on all the small details. Here is your chance to break free and love with freedom and authenticity. It may be a really good idea for you to take a little trip and go traveling because you never know who you might meet on your journey.

Have no expectations and allow yourself to feel the pull of wanderlust and adventure. The answers you seek are waiting to be tapped open. Listen to where your soul is calling you to go. Every little step will take you closer to your truest desire. Enjoy!

Venus In Aquarius For Cancer

There is a peak of intensity coming this month, Cancer. Whenever Venus enters Aquarius, you might experience a period of introspection that hopefully leads to some sort of transformation and rebirth.

This is your moment to purge and let it all go. And whilst you do this, I urge you to seek the clarity you need to know which way to move forward. If you are unclear about your intentions then the Universe will never know what you want and you will keep getting mixed signals.

Go back to basics and ask yourself how you can get your needs to be met in a way that feeds your soul. What is missing in your relationships, how can you be yourself more authentically? It is time for you to look at the dynamics of the patterns you find yourself in and break free.

You don’t always have to follow the path that you expected for yourself. You are allowed a moment of rebirth. Get in touch with your desires and break down all the obstacles that keep standing in your way of loving yourself and others wholeheartedly.

Venus In Aquarius For Leo

This is the month for your relationships to come to a head. This is the moment for you to figure out what you actually want in a partnership. Don’t be general, get really specific about what you want. The Universe is always listening so you might as well give it a list.

Figure out what isn’t working for you and what you would like to change within your romantic hemisphere. You want to be adored, loved, and respected, but are you attracting people who are cold and aloof?

Figuring out the missing pieces can help you to finish the puzzle. Remember that in life all your relationships are mirrors of who you are and what you are showcasing to the world. If you want something to change, you are going to have to go within first.

This can be such a productive period for you to open the doors to help you to get closer to that special someone. But you are going to have to put in the work and go within, and this isn’t always comfortable. Hopefully, you’ll emerge a more authentic version of yourself.

Venus In Aquarius For Virgo

This transit of Venus into Aquarius is all about ritual for you, Virgo. The rituals you create your life around and the things that anchor you and give you the stability you need to thrive. This is that perfect moment to encapsulate your sensuality.

What little promises have you made to yourself and are you keeping up with these practices? Venus in Aquarius wants you to take your self-care up a notch by watering your own garden and tending to your own needs.

You are getting special permission from the Universe to be uniquely you and to live out your truth. By allowing this to happen, you are giving others the permission to come into your space and to love you unconditionally.

But you need to plant this seed yourself first and water it daily. Keep throwing self-love at your life and honoring your own intuition and needs. This is all you need to be truly happy and to find the partnerships you deserve.

Venus In Aquarius For Libra

Love and romance are certainly in the air for you, Libra. Venus, your planetary ruler is in Aquarius, heating things up for you in the love department. If things have been feeling chaotic and unsettled romantically, it might reach a bit of a peak, but at least you will then know where you stand.

This is the moment for some much-needed change and perhaps a journey for you to find greater peace and harmony within your romance zones. It may feel like a bit of a fight because Mars is also traveling with Venus at this time.

Who knows, you might need a bit of passion to wake you up and realize what it is you are truly looking for in a union. This might test your boundaries, but it is much better than people-pleasing your way through your relationships.

Don’t be afraid to show up authentically and embrace your inner weirdo. As much as you think you can get everyone to like you, it is just not true, you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so stop putting these expectations of yourself to get everyone to approve of you.

Venus In Aquarius For Scorpio

Home is where the heart is, am I right, Scorpio? With Venus and your ruling planet Mars traversing through Aquarius, you may notice your mood take on a bit of a sentimental spin. Spending time at home feels idyllic and what your soul really needs.

Tapping into your emotions and figuring out how you feel and what you need to feel nurtured needs to be at the top of your list of priorities this month. This is all about nurturing your inner world and making yourself feel whole.

Spend some time with your nearest and dearest. Family can really show you what you need to see. These inner reflections are important. Open up and share your most intimate thoughts and feelings and see what kind of feedback you get.

Trust and honesty are beautiful things and having people in your life who are open to listening to your truth can be really powerful. Recognize that you are supported and contained and that you are loved and blessed beyond words.

Venus In Aquarius For Sagittarius

Communication is your theme for the transit of Venus into Aquarius. You have no problem speaking your mind, Sagittarius, in fact, you often get in trouble for being so brutally honest. But it might be time for you to go through a process of introspection and communicate with yourself first.

The honesty you share with the world is the honesty you need to share with yourself. Are you truly happy? Do you feel valued? Do you value yourself? What are you trying to run away from? And what do you need to feel fulfilled?

You are the consummate truth seeker, but sometimes you can be in denial of your own emotional needs. Instead of digging deep within, you go on an adventure and distract yourself with outside entertainment.

However, the answers are always within yourself. Your intuition is powerful and it is time that you start listening to what your soul needs to say. Find your truth and be sure to embody this truth full-heartedly.

Venus In Aquarius For Capricorn

Have you recently been struggling with worthiness? Well, Venus in Aquarius is about to shake things up for you and how you see yourself and deem your worth. Only when you recognize your own magnitude and value are you able to open yourself up for others to see this same truth.

There is no point in hiding who you truly are because your authenticity will always be your guiding light. You seriously need to start putting yourself on a pedestal and treat yourself like the Queen that I know you are.

Embody who you are, don’t be shy. Live your life to the fullest – no apologies because what would be the point? There is only one of you in the world and the Universe wants you to realize this.

Don’t copy, just be. There is something incredibly sexy about a woman who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show the world the rawness of her authenticity and truth. Be courageous and step into your power.

Venus In Aquarius For Aquarius

It is your time to shine, weird one! Venus just moved into your sign and you are more attractive than ever. This is your opportunity to play up your beauty and uniqueness and show the world how special you are.

There is something really attractive about you, you’re unique and unexpected and people are drawn to you for a reason. This is the moment for you to embrace your authenticity and to have fun with how you decorate yourself.

Here is your chance to have some fun with the way you dress and to stand out. The perfect way for you to attract a partner and meet someone new. Have fun this season, be yourself, and let your hair down.

The possibilities are endless, now especially because the Universe is sprinkling an extra bit of magic on your sign. Everything you could ever want is available to you right now, so put yourself out there and be bolder than ever!

Venus In Aquarius For Pisces

Oof, Venus in Aquarius is going to be quite something for you, Pisces. Especially since Venus in Capricorn was such a social and jovial influence in your life. This energy is going to be very different and ask you to take a step back and do some inner reflection.

There is a possibility that you have been giving too much of yourself to others recently. Your friends, your community, so many expectations on your shoulders, but now is your turn to turn inwards and to find that inner peace.

This is a moment for you to let go and say goodbye to any old heartache that has been holding you back from moving forward. This can be quite tough on your system, but you are a Pisces after all, you thrive in these emotional waters.

Allow yourself to feel and connect with what your soul is bringing forth. Listen intently, listen deeply. Don’t deny yourself this experience of deep inner healing. This healing could bring gifts and new exquisite people. Swim!

My Final Wishes

What a beautiful time this is for everyone. I love that the Universe is pushing us all to live our authenticity and to be who we were born to be. This is a beautiful gift and something that we need to be reminded of constantly.

With so much imitation and fakery out there, it can sometimes feel difficult to be who you truly are. But in a world full of inauthenticity, the greatest gift you could ever give others is the gift of who you are at your core.

But most importantly, it is the best thing you can do for your confidence. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who loves you for who you really are instead of who you are pretending to be? Your uniqueness is worth it, so don’t hide it from the world.

Remember to allow yourself and others the space to be weird and wonderful over this period. Think about the future, dream big, and most importantly, keep hope alive. A lot can change over these few weeks and nothing screams innovation and the future quite like Aquarius.

Look to others for support, and don’t be shy about taking your love search online. However, remember to be yourself and paint an accurate portrayal of who you are as a person. This is the only way to navigate the minefield that is dating apps.

I am curious to hear from you, so please leave a comment in the section below and tell me what your sign is and what you are looking forward to most from this transit! I can’t wait for what you have to say.

By the way, if you are looking for more ways to use Astrology to get closer to the truth of who you are and how to get the love life you have always been dreaming of, then please take a look at my VIP offering. I only have a few more spots left, so be sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

Wishing you all the best!

With love and light,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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