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Moon In Virgo Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac circle, where the soul becomes aware that service is the highest goal and that hard work pays off. It’s the time of harvest and the time for creativity, but practical thinking related to daily issues.

The ruler of Virgo is the planet Mercury and, in this sign, it has earth qualities, meaning that it is grounded. This is why the Moon in Virgo shows those Mercurial traits and makes the person organized, clever, and useful.

A Moon in Virgo woman will express her emotions through service for others. She will help all those close to her heart, and she will serve her local community. In this sense, she could appear hard to cope with sometimes, but her heart will always be pure and filled with the best intentions.

The Meaning Of Moon In Virgo

Although the sign of Virgo is an earth sign, the Moon will feel quite nice in it. The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer and Virgo is the third house from it. And this carries the meaning of close friendships and communication.

On the other side, for Virgo, Cancer is the eleventh house and this area has the meaning of social circles and their support. So, in this sense, the Moon will feel as if it is in a friendly environment here. But more than just that, the “wetness” of the Moon, as its natural characteristic, will bear fruit, good harvest, or simply great ideas here in Virgo. Every emotion a person with a Moon in Virgo will feel will be permeated with goodness and humbleness, for the good of all.

But if you think that person with a Moon in Virgo is humble and at service to anyone at any time, then you are so wrong. This Moon position requires discipline and organization all the time, and if those conditions are not met, then a Moon in Virgo person’s reaction will be very harsh and your “cooperation” in business, love, or friendships will abruptly stop.

They don’t show much patience with those who don’t respect their time and efforts. Yes, they could appear to have a motherly nature, but there are boundaries and you shouldn’t cross them.

The only place where a Moon in Virgo will show patience and determination to the very end is their work, and in that area, they are unbeatable because they will persist longer than anyone else.

Is Virgo Moon Possessive Or Unstable?

First of all, Virgo Moon is so far from being unstable, except in the case when a person’s natal Moon or Mercury, as the ruler of Virgo, are not damaged by the negative aspects coming from the other planets. And if this is the case, then the person will be mentally disturbed and very hard to cope with because they will use all sorts of psychological manipulations to get what they want. On the other hand, if Virgo Moon and Mercury in an individual natal chart are not endangered, then this person will have an extremely high intelligence because the emotions will be governed by their mind. And this literally means that the person will estimate anything or anyone thoroughly before they open up their heart.

A Moon in Virgo generally won’t express possessiveness. And this will come from the fact that this Moon already knows the people it deals with quite well. So, in situations like love relationships, friendships, or any other type of relation, the person with a Virgo Moon will have a good amount of certainty that a particular person won’t betray them or create some sort of mess.

However, life is not so simple – and messy things happen all the time. And in those situations, a Moon in Virgo will fight way harder for their career or social position, for some properties, valuables, or ideas, than they would people. They will be easy to let go of anyone because once their trust is betrayed, they will rather choose loneliness than sleepless nights of doubts and fears. This is why Moon in Virgos are generally not possessive with people.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Virgo

When the transiting Moon is in Virgo, and this doesn’t matter if you have this position in your natal chart or not, this is the great time of the month to start a healthy diet, exercise, and above all, to work, organize (or reorganize) your daily tasks and clean your living space. Imagine yourself with a vacuum cleaner, a broom, or a mop and start acting like the joyous maid who will become a princess very soon.

Everything said above will truly benefit you if this Moon’s transit takes place in your first or seventh house in the natal chart. If the transiting Moon in Virgo is in your second or eighth house, then arm yourself with all legal papers and banking statements and make some order in your financial life. If the Moon in Virgo is happening in your third or ninth house, you can present some of your business ideas to your friends or start a short bookkeeping course.

If the Moon in Virgo transits through your fourth or tenth house, cleaning and clearing should take place in your home and office, but this is also a very beneficial part of the month to talk to your boss and present to them some of your brilliant ideas. In the fifth or eleventh house, this Virgo Moon will be great for teaching or attending some natural-healing courses and helping children or your community. And in the sixth or twelfth house, the Virgo Moon forces you to deal with some small health issues and overcome them successfully.

How A Moon In Virgo Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Virgo’s personality traits revolve around service and duty. And also, please have in mind that the Moon position is the cornerstone in anyone’s natal chart. However, its role becomes even more important for a female chart. The Moon is all about emotions and the water fluctuations in the body, and therefore of great importance for women.

In the case when the Moon is in Virgo, which is an earth sign, women’s emotions will tend to feel a bit “dry.” She won’t emerge herself in the waste ocean of desperation. But using the same analogy, she won’t drown in the sea of joy or illusions either. She will act collected and calm and fulfill her plans methodically.

A woman with her Moon in Virgo will be very cautious in anything she pursues in life. She will do all necessary preparations and when everything is checked, she will dive deep into any goal she has. If her natal Venus is in Aries or Scorpio, for instance, she will then plan step by step how to “catch” a partner.

If her Mars or Saturn is strong and in a good position, she will then be extremely successful in her career. There are so many combinations, but in general, if her natal Moon doesn’t receive negative aspects from other planets, she will have a shrewd mind and she will accomplish whatever she desires.

She won’t be good or bad as a friend, co-worker, or lover, she will simply be methodical, and she will know exactly what she wants and doesn’t want in life. And in this sense, her emotions could seem calculative. But then, how can someone expect anything good to come if plans are not made and action steps are not taken on time? This is how the Virgo Moon woman is reasoning all the time.

This is why this Moon position is seen as a bit dry, but not too much. And this is exactly why a Moon in Virgo woman will always behave flawlessly, her manners will be perfect, and she will avoid any kind of drama like the plague. Drama means just a waste of time, and she values her time above anything else.

What Does A Virgo Moon Woman Look Like?

The sign of Virgo is the natural sixth house in Astrology and it influences the small intestines and pancreas, and this sign is tightly related to sugar levels in the body. In some way, and as seen in modern medicine, the “gut” is the second, and really the primary brain of each person. This is why the Virgo Moon will think and feel through her gut and she won’t make any mistakes while putting the intuition in service of her maneuvers.

In the sense of her physical looks, she will have a great silhouette and of course, her face could be smaller, but her eyes and lips will appear like a little doll, charming and irresistible when she smiles. Also, her body could appear smaller as if she is the “pocket Venus” and she will maintain a great shape until she reaches truly mature years. In most cases, she will have darker hair but lighter or olive-toned skin, and she can be seen as a great beauty.

She will also have a neat fashion style, and she will be one of those women who could choose a piece of clothing in a thrift store and capitalize on it. No one will ever be able to know if she is rich or poor because her style will show a perfectly stylized lady with exquisite taste.

The Moon In Virgo Woman In Love

The Moon In Virgo Woman In Love

In the Astrological chart, everything related to love and how we see, perceive, receive, and give pleasure, and how our sex drive works, is seen through the positions of Venus and Mars. But please have in mind that the position of the natal Moon is extremely important because this luminary shows our emotions and deeper desires. And therefore, it has a crucially important role in our love lives as well.

Virgo Moon in love will need to be sure that things will function well, that no one will be betrayed or humiliated, and that there will be no surprises. Yes, life happens and if you weed out the unexpected and the bad, some people will find out that the rest is pure boredom. But this is not the case with the Virgo Moon woman. She will need to have a peaceful and trusted environment in love to feel safe and to be able to grow and flourish through love.

In this sense, a Virgo Moon woman will want to know as much as possible about the object of her desires. He will need some friendly time to get to know the future partner better, and she will expect that this partner pursues her after the two of them become true friends and that there are no secrets or unexpected situations. And from that point, she will love to be seduced like in those classical old romance films.

The Moon In Virgo Woman In Bed

The Moon In Virgo Woman In Bed

You have to know that our sex drive is determined through the planet Mars, as any other “action” drive we have, including the drive for life itself. And besides Mars, the planet Venus is equally important because, without her, sexual intercourses will look like wrestling championships. But without feelings, especially in the female case, anything of those stated above won’t be possible at all.

The Virgo Moon woman in bed will embrace an active role between the sheets. And many will simply be surprised if they knew how much passion is hidden in that strict, cute little lady at the first glance. She will often take the initiative and the volcanic eruption of sexual passion will be astounding for her partner. Also, she might not know much about exotic techniques or not-so-common things related to sex, but she will out win them all with her dynamism and genuine interest.

Besides her fiery performance, she won’t need any special environment or intro to show her skills, and on the contrary, she will love unusual places and even the sense of danger of someone hearing or seeing them while performing. This will richly add up to her pleasure, and she will become faster, fiercer and have some new ideas on how to make things even more exciting.

The Moon In Virgo Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Moon In Virgo Woman’s Positive Traits

A Moon in Virgo woman will be logical and rational above all else. She will love clarity in any situation, and she will value and be valued through her calm mind. There is no reason for drama, her reasoning will be in all situations, and therefore she will be the first person to know exactly what to do when things get messy or even dangerous, like in health-related situations.

Also, this Virgo Moon woman will produce the need to be practical. And she won’t waste time on unnecessary details, in her fashion style, career, friendships, or environment. This woman can be the perfect role model for a minimalistic lifestyle because she will be highly self-sustainable, clean, clear, and with a perfect style.

And above all, a Moon in Virgo woman will be exceptionally intelligent. She will be unbeatable wherever and whenever the perfect mind is required related to rhetorical questions, engineering solutions, creation of blueprints, or anything that needs methodical and repetitive procedures. This is why she will be the best doctor, healer, laboratory technician, or scientist. When things need to be done precisely and neatly, she will be the first, and most likely, the only choice to resolve any issue.

The Moon In Virgo Woman’s Negative Traits

The legendary Virgo Moon woman’s negative trait will be seen through her innate need to be nitpicky. She is one of those people who can count the number of beans on each plate so that the serving looks identical. Or she will thoroughly take care of socks, all sorts of items, and simply annoy everyone around her. And when it comes to feelings and reasoning, this habit to be not just precise, but very inflexible, could get her the “dread queen” title.

Also, the Moon in Virgo woman could be hard when it comes to health and all habits related to it. She could have some strict diets and make all people around her stick to those diets. And in many cases, she will use all sorts of “healthy” supplements or herbs for insignificant symptoms. She will constantly be in the state of inner cleaning of her body, and people might start to avoid her.

Routine as a religion will be the middle name of a Virgo Moon woman for sure. This will cause all sorts of mishaps in her life because life happens in all sorts of ways and shapes, and this will confuse her and cause anxiety. Being too strict and inflexible in various situations can leave her behind in career or love relationships, so she should try to be more relaxed and open to all possibilities.

Moon In Virgo Compatibility

A Moon in Virgo will accomplish the best compatibility with a person who has their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Pisces. Their bond will be established through the mixing qualities of organization and artistic chaos, between meticulous work and deep insights only inner freedom from work can produce. In a way, one of them will always take care of the other. In a way, one will save another, but their roles will change from time to time.

The Moon in Virgo will also have very good compatibility with water and earth signs. With Taurus, another Virgo, or Capricorn, a Virgo Moon will easily accomplish goals and find understanding. And with water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, this Moon will find inspiration, new views about everything and unexpected passion regarding love, and many other things in life.

The worst compatibility for Moon in Virgo will be seen with air and fire signs, but especially with Gemini or Sagittarius because although they might have the same goals in mind, their paths and their styles in life will differ so much that they will have constant passive-aggressive battles, they will annoy each other and feel insecure when together because their moral values will surely clash and their way of communication will be completely opposite.

Moon In Virgo Celebrities

Moon in Virgo female celebrities are extremely successful because they use their minds and guts, to create plans and then thoroughly fulfill each action step. This is why they won’t fail. It’s not the question of luck, but of taking the advantage of any situation they are in.

Madonna is the first and a very remarkable example. She is the singer who marked the late part of the past century, and continues to surprise us all with her music and also, her private life. She was born in Bay City, Michigan on August 16th, 1958. Her Sun sign is in Leo, and of course, her natal Moon is in Virgo, as well as her Rising sign or Ascendant, and her top of the sky, her greatest accomplishment or her MC is in Gemini, which shows that she always works on several different projects or has different sub-careers besides her main direction. In any case, you can love or hate her, but you will never be indifferent – that’s for sure.

J.K. Rowling, an English writer known worldwide for her Harry Potter book series intended not just for children, but for all of us. She was born in the United Kingdom, on July 13th, 1965. Her natal Sun is in Leo, her Moon in Virgo, and with the Ascendant in Aquarius, and MC in Sagittarius, she used the power of her Virgo Moon to create the detailed plan for the whole book series and then execute her steps one by one with extraordinary discipline. And this discipline is the first fact that brought her literary glory.

Carla Bruni Sarkozy is a very interesting example. She was born in Turin, Italy on December 23rd, 1967. Her natal Sun is in Capricorn, her natal Moon in Virgo, her Ascendant in Cancer, and her MC in Pisces. She was known as one of the top fashion supermodels, and she had a career as a singer and songwriter. Everything revolved around the artistic social circles of big cities, and in usual cases, this will end up there. But she also had her Virgo Moon and in 2008, she married the French president at that time and ensured her way to the top of the most influential and affluent circle in Europe.

Lorde took the world by the storm almost a decade ago with her artistic and different approach to music as a singer and songwriter. She was born in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna, on November 7th, 1996. Her natal Sun is in Scorpio, her Moon in Virgo, and with the Ascendant in Capricorn, and MC in Virgo, she was destined to become famous. And this happened indeed, but not because she was a supermodel or possessed some “magical” powers, but because she has her unique voice and style, and above all the determination of her Virgo Moon.

And if you look, for instance at the work of Jada Pinkett Smith, Dolly Parton, Serena Williams, Bella Hadid and so many outstanding ladies you will easily notice that they use all the gifts they have and add to those gifts their sharp mind and analytical skills their natal Moon in Virgo blessed them with.

Final Thoughts

The Moon in Virgo woman is confident, organized, and above all, intelligent, and not at all afraid to convey her message across the world. Nevertheless, you have to know that the position of the natal Moon of some person won’t show their complete character.

Only by knowing the whole Astrological chart, and all aspects celestial bodies make, you will be able to know the traits of the person, their past, present, and future, and how to use their life for the best, and take advantage of any opportunity which may arise.

This is why my team and I have created the special, and limited-time offer VIP consultation, to be able to help you directly and show you how glorious and harmonious your life can be.

Please check this unique offer, and be fast because it won’t be available for very long!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Dear Anna,
    How about moon in Gemini? You didnt write about it after monn in Taurus woman. I didn’t find any other post about it from the past. Are you going to write it later or it was missed?

    1. Hi Paris!

      I have it on my to do list sweetheart. What I can tell you is that a Moon in Gemini woman is versatile. She’s someone not limited to a certain type of love and care. She’s open to whatever can come her way. She embraces the possibilities and shifts in her life. Gemini moon woman wants a partner who is spontaneous and romantic. She loves versatility and craves lots of attention and adoration from her lover. I hope this helps describe the Gemini moon woman. Stay open… love comes to those who stay loving. Blessings to you!

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