The Best U.S. Cities To Move To This Fall Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Early into the summer season, and the temperatures aren’t the only thing that’s heating up. The housing market is sizzling, and this may have you thinking it’s time to make your big move. If you have a change of scenery on your mind, you’ll want to plan your move carefully!

Changing homes is a major investment and big personal milestone. It’s a choice that shouldn’t be made without a thorough understanding of what locations are best for your Zodiac sign.

Your Zodiac sign influences your personality. Everything from your priorities to motivations to how you express yourself as an individual relate back to your Sun sign. With this guide, you’ll get an idea of the top U.S. cities for you, based on the unique traits of your sign. This way, no matter where your destination may be, it will always feel like home.

Where To Move If You’re An Aries?

Place To Move If You’re An Aries - Aspen Colorado

You need a fast-paced, bustling location with access to athletic spaces. You’re also drawn to an up-and-coming location, as you’ll want to be first on the scene in a hot market. 

Colorado is making a comeback, and you’ll feel right at home in Aspen. For a thrill seeker like you, there’s no better place than the home of not only numerous hot skiing and snowboarding venues, but also extreme games that will push you to your limits.

There’s even an alpine themed rollercoaster with a drop of more than four hundred feet! You may be tempted to take a vacation here, but you’ll more than likely want to stay as Aspen is a bustling place and home to events year-round. 

Where To Move If You’re A Taurus?

Charleston South Carolina Place To Move If You’re Taurus

You want to live in luxury, but don’t always want your bank account to feel the pain. That’s one of several reasons Charleston, South Carolina, is the place for Tauruses. This seaside location has all the charm you long for in order to feel comfortable at home.

You’ll love hosting friends and family who come to visit. From cobblestone streets to a plethora of art galleries, this location is a feast for the senses. In fact, it’s a great place for literal feasts as well! In Charleston, the variety of gourmet restaurants is enough to tempt your appetite. 

For all the amenities that make this sensual location the perfect place for you to call home, you can make a fresh start in Charleston at a cost of living far less than you would spend in almost any other city. Given the proximity to thriving art communities, this is a value you won’t want to miss!

Where To Move If You’re A Gemini?

San Francisco - Place To Move When You're A Gemini

Gemini, you need a colorful, exciting, and mentally stimulating place to call your home – not that you’re home much of the time, anyway. San Francisco is your ideal city for many reasons! 

Take one look at your music playlist and you’ll realize that many of your icons in the industry got their start in San Francisco. You’ll love strolling through the city and imagining all the iconic people who made this city a hub of music and the arts.

But San Francisco isn’t just a center for the arts, it’s also become a hub of technological development. This suits your interest in technology and communications. You may land your dream job or end up networking with an up-and-coming entrepreneurial genius at a café. You never know what can happen with new beginnings!

The city is vibrant, and there’s plenty of attractions and sights to entertain you. You love being able to travel and, in this location, you have easy access to fascinating places all up and down the west coast. Plus, the weather is perfect almost all year round, so there will be nothing to keep you from going out and enjoying your social life. 

Yes, the rents are known to be high, but you’re already likely to want to live with several of your best pals, so sharing space with room mates to help manage the costs is the perfect solution for you.

Where To Move If You’re A Cancer?

Fremont, California is ranked as one of the safest cities ideal for families. It’s also not far from the ocean, which is a must-have for the sign of the crab. Their public schools are ranked highly and the housing market is competitive. This is also an area that boasts a number of family friendly events, restaurants, and a nice mix of urban and suburban settings to choose from.

There are many seaside locations you could choose from, but you’ll want to make sure your ideal home fits your mood and desires for security. Fremont is a hot spot for young professionals and families, making it a great place to settle down and raise a family of your own, or to find your dream home in a friendly atmosphere. 

In the city of Fremont, you’ll also find plenty of parks and scenic places to visit with your kids, family, or dogs. One of your top concerns when choosing a home is safety and security. Fremont receives excellent ratings for safe neighborhoods and schools. 

Where To Move If You’re A Leo?

San Antonio Texas - Place To Move If You're A Leo

You’re a colorful person with a flair for the theatric, Leo. You need a place with an active night life and San Antonio, Texas is the perfect place to find your castle! 

First of all, Texas is the ideal state for you because you have a larger-than-life personality and as they say: everything’s bigger in Texas!

There’s a unique flair to San Antonio, bright colors, unique architecture, and something rare in the Lone Star State, walkable promenades that help you to go from glamourous shops to gourmet restaurants.

You’ll love to stroll down the street on a sultry evening, showing off your style and flirting with everyone you meet. But that’s not all! San Antonio boasts a vibrant art scene and is known for its eclectic cultural events. A hub of diversity, San Antonio is the perfect place for an outgoing, unique person like you. 

Where To Move If You’re A Virgo?

Burlington, Vermont - Place To Move If You're A Virgo

You’re a health-conscious person with an eye for detail and practicality. Your ideal city will be a place where you can enjoy a humble yet comfortable lifestyle, plant a garden, visit parks, and ride your bicycle to and from work. 

You’ll also want to find organic produce in your local grocery store. The perfect blend of sensible efficiency and back-to-nature adventures is Burlington, Vermont. Vermont is famous for its quaint towns and cities. Stretches of farmland mix with artist communities and cottage industries. 

Burlington is a great place for theater, music, and art, but in a small-town setting where you can see the expanse of blue skies above you. You’ll easily get to know your neighbors and will enjoy many exercise options in this area as well as a plethora of health foods. 

The culture in this area also promotes sustainability and environmentalism, all of which appeal to your earthy nature.

Where To Move If You’re A Libra?

Nashville Tennessee - Place To Move If You're A Libra

Your sign is ruled by the planet of love: Venus. You are a romantic at heart and need to live in a city that matches your artistic, creative, and romantic nature. This is why Nashville, Tennessee is your ideal home base!

Known for being the hub of the country music scene, Nashville also plays a central role in the music industry. Rich with culture and history, there’s plenty to do in Nashville. 

This is perfect for you, because you become bored easily if you have to stay home all the time. You prefer to be out on the town enjoying the art and music scene, and Nashville gives you plenty of options. From the galleries found on the Avenue of the Arts to the restaurant scene, you’ll find plenty to see and do in Nashville. 

There’s also a food and drink scene you’ll be glad you can walk to. With the sounds of music in the air, you’re likely to fall in love or strengthen your relationships when you make this bustling city your home.

Where To Move If You’re A Scorpio?

Cincinnati - Place To Move If You're A Scorpio

Your sign makes you mysterious… and as the detective of the Zodiac, you want to live in a city that is big enough, diverse enough, and busy enough, that you can be the life of the party one night and disappear into the shadows the next!

You need a mix of night life and solitude to feel content. You also love to study people, so a city in which you’ll find a diverse range of people from all walks of life will appeal to you. 

Cincinnati is known for its restaurants and beer scene, so there are plenty of opportunities to indulge some of your favorite vices, flirt, fall in love, or even spark some sexual chemistry with a special date!

But then again, if you’re in an introverted mood, there is also a magnificent state park system where you can let the healing energies of nature renew your soul. The job market is thriving so it’s the perfect place to rise to the position of status and prominence that you desire. 

Where To Move If You’re A Sagittarius?

New Orleans - Place To Move If You're A Sagittarius

The truth is, Sagittarius, you could make your home anywhere. In fact, you prefer to live out of a suitcase than to settle down. But if there is one city in the U.S. that will satisfy your desire for adventure, culture and entertainment, it’s New Orleans. 

When you live in NOLA, you’ll feel like you’re both home and in another world all at the same time. You love to explore different cultures and the rich history and diverse cultural blend that is unique to NOLA will soothe your wanderlust. 

Whether you’re getting your Tarot cards read or enjoying music in Jackson Square, you’ll have plenty of reasons to feel at home in New Orleans. Good thing you like it spicy, the Cajun cuisine will turn up the heat!

Where To Move If You’re A Capricorn?

Hartford Connecticut - Place To Move If You're A Capricorn

As a traditionalist frugal sign dedicated to a solid career and slow-paced lifestyle, you’ll find the most comfortable home in the quaint suburb of Kensington, Connecticut. 

A suburb of Hartford, this area is an affordable hidden gem in a state where cost of living can be high. Perfect for your budget, while also allowing you to benefit from all the area has to offer. Historic buildings appeal to your love of the past and tradition. You’ll also be a short drive to a number of museums including the Harriet Beecher Stowe Museum. 

As one of the most cautious signs of the Zodiac, if a career in the insurance industry appeals to you, you’re only twenty minutes away from the Insurance Capitol of the country, nicknamed this because of the thriving industry related to insurance sales.

Kensington is not only affordable; it is also considered a safe small town to live and to raise a family. You won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of a big city, but you’ll be close enough to more populated areas to visit when you want to. 

Where To Move If You’re An Aquarius?

Portland Oregon - Place To Move If You're An Aquarius

Aquarius, you’re always on the cutting edge – and it’s just like you to find a comfortable home in a place that is in transition, experiencing a renaissance. This is why Portland, Oregon is a perfect place for you to call home.

Portland is home to an increasingly young and progressive crowd. Your humanitarian nature will be fulfilled by the number of community organizations and opportunities to align with your values in Portland. 

From health food to renewable energy to community renewal, Portland is experiencing an exciting rebirth and you’ll want to be a part of it.

Home to diverse people from all walks of life, you’ll easily amass friends as you settle into this small city. The art scene and small businesses will keep you busy as well. The vibe in Portland is relaxed and innovative, perfect for someone like you who is always ahead of the curve. 

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Where To Move If You’re A Pisces?

Lake Como New Jersey - Place To Move If You're A Pisces

As a sensitive, romantic, artistic soul, you need to be surrounded by water to feel like you’re truly in your element. Lake Como, New Jersey, is the best kept secret on the Atlantic shoreline. This small town is comparable to the cost of living in New Jersey on the whole, yet it’s quiet, quaint and best of all, right on the beach.

While there is a section of tourist attractions, it is far smaller than Wildwood or Atlantic City. You’ll feel right at home strolling through diverse residential neighborhoods on your way to the shore to relax, meditate, and swim. 

The homes are comfortable and modest for a seaside town, creating the feeling that you’re home, not on vacation. In addition to the beach, you’re a short drive south of historic Asbury Park. This trendy area provides the perfect spot for entertainment and for you to explore the unique shops. You may even have a chance to sell your art or play music in one of them. 

You can get your palm or Tarot cards read and enjoy festivities at a number of locations a short drive from home, and relax in the serene seaside scenery in Lake Como.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the ideal places your sign would call home, be sure to study up on more of the details your sign needs in order to get settled in your new home. 

If you’re looking for some more guidance along your journey, I welcome you to check out my VIP consultation service. You can book a consultation here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey!



18 thoughts on “The Best U.S. Cities To Move To This Fall Based On Your Zodiac Sign

  1. This has been an eye opener….something to make me think. I live I Europe, in Spain and ( unfortunately) my Capricorn lives in the US, in Arizona

  2. I’m a Sagittarius getting everything lined up to move in or near Fall River, MA this summer. I’m ready for a new environment and change in my surroundings, the people, cuisine and culture. I now am living in Mississippi.

    1. Hi Virgina!

      That’s wonderful! A new environment is often very inspiring. You would be surprised how much can change just by seeing different things and meeting new people. I’m very happy for you sweetheart. I wish you nothing but the very best! From what I’ve seen MA is gorgeous! Enjoy.

    2. Anna , your right on the money this time. I’m a Scorpio and you said I should live in Cincinnati and that is where I live. The city certainly has its variety. You can find just about any kind of food fare you want . There is a wide variety of entertainment and music. Lots of parks and nature trails and we even have a river for boating. Now all I have to find is a man to share it with.

  3. Well I moved to North Carolina in March in the country & I love it ~ moved from CA .~ I’m a Scorpio & older so this suits me fine

    1. HI Vickee!

      Wonderful! It sounds like you know exactly what you need. I’m really happy to hear that it suits you. Thank you for chiming in and giving me some confirmation. Blessings to you sweetheart!

  4. Although I’m a Scorpio, I’m an introverted one, and big cities, noise and life of the party situations like Cincinnati are very much NOT for me. However I’m a Taurus moon, and the match with Charleston,South Carolina is very close to the mark. My beloved is a Taurus sun. If I get to move to the USA to be with him, it will be just 4 hours drive north across the border in NC! (Like Scorpio Vickee above who moved to NC and loves it…)

    1. Hi Dianne!

      Taurus moon would definitely make you a bit more reserved. It also helps you to connect with this Taurus sun man. The two of you could build a very stable and secure life together. How wonderful sweetheart! I’m happy to hear you pretty much now know where you’d like to move to with your beloved. I wish you both much love and happiness!

  5. Hi Dianne

    I actually live in the UK. So I have no idea what any of these places are like. I have never visited USA and I have no intention to ever relocate there. I am a older Scorpio so I don’t think Cincinnati would be my cup of tea.

  6. Hey Anna
    It’s Melissa the leo libra cancer lady with the crazy taurus/aries scorpio who writes u about my insane life from time to time. I live I vero beach FL and my guy wants to move to Tennessee. Well i have news for him…my daughters school is here and my job is here and I’m staying right here in paradise. No way. No tornado alley relocation for this girl. Keep up the great work Anna! U inspire me daily. 💕🥰

  7. Don’t know why you think an Aries ( hot fire sign)
    Would love the cold?
    I wouldn’t go to live in Colorado even with the heaviest snow suit!! Lol.

  8. Sorry !! I’m a Libra, proud to be a southern lady and proud of my heritage. I live an hour from Nashville, and it is not my choice of city I would want to call home. My home is New Orleans, no doubt. She has everything I love; history, culinary delights, art, music, lovely buildings and homes, the people, free spirits, upscale eateries and diners from the 40s and 50s with the same menu. She doesn’t call everyone, but when she calls you, you answer with your heart because she owns you. You can’t wait to get back, you hate to leave. I’ll be moving there to my forever home next year to fulfill my dream promised to my 10 year old self. NOLA is my home.

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