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What Your Secret Desire Is In A Relationship – Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you know exactly what you don’t want in a relationship, but not so much what you truly desire in one? Are you wondering if Astrology can shed some light on what your hidden desires are in a relationship? If so, you’ve come to the right spot!

My name is Anna Kovach. I adore Relationship Astrology, and I’ve practiced it for years. I am passionate about fixing kinks in relationships while expanding their love potential!

Sometimes self-reflection isn’t as easy as walking over to the mirror. That’s why I wrote this article. I hope that the information that I’m providing will light a torch in your relationships! You’ll gain direction and insight when you take this advice to heart.

Without further ado, keep reading to find out your secret desire in a relationship that you may never have known you wanted!

What Your Secret Desire Is In A Relationship – Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Stability

Aries, you’re a go-getter, and you’ve always looked forward to a new start. I have always admired the initiative that Aries has! You’ve got a heart full of passion that never ceases to impress. Yet, what you need in a relationship isn’t that sort of fire… you’ve already got that! Your connection should have a certain amount of grounding stability.

You have a tendency to begin things and never follow through. This extends to your relationships. The element that should be present in your relationships is consistency! You need a vibe that is all about remaining solid.

You can still have new beginnings and times full of spontaneity. But you also need something that will keep you preoccupied for a long time to come. If you can’t find a relationship that you don’t want to pull the plug on, you’ll hop from lover to lover for life.

I recommend a partner that can help you follow through on your commitments. This will make you an unstoppable force! Your dynamism paired with a solid romantic foundation will ensure a lifelong relationship.

Taurus: Conversation

Taurus, you’re a reliable person who isn’t afraid to take a stand for what you believe in. You know what you’re all about. Your certainty in who you are makes you an unstoppable force! You’re committed and grounded, something that I find to be admirable.

Although you’re planted in the 3D world, you privately desire a relationship that is more cerebral. You want a relationship with healthy communication. You might not acknowledge it, but your relationship should have stellar communication.

Your ideal relationship that is full of texting, talking on the phone, and late-night conversations. You should be ecstatic to run home after work to tell your partner all about your work drama. Your perfect partner will be expressive around you!

Gemini: Empathy

Gemini, you are one of the most intelligent signs of the Zodiac! Your brain is the envy of all who know you. You’re an active person who usually has a million things to do in a day. You buzz around, full of life and energy. Everyone knows you, and you’re always down to have a chat with anyone who will listen.

It may surprise you, but your secret desire is that you need emotional understanding. You are an extrovert who extends your energy outward, so getting emotional may feel like a drag! Despite this, you know that you need a relationship where you can be in your feelings without consequence.

To satisfy your secret relationship desire, you need a partner who cares about your inner life. Your ideal partner will want to go beyond your bubbly exterior to the soft underbelly. It’s shocking how fulfilled you’ll be with someone who honors your emotional self.

Cancer: Star Quality

Cancer, you’re the type of person who keeps their business to themselves. You’re not usually one for showy displays. You’re a sweet and sensitive soul, and others feel comforted around you. You have a rich inner life that only the blessed few will ever catch a glimpse of. I admire your ability to make everyone feel like family.

Despite your introverted nature, your relationship should have a sense of glamour in it! You may not desire to be noticeable yourself. Still, your hidden desire is to be in a relationship that envied by others.

You dream that your friends will ooh and ahh over the clear perfection of your relationship. You might want to be in a relationship that your parents are proud of you for. I suggest you look for a partner who will elevate your social status and make you feel like the Queen you are!

Leo: Intelligence

Leo, you’re the lion of the Zodiac, and you’d like everyone to hear you roar! You’re a showstopper, and you know it. Your confidence and swagger pour into everything that you do. Others love or hate you, but you’re always on everyone’s minds!

Though it seems like you’d want someone with celebrity cred, your secret desire is for an intelligent relationship. You may not seek out brainiacs, but you need a mentally stimulating relationship. Given your intense romantic nature, I know you’d absorb information from your lover like a sponge!

You want to have complex conversations and to be a “perfect” couple in the eyes of others. You’re seeking to be the people that others invite to their Jeopardy watch parties! A classy partner who makes you look like you know your stuff is your hidden desire.

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Virgo: Romance

Virgo, you’re a practical sign which is firmly entrenched in reality. You have a strong pragmatic streak, and you tend to be a know-it-all! Your brainy nature leaves no room for nonsense. Your pet peeve is impracticality. Your enviable work ethic has the rest of us wondering how you do it!

You might not realize that you secretly want a fairy tale romance. You privately want a loving and accepting partner. This may surprise you since you draw away from things that are ooey and gooey. Yet, in the realm of relationships you can learn to tolerate impracticalities.

Virgo, you will feel like you have it all when the love of your life walks in the door. Your desire to be swept off your feet lets you in on the full spectrum of life outside of facts and figures. Your ideal partner looks handsome, is invested, and is willing to ride off into the sunset with you!

Libra: Intrigue

Libra, you are a sweet and intellectual being who is the darling of all. Balance is your bread and butter (you are represented by the scales, after all!). Your charm can win others over with ease. Your most incredible skill is finding a middle ground for everyone around you.

Despite how loving and kind you are, your hidden desire for your relationship is intrigue. On some level, you’d like a relationship that makes you feel like every other relationship was a bore. You want something exciting and intense! (And who can blame you?)

Your best luck lies in a partner who satisfies this urge for life on the edge. You should consider a partner who pushes your comfort zone a little bit to be a good thing. This can be hard when your peacekeeper nature wants low-key activities. Still, it’s essential to fulfill your secret desires in any relationship!

Scorpio: Adventure

Scorpio, you are the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac. A part of you would very much like to burn everything you know to the ground and start over again. You search for situations that make you into a Phoenix rising from the ashes. This intensity is not for the faint of heart!

It actually makes sense that your secret desire in a relationship is to never be bored. You need a lot of stimulation to feel at peace. Sitting at home and relaxing in front of the tv was never for you. You need a relationship that will wake up your sense of adventure. You secretly desire to have a relationship that feels like a great escapade!

You should search for a partner who is not content with the bare minimum. Your lover should be the type to grab your hand and take you somewhere new at a moment’s notice. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you become when you elevate your relationship to one that gets your blood pumping!

Sagittarius: Success

Sagittarius, you’re a worldly person who wants to feel the wind in your hair. Discovery and expansion are integral to your growth as a person. You never want to hang back while others go on crusades. It’s more likely that you’ll be leading the crusade!

It may sound surprising that your secret desire in a relationship is to have worldly success. You don’t care too much for status on your own, but when partnered, you’ll find that you need recognition. Your relationship should feel like it has a legacy and garners respect from others.

Your ideal partner will bring tradition to your life. Your partnership will have you feeling like the boss when you’re together. This sense of authority is something you likely never knew you desired. Still, in your ideal romance, this secret desire will become actualized!

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Capricorn: Eccentricity

Capricorn, your nature is traditional and reserved. You’re always looking for a way to get a leg up in the world, which influences everything you do. Your high achieving nature drives people like you to the top of the corporate ladder and beyond.

You may be surprised to find out that what you most secretly desire in a relationship is something off the wall! Your personal self doesn’t need this, but you’ll realize that that eccentricity is key to your happiness in a relationship. There should be some element of oddness to your relationship to keep you satisfied.

Capricorn, you need a partner who will bring an element of surprise into the relationship. This is someone that you may never have suspected that you’d fall for. Trust that your gut is correct when you begin falling for the weirdo… you may find that they’re the love of your life!

Aquarius: Sensitivity

Aquarius, you are intelligent and friendly, often meaning that you’re the one everyone knows at parties. You’re objective but often too impersonal for your own good! You sometimes find it difficult to relate to others, though you take an interest in their lives.

Despite what comes naturally to you, your secret desire is a compassionate person. You have more emotions than you want to come clean about. This is why you need a relationship that encourages emotional honesty.

Your ideal partner is going to be attuned to your hidden emotions. They are constantly monitoring to see if you need emotional support. They see through your cool exterior to the softer part of you on the inside. Finding a relationship that speaks to your emotional side will make you more in tune with your real feelings!

Pisces: Passion

Pisces, you’re soft and loving by nature. You don’t typically take a lot of initiative in the world. Instead, you’re likely to meander while stopping to smell the flowers. You want the best for everyone, but you also have a hard time sticking up for yourself.

Your secret relationship desire, Pisces, is passion. If stereotypes are to be believed, you’d rather snuggle in bed with your lover all day rather than get it on. But you actually need a relationship that makes room for your primal side to grow. This is out of your comfort zone, but your relationship should inspire you to take what you want!

Your ideal partner empowers you to become the badass that you’ve never thought of yourself as! The partner you need loves to see you edge out of complacency and into fierceness. I encourage you to find that partner that makes you feel powerful, because this is where you thrive in love.

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Bringing It All Together

What I think most signs took away from this was that what they consciously desire in a relationship and what they secretly desire in a relationship are two totally different things! You likely never guessed what your hidden romantic need was.

I encourage you to be open-minded and to really address this personal need. Ask yourself: Can I see why this would benefit me in a relationship? Do I realize that my needs as a person and my needs in a relationship are two different things? Am I ready to take the plunge into something that might make me feel uncomfortable?

If you’re ready, you will find that accepting someone you didn’t expect to be your perfect love will bear the ripest fruits! You’ll get a lot more out of life when you take the first step in the direction of the unknown – as scary as it may be.

What was your secret desire in a relationship? Do you feel that it could positively impact you in ways that you weren’t aware of before? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

24 thoughts on “What Your Secret Desire Is In A Relationship – Based On Your Zodiac Sign

  1. Hi Anna. I have finally found my missing piece to my love life. My true love. I am dating a Taurus man and he is ever true to his sign. Though he takes care of me and looks after me there is never a dull moment!

  2. That was so amazing. We desire what we lack, haha. I’m impressed with your article. Now I can see why I choose the persons in my life according to my purpose for having relationship.

  3. hi anna, thank you for your lovely post . not always responding sorry my work gets thebetter of me. I am a Libra who just a week ago hooked up with a Cancarian man…… what am I to look out for . It’s casual for now, he has some issues to deal with.. How do I keep him hooked and intrested.

  4. Adventure: Visiting a new place, trying something new or being spontaneous is an adventure. These are all wonderful things. Kicking back & enjoying peace & relaxation is also wonderful. What I seek the most in a relationship is consistency, loyalty, honesty & good communication..,a real connection felt deep within.xx

  5. I have fallen for a Libra man who I only encounter in text alone we haven’t officially met in person yet but he claims he loves me I don’t know how to handle this can you give me some insight of what to do ?
    Thank you in advance

  6. Hi Anna,
    I still have not found my other half. I been married twice and divorce twice. I have 4 wonderful kids who keep me going, but it isn’t an easy thing being a single parent. I work as an administrative assistant in the field of law enforcement and my hope was to meet someone who was a true hearted person, but no such thing so far. I have been working here over 4 years now and nothing.

  7. Hi Anna,
    I recently met a sweet as pie, loving and caring genuine man. We have a strong connection almost instantly and I have been perplexed on how fast we are moving. But reading this article really makes allot more sense. We continually fill each other’s secret desires. I’m a Gemini he’s a Libra.

  8. I believe I have found my soulmate. He’s every and more.. and he’s a Capricorn as well.. who would have thought! Crazy..

  9. Hi Anna, yes as a Capricorn I do fall for the weirdo. But he must also be intelligent, talented, funny and very oddly handsome. ☺️

    1. Hi Mariwood!

      You like them unique. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Unique is far more interesting. It sounds like he’s a good match for you personally. I’m very happy to hear that. Thank you for tuning in to my blog. Stick around for more! Blessings to you sweetheart!

  10. I know I have found my soulmate. The stars say we’re not compatible not true. He is an aquarius and I am a Scorpio we are the opposite in something’s, and that’s what makes it work for us. This man knows better then I know myself sometimes. I give him space and he supports me when I am a emotional wreck at times.

    1. Hi Francenia!

      That’s wonderful if you intuitively feel you’ve found your soul mate. I am so happy to hear this sweetheart. I’m sure in a much deeper way you two connect astrologically better than your sun signs alone. There must be aspects that are allowing for you two to work so beautifully. I am excited for what you have sweetheart. I wish you all the very best!

  11. Hey Anna, thanks for all your insight. I’m still single but I know my person is out there. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Shannon!

      It’s totally my pleasure to provide you with everything I can. Yes… there is no doubt your person is out there sweetheart. Manifest this person to you. Full Moon work is perfect for doing just that. Check out my blog on manifesting more love. I wish you all the very best in life as you deserve it!

  12. Hey Anna,I met this guy on Facebook and he asked me to be his girlfriend..I agreed because he was cool and knew what he wanted
    He was all lovey dovey and giving me the happiness I needed and by the way he’s my first boyfriend and it’s a long distance relationship
    But of recent he’s been acting strange. Like he doesn’t call like before and I’m kinda having this feeling that he wants to end the relationship but he’s just holding it off for a while
    He doesn’t or maybe he knows that he’s making me feel real bad and just want keep on doing it
    I’m so confused
    What should I do?…I need your wonderful insights Anna

  13. Hi Anna thanks for giving me the insights. I met this guy thru online and we have the strong connections.he’s open minded and hard working guy i am 15 years older than him.he never failed sending letters though I talked to him rarely confused if he’s real .

  14. I am definitely not a typical Sag. I have few friends, don’t call attention to myself in social settings & really want a life partner.
    My Venus is in Scorpio & this part seems to ring true for who I am mostly. Just found out that I should not have trusted my Scorpio guy. Never will again.

  15. This Virgo man I know is very slow in moving towards me , and also I feel that he is boring. I need excellent in my life .

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Please note that only when a Virgo man knows for sure that you are interested in him will he then start making some moves and trying to do something about it. This means that if you give him no signs, he’ll give up.

  16. Hello Anna a pleasure being in touch with you..Was dating a Capricorn man and couldn’t open up to me cause he doesn’t like communicating with me and always need a time for himself so doing we’ve broken up without tangible reason but he keeps on looking when we meet😂 but I don’t know if he’s still interested in me?

    1. Hi Mavis,

      Please note that Capricorn man is not an emotionally expressive person and may have a hard time expressing his feelings verbally, but if he is looking at you, that means he is still interested. You need to accept his serious and responsible nature so when he asks for some time alone, you should respect that.

  17. Hi Anna,

    I would like some advice for my Scorpio man because his up and down like he makes me jealous sometimes and idk why. Why do I feel hurt when my man doesn’t want to communicate with me when his talking to other girls. I want to know if his interested in me still.

    Nikita 🙂

    1. Dear Nikita,
      The very best thing you can do when your Scorpio man is giving you a cold shoulder is to be very patient. Give him time and a little space to let him figure it out.
      I’m not saying for you to stop talking to him. If you stop talking to him, he’ll think you don’t want him anymore. Just lighten up and don’t expect too much from the hot and cold Scorpio man. Focus on yourself and your life while you wait.

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