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5 Easy Ways To Manifest More Love In Your Life

to maYou have probably heard people online mentioning “manifesting,” including my own articles, but do you actually understand what that means? Do you know how to manifest good influences into your life or how to manifest love?

I have good news for you! I’ve got some information I’d like to share with you to better help you understand what it means to manifest more love in your life.

If you’re ready, let’s get started! I’m ready if you are! Take advantage of what I have to share with you. Read all the way through. You’ll be shocked!

What Is Manifestation?

Let me explain what this means so that you have a better understanding of what you’ll be doing if you decide to start drawing the right partner or love into your life.

Manifesting means that you’re putting good energy, love, and desires out to the Universe and when you do it properly, it does actually come back around to you.

When you manifest, you have to have total faith in yourself and believe in the Universe to provide for you what you ask. You believe it with everything that you are.

Can you really manifest love? Absolutely, you can! You can bring the right person into your life simply by thinking of all the qualities you want in a partner.

Is manifesting this simple? It totally is! A lot of people make it out to be some complicated process, but honestly, it is so easy you’ll wonder why in the world you haven’t been doing it all this time.

Now that you understand that manifesting is sending certain energy out to receive it back (kind of like how Karma works), let’s look at what you have to do in order to manifest more love in your life.

Bringing your desires or dreams into reality is easy and it’s time you learn how to do it; I mean, if you want the love that you’ve always dreamed of. That is what you want, right?!

Fantastic! Let’s get things started. Keep reading for the steps you can use to manifest more love into your life right now! Okay, well, during the next Full Moon.

5 Easy Ways To Manifest More Love In Your Life

1. What Are Your Intentions In Love?

The first thing you want to do when you decide you’re going to manifest more love into your life is to figure out what your intention actually is.

Are you looking for more love from a current partner? Maybe you’re looking to attract someone you like, or you’re looking to manifest your soulmate.

Whatever it is, you’ve got to make sure you’ve thought it through. Sometimes you manifest and there is some kind of variance.

For a current partner, it may be the same thing. Do you want more love from your partner or do you want to heal what hasn’t gone right? There is potential for change here.

As far as for someone new, you can start with a clean slate. Your intention can be to bring the right love into your life that lasts a lifetime.

Be very careful of your intent. If your intention is to take someone away from their partner or spouse, you may get back to you what you’re trying to do. That likely won’t go well for you.

Manifesting is energy that is like exchanging with like. Set out a bad intention or selfish intention, you’ll get back something that you really do not want!

Keep the energy loving and positive, and you can see some truly fantastic results. But before you start this, please think carefully. You have to be specific, otherwise unwanted (and sometimes unpleasant) things can happen.

See the warning section later on and you’ll understand why I mention specifics being very important.

2. Decide What You Want In Love

Alright, we’ve covered your intention, so now you have to take the steps to know exactly what you’re asking for.

What is it about your love life you’d like to change, grow, or make better? That’s essentially what you’re trying to do. When you figure out what you want to change in your life or what you want in a future partner, you have ammunition.

Is it that you want to be romanced more? Do you want more attention or affection? Would you like to have a partner that makes you a priority? Think about it!

What are the qualities you want in a potential partner? If you are trying to manifest someone to come to you, then you’re going to need to really think about how you want them to be.

Think of personality traits that you desire (sweet, funny, truthful, and adventurous). What would you like him to be? It’s almost like creating the perfect match.

You’re virtually “building” the right man for you. Picture yourself in a mental factory where you’re creating the perfect man.

Realistically, you know no one is perfect, but you also know that there is such a thing as perfect for you.

Is he tall? Short? Do you want him to be really affectionate? Maybe you prefer a man with blonde hair. The details are not overboard on this, trust me. The more detail you can come up with, the better.

Does this guy have high standards or does he have low expectations? You have to explore every angle of the right man. Likes and dislikes are very important but try to focus more on the likes.

Sit down with pen and paper to make your list. You’ll be glad you did because it’s hard to remember all of this when you’re ready to actually start manifesting.

3. With List In Hand, It’s Time To Work Your Magic!

Now that you’ve done the hard work of settling your intention and laying out your schematics of a perfect partner, you’re going to set your goal with all of this.

I want to let you know that for those of you who are doing this while currently in a relationship, you may find the person you’re with isn’t the right one. This could cause the current relationship to fall off.

Even if you try to describe your crush, your crush may not be all that you’re looking for either, which means that someone else will come in that isn’t that person.

The Universe works in mysterious ways and will literally conspire to find the person you describe, so don’t be too shocked if the person comes into your life and it wasn’t someone you expected.

You might not ordinarily be attracted to someone like this person physically. The thing is, once you talk to them you find that instant chemistry and attraction somehow anyway.

You’ll “know” this is your person fairly quickly. This person will check all the boxes and you’ll be floored! The best policy is to stay open to the person the Universe sends you.

Do you have your paper that you wrote down all of your qualities for the right guy? Great! The next step is to wait until the next Full Moon. Go check your calendar and see when it’s approaching.

The night of the next Full Moon is when you’re going to manifest more love in your life.

4. Full Moon Night, Be Ready To Manifest!

This is where the excitement begins! You’re going to take a bowl or some kind of container that won’t melt or burn outside with you. You can burn a pink or white candle if you want as well.

Pink candles bring sweetness, love, and relationships. White ensures purity of intentions being sent to the Universe.

You can also use Crystals if you’ve read my guides about the best crystals to use for manifesting love. You can check out these guides here. If not, a good rule of thumb is going to be using pink crystals like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, or even the lovely red Garnet.

Basically, you’re setting up a beautiful staging to do your thing. You’re raising the energy vibration for this manifesting session. It would be nice to set your feet in the dirt for grounding at the same time.

If you cannot, it’s alright. You can still pull off manifesting more love in your life without any of the crystals, candles, or grounding. It’s just the vibration may be higher if you do use them.

Once you have everything set the way you want, you’re going to want to be undisturbed by phones or people. Shut it all down – you need to concentrate.

You now take the list of the perfect guy and you’re going to appeal to the Universe by saying “Dear Universe,” like you’re reading a letter. Immediately, the Universe picks up your vibration.

Next, you can say something like “Thank you for bringing to me, the perfect partner with perfect love and perfect unity,” then go ahead and read off your list out loud.

It’s even more effective if you read off your “letter” three times. After you’re done, you say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” to the Universe. Be sure you point your index finger up whilst saying: “So it is!”

That’s a statement to the Universe to make it happen. Fold your list up (you should keep a copy of it if you can for future appeals to the Universe).  After you fold it up, you’re going to burn it.

Let the breeze outside carry the ashes away. If there is no wind, look to the ashes in your bowl and blow them out into the yard or air. It will still work as you send out the right energy.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do! I told you it was really easy. I mean, the hardest part is just figuring out what you want. After that, it’s all easy-peasy.

You can repeat this process each Full Moon until the right person comes in. Sometimes it happens fast because they are also ready and sometimes you have to wait a while.

Either way, this person will, without a doubt, come into your life and you’ll be floored!

5. Believe In Yourself And Have Faith!

The last part of these steps is to believe in the manifestation you set into motion. If you do not have faith in yourself or in the Universe, then nothing will happen or you’ll get some weird offshoot from what you asked for.

You have to know and believe with all of your heart that what you set into motion is going to happen with divine timing and in a most beautiful way. You can do this!

Be your own personal cheerleader and no matter how bleak things may look before you get there, KNOW that this is going to happen. You are going to have the love you’ve manifested for yourself.

I also suggest working on yourself simultaneously. Do meditations to let go of old habits, patterns, or emotional baggage. If you don’t work on yourself then when your perfect love comes along, you won’t be able to fully give to them.

Being without baggage is crucial to successful love. You don’t know what the other person is going to have been through. In fact, that may be something you list as someone who has a healed heart without baggage.

That may help give you an edge. Stay healthy and be sure that you’re doing the best thing for yourself, always. Take care of yourself. Do things that make your soul sing.

Your manifested partner wants you to be in tip-top condition so the two of you can begin an amazing journey together. Don’t forget about kids. Do you want them? Do you not want them? Those are more specific.

I have total faith in you that you will do this like a champ! Draw that partner in!

How Do You Manifest Love With Crystals?

It’s not too different from the process I just gave you, really. Instead of doing it on paper and burning it, you will take crystals that help facilitate loving energy. The pink stones I mentioned will help you.

The important thing to remember is that you have to properly cleanse and charge your crystals. If you need help, click to learn how to do this!

Once you’ve done this you can now use them. Hold them in your hand in the light of the Full Moon outside. Think of what you want in the right partner for yourself. 

While you’re gathering all this knowledge and soaking it in, you should also check out my guide on how Crystals enhance your relationships.

Kind of get yourself into a meditative state. That helps keep you focused on what you’re trying to do. Once you get to a very calm point, think of your perfect guy. 

Say something to the Universe that’s to the point: “Thank you, Universe, for bringing me the perfect partner in perfect timing that will last a lifetime… thank you!” 

This type of thing you can do daily but the Full Moon will help make it stronger for you. This will also help connect you with the right person via a beautiful cord. 

It’s not something you or your future partner can see but it’s going to be there which is why you will just “know” when you meet them. It will be instant recognition. 

Warning To Beware About Manifesting!

Trust me on this, you need to know what I’m about to tell you because sometimes manifesting doesn’t come out quite the way you would expect. In some cases, that’s alright and in some, it’s not.

When you’re thinking of your specifics, you’re going to have to also consider things you don’t want in a partner. Yes, focus on the positive but do NOT forget what you do not want.

Let me give you an example of what happens when you aren’t specific about what you ask for.  I have a client that wrote to me some years back about her experience with manifesting her soulmate.

While she’s thrilled that she did actually get him, she is now struggling to keep their marriage stable. I’ll try to explain as best as I can.

She asked for all these amazing qualities that would match and help her to be with her equal, but she didn’t make specifics enough. She forgot to say things like “Someone who is sober, doesn’t drink heavily, doesn’t do drugs, and doesn’t have addictions.”

By not mentioning this, her perfect guy who has all the qualities she asked specifically for ended up being a black-out alcoholic. So, while they ARE a perfect match, their love isn’t perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, she loves him more than anything in the world and he is exactly the same as her. The two give off immense power between them and that bond cannot be broken.

They did marry as I mentioned but there has been a series of roller coaster types of situations between them. It makes for a very difficult road.

He sobers up and falls back off the wagon frequently. They are both doing everything they can but people with addiction really have a hard time letting go.

This is a strong warning to you that if there are things that you would consider a deal-breaker, you had better include them in your specifics. This helps you to avoid such situations as my client.

She doesn’t regret who she asked for, as it turned out to be a guy who she was friends with in high school and she had a secret crush on. 25 years later, they got together.

There is hope and beauty in manifesting but be sure you know what you’re asking for before you do it.

Do You Have More Questions? I Have Answers!

This is an excellent and detailed guide for you to follow but, I know there are always more questions that come up.

Since I cannot answer those in the article, I would like to invite you to talk to me personally via email.

I am more than happy to check into your chart and do whatever it takes to help you manifest more love in your life.

Do you need me to look into an ex?

How about your current partner, if you’re attached to them…

Maybe you need help to decide what type of person is best for you.

Whatever it is, I have the tools and the desire to help you!

I totally understand how confusing love can be.

I want you to have the very best love life possible and if I need to talk to you or consult with you, I will do just that.

If you would like to book a consultation with me, click now!

Sometimes taking an Astrological look via Birth Charts can help you figure out what you’re looking for or what you need.

If you need a one-on-one approach with someone who can give you guidance then you should do it.

Don’t wait!

If you want to manifest more love in your life, you’ve got to get working and make it happen. Sitting back and waiting will not bring the right person to you.

That’s like wishing but not doing anything to make it materialize. Once you manifest, you also take action for yourself.

What do you need to do? Let me consult you! It’s so easy!

Click this link if you’re ready to find the most amazing love!

I truly hope I’ve given you lots of information to make your dreams come true when it comes to manifesting in the right partner.

You deserve so much love and happiness. I want you to have it all!

It’s very easy for you to do – you just have to get in the right head and heart space.

I’ve got your back, my beautiful friends! It’s my passion in life to help others find their passion.

I wish you all the very best in love and in life as you truly deserve it!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Manifest More Love In Your Life

  1. I would love to be able to manifest my ex back to me for good this month and make it work for good this time for free I truly believe that the universe will help me as I have been praying every day and every night for that guidance to happen

    1. Hi Allegra!

      There is something you need to know about manifesting and that’s that each person has free will so even if you keep manifesting, you should probably do it without using the other person’s name. Praying to manifest someone from the past can be tricky because if it’s something they don’t want then it may not work. You should try getting the books to read on your guy’s Zodiac sign and book a VIP consultation with me. I wish you all the best sweetheart!

  2. Hi Anna,

    whenever I try and think about what my future partner will be like I see my crush in front of my eyes. I can’t think about certain traits, character features, even looks without thinking of him. How can I manifest it is him? We are in close contact, almost every day, via text/phone, because he lives in a different, yet not too far away country (UK him, me Germany), and in about a month we‘ll meet for the very first time if nothing gets in the way again (thanks to Covid a few earlier attempts didn’t work out) after more than two years. I can’t wait for that moment, but I‘m worried that he could only see me as a friend while I am in love already. Can I help support us with manifestation?

    Love, Andie

    1. Hi Andie!

      Well you’ve got to try working on meditation to help you clear the plate in your mind. You cannot have someone in particular in mind otherwise manifesting will not work for you. If you like the qualities he has then list the qualities because they’re what attract you and what you want. That’s fine but don’t list specific physical traits otherwise it won’t work very well. What you’ve got to do is clear your mind and think of what you want in a husband or life partner. When you can do that then you put it out there in the universe. IF the universe thinks he’s what you’re asking for then it may end up being him. IF someone else comes along then you’ve got to accept that that person is the one, not this crush. See what I mean? I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

    1. Hi Ellie!

      You cannot manifest someone you’ve already been with. What you can do is list all the qualities that you’re looking for in a mate. If the universe brings him back to you then he was yours after all but do NOT be disappointed if the universe sends you someone else that has the qualities you really want. You have to be open to what the universe brings. If you close your heart off to someone that comes to you because it’s not your ex then this whole process would have been a waste. I hope this gives you more clarity sweetheart. I wish you the best!

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