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The Moon In Cancer Woman: What She Needs To Feel Secure In Love

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac where the soul becomes aware of its roots and deep inner needs. This sign is cardinal, meaning that the summer season begins with it, it’s dramatic in a way in nature. And its ruler is the Moon itself. As the Moon governs the sign of Cancer, and its qualities are cold and moist, the Moon will feel at its home here, fully expressing emotions.

A Moon in Cancer woman will shine through her loving and nurturing nature. People will seek her out, knowing that she will always bless them with comfort and genuine warmth. She will be known and loved as someone gentle, someone who can listen very well, and also someone with great depth.

The Meaning Of Moon In Cancer

The Moon has a cardinal position in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and it’s all about returning to the roots of the soul. The family heritage is extremely important here. And the person can be complete only when they are directly connected with their mother or motherly figure in life, their family, nation, or country.

This need to know everything about the origin and to feel protected and safe only in those types of environments is the real core need of the Moon in Cancer. Learning about national history, myths, and legends, and also, very importantly, about the female healing and nurturing lineage is something a person with their Moon in Cancer thrives on.

In Astrology terms, the Moon has moist and cold qualities. However, to be “alive” or to have some purpose, the Moon needs to receive the light from the Sun, and then it can show the way during the night by showing its magical silvery shine. In the same sense, the person with their Moon in Cancer needs someone who will lighten or enlighten them, and then this person will know what to do or in which direction to advance.

Generally speaking, a person with Moon in Cancer will be very sensitive, appear calm or silent during challenging moments, but this person will also be extremely emphatic, loyal, and kind.

Is A Cancer Moon Moody?

Yes, the Moon in Cancer is moody. And this is the essence of its nature. Just as the Moon doesn’t have its light, and it needs the Sun to reflect the shine, the person with Moon in Cancer will show similar traits by acting cold or dark, until someone, behaving just like the Sun, comes along and enlighten them.

And just as the Moon has its waxing and veining phases, the person will have a changeable mood. And this can depend on outer events, inner feelings, hormonal fluctuations, different foods, liquids, or literally anything that could change them in a second.

And this is the basic nature of the Moon. The person will be very prone to picking up other people’s emotions and mental states, and in this sense, also, prone to manipulation. The individual can easily fall for someone’s sweet words or gestures and then regret bitterly for years after the unfortunate communication happened.

On a positive note, the same person can be uplifted with something appearing small or insignificant like the flower, the accidental gesture of warmness, or human touch. In a way, this person is like water, its essential element, adapting to the shape and mental flow of the environment. They will always look for someone or something they can lean on or stick to, and someone or something that can give them meaning and purpose in life.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Cancer

When the transiting Moon is in Cancer, no matter if you have this position in your natal chart or not, this is the auspicious part of the month to visit your family of origin, to gather your own family, to indulge in warm liquidy foods like soups, stews, or something starchy like puddings, all those calming meals which can remind you on baby food in some way. This is also a great time to learn about your national history or songs.

And all those activities and relaxing pleasures will refer to you directly if this transit happens in your first or seventh house in your natal chart. If the transiting Moon in Cancer is in your second or eighth house, then this is a very good time to gather your family and to make a decision with all of them regarding your properties or perhaps some home-based business you can start. If this transit is taking place in your third or ninth house, then this is an excellent time to visit your local temple or to read some old religious or spiritual scriptures.

The transiting Cancer Moon is in the fourth or tenth house of your natal chart, then this is a great moment for home celebration or welcoming numerous clients at your work. In the fifth or eleventh house, the Moon in Cancer will surely activate your love or social life and you will get useful information from at least one, but more likely, several older women. And if the Cancer Moon is traveling through your sixth or twelfth house, then you will have some calming dreams, or you will simply daydream in that time frame.

How The Moon In Cancer Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Cancer personality traits will revolve around the idea of family and especially motherhood. The Moon is exceptionally important in anyone’s natal chart. However, when it comes to women, its significance becomes truly essential. And one level more up, when a woman has her natal Moon in cancer, in its own sign, then this shows her powerful feminine characteristics.

However, those traits are not the same as the Venusian traits, for instance, relating to sexuality and appealing sensuality. No, for a Cancer Moon woman, everything will flow with feelings and everything will flow around her motherly nature, no matter whether she has some children to take care of them or not.

A woman with her Moon in Cancer will never go with the flow or be “open-minded” in the sense people use for sexually related bonds. She will keep her feelings for someone who conservatively showed love, and someone she can rely on. She will flow inside of her heart and this river or emotions will revolve around her home, family, or roots.

She can be helpless in some situations, especially those regarding the “outside” world, like career or socializing. But on the other hand, she will be very practical, savvy, skilled in all matters related to nurturing, domestic obligations, and taking care of others in general.

And in this sense, she can be the best nurse, someone who takes care of babies, children, or elderly people. And she can also create a wonderful career as someone who runs a restaurant, bakery, or hotel. And don’t forget that she can make the empire by building her home-based business through food or liquid production. And this is why is far from being incapable or unsuccessful.

Besides all those qualities, she will be the one who can understand perfectly well women in general, or the public in general, or her own nation. And this is why she will be able to sell or engage in politics, which can be a surprising fact for many people.

What Does A Cancer Moon Woman Look Like?

Moon In Cancer Woman

The sign of Cancer, or the fourth house, represents the breasts, stomach, bladder, and womb during the pregnancy. Generally, it represents all organs that contain liquid. Also, the Moon represents the face. And in this sense, a woman with her Moon in Cancer will have very soft skin and very light hair, no matter to which race she belongs. And her eyes will be lighter or may appear watery.

She could become prone to gaining weight mostly to water retention, and she will surely have bigger breasts, especially when she gets older. Her voice will be soft and gentle, with the note of sadness in it. And with a note that will remind people of some ancient female voices when she sings, and this is why she can become a famous folks singer if the other aspects support this type of career.

A Cancer Moon woman will love to dress traditionally but in the romantic sense. And she will be very skilled with her hands when it comes to some traditional “female” hobbies, like sewing, knitting, or embroidery. This will surely be seen through her fashion style.

A Moon In Cancer Woman In Love

A Moon In Cancer Woman In Love

Please have in mind that all things and emotions related to love, how the person experiences pleasure and their sex drive, all those details will be seen through their natal Venus and Mars. On the other hand, Moon is very important in this area because Moon represents emotions, and as such has a fundamental role in love, too.

A Cancer Moon in love will need some time to open up. And she will usually fall in love with someone who hangs around or inside of her home. This person needs to be present and to treat her kindly and as a lady. She will fall for poetic, yet funny words, someone who shows a gentle face in front of her, and yet is serious and disciplined with everything or everyone else.

The moment she falls in love, she will show it through taking care of that person. She will be quiet, but she will suddenly start to give cookies or other delicious treats to that person. She will humbly offer to fix their clothes, take care of their pets, home, or something important but not related to career or masculine types of tasks. And this is how her feelings will become easily recognizable.

A Moon In Cancer Woman In Bed

Moon In Cancer Woman In Bed

When it comes to sexuality, the planet Mars will play the major role here, since this planet determines our action and sexual drive – besides Venus, which will show how we can give and receive pleasure. But, in Astrology terms, and especially when it comes to women, emotions can’t be overlooked, and this is why Moon is important after all.

A Cancer Moon woman in bed or sexually speaking will act surprisingly versatile and she will be open to all sorts of experiments in this area, as long as she is with her committed partner. And in this sense, anything and everything can go when she is with one partner, not more than that.

She will need to feel fully loved and accepted, and from that point, she will show wonderful interest and levels of energy during the sexual encounters. And she will also show her best skills if she is in a traditional committed relationship like the official marriage because this won’t clash with her moral values.

A Moon In Cancer Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Positive Traits of a Moon in Cancer Woman

A Moon in Cancer woman will always be the most caring person you will ever meet. She will be genuinely concerned if the people around her are full enough, warm enough, or rested enough. And this trait will even become stronger in her if she is with children, elderly people, or anyone smaller, weaker, or in an unfortunate position.

And in this sense, she will be a great parent, at least while the child is small and needs protection and lots of love. Besides this, she will be a great spouse or a committed partner, and due to her traditional morality, her partner will never have to worry if the home is clean, light, bright, and filled with mesmerizing scents of spices coming from the kitchen. You will never see her home looking dirty or untidy because her home will be the sanctuary.

Also, she is very traditional and patriotic. Her nation and her roots will be the essence of her existence. And this is why she will be the best source of ancient national knowledge, stories, songs, and also all sorts of traditional medicines, like herbalism. She will be emphatic and adaptable to all types of conditions, warm, loving, and gentle. And where ever she appears, people will somehow love her sensing her as someone from their childhood.

Negative Traits of a Moon in Cancer Woman

And as we all have our positive and negative habits and characteristics; a Cancer Moon woman will have the “dark” side of her Moon. She will be moody from time to time, and even she won’t know what is the force behind her changeable emotions. And she will often become sentimental, could cry too, or simply feel this deep penetrating sadness, which will never be depression, but more the usual part of her life.

She won’t be vengeful, but if someone hurts her, she will never forget. She will hold her grudges until the end of time because she won’t be able to let go. Yes, she can have many illusions about her levels of forgiveness, but she will remember, and as long as she does, she won’t forgive in the heart of her heart.

A woman with her Moon in Cancer can be clingy, needy frequently, possessive or secretive, and those traits will powerfully annoy her partner or the members of her family. She could have some sudden “bursts” of spirituality, and then she will focus and only talk about those experiences, forgetting that other people around her, perhaps, would like to think about some other issues, like paying bills or building careers, for instance. And she will truly be lousy when it comes to socializing in larger groups.

Moon In Cancer Compatibility

A Moon in Cancer will accomplish the best compatibility with a person who has their natal Sun, Moon, or a Rising sign in Capricorn. Their bond will be established on a silent, yet very emotional support, and the feeling of protection and understanding each other will provide by complementing their inner or outer needs. However, Moon in Cancer will feel prone to any other planet in Capricorn, too.

The Moon in Cancer woman will have very good compatibility with the earth signs in general, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. And with them, she will find stability and long-lasting harmony. The same will be seen with the water signs like the other Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, with whom the emotions will run freely and they will totally understand their urges or mood swings.

The worst compatibility for a Cancer Moon woman will happen with those individuals who have their natal Sun, Moon, Rising sign or the concentration of important point or planets in the signs Aries or Libra. And in many situations, she might feel a powerful attraction toward those people at some point in her life, she will end up hurt, humiliated, confused, or betrayed. And in general, the bad compatibility for Cancer Moon woman will happen with fire or air signs.

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Moon In Cancer Celebrities

Moon in Cancer female celebrities are surprisingly successful because in auspicious combinations with the other planetary placements, this Moon can produce a great impact on the public mind and their instant positive emotions and wonderful reactions.

Tyler Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on December 13th, 1989, with her natal Sun in Sagittarius, her Moon in Cancer, and her Rising sign or Ascendant is in Scorpio, while her highest achievement or the top of her tenth house, MC is in Virgo. She became a world-known singer and author of her songs at an early age, showing the core emotions and making us all wonder what is possible and how we all feel joy and pain in the same way.

Shakira is another great example. She was born in Columbia, on February 2nd, 1977. Her natal Sun is in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer, Ascendant in Aries, and MC in Capricorn. She is known as a singer and songwriter so much that she has a title of a “Queen of Latin Music,” and is known for extraordinary fusions of different musical styles. Shakira is a real fiery lady and above all, she is a very educated person, a loving woman, and a mother.

Mariah Carey is another singing example. She was born in Huntington, New York on March 27th, 1969, with her Sun in Aries, her natal Moon in Cancer, with her Ascendant in Taurus, and MC in Capricorn.  Her career started in the early nineties and out of the blue she was launched as a true star due to her ability to sing in five octaves and for her signature whistle register. Every girl on this planet wanted to sing like Mariah at some point and be truly blessed with a unique gift like she has.

Kate Middleton, or officially, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, was born in Reading (United Kingdom), on January 9th, 1982. Her natal Sun is in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, Ascendant is in Leo and her MC is in Taurus. Kate was known as a really sweet girl before she got married to Prince William. However, after that ceremony, she has proved to be worthy of the crown by her modesty, discipline, loving nature, elegant fashion style, and the ability to take care of so many royal obligations, and yet to keep her smile all the time.

However, there are so many more phenomenal ladies like Gwen Stefani, Vanessa Paradis, Penelope Cruz, Dua Lipa, and numerous special women who can create amazing magic by using their talents, and remain calm, feminine, carrying and so loving which are all the essential traits of Moon in Cancer.

Final Thoughts

A Moon in Cancer woman is someone very sensitive, but also talented and ready to take care of everything or everyone. However, if you have this placement, you have to know that it’s not just the Moon that will color your personality traits, but the whole natal chart with all its aspects and planetary positions will give the proper image of you, your past, present and future events. Moreover, a thorough reading will show you your strengths and weaknesses, and help you to get the best outcome of any situation.

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Wishing you all love and light.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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