2021 Full Buck Moon: What to Expect Based on Your Sign

This particular Full Moon was named the “Full Buck Moon” as it occurs during the time of year when young bucks (male deer, stags) would grow their antlers. For bucks, the sprouting of their antlers is a sign of entering into adulthood.

Likewise, the Full Buck Moon also carry the energy of completion for humans. For us, Full Moons are a time of harvest. So whatever seeds you planted during the New Moons, you will reap the rewards of your efforts during this Full Buck Moon.

The Full Buck Moon occurs on July 23–24, 2021, depending on where you are in the world. The precise time for this Lunar event is on 04:37 BST (GMT).

Full Moons are usually quite potent in energy. But surely, we don’t want to harness and direct that energy aimlessly! That would be a waste of time and this precious mystical energy. Knowing how the Full Buck Moon might impact or bring changes in your life is not only more efficient, but you can also direct your energies with more focus.

Focus is a key element in manifestation. It’s easier to manifest what you wish when you know exactly what you want. If you don’t know what you want, knowing where your potential to grow is will guide you.

What to Expect from the Buck Full Moon Based on Your Rising Sign

While everybody can harness positive energy from Full Moons in a similar way based on the type of Full Moon taking place, each soul can also experience and benefit from the Full Buck Moon differently. These differences are based on our own Astrological placements. One of the ways to find out how a Lunar event or a transit will affect you is by looking at your Rising sign (also called the Ascendant).

Aries Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 4th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 10th House

Your career may benefit from home-related energies during this Full Buck Moon. If you don’t already work from home, something home-related will bring positive energy to your career. This could mean beginning to see the fruits of a side business that you started from home. Or, for example, your decision to allow your employees to start working from home more often is already showing positive results. If you already work from home, the Moon in Aquarius will show you the benefits of having an online presence from the comfort of your own home.

In love: You might see how these changes in your career will impact your relationships. If you’ve struggled with not meeting your partner due to work, a new arrangement (or working from home) could bring you closer together. As well, avoid sharing too many personal details about your relationship online during this Full Buck Moon!

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Taurus Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 3rd House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 9th House

During this Full Buck Moon, you might become the center of attention for your ideas. Especially if these ideas benefit your local community. They may be unusual and quite out-of-the-box, but this is your chance to finally be heard. So, don’t be afraid to get out there and speak your mind! Your local community will come to appreciate your opinions and ideas. You could also suddenly become a local celebrity. 

In love: Your engagement with your local community (or even your ideas and opinions) could attract somebody like-minded. Your sudden entrance into the spotlight might attract more than one admirer. Be prepared to have lively discussions and communications with those with agree (or disagree) with you. However, with the Moon in Aquarius energy in the air, they may not show their interest in a romantic way at first. For the time being, the conversations will have more of a platonic feel to them.

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Gemini Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 2nd House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 8th House

This Full Buck Moon comes with a focus on your sense of self-worth and your personal finances versus shared finances and secrets. This this could be a period during which you will be thinking a lot about how your appearance (or material things) play in role in your life. Since the Moon is in Aquarius, there could be a focus on how you present yourself online, for example on social media. Or it may also pertain to your unusual side that you try to hide from others. This could be a week where you decide that it’s no longer important to impress others, or you could decide to “come out” and finally be yourself. Time to embrace your inner self and bring her outwards!

In love: This would be a great time to assess and reassess what you prefer in a partnership. Would you like to be financially independent? Do you need to have your own source of income for your own self-esteem’s sake even if your partner provides for you? These topics may come up during the Full Buck Moon. Be sure to communicate openly with your partner about these matters. 

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Cancer Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 1st House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 7th House

With the Moon in Aquarius in your Seventh house, there is a focus on doing things differently in your relationships. This can be anything from your romantic relationships, to the relationships you have with people that you don’t get along with. With the Sun in Leo illuminating the Seventh House, you could begin to see something differently. This Full Buck Moon invites you to make changes in your relationships that make it more interesting or unique. Or you could learn something about somebody you previously didn’t get along with, you could realize that you had more in common than you thought. During this Full Buck Moon, you could surprise yourself when an enemy becomes a new friend, believe it or not!

In love: If you are already in a romantic partnership, this Full Buck Moon could mark the moment where you reveal all your quirks to your partner. Do you have a kink you’ve kept to yourself? Do you have a nerdy hobby you don’t tell anyone about? This could be the moment you reveal a side of you that you rarely share. And your partner may just love all the more for it!

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Leo Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 12th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 6th House

For those of you Leo Risings out there, this Full Buck Moon could be a moment where you could decide to do a little shake-up on your day-to-day routines. For example, you could realize that you’re addicted to checking your mobile phone, or other similar destructive behavior. And during this time, you could prioritize redecorating your workspace, making it more comfortable for you to be productive. You could adopt a new schedule or daily routine. You may even decide to spend more time with your pets and be close to nature rather than be on social media – take advantage of these positive impulses.

In love: If you are single, you could finally decide to dedicate a certain time of the day or week to looking for love. If you are already in a partnership, a change in you or your partner’s schedule could change your entire relationship’s dynamic. Don’t underestimate how a simple thing like your routine or workspace can impact your happiness, and how being happy in general contributes to the quality of your relationships. The Sixth House is all about the tiny details. Don’t miss any of them!

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Virgo Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 11th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 5th House

With Leo in opposition with its ruling house, the Fifth House; and Aquarius opposing the Eleventh House, which is its home, you can feel a sense of synchronicity. The Full Buck Moon could have you feeling as though something that should have been obvious to you finally “clicked” in your mind. This could be a moment when you finally realize your calling in life. This may have to do with going out in the public (or on the Internet) and sharing something that is unique to you. You may have been plagued with self-doubt, but now, you will gradually become sure that you absolutely have something to offer to the world that nobody else can. This is not a time to be shy!

In love: Opposites attract, and if you are single, you could find yourself suddenly attracted to someone different. Someone who’s not your usual “type” during this Full Buck Moon. (Or, you could finally find the courage to make the move!) Keep an open mind—that’s what the Moon in Aquarius’ energy is good for. You could be a “odd couple” that turns people’s heads, but Aquarius and Leo love that! If you are already one half of a couple, you might finally make peace with opposite traits of habits of your partner.

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Libra Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 10th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 4th House

As a Libra Rising you put a lot of emphasis on creating harmony. This Full Buck Moon could see you making a peaceful compromise, allowing for balance between your home life and your public/career life. The Sun in Leo will be shining light onto your home life, and you may end up in and unconventional or unusual living arrangement. This new living arrangement (or career) will greatly benefit your home life. For example, this may allow you to involve your family members in your work—in particular the women in your family.

In love: If you’re single, there could be an emphasis on the difference between how you behave while dating versus what you are like at home. The Full Buck Moon could be the moment you wonder whether the differences are too much. If you present yourself as one thing to attract partners, when you’re actually the opposite at home, how healthy would your future relationships be? If you’re already in a relationship, you and your partner could have discussions about the “image” or the “reputation” you have to maintain for your careers. Give yourselves a chance to be genuine in the privacy of each other’s company.

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Scorpio Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 9th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 3rd House

You could be exposed to a new way of thinking that is vastly different from what you were brought up with. Perhaps you have been toying with a certain idea or way of thinking, but you were unsure of whether it would be a good match for your personality. During this Full Moon, you may either decide to accept these new beliefs. Or, on the other hand, you may decide to stand your ground and set some boundaries on your principles. You will find more clarity in what you can accept (or not) when it comes to your life philosophy.

In love: You could find yourself attracted to someone from a different background (nationality, race, religion, class, upbringing). This could make you feel like an odd duck among your own community for dating outside your race or religion. If you are already in a relationship, you and your partner could have long and deep conversations about philosophy, religion, or beliefs. This could be a great bonding experience for you and partner during the Full Buck Moon.

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Sagittarius Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 8th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 2nd House

For idealistic Sagittarians, this Full Buck Moon puts a focus on what you own and what you share. Perhaps you have been overly-giving when you may be struggling yourself. Nothing wrong with being generous, but are you being kind enough to yourself as well? For an extreme example, you could be giving to charity while simultaneously racking up personal debt. This could be a moment where are you come to realization that, while well-meaning, this is an unhealthy pattern of giving to others. You could get a wakeup call regarding these issues. If you have no issues with finances, this could be a moment where you realize that you need a little “me time.” Perhaps you have given so much of your time to those in need, you haven’t given yourself time to process your own life.

In love: In relationships, there could be some fruitful conversations about taking-and-giving as well as balance between who does/gives what. One of you may feel as though they should give more even if they are unable too. Rethink your roles in the partnership. Be gentle and kind to each other and let the other know they don’t have to try too hard for the sake of their egos. If you are single, you will be focused on finding a balanced relationship where you feel appreciated.

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Capricorn Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 7th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 1st House

The Sun in Leo will shine a light on something happening in your First House during the Full Buck Moon. This could be an eye-opening experience for you if you learn something new about how you present yourself, especially in terms of how you relate with others. This could potentially be the moment where you ‘snap’ and decide that you want to take your mask off. You could decide that life is too short to not be yourself. You could set new standards where you will only enter relationships with people who will accept you for who you are. You may surprise yourself, but sometimes Full Moons can be very empowering.

In love: If you’re single, you could be overwhelmed by an attraction to Leo-like energies. Combined with the Aquarius Moon in the First House, there is a strong emphasis on individuality and uniqueness—and being loud and proud about being the way you are. This may feel foreign to the conservative and normally-traditional Capricorn, but the Fire and Air energy in the air during the Full Buck Moon encourages it. If you’re already partnered, your partner could wonder what’s gotten into you. Enjoy the fun energy while it lasts. 

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Aquarius Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 6th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 12th House

With the Sun in Leo in your Sixth House, something pertaining to your daily work life could come into focus. It is shining light into your most primal nature; this could be something that you have hid or avoided facing. For example, perhaps you never acknowledged that you are addicted to work, this could be a time where you realize this workaholism isn’t benefiting your wellbeing. During this time, your physical and mental health will come into focus. You could shake up your diet, decide to adopt new habits such as yoga or Pilates. Your daily routine may change due to the adoption of a new pet. Perhaps you adopted a dog during the Full Buck Moon and now you have to walk it every day—which in turn makes you healthier as well. Or now you will have to tend to your cats every morning. Whatever the case may be, there will be a change in your daily life and how you juggle your time at work.

In love: For single Aquarians, you could meet somebody at your workplace (yes, even if you work from home—in fact, since the Moon is in Aquarius: especially if you work from home). You could find yourself attracted to them for their flare. If you’re already in a relationship, your partner might just share something with you during this Full Buck Moon (possibly something work-related).

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Pisces Rising

The Sun in Leo will be in your 5th House, opposing the Moon in Aquarius in your 11th House

For you, Leo will be “at home” in the Fifth House and Aquarius will similarly feel “at home” in the Eleventh House. This is the perfect Full Buck Moon for you! You could sense that something that happened around the energy of this Full Buck Moon was simply meant to be. The Sun in Leo is a strong indication of inhabiting Leo’s traits—creativity, fun, and being very comfortable in the spotlight. While the Moon in Aquarius will make you a natural in everything that Aquarius rules, for example Astrology, the Internet, technology, or science. You could be sharing your art online and get positive feedback. Or you could be thrust into the spotlight for making a breakthrough in an Aquarius-related field.

In love: With all the Astrological energies being placed, you could meet somebody who feels like a “soulmate” during this Full Buck Moon. As cliché as this is, you could feel as though you’ve known them from previous lifetimes. There could be a sense of “fate” in meeting this new person. Perhaps there were many synchronicities leading to meeting this person, making it feel “magical” somehow. If you are already in a relationship, something you pursue together as a couple (such as a business) will similarly have a feeling of it being “fated.”

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The Explanation For My Rising Sign Doesn’t Seem To Resonate! What Should I Do?

Do you feel like the above explanations of how the Buck Full Moon might affect your Rising Sign doesn’t sound like your current situation?

Try running your birth details on a free transit calculator to find out which houses the Sun and Moon hit your Natal chart. By knowing exactly which houses are affected, you can read the above predictions based on which Houses the Sun and Moon are in rather than your Rising sign.

Astrology is a complex discipline dictated by each individual’s personal birth data. Even twins born within minutes of each other will have slightly differing birth charts. This is why we often meet pairs of twins with opposite personalities. It is completely normal to not relate to something being written about your sign in a magazine or website. All you need to do is learn how to read your own chart (or consult a professional) to better understand your chart.

The best way to make Astrology work for you is by understanding it and having the ability to read your own chart.

How You Can Benefit From The Buck Full Moon’s Energy No Matter What Your Sign Is

While regular Full Moons are rarely quite as intense as Eclipse Full Moons are, you would seriously miss out by completely ignoring this monthly Lunar event! Some of my clients have their own habits and rituals that they perform during Full Moons.

Some will bathe their crystals under the Full Moonlight. This recharges crystals with the powerful Full Moon’s energies. Since this Full Buck Moon takes place during the cusp between Cancer and Leo, recharging their respective gems will be especially beneficial. Leo is associated with Ruby, while Cancer’s gem is pearl. Recharging red-hued crystals (including pinks and browns) and Moonstone will be beneficial.

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General Advice For The Full Buck Moon

Remember that Full Moons can be emotional for some individuals. Keep in mind to not take things personally within the four days preceding and following July 23–24, 2021.

Understand that you yourself may feel off-balance, out of sorts, or even ecstatic! Let yourself feel out these emotions during the Full Buck Moon. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you feel extreme emotions during a Full Moon, take care to practice some self-care. Light some candles, meditate, relax somehow—take a bath, do yoga, have some quiet time alone, or even take a nap.

If you would like to use the moon’s magical energy to start improving your life right now, you can book a private consultation here and get instant clarity and guidance. I promise I’ll send you headed toward your destiny.

May the Full Buck Moon bring you great things!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I am Scorpio and dating a Scorpio, I am so amazed how accurate your predictions are . My partner and I are a mixed race couple, I have never been so happy and so deeply in love like I am right now. We mean so much to each other. Love is so beautiful ?

  2. Would love to rekindle past love with Air sign Libra
    Me Sag, moon Gemini. my Venus in Scorpio . Amazing chemistry and connection with have
    Love n light xx

  3. Omg I can’t understand why a man doesn’t respond to a flirty text…guess he thinks of me like a sister!
    I give up….no more Virgos or Aries for me! Lol

  4. I am a Gemini and met a Sagittarius in late December. It Started off real strong and felt a real connection For the first few months then in March April it started to fizzle down. And he had some misinterpretation of me and started pulling away he would always text back up until now. Now I’m left wondering what went wrong and how I can get it back?

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