What Kind Of Mother You’ll Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wondered what kind of mother you’d make? Did you know your Zodiac sign can give you some great insight on your nurturing style and typical motherhood traits?  Whether you’re considering your first baby, or just curious, here’s a guide to your potential as a mama:

The Aries Mother

The Aries mom is a ball of dynamite! You’ll be the type of mother to always jump into action, especially when it comes to protecting your precious child. Your son or daughter will know, without a doubt, that you’ll always have their back, through thick and thin.

You’ll also be the type of mom who has a quick temper, but is just as quick to forgive and forget – you’ll never hold a grudge against your kids! 

However, it’s ever so important, Aries mom, that you sometimes curb your fiery nature for the sake of your more sensitive children.

Unknowingly to you, they may be crushed at times by your direct, honest way of speaking, and impatient ways! And, as protective, loyal, and warmly loving as you are, you may come across self-involved from time to time.

Overall, Aries, you’ll be the type of mom to always be there for her kids, who brings excitement, affection and fun to their lives, always encouraging them to get up when they fall.

The Taurus Mother

The Taurus mom is ever so nurturing, bringing a lovely, stable, grounding influence to her kids’ lives! 

You are the type of mom who never fails to pack her kids a delicious and nourishing lunch, who is there when she says she will be there and provides a sense of total safety. Everyone could do with a Taurus mom in their lives! 

You’ll love setting up good routines for your kids (and yourself), but at times, Taurus, you’ll need to learn to be a little more adaptable and flexible. Your kids may find you a bit stubborn and hard-headed – never taking no for an answer.

As an earth sign, you’ll show your kids love by providing them with material security and lots of physical affection. You’ll teach them the value of hard work and good money management, as well as give them a taste for beauty and quality.

You’ll also be the type of mom who just loves snuggling up to her kids in front of the TV, watching your favorite shows and just enjoying each other’s company.

The Gemini Mother

Gemini moms are a whirlwind of activity. Childlike yourself, you just love to play with your kids and encourage them to be curious about the world. You’ll go out of your way to show them as much variety as possible, always bringing a sense of excitement to the table! 

As a talkative air sign, you’ll be chatting away to you baby already from the time you’re pregnant, and you’ll be eager to teach them as many languages as possible as they grow up.

You’re the type of mom, Gemini, who has the doors of communication wide open at all times. This can be a huge blessing – and also drive your kids a little crazy at times! Your biggest lesson will be also learning to listen, Gemini – truly listen! 

Your sense of humor is one of the greatest gifts you can give as a mother, Gemini – although your kids may need a little more emotional empathy from time to time. Nevertheless, you’re a whole lot of fun, Gemini, and your children will feel like you’re one of them!  

The Cancer Mother

Out of all the Zodiac signs, yours is most suited to motherhood, Cancer! It’s likely that you’ve been dreaming about babies since a little girl, though it can take some time for you to really make it happen.

Nurturing, sensitive, and empathetic, you’re the type of mom that your kids will know is always there when they need you. You’re a shoulder to cry on, and you’ll do anything for your kids.

You adore making them feel cared for, and will be the mother to think of everything – sometimes even worrying more than you really should!  You’re the mom who packs in a few extra sweaters, lots of snacks and checks in every hour.

You’ll need to be careful then, Cancer, of over-mothering your kids and learn to let them be independent, too! They’ll love you even more for that, as much as it hurts you to let them loose into the big, wide world. Your kids will always know where home is, Cancer – it’s you. 

The Leo Mother

Leo mothers are the best! You are the Zodiac sign most associated with children and child-rearing. A proud lioness, you protect your children fiercely, and are immensely loyal and dedicated to being a mother! 

In fact, Leo, it may feel like your life truly starts the moment you have your cubs. You can feel that you were born for this! You shower your kids with affection and devotion and at the same time, expect that your kids show you the same powerful love in return.

Yes, this can make you a mother who can be dramatic and demanding, so you’ll need to, at times, turn the volume down a notch or two. You can get sad when not given attention, but it’s best you let your kids do so on their own terms, Leo! 

One thing that really makes you stand out as a mother is your encouragement of your children to express themselves in any way they please. You love your children to be who they are, and help them to build a wonderful confidence in themselves.

The Virgo Mother

Virgo moms are some of the most wonderful, capable mothers out there. You are the type of mom who will wholeheartedly sacrifice anything for her kids, so that that they can have the best lives possible.

You’re also the type of mom, Virgo, who prizes her kids’ health and wellbeing above all. You’ll go out of your way to nurture them with good, organic food, and create great routines for them which make them feel safe and stable in life. 

Yes, you are a fussy mom who will get rather stressed when you see the mess your kids make, when you notice they’re not as organized and efficient as you are. They’ll definitely give you grey hairs at times! 

But instead of nagging them, Virgo, just make yourself useful to their lives and be that person who takes care of the practical details. As much as you may complain about the housework burdens, you’ll secretly love that your kids need you so much! 

The Libra Mother

As a Libra mom, your greatest gift is the gift of diplomacy and the ability to negotiate with your kids! 

You understand at any age, that they are also people with needs and desires, and you are more than prepared to listen and learn. This makes your kids respect you hugely, Lubra! 

You’re always fair, sometimes even too much so! You do have high standards, but that makes your kids into good citizens of the world.  You rear your children to be respectful and kind, to be charming and sociable, which are truly wonderful qualities, Libra. 

Just be mindful of not brushing conflict under the carpet, Libra. Your kids need to know that it’s okay to stand up, assert themselves and that anger is not a terrible emotion! 

Let your kids know that their dark side is totally acceptable and normal, too, Libra, and that sometimes, difficult topics also need to be talked about. This will make them into well-balanced individuals.

The Scorpio Mother

Scorpio people have a reputation for being defensive, secretive, and maybe even a little bit mean. This is totally not true for Scorpio mothers. In fact, you are one of the cuddliest, most loving and deeply sensitive mothers you can get, Scorpio! 

However, just because you are cuddly and cute with your kids, doesn’t mean you don’t have a temper! One threat towards your children, and you’ll have your stinging tail swing into action.

Your kids will also know not to cross you, Scorpio – that you have your limits and that they need to respect those. They may be a little intimidated by you, but in a good way! 

Of course, as a Scorpio, you’ll be a little possessive of your kids, and you’ll want to know all their secrets. Maybe they’ll learn to confide in you, especially seeing as you are such a good secret-keeper, and nothing is too taboo with you.

However, do give them their space and privacy, Scorpio – you know that they’ll always find their way back to you, so don’t meddle too much in your children’s lives!

The Sagittarius Mother

Although motherhood may be a little daunting to you – just because of your free spirit, Sagittarius – you’ll make a fun-loving easy-going and loving mom. You’ll never get too heavy-handed with your children, and they’ll appreciate your positive energy! 

In fact, as your kids grow up, you may be the type of mom who parties alongside her children, encouraging them to have a good time in life, to explore all there is in the world.

As a travel-lover yourself, you’ll have no problem putting your kids onto a plane and pushing them to expand their horizons.

You’ll also be a spiritual mom, a mother who allows her kids to learn about different beliefs systems that make sense to them. However, you do have a side to you that can be self-righteous, overly direct and even argumentative Sagittarius, so beware of that! 

Your fiery energy ensures that you are always affectionate and loving, even though you have a bit of a temper, Sagittarius – a temper that dies down just as soon as it is ignited, fortunately!

The Capricorn Mother

Capricorn moms believe in “tough love,” though at heart, you’re just as soft as any other mom! Only your kids will truly know just how vulnerable you can be, just how sensitive, despite the strong face you show to the world. 

What you’ll excel at, Capricorn, is the ability to provide a sense of structure and order in your kids’ lives, which makes them feel very safe, very secure and assured of their place in the world. You’ll push them to find their own groove in life, and to be good at it! 

Although you have a side to you that can be controlling, you also have a side that is wise and insightful, and your kids will find you someone that they can truly respect and come to with any problem.

Your kids will grow up to understand your strength and be inspired by it, Capricorn – you teach them how to be good, responsible people in the world, and that is a job well done! Motherhood is a career that you take very seriously indeed.

The Aquarius Mother

Aquarius mothers are the best friend to their kids that they will ever have! You’re the type of mom who can’t wait for her kids to grow up so that you can hang out together as buddies.

As an air sign, you’ll want to communicate to your kids and show them your love in that way. You love them to also come to you with their ideas and thoughts, and you’ll go out of your way to be a good teacher to them. 

Open-minded, you’re not the type of mom to stifle your kids with rules. You want them to be free spirits, just like you are, and won’t bat much of an eye at any rebellious behavior. You give independence and ask that your kids give you the same space, too. 

You’ll learn through your kids how to be more physically affectionate, Aquarius, as it’s not always natural to you. You may come off as very detached at times, so just be aware of that for your “needier” or more sensitive children! 

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The Pisces Mother

Pisces mothers are deeply sensitive, kind-hearted and empathetic towards their kids. Although the responsibility of having children may be a little heavy on you at times, your kid will always feel a powerful sense of unconditional love emanating from you!  

In fact, as your kids grow up, they’ll feel a strong desire to be the ones protecting and caring for you, so all the energy you invest, Pisces, will come right back to you! However, what your kids will also realize, is that you’re far stronger than you look.

Just be careful, Pisces, effecting you kids to rescue you, or of being too much of a rescuer towards them.

You’ll also be the type of mom. Pisces, who will adapt easily to the needs of her kids, sometimes even coming across as psychic, as you are so attuned to them.

You’ll instill spirituality and depth into your children’s lives, Pisces, one way or the other, and this may help them to find their own philosophy and path later on in life.

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe.

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