6 Ways To Use Tarot Cards To Overcome Challenges In Love

Let Tarot Help You See The Truth With Love

Sometimes it may be hard for you to get your head together when you’ve met a great guy and they’ve scrambled your brains. I mean, let’s be real – this person is so hot and romantic, that you just don’t pay attention to any red flags!

It’s not because you aren’t always observant, but rather because you’re blinded by love, and Tarot can actually help you catch those red flags. Sometimes the cards can even tell you something is coming up.

I definitely think that you should keep reading to learn the six ways to use Tarot Cards to overcome challenges in love. Be open and objective, and you’ll see the truth that will help you see things for what they are!

6 Ways To Use Tarot Cards To Overcome Challenges In Love

1. Pick The Right Tarot For Love Readings

Before you decide your questions, try to focus on finding yourself a deck that suits you and your personality. This can consist of the pictures on the cards or just the feel you have when you look at them energy wise.

Sometimes you may have the wrong deck for you and not even know it. Be sure to absorb all you can about this section because it’s crucial to have the Tarot deck that will work the best for you and with you. 

How can you tell you have the right deck for you? Well… one of the most important things is how it feels in your hands. Were you drawn to it in a store physically, or did you buy it online?

It can be hard to find one online that is right for you because you cannot feel the energy. I’ve actually experienced people having Tarot decks jumping out at them off a shelf in the store!

I’ve also seen friends just absolutely drawn to one particular deck in a whole section of cards. You’ve got to go with what pulls to you. If you’re looking online, try to focus on the pictures and pay attention to what you feel.

If you feel drawn to them in some way, then they may be right for you! I know that the Rider Waite deck is the most popular and possibly easiest to read, but they don’t often “connect” with the person using them.

I do recommend reading books such as The Everything Tarot Book. It has all the information you could ever learn for when you’re just starting out. It has layouts, meanings, and various other bits of Tarot know-how!

One step at a time though, grasshopper. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Get that deck picked out. When you’re focusing you can ask the Universe or your spirit guides which deck is best for love. 

I have one last thing… there are actually “lovers” Tarot decks out there as well, so that’s something you might want to consider. 

2. The Right Questions To Ask Tarot

One of the biggest things in order to get the help you want when it comes to your love life is that you have to know the right question for Tarot. You need to be in a calm state of mind when you have a reading as well.

What are the right types of questions to ask the Tarot Cards? Here are some of the best and most effective questions for you to ask when it comes to love. 

Is this guy/gal the right one? 

Does he/she have the same or close to the same feelings as me?

Does he/she have eyes for only me? 

Is he/she likely to commit to me?

Is he/she telling me the truth that I’m the only one?

Does this guy/gal want more than friendship with me?

Is he/she in love with me?

Am I in the friend zone?

Should I keep going with this person?

Should I move on?

Is it worth it to work on the relationship with him/her?

These are some of the best questions you can possibly ask the Tarot Cards because they will give you the best answers.  Some people ask questions like, “are we going to get married?” and the answer will come up as “not sure” or “unclear.”

The other thing to keep in mind is that sometimes people ask this question and maybe the answer at the moment is “yes, definitely,” but then the other person in question changes their mind in two days.

Remember that the readings are subjective and so nothing is set in stone. Therefore, using the right types of questions will help you to gain the insight you’re after. 

3. Meditation With The Tarot Cards

Sometimes you have to sit with your deck and meditate. Think about all the love and light you want to put into them. You can actually picture the healing white light of truth as well as pink light for love. 

Romance would be a red light. If you’re looking for a hot steamy relationship or trying to cultivate one out of the relationship you have, this is how you would go about it among other things. 

It’s a good idea to only put good intention into your cards. You can help your love life by using Tarot Cards to get the absolute truth. You’re only going to get truth by putting in what you want to get out. 

It’s like working with karma but using your own energy with your tarot. I suggest that you shuffle your deck several times to let your warm loving energy enter into your deck. 

This infusion will help them to connect with your heart and your subconscious thoughts of what is best for you. In other words, your intuition will actually project what is best via the Tarot deck!

Something very simple you can employ when you open up your brand-new deck, is by sitting quietly relaxed with some earth scent incense (sandalwood, patchouli, sage, or amber) burning or oil in a diffuser.

Think of love and how much love inside you that you have to give. Hold the deck in your hands then after you’ve projected the lights I mentioned, you’ll start to shuffle.

Shuffle as many times as you need to until you feel as though your love has absorbed into those cards. Now they are ready to use! They should be absolutely connected to you and will be honest. 

4. Tarot Can Help You Determine Qualities In A Partner

So, here is something that many people don’t think about when using Tarot Cards: compatibility and figuring out the true qualities of what you’re looking for in the right partner. 

If you’re having trouble in paradise with your current partner and want to know where things are at, you can do a spread that will help you take a look at that. It will show you your feelings and thoughts about your partner.

It will then show you how your partner feels about you and where they see things. The last card should be the one that tells you the status of your relationship. Pay close attention to it! 

It may reveal you need more work between you or it may show you that he’s interested in someone else or has ended it with you in his mind. This is a way to gain some clarity for when your partner doesn’t communicate with you well.

As well, the cards may tell you what needs to be worked on or what the block between you is and just maybe, you can actually do something about it and change the status. 

Now, something you can do if you aren’t really sure why you are with a partner, you can pull out a few cards. One will tell you what you love about them. The next will tell you what you’re looking for in the right one.

Lastly, you can ask if this is the right relationship to pursue. You’ll have enough information to determine if it’s worth keeping and working on or if you should let go to move on to someone who will suit you better. 

5. Being Honest With Yourself Via Tarot

You may be able to easily lie to yourself when it comes to love, but Tarot will tell you like it is. Remember, this is your subconscious coming through and giving you the hard core truth. 

Are you doing everything you can? Are you giving your partner what they need? Are you being selfish? Are you self-sabotaging your love life? What are your fears with this relationship?

What are your fears about your partner? This is a “get real” session for you. It will help you understand yourself and what it is that you need to work on or let go. This is honestly the best method with being really clear cut with yourself!

You can ask what your block is with your partner and you can also ask what you can do to get past this. Truly, the Tarot can tell you just about anything you want to know about yourself, your partner, and your love life. 

The hard part is accepting that it’s the truth and you are not allowed to reason with it or try to explain it away. No… you have to face it head on and be ready to take the suggestions to fix your relationship or let it go. 

Other examples of questions are: “Am I ready for this relationship? Am I handling this relationship right? What can I do differently? Am I the right one for my partner?”

This is about digging deep. Move past your fears and open up to yourself. No one can do that better than you and your Tarot card deck. Find out how you really feel and do a lover’s layout. 

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6. Working With Tarot To Choose A Partner

In the event that you haven’t found the right one because you’ve used up so much time on the wrong ones. You will definitely want to employ the last section to work on yourself. 

Dig deep and ask what type of partner is actually right for you. Ask what it is that keeps drawing you to the wrong ones. That’s important to know so that you don’t keep up the pattern!

Breaking of the path of the wrong partners, you will need to understand what the problem is and how to change it. Again, with the section I talked about before combined with this, you should be able to finally get on track and find “the one.” 

Every time you use the deck, you need to have love in your heart and the ability to be objective. What you are being shown may not be what you like or what you want to hear – but you want the truth, right?! 

Something I haven’t mentioned before is using the deck in a way that gives you the best information. If the “people” cards confuse you then take them out. If you cannot make heads or tails of the King of Swords, remove him and the others.

You can work with the rest of the deck. You can even just use the major Arcana alone as well. Whatever gives you the best results and helps you is what you can do. There is no bottom line or any set rules here. 

Did you know you can actually create your own layout too? Yes, you can! Again, there are no set rules with this; only your intention and your desire for guidance. 

You can sit and think about the questions you really want to know and what that entire question may entail as far as feelings, thoughts, what you should do, etc. Write it down in a journal with what card goes where and with what question. 

Start using it on a semi-regular basis and you will indeed make it your own. You’ll notice all the easy answers you start to get and once you learn all of the cards, you will absolutely know what they mean without looking them up. 

You can become a pro at doing love and relationship guidance for yourself in no time with the perfect Tarot deck. Go out and spend time looking today! I truly hope this helps you going forward. 

Have you ever tried reading tarot for yourself regarding love? What happened? I’d love to hear all about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. 1st question, Is Malibu: Michael Herrick likely to commit to me?

    2nd question, does Malibu; Michael Herrick only have eyes for me?

    Last question, Is Malibu; Michael Herrick right for me?

    1. Hi,
      The answer to your question depends on how much you love yourself.
      You need to appreciate and love yourself so much. to the point that your energy rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.
      Always remember that you deserve to be loved and respected.
      If you love yourself, Todd will surely love you as well.

      Best of luck to you!

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