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Venus In Capricorn: How This Energy Affects Your Love Life

Hello lovelies, in today’s article we are going to go over how Venus in Capricorn 2021 will affect your love life. 

The transit of Venus in Sagittarius brought us optimism and faith in true love. It gave us opportunities to fall in love and start fresh to relationships with the people who are right for us. 

Venus moves to stern Capricorn on November 5th, where it will have its retrograde walk, thus it will remain in Capricorn until March 6th

Venus in Capricorn 2021 will put those new loves that began during its transit through optimistic Sagittarius to the test of time, commitment, and dedication. 

Venus doesn’t feel so good in Capricorn, as its soft and romantic nature will be subordinated to harsh Saturn’s influence. 

The mitigating circumstance is that Saturn just finished with its retrograde, and is now in the intellectual sign of Aquarius, so its disposition over Venus won’t be completely aggravating. 

But it won’t be a romance fest either. Both Capricorn and Aquarius are under the rulership of Saturn, add a splash of Uranus who is still retrograding in Taurus, and you get a completely karmic story on all levels. 

A love story full of restraints, tests of time, and karmic challenges that the lovers must overcome to reach the “other side” hand in hand, and happy. 

Now, that you’ve got the overall taste of how this Venus in Capricorn 2021 will feel, let’s get further into it for each sign. 


Dear Aries, you might get a little bit impatient with this slower and more subdued Venus that will transit through your tenth house of public image and career. 

But you shouldn’t be too fast to anger nor to judge, since the disposition of the entire transit looks good for your career development and finances. 

It’s most likely that you will meet someone special via your work, or through your colleagues. This story has a chance to grow into something very serious, as the tenth house depicts the husband in a natal chart. 

Saturn is also on a partnership degree in your eleventh house of friends and colleagues, so the signs are all there – a faithful meeting will occur during Venus’ transit through Capricorn. 

Despite all of this, your romantic mood will not be elevated, you are used to things happening fast and making things happen when you feel the need to. 

Venus in Capricorn 2021 will test your patience as this transit will try to teach you that all good things come with time and to those who know how to be patient. 


Lovely Taurus, this Venus in Capricorn 2021 will transit your ninth house of religion, higher education, philosophy, and long-distance travel. 

You are patient by nature, you know that all good things in life take time and require patience, so this transit won’t be a problem for you. 

What’s more, it can bring you a trip to a foreign country, a meeting with someone sturdy and down to earth like you. Someone who can expand your mind and show you new, wonderful things in life. 

Venus’ dispositor, Saturn, occupies your tenth house of career and public image, and it’s also connected with the internet presence and your freedom of speech. 

All the while, Saturn’s dispositor (Uranus) is still retrograding in your first house of self. When this kind of successive connection between the planet happens, it signifies a possible marriage with a foreigner. 

This also means good news for your career (especially if it’s online) and an improved online presence. Good luck, Taurus! You’ve earned it.  


Sweet Gemini, this Venus in Capricorn 2021 will transit your eighth house, the house of transformation, endings, esoteric phenomena, and intimacy. 

Since Sagittarius in Venus happily marched through your seventh house of marriage, this Venus in Capricorn is here to solidify that new connection you’ve made, and to test your guys’ mettle against time and obstacles. 

This sounds frightening – I know – but it really isn’t. As the Saturnian theme slips through the Venusian cracks, you’re getting to know your karmic bond on the inside out.

 And you’re getting to experience something totally new and different than before. 

Dear Gemini, you should approach this transit seriously and with commitment, no matter how hard or frightening it may seem; for when it is over, you’ll come to see that you’ve gained much more than you bargained for. 

This transit will transform your love life from the root up, and you will find yourself entering a more serious and committed story.

It will also teach you how to accept and love yourself, how to forgive and release what doesn’t serve you anymore. It’s a cleansing transit and it will help you heal both your heart and your soul. Be brave. 


Dear Cancer, this Venus in Capricorn transit will go right through your seventh field of marriage, long-lasting love, and partnership. And since this Venus is here to stay, you’re in for quite a ride, dare I say. 

If you haven’t met your partner during Venus’ stay in cheery Sagittarius, you will meet one now. 

It’s most likely that you will meet the one via an esoteric or occult website that was recommended to you by a friend. And you never expected anything of the sort, but your gut told you something will happen. 

Your intuition is always so strong, so you knew something was up even before it happened. Sharp as ever, dear Cancer, sharp as ever… 

You might find this transit challenging as it’s happening in the house opposite of yourself (Descendant house), but it will teach you many meaningful things. 

Especially about partnerships and yourself through the eyes of the person across you. Your new love will show you your glory with all the flaws and virtues, and you will discover just how loveable and likable you are. 

It won’t be an easy journey, I’m not saying it will, but you will make the most out of this transit; I dare say you will come out of it as the happiest sign of the entire Zodiac. Just trust the Universe and accept the gifts it’s going to throw your way. 


Fabulous Leo, this Venus in Capricorn 2021 will transit through your sixth house of daily chores, health, and workplace. And what’s more, it’ll stay there for quite a while. 

So, dear Leo, the time has come for you to take good (or better) care of your health. Something very important for you to get in your head for this transit is to not ignore any fatigue, tiredness, or early signs of an illness. 

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but don’t shoot the messenger. I care for you and that’s why I want you to be responsible for your health, as so often you aren’t.

Leo, you’re a workaholic and you don’t stop even when you’re on your last legs, this trait of yours has to be reevaluated during this transit and you need to learn your (karmic) lessons about your health, diet, and, most importantly, rest! 

What’s more, this transit will create awesome job and career opportunities for you, especially if you moved your main way of income online. 

I know you’ve been hustling on the side, but that will have to be re-evaluated during this period, no matter how good the money is. Your health has to come first for you to be able to reap the romantic rewards when Venus finally moves to Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships. 

Stay safe Leo, and rest well – that’s an order!


Dear Virgo, this Venus in Capricorn transit will move through your fifth house of romance and pleasure (oh-la-la!). 

You’re going to have a lot of fun during this transit, I can see it… A one-night stand or a casual fling that you had on the side will turn into something more. 

This won’t catch you by surprise – nothing goes unnoticed by your sharp mind’s eye – but it will catch you feeling all kinds of soft and fuzzy on the inside. 

During this time, a possible trip to a romantic retreat is on the horizon. You will stumble upon an opportunity via the internet, and the pieces will just click. 

Going on this kind of trip will do wonders for your romance and you can expect many positive surprises from the trip itself and from the person you’ve taken with you. 

You will find yourself spending more and more time with your love interest, and you will observe how your daily routine is slowly changing and evolving. 

You might not be very comfortable (at first) with this sudden change, but you will come to enjoy it and love it. 

These changes will be solidified and finalized once Venus moves to Aquarius, and by then you’ll be used to your new daily routine, along with everyone new in it. Cheers Virgo, you’ve got this!


Sweet Libra, this Venus in Capricorn 2021 will march through your fourth house of family and ancestral roots. 

Since Venus will have its prolonged stay here due to its retrograde walk, you’ll experience growth and evolution in this field. 

It won’t be easy, but there are going to be silver linings as Saturn (Venus’ dispositor) is occupying your fifth house of entertainment and romance. 

But Saturn’s dispositor, Uranus, will activate your eighth house of inheritance, transformation, and death. Sex is in there somewhere too, but this period will have you focus on your family matters, inheritance, and settling long disputes with your cousins. 

It’s not going to be the easiest aspect, your home life will undergo a reconstruction of both emotional and materialistic values, but you will come through it relived (and released). 

You should come out of this transit richer and wiser. And on the other side of things, you will have your dawn once Venus moves into Aquarius and together with Saturn totally lights up your fifth house of romance. 

You just need to hang in there, sweet Libra and know that all will be well in the end.  


Sharp Scorpio, this Venus in Capricorn transit will go through your third house of communication, short trips, and siblings. 

You will be asked to reevaluate your attitude and communication skills. There are going to be some communication and transportation challenges for you during this transit. 

Your fourth house of family is also activated through the disposition of Saturn in Aquarius, and also your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. 

Although partnerships and love interests won’t be your primary focus during this transit, you will see that the lessons you learn now will have a positive effect on your future relationships too. 

Issues of trust and honesty are going to be raised, if you have siblings, you’re going to have some spats and disputes. A lot of internet communication with your parents is also going to be active, especially with your mother. 

Suspicions that your every move is being followed and observed are going to arise during this period, and your first instinct will be to increase your secrecy. 

Random advice – install a VPN if you have fears about cyber security, and this might even help with your unease with your siblings and family. 

The more you practice an open approach and honesty during this transit, the more you’ll be rewarded in your future relationships with your partners. 


Lucky Sag, this Venus in Capricorn will be moving through your second house of finances, income, and money spending. 

After having a glow-up during the Venus transit through your first house, the time has come for you to approach money matters a bit more seriously, and to take responsibility for the bills you’ve managed to churn up during the past months. 

The good news is that if you have any health topics concerning your body, now is the time to act and react. Venus will award your responsible behavior, so go for it. 

In a way, you can see this transit as a continuation of the glow up from when Venus was in Sagittarius. But it goes in-depth a little bit more, as your sixth house of health is also activated. 

The good news for you is that although you’ll be asked to be more serious and responsible with your money and possessions, you’ll also be highly rewarded if you manage to control your impulses and save some money. 

If you had any short trips in mind that would’ve relaxed your body and improved your mental health – now is the time for them. 

But remember, without excessive or unnecessary money spending. Invest in your body so that in the future you can thank yourself and praise yourself. 


Dearest Capricorn, this Venus will transit through your first house, the house of self, and it will stay there for a while. 

Your time to slay and shine has finally come, and I’m happy for you! I don’t have any words of pending doom or serious advice for you, as you’re already used to Saturn and its harsh life lessons. 

But I do have words of encouragement. You should use this Venusian transit for a serious glow-up. You need to let loose (as much as you can afford yourself to), sit back, and relax. 

Especially since this transit will also activate your second and fifth houses. Your income and finances will be very good during this time, especially if you’re working online. 

And your glow-up will not go unnoticed in your romantic field, either! You will be noticed by the opposite sex so very much, and the opportunities will be abundant for you to experience some very nice romance. 

You should focus on yourself primarily during this Venus in Capricorn transit; spend money on yourself, treat yourself, go to the places that make you feel all giddy and happy on the inside. 

Wine and dine, go to the spa retreats, watch your favorite movies and spend good quality time with yourself. If anyone’s earned it, you have dear Capricorn. 

Just love yourself. 


Quirky Aquarius, this Venus in Capricorn transit will go through your twelfth house of dreams, asceticism, and illusions. 

After having a blast with your friends and activities while Venus was traversing happy Sagittarius, now the time has come for you to spend some quality time with yourself and reevaluate what have you learned and what you’ve still got to learn. 

Besides your twelfth house, your first house and fourth houses are also activated. And having Saturn in your first house (no matter how good he feels in Aquarius) is not an easy burden. 

The worst is over, to be honest, having Saturn in your twelfth house means complete destruction and reconstruction of your identity, like a phoenix. 

But having him restrict your first house it’s not easy either. You’ll probably lose some weight during this Venus transit, and you’ll have some nice dreams.

Romantic dreams at that, you’ll be dreaming of your love interest and all the nice things that are going to come your way. 

But the fact is that you’ll be turned inwards during this transit and you will even deal with some childhood traumas. The time for healing and release has come, and you better dive into it rather than try to fight it. 

Those are my two cents for you Aquarius, may luck follow you on your path!


Gentle Pisces, this Venus in Capricorn 2021 transit will move through your eleventh house, but it will also activate your twelfth house and third house. 

So, you will deal with a lot of communication during this transit. A lot of social activities and outgoing opportunities will be active for you during this time. 

But you wouldn’t be Pisces if you didn’t need your ‘me time.’ As Venus turns retrograde, and at the same time it activates your twelfth house – you’ll feel the need to completely withdraw from society. 

You’ll be asked to share your inner world with someone during this transit. It’ll probably be a trusted friend, someone who is deeply rooted and grounded, unlike you. 

The two of you are like soulmates, you match each other energies so well, and you complete each other. 

Now is not the time to be reclusive and secluded, despite feeling the extreme need to do so. 

No, you should conquer your anxiety and open up to a trusted friend and fellow. Sharing your inner world doesn’t have to be strenuous and dangerous, it can be magical and beautiful. 

You are going to be asked to work on your communication skills and emotional opening up, sweet Pisces. And I wish you all the luck in the world, you can do it. 

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My Final Thoughts

Now that we have seen how each of the signs will be affected by this Venus in Capricorn 2021 transit, it’s time to conclude this Venusian topic. 

Venus in Capricorn will have its prolonged stay due to its retrograde motion. During this retrograde, we’ll be asked to reevaluate and solidify whatever in our life it touches. 

Venus as the planet of love and materialistic possession will bring riches and good fortune despite being in Capricorn. Her expression is going to be restricted, but she’s going to bring luck and romance either way. 

So, stay positive and keep in mind to be present at the moment no matter what kind of hardships and karmic lessons come your way. 

It’s always darkest before dawn, and it’s going to be a hell of dawn once she moves to Aquarius in March 2022. 

If you want a more in-depth reading, my dear lovelies, then don’t hesitate to book a VIP consultation with me. Here I will be able to provide answers and guidance to all your queries about love and life. What have you got to lose? Select a slot while there are still some open. 

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Stay grounded, stay safe, and have a great one during this Venus in Capricorn transit!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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