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Your Biggest Weakness: According To Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is such a wonderful tool to really understand yourself and the people you love. It can highlight your wants and needs in your life, your strengths, as well as your weaknesses. Usually, I like to focus on the positive, but I had a thought, you can’t have the light without the dark, and this is why today I’ll be looking at each Zodiac sign’s weaker points. 

It is good to be aware of the parts of your personality that you need to focus on and work on. This can give you the power to turn your weaknesses into one of your strengths. This can be a really profound experience. 

Inner work is such an important part of each and everyone’s journey. We all have negative aspects to our personality and it is so vital to be aware of them, but also to be willing to reflect and make the moves to work on these issues. 

No one is perfect, and yet we are so lucky to have such a powerful tool like Astrology that can help us navigate all these difficult parts of our lives and see how we can work on them to improve. 

It is so imperative to know what your shortcomings are, because this will really impact your love and romance in such a big way. If you know what triggers you, you will be better equipped to deal with it and how to move through it with grace and understanding for yourself.

Have you ever wondered what your Zodiac Sign’s weakness is, especially when it comes to your relationships? Then continue reading to find out more! Perhaps this will give you the motivation and drive to want to work on those aspects. And who knows, this might just be the thing you need to hear to turn your love life around…

Aries’ Biggest Weakness

As an Aries, you can have quite a fiery temper, and you can get really mad and explosive when something truly upsets you. You’re not the type of person to hold your emotions in, when you feel something, you tend to have explosive reactions.

Of course, it is never a good thing to keep in your emotions and let them fester, but perhaps learning how to respond instead of reacting might be a really useful lesson for you to learn. It is so important for you to learn to control your emotions and not let them control you.

Being such a firecracker can also make you rather confrontational. This can be quite scary to be on the receiving end, so whenever you feel really passionate about sharing your opinions with someone, just make sure you are coming from a calm place.

It is vital for your sign to get enough physical exercise. You have the tendency to build up your emotions in your body, and if that energy doesn’t move then you are a lot more likely to find yourself in a fight or an argument. Exercise will clear your head.

My biggest advice to you is to take a step back and evaluate the situation you find yourself in. You don’t want to act foolishly or impulsively. Try to slow things down, and learn to look before you leap.

Taurus’ Biggest Weakness

As a Taurus, you are probably sick and tired of being called stubborn. This is likely all you have been described as in any Astrology book you have ever read, but I have to say, this statement is made with reason. 

Your sign is extremely inflexible and uncompromising. Of course, it is really good to know what you want in your life and not to settle for anything less, but it is not so important that you start pushing the people you love away with your unwavering nature.

This stubbornness can also often lead to possessiveness in your life. And this can trickle down from not wanting to let go of a pair of old jeans, to as extreme as wanting to control each and every move your partner makes. You need to learn to let go and surrender, girl!

It is amazing that you’re so persistent and that you really work hard for what you want in your life, but sooner or later you will have to learn to accept that sometimes things just don’t work out according to plan and you have to make adjustments or else you will be left bitter and unhappy.

Find a way to become more and more comfortable with change, because unfortunately change is inevitable and you cannot control each and every aspect of your life. The sooner you can accept to live with the flow of life, the happier you will find yourself to be. 

Gemini’s Biggest Weakness

Gemini, you are one of the most intelligent signs in the Zodiac and your mind is running at one thousand miles a minute, but this is also the reason why you tend to be so flakey and unfocused. There is just way too much going on with you.

Your mind is also really mercurial, so when you are not stimulated by a healthy quest for knowledge, you might find yourself falling into the trap of wanting to gossip or say things you might later regret. You’re so smart, so you can be sure your words can be rather cutting. 

You might also find yourself being bored, and embellishing a story or telling a fib just to make your life seem a little more interesting. And when people find out about this trait, it can make it difficult for others to trust you. 

There is a side to you that is quite superficial, almost as if you refuse to go deeper than the surface level and this can make it rather impossible to get closer to you and build a solid connection. 

It is so important for you to learn how to calm your nervous energy. One of the most important things I could suggest is for you to learn meditation and mindfulness. You need a daily practice that will help you get out of your head and into your body. 

Cancer’s Biggest Weakness

Cancer, you know how strong your emotions and intuition are, but because you are so sensitive it can actually make you rather moody and defensive. But this is just a means to protect yourself from others and getting hurt.

You place a really high expectation on others to just automatically understand and acknowledge how you feel, but the truth is, most people will never understand the depths of your emotions. You need to give the people in your life some slack because not everyone is a mind reader.

Because of the high expectations you put on others, there is a dark side that can come out if you feel hurt or betrayed by someone, and that is to want the person who crossed you to feel the same kind of pain.

You can also be rather clingy and want to be with the person you are in a relationship with all the time. This can often suffocate your partner, and the thing you fear most – being abandoned – can quickly come true because you refuse to let your partner breathe or give them the space they need. 

You need to learn to be more independent and not place the value of your happiness on someone else. This is the only way you will be able to reach true happiness because it is definitely not going to come from someone else.

Leo’s Biggest Weakness

Leo, everyone knows you have oodles of confidence in your back pocket, but this confidence can often turn into arrogance and egoism very quickly. You might even have the belief that the world revolves around you, and that is simply quite untrue.

You have many redeeming qualities, but don’t let your greatness get to your head. Being vain and self-absorbed doesn’t look good on anyone. And it would be good for you to practice a little bit of humility.

It can be quite hard for you to face it when people don’t give you the attention you think you deserve. Not that you don’t deserve attention, it is just that sometimes you let this go to your head. 

It can also be quite difficult for you to hear when someone might have criticism for your behavior. You need to realize that not everyone is trying to insult you when they have something negative to say, they might just notice a spot in your life where you could improve. 

My greatest advice to you is to not let anything get to your head. Try to stay down to earth and humble, and don’t freak out when life doesn’t go the way you wanted it to. See what you can learn from the lesson.

Virgo’s Biggest Weakness

Virgo, out of all the signs you are probably fully aware of all your shortcomings. You are your own worst critic. Someone else’s nasty words can’t really hurt you because it is nothing worse than what you have said for yourself. 

Yet, you can be quite intense with your criticisms of others, and often see yourself as more capable of doing something than anyone else. It is a fact; you are actually full of contradictions. On the one hand, you think you are better than everyone else, and on the other, you might experience moments of self-loathing. 

There is a side to you that can be rather self-pitying, and you need to snap out of your woe is me mentality. You can be quite calculating, overthinking, and overanalyzing each and every situation you find yourself in.  

Driving yourself and the people you surround yourself crazy with all your neurosis. It can be hard for others to be around you if you’re always criticizing and trying to “fix” them. You seriously need to learn to let people be.

My biggest advice to you is to realize that you can’t save everyone, and unsolicited advice never goes down well with anyone. Always offer your support, but never try to rescue someone if they never asked you in the first place. Your partner wants to be your companion, not your project.

Libra’s Biggest Weakness

Libra, you know all about keeping the peace and making other people feel happy. But there is a side to you that can be brutally honest and quite cutting, especially if someone hurt you once before. 

There is a side to you that really enjoys drama, and especially having a gossip about someone you dislike. You’re not always as sweet and innocent as everyone might think. Your sign is all about balance, and you know how to embody the light and the dark quite well.

You can also be rather indecisive, not knowing how to make a decision or second-guessing yourself after making a commitment. You don’t do very well at being forced to make a decision, but because you’re naturally a people pleaser you tend to make the decision to keep the other party happy, and you just end up feeling resentful and unhappy.

You don’t like hurting people, so you can act cowardly from time to time. Instead of coming out with the truth, you tend to turn to avoiding someone and ghosting them instead of dealing with the conflict. And this just ends up hurting the person more, in fact.

My biggest advice to you is to stop trying to be a people pleaser! This will only have you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in your relationships. You also need to look deeper into your relationships, and not be so focused on appearances because you have a tendency to be a little vain. 

Scorpio’s Biggest Weakness

Being a Scorpio, you are probably well aware of your rather intense reputation and for good reason, you can be quite hectic if the moment takes you. You are pretty much used to being called every negative adjective under the Sun.

All your negative characteristics start with one emotion, and your tendency to feel jealous. You want to be in control of the people you are with, and if they don’t act the way you please, then you tend to become resentful and vengeful.

You can also be incredibly paranoid in your relationships, always suspecting your partner to be up to no good. It can be really hard to be in a relationship like this because who would want to be with someone who doesn’t seem to trust them?

Meanwhile, you are probably one of the most secretive signs in the Zodiac, and you rarely reveal much about yourself. It hardly seems fair! It can be really hard to get to know you because you are so protective of what you feel. 

My advice to you is to really learn to let go and to accept people for who they are. No one is perfect and you would do well if you lightened up a little bit. Your emotions are intense, so be vulnerable and share them with the people you love. Don’t let it build up inside and make you go crazy.

Sagittarius’ Biggest Weakness

Sagittarius, you are known for your wild ways and love for the party. But there is a side to you that can be quite holier than thou and even slightly sanctimonious. You seem to know better than everyone else, and you make sure to let them know as well.

You have quite a sharp tongue, and you are probably known to be the bluntest sign in the Zodiac. You’re a straight shooter, and say what you want because you really believe in truth and honesty, but you don’t realize how hurtful you can actually be. Learning tact will do you a great deal of good.

You pride yourself on being so free-spirited and independent, but sometimes this can be seen as quite careless and reckless. You’re the type of person to just disappear without a moment’s notice, leaving everyone who cares about you stressed and worried. 

Spontaneity can be fun, but not when you act recklessly and don’t understand that your actions can really hurt others because you can be quite arrogant and inconsiderate when the mood takes you. 

My advice to you is to try to deliver your honesty with a little bit of honey. Try to keep in mind that the things you say hold weight it is really possible for you to hurt people with your tongue. Try to be more considerate of other people’s feelings, especially those you are in a relationship with.

Capricorn’s Biggest Weakness

Capricorn, you are your own worst critic and you can be very hard on yourself, but also on the people closest to you. You live by a very high standard and can hold everyone else in your life to the same standard.

There is a side to you that can be quite negative, you tend to whine and complain when you don’t get the results you want. You’re a pessimist, that is for sure! There is so much pressure you put on yourself to achieve because you are actually really afraid of failure.

This can make you quite stern and more focused on the practical side of life, which isn’t a bad thing because you are ambitious and want to reach all your goals, but being in a relationship with you can be quite hard when you always make work your first priority.

You’re a self-proclaimed workaholic – nothing will get between you and making your dreams into a reality. You just need to watch out not to become too power-hungry that you forget about the needs of the people around you.

It would be good for you to learn to become softer and let go of your rigid and cold exterior. Try to be vulnerable, or else you might forever be seen as someone condescending and meanspirited, and of course that is never nice to hear.

Aquarius’ Biggest Weakness

Aquarius, you are so smart and so forward-thinking. People just love to be surrounded by your brilliance, but this can quite easily turn into arrogance and thinking you know better than everyone else. 

You’re also extremely attached and aloof, no one quite knows what you are thinking and you like to keep everyone at a safe distance, even your closest friends or romantic partner. You keep your cards very close to your chest. 

Because you are so intelligent there is a side to you that can get quite stuck in your head and you have a tendency to replay scenarios, especially when you have failed at something you were hoping to achieve. 

Your intelligence gives you the upper hand in most situations, and you might feel like you know better than everyone else. This can make you rather unwilling to open yourself up to others and realize that the people in your life can teach you stuff as well. Remember, no one likes being around a know-it-all. 

You would do well to embrace more humility, and realize that you too need to be vulnerable and let people in to see the deeper side of your personality. You really know how to keep people at a safe distance. Try not to let your uniqueness and unconventionality turn you into someone quite arrogant.

Pisces’ Biggest Weakness

Pisces, your creativity and emotional intelligence know no bounds. You’re a very special individual and have a deeply caring and empathetic nature. You feel so deeply, but this can actually make you quite naive.

It is highly possible for you to walk through life with rose-tinted glasses on, not ever truly seeing the reality of a situation because you are much more comfortable living in a fantasy. This can make you quite evasive and hard to reach.

You kind of take life as it comes, never making a solid plan, and often being the person to flake out on an event or go against your word when someone was really depending on you. Your inconsistencies tend to make people feel really nervous. 

This all just stems from your insecurities, and you can be quite sensitive or overreactive when someone questions you or challenges you. Instead of seeing the situation as a moment to learn from, instead, you might feel attacked and defensive. 

Try your best to learn to be more consistent in your day-to-day life. People get nervous when they see you aren’t reliable, and being a trustworthy person is so important in a relationship. What is the point of it all if there is no trust between two partners? 

You can achieve this by being honest and letting your partner know when you have changed your mind. Work on your communication skills and you’ll notice how your relationships improve.

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My Final Thoughts

Isn’t it great to know that no one in life is perfect and we all have misgivings we need to work on? We can be really hard on ourselves when we think that we might be the only people who have flaws in the world, but that is simply not true. 

Everyone has a weakness, and it is up to each and every one of us to recognize our faults and to work on them. This is such an important aspect when it comes to relationships, especially when we often get too zoned-in on the flaws our partners portray.

I really believe in the Law of Attraction and that the energy I put out in the world is the energy I receive back. So that is why I am committed to working on myself, because when I take responsibility for myself, so do the people around me. It has such an amazing ripple effect. 

Don’t get too stuck looking at your own flaws either, know and understand that you’re just a human as well, and just commit to working on yourself and try to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Focus on all your strengths and you will see them grow and multiply. Your thoughts become things so be very careful of what you declare to the universe because I can attest, the Universe is always listening. 

Did you find this article insightful? And would you agree with the weaknesses I listed for your Zodiac sign, or do you have other ones I must have overlooked? Please let me know in the comment section below, I am always so grateful for the thoughts you lovely ladies leave for me! 

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Wishing you all the love in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 


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